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22 Useful Gift Ideas for Quilters (Under $20, $50, $100 and $200)

Four women working on a quilt

I know all about buying gifts for quilters.

My mom is a quilter and has been for decades. What’s nice about quilters is there is always something you can buy for them related to their craft. Worst case scenario you can buy a gift certificate to a local quilting store or online quilting store. However, barring the gift certificate, there are many other options.

Below I set out over 20 gift ideas for quilters organized by price range.

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Photo of green and blue quilt

Gifts Under $20

Pins Galore: Quilters use a lot of pins in their work, and they’re always looking for help corralling them. A magnetic pin cushion grabs the pins and keeps them in place. A wrist version adds even more convenience by putting pins at their fingertips. Both of these are great gift ideas for quilters. Many quilters find they prefer special sewing clips, especially when binding the edges of their quilts; these also make a great gift.

Binding and Basting: Quilters buy a lot of commercially produced bias tape to use as binding for the edges of their quilts. A bias tape maker kit lets them make their own edging from any fabric with no hassle or burned fingers. They will also appreciate quilt basting spray to keep the quilt layers together during binding.

Measuring Up: Quilters have plenty of rulers, but they will appreciate getting these special ones as a gift. A Hot Ruler can be used with an iron; unlike other rulers, it won’t melt from the heat. Quilters will use it to make perfect folds and edges. Quilters like using clear rulers, but they can slide at the last minute, leading to inaccurate cuts. The unique knob on this clear design ruler makes it easy to hold in place. To make it even more useful, add a package of Omnigrid Invisi-Grip to your ruler gift. The clear film attaches to the bottom of the ruler and keeps it from sliding.

Taming Threads: Thread spools and bobbins quickly become a tangled mess, and every quilter appreciates help taming them. Peels Thread Spool Huggers wrap around spools to keep them tightly wound. Bobbin Buddies connect each bobbin to the top of its matching spool. Quilters can organize them all on a wooden thread rack. Having threads organized and in easy reach lets quilters spend more time sewing and less time searching for bobbins and untangling threads.

Applique Helpers: Many quilters add applique to their projects, and these special tools make it easier for a quilter to get creative. Heavy plastic sheets let quilters create applique templates that can be reused over and over again. This special silicone pressing sheet makes fusing appliques a breeze. Add some Wonder Fuse fusible webbing to complete your gift.

Sewing Machine Essentials: Even fully-equipped quilters appreciate having these extras on hand, and they are sure to get used. Sewing machine needles made for quilting fit almost all machines and are perfect for piecing. An adjustable presser foot has markings that make sewing precise seams a breeze. With sewing comes occasional mistakes, and a quilter can never have too many seam rippers. A seam ripper and thread removal kit has everything needed to fix sewing mistakes.

Fun Flair: Add a special touch to your gift with a quilt-themed extra. Enamel pins like A day spent sewing is a good day or Press On let quilters show their hobby everywhere they go. Quilty Pencils add fun and color to everyday writing. A quilting words mug will make a quilter smile with every cup of coffee or tea. And a tote bag with the saying Behind every quilter is a big bag of fabric makes a funny and useful gift.

Thoughtful TouchesCustom quilt labels are thoughtful gift ideas for quilters. They make it easy for quilters to personalize their quilts. Quilters will also appreciate some special hand lotion to keep their hands comfortable while they are working.

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Gifts Under $50

Design Wall: Quilters can take their art form to the next level with a portable design wall. It acts as a blank canvas where quilters can try different fabric and block arrangements to get the look they want. The two inch grid lines and 45-degree angle line allow even beginning quilters to get professional results.

Speedy Cutting: Rotary cutters have revolutionized quilting and made fabric cutting easier and more accurate. Quilters with a rotary cutter will appreciate a set of five extra Olfa blades to keep them cutting without interruption. Give beginning quilters everything they need to begin rotary cutting with a Fiskars Fabric Cutting Set that includes a cutter, a ruler, and a mat.

Rulers and Templates: In addition to rotary cutters, quilters also appreciate special rulers and templates that allow them to cut precise shapes easily. A Shape Cut Slotted Ruler works with a rotary cutter for precise cuts every time. A set of Scrap Crazy Grids lets a quilter turn a pile of scrap fabric into beautiful quilt blocks quickly and easily.

Fabric Clubs: If you want to give a gift quilters will enjoy all year long, consider a monthly fabric club. They’ll love opening a package each month and building their stash. Many quilters love Moda’s layer cakes, which are stacks of 10″ fabric squares that can be turned into a quilt quickly. The Moda Layer Cake Club sends a coordinated batch of fabric every month. Quilters also love fat quarters, which are cuts of fabric that make for great quilts. The Sew Colorful Fat Quarter Club sends 15 color coordinated fat quarters every month for quilting fun all year long.

Other Fabric Options: Quilters always appreciate fabric. Rather than buying a few yards of one print, consider a coordinated bundle of fat quarters for more variety. Printer fabric would also make a great gift. Quilters can personalize their quilts by printing pictures to incorporate into their textile art.

Gifts Under $100

Starter Set: If you’re shopping for someone who wants to start quilting but doesn’t have any of the tools, the EverSewn Sewing Starter Kit makes a perfect gift. It has everything beginning quilters need, including cutting tools, pins, marking tools, and rulers. New quilters will appreciate having all these tools at their fingertips.

Special Scissors: While rotary cutting is convenient, sometimes a quilter needs to cut with a regular pair of scissors. Gingher scissors are some of the best around. They are built to last and cut all fabrics smoothly. Any quilter would love to receive a 10″ pair of Gingher shears as a gift. For quilters who make rag quilts with flannel, a special pair of rag quilting snips make the job much easier. This type of quilt involves making lots of small cuts with scissors to create frayed edges. The spring-loaded release makes this repetitive cutting much easier on their hands.

Fabulous Fabric Bundles: If you want to spoil quilters with a gift they’ll never forget, get them a large bundle of fat quarters. A rainbow assortment of high-quality cotton fabric is a quilter’s dream come true. For quilters who work on larger projects, a set of half-yard fabric cuts is the perfect gift. They’ll find many uses for the 27 colors and will appreciate the additional yardage.

See the Light: Quilters need to be able to see fine details, and good lighting is essential. The Daylight DuoLamp has two lamps to illuminate a wide area and makes a thoughtful gift. Quilters will appreciate the LED light that allows for accurate color matching.

Connecting Threads: Along with fabric, quilters need lots of thread. They look for high-quality thread that won’t break or fray, and Aurifil threads are considered some of the best. A set of neutrals can be used on almost any project, or choose a set of beautiful bright colors to coordinate with many different shades.

Gifts Under $200

Solid Sewing Machine: If you are shopping for a beginning quilter who doesn’t have a machine or a quilter struggling with an old machine, the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine would be a great gift. This highly rated machine is a top seller and great for quilting. Quilters appreciate the 60 different stitches to choose from and options that allow for free motion quilting.

Complete Color Wheel: Give your quilter every color of the rainbow with a Color Wheel Solids Complete Fat Quarter Set. Fabrics in every hue are great for new and seasoned quilters alike.

Sew on the Go: Quilters who go to retreats or classes will appreciate the Eversewn Machine Rolling Tote. This roomy bag holds a sewing machine and tools. Wheels and a handle make it easy to bring anywhere. Quilters also need good lighting wherever they go. The OttLite Craft Carrying Case features a bright, adjustable lamp along with ample storage space.

Big Quilting Projects on a Small Machine: Many quilters would like to do their own machine quilting, but large quilting projects are difficult on home machines. The Flynn Multi-Frame Quilting System offers a way to quilt large pieces smoothly and professionally. By holding the fabric on rollers and moving the fabric rather than the machine, this system gives home quilters without a long-arm machine a way to stitch their own quilts.

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