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20 Unique Gift Ideas for Knitters Under $20, $50, $100 and $200

A trio of young ladies knitting over coffee and snacks.

Knitting has become a popular hobby for about 28.8 million Americans, including a growing number of 20- and 30-year-olds. Even some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Hilary Swank claim knitting as one of their favorite pastimes.

While many knit because it provides them with a creative outlet, helps them cope with stress, and make them feel productive, about 62 percent of knitters give their crafts as gifts and about 18 percent of knitted items are donated. The numbers are amazing and only goes to show how knitters deserve unique gifts when it comes time for them receiving one.

If you’re at a loss as to what gift to give the knitter in your life, we’ve got you covered with our list below.

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Under $20

1. Lighted Knitting Needles

Lighted Knitting Needles

One of the most fun gifts you can give a knitter, lighted knitting needles make it possible to see your stitches no matter how dim the lighting. This unique knitting gift is useful for all knitters from beginner to pro. It is especially useful for those with vision issues. These needles make everything brighter and easier to see. Even the novelty yarns which tend to be fuzzy and harder to work with can be easily manipulated with these needles. They can be purchased for under $20.

2. Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers

Gift ideas for knitters should be something that comes in handy but is also special to that person. This is where stitch markers come in handy. Stitch markers keep track of your stitches to make it easier to follow the pattern. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can really find a set that is personal to your knitter. The sky really is the limit when it comes to the fun and trendy ways you can find a stitch marker. It could be favorite characters, farm animals, or funny shapes. Some light up and others lock in place. They can be made of metal or plastic and help you keep your place when you lay the project down for a while. Beaded, multicolored, and locking, you can find them for under $20.

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3. Wrist Ruler

Wrist Ruler

Your hands are always busy when knitting which often makes it hard to access your tools when you need them. One simple solution is a writ ruler. They are made of leather or cloth and are engraved with an inch and centimeter marks. They run anywhere from 14 to 17 inches. They wrap around your wrist to make it super easy to get the measurements you need without a hassle. They are readily available for under $20.

4. Fuzz Remover

Fuzz Remover

Knitting projects can get covered in tiny, fuzzy pills after a bit of handling and/or washing. A good fuzz remover is a godsend to any knitter. It not only comes in handy while you are knitting your project but afterward when you want to extend the pleasure of wearing it. A good fuzz remover will be strong enough to remove tangled pills but gentle enough not to damage the project. It should also have a few different blade lengths and filters. Depending on the quality, they can be found for less than $20.

5. Hand Cream and Lotions

Hand Cream

Working with your hands a lot can leave your skin rough and chaffed. A good quality hand cream is every knitter’s best friend. A nonstick hand cream with a lovely smell makes a perfect gift for a knitter. You can easily purchase them for under $20.

6. Needles


You must have knitting needles to be a knitter. Even if you use a loom or a spinning wheel, you must be proficient with knitting needles for some projects. There are three major types of knitting needles:
• Single point – The most widely recognized of all the knitting needles, they are about 17 inches long, tapers to a point on one end with a knob on the other.
• Double point – The oldest form of a knitting needle, double point needles have tapered tips on both ends. They are most often used for circular knitting and come in packs of four or five.
• Circular – Circular needles are two single pointed needles attached at the other end by a cable. They are useful in double knitting and slip stitches.
Needles can be purchased for under $20.

7. Needle Gauge

Needle Gauge

All to often, a knitter will find themselves in the middle of a project an unable to find the right project. Sometimes they aren’t marked, and you must make a guess. This can be detrimental to your project after hour upon hour of hard work. A needle gauge is a tool that lets you know what size your needle its. It can be made of anything from wood to plastic and has several holes of different sizes to insert the needle and find the gauge. There is often a ruler on one side as well. They are available for purchase for under $20.

8. LED Knitting Lights

LED Knitting Light

Knitters need great lighting. That is a simple truth of the craft. All knitters appreciate a great LED light that is easily directed and bright. The best light for a knitter will be one that can be clamped to a nearby table or workspace. It may also be worn on the head or clipped to your clothing. The bulb should be LED and low heat and also include a magnifier. A good quality light for a knitter can be found for under $20.

Under $50

9. Yarn Swift

Yarn Swift

With a yarn swift, skeins of yarn can be turned into balls fast and efficiently. Beginning knitters often use the back of a chair or enlist their family, to help roll the balls of yarn. Getting your first swift makes you feel like a pro. They are incredible time savers. Hand winding yarn into balls can change the tension of yarn and ruin a whole project. Using a yarn swift or winder can preserve the tension of the yarn. Their appearance is often intimidating but they are much easier to use than it looks. They also collapse to a smaller size for easy storage. Swift is one of the best gift ideas for knitters, especially a beginner. You can purchase them for under $50.

10. Ball Winder

Ball Winder

Every knitter has faced the dreaded site of a tangled mass of yarn when knitting from a hank or skein of yarn. It can take hours to untangle and even end with a loss of expensive or hard to find yarn. Using a ball winder is a great way to save time and energy, not to mention yarn. Winders shape yarn into a cake shape instead of a ball, skein, or hank.

The free yarn pulls from the inside, prohibiting excessive rolling while you knit. You don’t have to scramble around looking for the end of the string. It sticks right up from the center. A cake is easily stored and stacked. A yarn winder also comes in handy when checking for color variations, knots, or imperfections in the yarn. The best winders are sturdily built with an easy crank system. A simple, efficient winder can be found for under $50.

11. Knit Blockers

Knit Blockers

Knit blockers are a great tool for advanced knitting projects. Blocking is a way to shape knitted items, usually garments. It is most often done by wetting or steaming the yarn. Knit blockers are used to hold the item in place and dries into shape. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit myriad projects. It is a technique often used in lace making. They can be found for less than $50.

12. Sets and Kits

Knitting Gift Set

There are a plethora of themed gift sets and kits designed to give everything needed to finish an entire project. Kits are usually of high quality and contain tools and yarns that are superior to others. The end products can be sweaters, cowls, socks, gloves etc. and come with needles gauges, rulers and all necessary tools made from classic and sometimes imported materials. These kits can be great for beginning knitters but also come with more specialized patterns and tools for the experienced knitter. Depending on skill level and materials these kits can be purchased for less than $50.

13. Row Counter

Row Counter

Counting rows is an important part of knitting. If you do not count rows, your project can end up lopsided and all wrong. Sometimes you even have to count stitches to make things look perfect. A row counter comes in handy, especially if it fits on your finger or wrist for easy access while working. They are easily found for under $50.

Under $100

14. Knitting Looms and Boards

Knitting Looms and Boards

A knitting loom is another technique of knitting that does not use needles. Every serious knitter should own one. It makes certain projects much simpler and go by a lot faster. They can be circular or oblong. Knitting boards are square. They are especially helpful for knitters with arthritis or with disabilities that make it hard to hold needles. They are simple to use. It requires only lifting yarn over the pegs in a row. They can be big for larger projects such as rugs or sweaters, or small for things such as socks and gloves. Depending on size and construction, you can buy one for under $100.

15. Yarn Boxes and Bowls

Yarn Box

Yarn boxes and bowls hold the yarn. They can be as simple as a plain bowl with a slot to feed a strand of yarn through as you knit. They can also be quite intricate. Some are made of wood and handcrafted with needle sizes and rulers built-in. They come in all different sizes and can be used to store tools and yarn as well. A yarn bowl makes things so much easier and really makes you feel like a pro. You can purchase a handcrafted, high-quality yarn box or bowl for under $100.

16. Luxury Yarns

Luxury Yarns

Knitters adore luxurious, hard-to-find yarns. Anytime you can find a quality, lustrous, yarn for your favorite knitter, you have won. Yarns come in all manner of textures, materials, and, weights. The most high-quality yarns are hand spun by specialized tradesmen. Mohair, cashmere, and prized linens are popular choices for luxury yarns. Many even come with sparkles or embellishments. They can be purchased for under $100.

17. Yarn Meter

Yarn Meter

More advanced knitters find great value in yarn meters. They are used for measuring lengths of yarn. Many can be attached to looms, tables, or spinning wheels. Some have built-in tensioners. They can measure in feet or yards. It can be used with a ball winder to pull the yarn through. They are extremely accurate and enable the knitter to have the correct amount of yarn for any project. They can also be used to measure weight. They are powered by electricity and can be used anywhere there is a power outlet. Others are battery powered or manual. Depending upon functions available, they can be found for under $100.

Under $200

18. Interchangeable Needle Sets

Interchangeable Needle Set

Interchangeable knitting needle sets are a wonderful addition to any knitter’s supply cache. Gift ideas for knitters should be useful and interesting. This gift is exactly that. There is always an overabundance of knitting needles once you have tackled more than one project. They can pile up and become a nuisance. Interchangeable knitting needles can be a big help in keeping the number of needles under control. They are useful for more than one project, so they can take the place of several needles and save space. They also offer a variety of tip sizes which ensure you always have what you need for any project you tackle. Many of these sets come with yarns and other knitting supplies. You can find a great set for under $200.

19. Project Tool Kits

Project Tool Kit

Specific projects call for specific tools. Once you find something you like to knit, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of them in various styles and dimensions. You’ll always need a different needle or tool or accessory. A great gift for knitters who love to knit a specific project is a tool kit. They include all the needles, gauges, yarns, and instructions required to finish an entire project, sometimes more. Kits include a case and usually some fun extras like lotions or balms. You can find them for under $200.

20. Knitting Bags

Knitting Bags

Knitters love bags. There are so many needles, tools, yarns, and accessories, you never have enough space or containers for it all. Knitters also love to take their projects with them. Whether it is around the house, in the doctor’s waiting room, or on vacation, knitters love a beautiful and handy tote to keep their projects in. You can get large bags for the entire project and smaller bags for needles, gauges and little tools. They can be found for under $200.

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