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25 Gifts to Give Instead of Flowers

A collage of gifts alternative to flowers.

When people think about giving someone a gift, many opt for flowers but there is an array of thoughtful gifts that friends and family will appreciate receiving from you that does not involve a floral arrangement. Sometimes, a bouquet of flowers may not make sense for the situation.

For example, my friend’s brother was recently killed in a motorcycle crash and I did not want to get her flowers that will die in a week or two. I wanted to give her something that she can keep and maybe even something to get her mind off of the tragedy, even if only for a short while, so she can find some peace during this time.

I know she likes to journal so I bought her a new journal with a place for a photo. I included a photo of her with her brother and she loves it. This was a much better option that will help her get her feelings out on paper and she can keep it forever to remind her of the great memories she shared with her brother.

From cookie bouquets and books to candles and alcohol, there is a slew of gift options available to fit any price range that does not involve flowers. Here are some ideas of gifts I considered when choosing one for my friend that you, too, can choose to give to someone in your life instead of a bouquet of flowers.

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1. Books

A close look at a book in a library.

If the person you want to purchase a gift for is a bookworm or someone who likes to read to get their mind off of sadness or stress, a book is a great choice. If you know what the person’s interests are, it should be pretty easy to find the perfect book to gift them.

A great piece to this gift-buying option is that you can choose a book the person that you are purchasing it for will love while staying in the price range that you feel comfortable with. Most book pricing begins at a few dollars and can go up to around $50 depending on the length and type of book.

2. Wine or Other Alcohol

A close look at a row of vintage wine.

If you are in the market to buy a romantic gift, wine or champagne may just be the perfect gift. This could be a great gift for your significant other or a gift for a wedding or bridal shower.

Personally, I drink White Russians so when the man I am dating shows up with a bottle of Kahlua, milk, and a bottle of Vodka, I am a happy camper. This is another gift that you can pretty much determine the cost and stay within your budget since most bottles of alcohol range from $10 to $50 each.

3. House Plants

A variety of succulents in white pots.

This is a better option than flowers, especially when you are purchasing it for someone who is grieving the loss of someone they love. It has always been my thinking that cut flowers die after a few days but a plant can live for a very long time.

This can be a great gift for someone to keep after a funeral to hold onto the memories of their loved one for years to come. The cost can range from a few dollars to much more depending on your budget and how much you want to spend. The cost will also be contingent on what type of plant and how large and will average around $50.

4. Coffee or Tea Time

A gift basket with a plastic wrap.

If the person you are purchasing a gift for is a coffee lover, you cannot go wrong with a coffee basket. You can purchase packages of gourmet coffee or their favorite flavor of tea to put in the basket and throw in a cool mug that fits their personality.

You can purchase baskets like this that are already made up or create your own, depending on how much you want to spend on the gift. Baskets already made up for you to purchase start at around $10.

5. Chocolate Loving

A bunch of chocolate hearts in a basket.

Everybody appreciates chocolate and if a chocolate lover is on your list to buy a gift for, this is the one! You can purchase baskets already made up, a box of chocolates, or create your own gift basket.

My daughter loves Reece’s cups so when I need to buy a gift for her, I simply purchase several king-size Reece’s and put them into a pretty basket or another container that she can keep and use again. The amount you spend will depend on the type of candy you purchase and if you choose to put it into a gift basket or other container before surprising your loved one or friend with it.

The cost will depend on what type of chocolates are chosen and what type of basket but plan on spending at least $40.

6. Gourmet Snacks

A basket of gourmet snacks.

In keeping with the basket theme, you can also opt for a gourmet snack basket for the person you are purchasing a gift for. There are many options if you put the basket together yourself or you can buy one already made up and ready to go to save time.

You can choose different types of snacks, such as gourmet crackers, mixed nuts, and a variety of blocks of cheese for the basket you create. The cost depends on the items you choose or the basket you pick out and will range from $15 to $100 depending on the options.

7. Light It Up

A white scented candle next to white roses.

Candles make a great gift for nearly everyone. You can choose from a variety of scents, colors, and sizes to fit with the gift recipient’s personality or the décor of the home or office. Many people love the scent of candles but there are unscented ones to choose from also for the person who does not like a scented candle or one that has breathing or allergy issues that make a scented candle not a great option.

Prices will be determined by the size and brand of candle you choose with smaller ones running around $10 and larger ones costing about $80.

8. Bath Set

A variety of bath essentials.

Since everyone bathes or at least takes showers, a beautiful bath set for a woman or a more masculine one for a man may just make the perfect gift. Everyone enjoys feeling a little pampered once in a while so this option can put a smile on the person’s face who is receiving the gift. You can create a basket full of products yourself or purchase one that is already done for you.

In keeping with preferences of the person you are buying for, you can choose the scents, types of products used in the basket, and the cost if you create it yourself though. The average price for a bath set already created is around $25.

9. Lollipops and Balloons

A bunch of colorful lollipops.

When people think of a bouquet, they more than likely think of flowers but there are other options, such as a lollipop or balloon bouquet. You can choose the flavors that you know the gift recipient enjoys if purchasing a lollipop bouquet or choose the colors of balloons and the saying printed on them to fit with any occasion or personality.

You can purchase these already made up within the budget you have set ahead of time. The average cost of a lollipop bouquet is around $30 while a balloon bouquet will run around an average of $40.

10. Journaling

A person writing on a journal while drinking tea.

If the person you are buying a gift for enjoys writing, a journal for some self-reflection will make a great gift. There are plenty of options of journals on the market within an array of price ranges so you can purchase a great gift while staying in your allotted price range. Smaller journals will cost around $5 while larger ones or leather-bound journals can cost up to $100.

11. Picture It

A wall of photos in different frames.

A framed photo is a great gift and you can even have things engraved into the photo to commemorate a multitude of occasions and events. For example, you can purchase a photo frame for a wedding with the newly married couple’s names engraved on the frame along with their wedding date, or if buying a gift for a graduation, you can go with the name of the graduate and the date of their graduation.

The amount you spend will depend on where you have it engraved and the type and size of the frame you pick out. Most photos frames will cost around $30 but if you opt for a digital version, the cost can be upwards of $125.

12. Wind Chimes

A close look at a hanging wind chime.

A wind chime is a beautiful gift for someone special in your life. It can last forever and the person will remember that you gave it to them. They can hang it on their porch, patio, from a tree, or from their pergola to create sweet music when there is a breeze and something beautiful to look at and enjoy.

There are many options to choose from that will fit the personality and preferences of the person you are gifting it to. Depending on the size and style of wind chime you choose to purchase, the cost will be between $12 and $90.

13. Stepping Stones

A look at mosaic stone walkways.

You can purchase stepping stones that fit the person you are buying a gift for or create them yourself, which makes it all the more special. They can use stepping stones outside or inside to add flair and color to almost any area of their home and treasure them forever. One stepping stone ranges in cost between $5 and $50.

14. Gift Cards

A woman holding up a gift card.

Whether you want to spend $10 or $100 or more, by purchasing a gift card you control the amount you will shell out for a gift. You can purchase a card from a favorite store or restaurant of the person you are buying a gift for or a pre-paid Visa or Primarycard that the person can use wherever they choose.

15. Warm and Fuzzy

A pair of feet with socks.

Nothing says I care about you more than a warm and fuzzy pair of socks. This makes the perfect gift for someone in the hospital or undergoing surgery, a new mother, or even your own mother. This option is inexpensive with the price ranging from a few dollars to around $20.

16. Money, Money, Money

An image of a tree with money leaves.

Giving someone a money tree is a great gift because everyone loves some cash. You will not have to spend a lot of time shopping or gift wrapping and you can order a money tree already made up or create one yourself. Clearly, the amount you spend will depend on the amount you are gifting and which option you choose to create the money tree.

17. Face Mask

A mother putting face mask on her kid.

In this new era we are living in, a face mask as a gift seems to be appropriate in the fight against COVID-19. You can purchase face masks or have someone make them.

You can opt for a variety of colors and themes to fit the personality of the person you are purchasing it for. Prices range from a few dollars to around $40 depending on the type of mask and where you purchase it.

18. A Fruity Gift

A woman holding a fruit bouquet.

Most flower shops also offer a fruit bouquet which is a great option. From grapes and cherries to chunks of melons, you can choose what types of fruits are included in the bouquet depending on the preferences of your gift recipient.

Not only are they beautifully put together, but they are also edible! The price for a fruit bouquet ranges from about $20 to $50.

19. Plant Cubes

A pair of plant cubes.

Plant cubes are a great gift-giving option for many people, including teachers or your best friend. You can opt for an appreciation-style theme or one that offers encouragement to brighten someone’s day. Prices range from about $7 to $30 depending on where you purchase the plant cubes and how many.

20. Skin Care

A bunch of skin care products in a basket.

You can simply ring up a skincare consultant in your area to create a gift set of skincare for the person you are purchasing a gift for or purchase one already made up at a local store. If you have a consultant create one, they will stay within the price range you provide and will even deliver it if you so choose. A smaller skincare set will run around $25 with a larger one costing several hundred dollars.

21. Flower Cookies

A bouquet of flower cookies.

Another great option in lieu of flowers, yet very similar, is a flower cookie bouquet. Many bakeries offer this option and you can choose the color scheme for any occasion along with the price range you want to stay in. Flower cookie bouquets normally cost around $45 but you can control the cost by the options you choose.

22. Create Your Own

A basket with a gift and a couple of wine.

You can create your own gift box for your gift recipient by purchasing a gift box at the store or online for around $5 or $10. You can then decide what to put in the box that will keep in line with the person’s preferences, interests, or hobbies. This makes a great gift for any occasion or event.

23. Cookies Galore

An overturned box of cookies.

You can purchase or create a cookie box for your gift recipient. Nearly everyone loves cookies and you can choose what types of cookies are used and jazz them up for the occasion in which you are buying them for.

You also control the post depending on how many cookies and the type of cookies that are used. Cookies boxes that are already made up and ready to go cost around $30.

24. Mugging It

A coffee mug beside a laptop.

Whether it is a beer mug or a coffee mug, there are so many options that you can choose from to gift that special someone in your life. The fun part is that you can personalize a mug in a variety of ways to make it a very special gift or commemorate a special occasion or event. Prices can range from $5 to $50 depending on how much you want to spend.

25. Throw Pillows

A close look at colorful throw pillows.

Pillows have made a comeback when it comes to interior design and is available in a slew of colors and styles. The fun part is that you can have whatever you want to be put onto the pillow, such as a great quote or the person or couple’s names.

For example, a throw pillow with the couple’s names and wedding date will make a great wedding or shower gift or a great quote would make a good gift for that writer in your life. The cost for a pillow is around $30 or you can purchase the pillowcase for around $20 and buy the pillow separately.