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11 Top Glass Stovetop Cleaners to Disinfect and Make it Shimmer Like New

A person wearing gloves cleaning the glass stovetop of the kitchen.

Nobody blames you if you wait a few days between cleaning your stovetop. Sometimes stuff boils over and coats the top and before you can get to it, you’ve got a thick layer of sadness all over your range. When you finally get around to cleaning it up, you find that vinegar solutions, soap and even cursing at it don’t work and you cannot get it clean.

In college, my roommate made mac and cheese during spring break. He left all the spillover on the range and then left for the weekend. When I came back, I had a mess that wouldn’t come off and a roommate I hated.

I had to find the best possible glass stove top cleaner I could or I’d never get my deposit back. That process was several days of arduous trial and error because I didn’t have an awesome list of the best cleaners to reference.

What we have here is an awesome list of the best glass stove top cleaners. These will cut through grease, baked-on grime and whatever else you’ve tormented your poor range with. Consider these ten products your first step to a clean and happy stovetop.

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1. HAUS Naturals Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

HAUS Naturals glass cleaner

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It may be all-natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly, but HAUS Naturals has the cleaning horsepower to scrub your stovetops clean and do so streak-free.

HAUS Naturals is our favorite cleaning products brand. They’re taking the natural cleaning products industry by storm and we love it. We love that it’s natural, biodegradable yet works beautifully and smell great.

This is a must-have product in your cleaning products toolkit.

In fact, this glass cleaner not only handles glass stovetops but also glass fireplaces, windows – anything glass.

2. CeramaBryte

Cerama Bryte Glass-Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner, 28 Ounce

The biggest problem with many stovetop messes is that they tend to be really cooked-in to the glass or ceramic. This makes typical cleaners almost useless so you need something that breaks apart the mess but is also abrasive enough to scrub it away. It also needs to be gentle enough to not scratch your range permanently.

CeramaBryte is all of those things, with a powerful solvent to break down hard-cooked messes and a gentle abrasive to scrub it all away. Unlike some of the other products on this list, CeramaBryte is also gentle enough to use every day, each time you cook.

It’s also great for ceramic countertops and glass, which is helpful. CeramaBryte also adds a shine to the surfaces you clean, which can take your dull, sticky cooktop and make it look brand new again, which is a huge plus, as once stovetops get beat up, it’s hard to restore them.

What it does best: Enamel and glass. With a name like CeramaBryte, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s formulated to clean enamel, ceramics and glass flawlessly.

3. TriNova Premium Cooktop Cleaner

TriNova Premium Cooktop Cleaner and Scrubbing Pads. Best Cleaning Kit for Smooth Top Ranges & Stoves of Glass, Ceramic. Non-Abrasive and Scratch Free scouring sponges with Cream Formula 12oz.

TriNova is designed to be a daily cleaner, working to cut through spills and oil while they’re fresh. While it works for cooked-in messes, it doesn’t have an abrasive so it works best to use between heavy-duty cleanings, when you can quickly work to get everything back to spotless.

With all that said, however, TriNova is an excellent stovetop cleaner and polish. It works best when used to compliment an intermittent cleaning schedule with a stronger solvent. Use your heavy-duty cleaner once a week, and use TriNova between cooking sessions and your stove will never again retreat to the old ways of being caked in burned pasta.

What it does best: Stainless steel and glass. TriNova’s formulation makes it great for cleaning up stainless steel cooktops but it works amazingly well for glass as well, and it’s fantastic for your burner grates as well.

4. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner

Weiman Glass Cooktop Heavy Duty Cleaner and Polish - 20 Ounce - Non-Abrasive No Scratch Induction Glass Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner and Polish

Weiman’s is a trusted name in household cleaners of all sorts, and their cooktop cleaner stands among their best. A non-abrasive formulation, it still manages to cut through difficult grime and grease relatively easily.

It doesn’t take much of this product to start working, but again for heavy-duty, truly caked-on messes, it’s not going to be as good as something formulated specifically for hopeless cases (not necessarily manufacturer’s terms).

Still, Weiman works for difficult messes and can be used daily as a cleaner and polish. If you pick up the kit that comes with their own branded scrubbing pads, you’ll find that the system works much better, as the cleaner and pads are designed specifically to work with one another.

Though many scrubbing pads are great for removing stubborn messes, you have to be careful because certain products will react with scrubbing pads and become caustic, which can damage your stove.

What it does best: Ceramics. Weiman is formulated specifically for ceramic cooktop cleaning, meaning it’s also gentle on glass. With ceramics and glass, scratches are a real concern, so you need something formulated specifically with those surfaces in mind.

5. Barkeeper’s Friend

BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cooktop Cleaner with 3-in-1 Detail Cleaning Brush Set | Deep Clean Stove top, Glass Cooktop, Bathtub, Tiles, Kitchen, Bathroom, Car, Boats

Barkeeper’s Friend is an all-purpose cleaner, safe to use on glass, ceramic and stone alike. It’s heavy-duty, but also natural and plant-based, making it somewhat of a unique specimen on this list.

This is a product you can use throughout your kitchen but works exceptionally well on stovetops, as well as your oven door because it’s formulated to help fill in scratches and marks.

One particularly beneficial aspect of Barkeeper’s Friend is its ability to breakdown and fill in rust damage. It can be difficult for other cleaners to break apart rust but the unique formulation of Barkeeper’s Friend does it quite well. So if your stovetop falls into the “whoops, forgot about that for 5 years” category of dirty, this might be a saving grace.

What it does best: Keeps your entire kitchen sparkling when used daily. While it’s great for your cooktop, it’s applicability for your entire kitchen makes this a great tool in your cleaning arsenal.

6. Hope’s Perfect Cooktop Cleaner And Polish

HOPE'S Perfect Cooktop Cleaner and Polish for All Brands of Glass Ceramic Stove Tops 10.6 oz - Case of 12, Pack of 12, Non Scratching No Rinse Heavy Duty Formula

“Perfect” is a strong word to use for anything, but Hope’s Cooktop Cleaner and Polish is pretty darn close. A small amount cuts through burned-on messes very easily; it’s quite surprising how well it works, as I was skeptical at first.

After applying the cleaner and letting it sit for about 10 minutes, I found the burned-on food came off relatively easily and I didn’t have to scrub. It’s formulated to specifically break down the carbon bonds in burned food, which makes cleaning them up a snap.

It also works as a polish when your stovetop doesn’t need any heavy-duty cleaning, so you can follow up your daily care routine with a small amount of Hope’s and lightly work it into your cooktop with a dry cloth. The best part is that it leaves no residue, so no additional cleaning is necessary when you’re done.

What it does best: Hope’s Perfect Cooktop Cleaner cuts through burned food exceptionally well, and in some cases does a better job than caustic, heavy-duty chemicals. Strong enough to fix your worst messes but gentle enough to use daily, Hope’s is a perfect addition to your cleaning cabinet.

7. Magic Daily Cooktop Cleaner

Magic Ceramic and Glass Cooktop Cleaner - 16 Ounce - 2 Pack - Professional Home Kitchen Cooktop Cleaner and Polish Use on Induction Ceramic Gas Portable Electric

Non-abrasive and yet still able to cut through stuck-on stains and messes, Magic Daily is great for, well, daily use. It functions well as a cleaner because it won’t scratch glass or baked enamel, and it leaves a non-greasy film to protect your surfaces after cleaning.

This layer of defense makes it far more difficult for food to adhere to the glass top of your stove. Because it’s gentle, it’s great for induction cooktops as well, so if you’re using a hotplate, living in a dorm or simply not using your stove (hello summertime!), Magic Daily Cooktop Cleaner is perfect for you.

One of the other biggest benefits of Magic Daily is that it’s non-toxic. Many oven and stove cleaners, by virtue of the work they have to do, are highly caustic and produce a lot of unpleasant fumes, but Magic Daily is formulated to not be harsh. It’s highly functional despite its safe ingredients, so use it daily to keep your cooktop looking beautiful and shining brightly.

What it does best: This is one of the safest cleaners for glass, even sensitive glass surfaces like induction cookers. It’s non-abrasive, so it’s safe for enamel and ceramic as well, and it leaves a streak-free shine that many other surfactants do not. It also works between cleanings as a fantastic polish.

8. Wright’s Cooktop Cleaner

Wright's Cooktop Cleaner

Source: Jawright

Wright’s is one of the oldest cleaning supply companies in business, having been established in 1873. This product functions best when applied and left to sit, then gently buffed out, but the result is worth the wait. Wright’s Cooktop Cleaner gently cuts through burned-on messes and wipes out easily, and when the mess is gone, another small application and gentle buffing restores your cooktop to shining newness.

Wright’s is intended to be a daily cleaner, but it can be used to tackle difficult jobs as well; you simply need to let it sit longer, around 30 minutes or more. Scratch-free, streak-free and endorsed by the likes of Bob Vila and Good Housekeeping, this veteran of the cleaning game is one you want to consider.

What it does best: Wright’s Cooktop Cleaner is a great daily-use product, but it’s best at cutting through baked-in messes that might take hardcore scrubbing and effort otherwise. It gently cuts through burned food and requires less hard effort, minimizing the risk to your enamel or glass cooktop.

The less hard you need to work to remove messes, the less likely your stove will be permanently damaged, and with Wright’s streak-free shine, you won’t need to apply an additional polish after cleaning.

9. Affresh Stovetop Cleaner

Affresh W10355051 Whirlpool 10-Ounce Cooktop Clean, 1pack

Affresh is a fantastic brand with cleaners for your whole kitchen, so it’s no surprise that they have a formulation specifically for your cooktop, and spoiler alert; it’s amazing. Though it takes some preparation, there are few cleaning systems for your glass or ceramic stovetop that work better.

Simply apply an ounce or two to the top of the stove and rub it into each inch of the surface. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then come back and buff with a dry rag or paper towel. Almost all messes will release and disappear, and what remains can be scrubbed out with a small amount of additional Affresh. Few products function this well with such a small amount of cleaning product, but Affresh is honestly wonderful.

What it does best: Makes cleaning easier. With regular use and very little elbow grease, you can keep your stovetop looking beautiful, even when you’re not expecting company.

10. Therapy Heavy Duty Cooktop Cleaner

Therapy - Cooktop Cleaning Kit - Includes 16 oz. Bottle of Therapy Heavy Duty Cooktop Cleaner, 1 Scrubbing Pad

Like Barkeeper’s Friend, Therapy is a strong, powerful cleaner that eschews petroleum-based solvents for natural ingredients. Don’t let the “all-natural” vibe fool you though; this stuff is incredible at breaking down tough grime and caked-on messes. It needs to sit for about 10 minutes, but with a non-abrasive pad (as these kits often include), you can buff out almost any mess and leave your stovetop squeaky-clean.

Additionally, this product works great as a daily cleaner and polish, and to a certain extent can repel messes. What this means functionally is that if you use Therapy Cooktop Cleaner daily, your messes will be much easier to clean up.

Basically, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but for your stovetop. The fact that Therapy is all-natural means that you can feel good about using it with kids or animals in the house, too.

What it does best: Therapy is the best non-toxic, naturally formulated cleaner you can get for your cooktop. It safely cleans while still sparing your family from fumes, which is fantastic.

11. Rejuvenate Glass Oven And Cooktop Cleaner

Rejuvenate Glass and Ceramic Cooktop and Oven Cleaner and Restorer – 10 Ounce Oven Cleaner Includes Free Applicator Pad – Eliminates the Worst Burnt-On Messes

Rejuvenate Glass Oven and Cooktop Cleaner does just that; it restores and brings life back to even the most neglected and battered cooktops. Designed to safely scrub away even the worst messes, fill in scratches and polish beautifully, this is an exceptionally great cleaner for a glass stove.

It leaves behind a protective barrier, almost like wax, to repel stains and thwart future scratches, so it’s perfect (and ideal, honestly) to use it every day.

It’s also great for the inside of your oven as well. If you apply Rejuvenate to difficult messes and let it sit for 2 hours, it cuts through them like even the most powerful oven cleaners. We’re all for multitaskers and this is a fantastic example of one. It even comes with a free buff scrubbing pad, that’s designed to work specifically with this product.

What it does best: Rejuvenate is great for daily use but it’s most impressive trait is that it’s useful for your entire kitchen, particularly as an oven cleaner.