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40 Gift Ideas for Interior Designers (Under $20, $50, $100 and $200)

Interior designer showing a client plans

Whether you have a friend or family member who is an interior designer or you recently hired one, there are definitely a fleet of gift ideas for interior designers they will appreciate.

After all, it’s nice to receive gifts relevant to our career or vocation. I know I like it. Here’s the list.

TIP: Most of the gift suggestions below are self-explanatory, but if not or it’s a little different, we provide a link and/or linked image to a suggested product.

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Gifts Under $20

Art sketchbook – It is great for capturing ideas on the go. You can take quick notes and raw ideas. You can even find ones you can get personalized.

Architect Ruler – Can be part of a designer’s go to tools. Designers need to be able to draw straight lines and the easiest way to do this is with a ruler.

Rollerball pens – Works with the designer to create a vision. Good pens are important to get drawings and the details correct and specific.

Clipboard – Helps keep documents in order. A clipboard helps a designer keep things together while giving them a structure on top of which they can draw.

Mug – Cute and funny gift to give to the designer with a sense of humor. You can find a number of different sayings on the mug to give the designer a chuckle with their morning coffee.

T-Shirt – Relax in this Eat Sleep Design Repeat comfy graphic designer shirt. It lets everyone know how committed you are in your profession.

House plan template – This is a staple in any designer’s bag of tools. It lets them draw out a house plan using stencils for precise drawing. It allows the designer to put the concept to paper.

Thank You cards – What better way to encourage more business than thank you cards. Send past and potential clients a heartfelt thank you for either using your services or considering them.

Wall stickers – What better way to give inspiration that giving floor or wall stickers for the designer in your life. They can serve as inspiration for the next great design or be used in their own home. These come in many different designs, so they can be incorporated into a variety of spaces.

Interior design sketch portfolio – This is geared towards younger designers but can spark the interest and ideas that may develop into a passion for designing. Gift ideas for interior designers can be fun and interesting.

Fashion Angels Interior Design Sketch Portfolio

Fashion Angels Interior Design Sketch Portfolio

Triangular ruler set – This is a staple for any designer. It includes different sized triangle, so you can make straight lines and draw to scale. Designers need to be able to be accurate with their drawings, figures, and diagrams.

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3 piece triangle ruler set for Interior Designers

Fine point pen – Sketch your new ideas with one of these gel pens that have a fine tip for drawing illustrations. A good pen is a staple for any designer’s stash of tools.

Business card holder – A designer needs to carry their business cards in style. It is professional and sophisticated to hold their cards in a pocket business card holder. This way, they are not searching around in the bottom of a bag, just to find some tattered business card.

Gifts Under $50

Mug featuring the color of the year – This year the Pantone color is all about greenery, so why not enjoy it everyday with your morning coffee.

Field Notes kit – Includes different sized notebooks, pen and pencil. Great product for someone who wants to sketch on the go or capture ideas when they see them.

Field Notes Book as a Gift for Interior Designers

Jar candles – This kit allows you to make two scented candles. You can create your own environment of scent and aroma.

Home design coffee table book – “The Book of Decorating” includes examples of paint, furniture, and room layout to give inspiration to the designer. It can become part of your design of your own home.

Book – “The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Detail” is a perfect addition to any designer’s library. While it can add to the library, it can also be a useful tool in everyday design.

Padfolio – This item comes with a bonus writing pad and a zippered closure to hold all the important document inside. Keep everything safe and dry when traveling with your drawings and notes.

Padfolio for interior designers


Book – Give the designer some inspiration with “Living with Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print“. Having a go-to book regarding pattern can help provide guidance and motivation for new ideas and designs.

Backpack – This will hold everything a busy designer needs to keep with them. It is washed leather with multiple pockets. This kind of bag shows you have style and design but understand functionality.

Tote Bag – Traveling with a tote bag that fits up to a 15.6-inch laptop gives a designer the space she needs to carry all her tools with her. A tote bag is an invaluable thing to have when working because it lets you keep everything in one place. When choosing gift ideas for interior designers you sometimes need to consider function.

Leather journal gift set – A beautiful soft roll up notebook with pen and box will let the designer sketch and write during travel and downtime.

LEATHER JOURNAL GIFT SET Handmade Writing Notebook 7 x 5 Inches Unlined Paper, Antique Leatherbound Daily Notepad For Men & Women, Ideal Present with Box, Secret Pen Holder and Luxury Metallic Pen

Stainless steel mug – What better way to keep your designer hydrated that filling up a beautiful mug up with their favorite beverage. It is a great mug to throw in a tote and not have to worry about your beverage spilling all over your bag or tote.

Chevron blanket – Curl up with this stylish rustic farmhouse cotton blanket. Throw it over the back of your chair and snuggle with it when it is chilly. A designer will love it because it has style and can go with virtually any design.

Drawing pencils – Every designer needs a quality set of graphite drawing pencils. A complete artist kit can provide charcoals and pastels, all secured with a zippered case. These are good for a beginner or a veteran and ready to travel with you wherever you go.

Collapsible cargo storage – Having a cargo storage in your trunk lets a designer travel with everything they need. And the organizer lets everything stay neatly in place. This means you are not searching through piles of stuff in your trunk to find what you need. You can keep it all organized and readily available.

Starling's Car Trunk Organizer Durable Collapsible Adjustable Compartments, Blue

Gifts Under $100

Slate mobile lap desk – This helps absorb laptop heat and is light and strong. It lets you use your laptop, on your lap, for extended periods of time without experiencing the heat from underneath it.

Laptop tray

Mouse charger – This will keep your mouse charged and ready to use.

Steampunk lamp – Whether you want it for the design in your house or you want to use it in a client’s design, it will surely be a hit. This is a water piping desk table lamp with a rustic wood base.

Oscillating heater – Fuse function with fashion. Certain models will give any design a boost while providing an adjustable thermostat, so you can feel comfy and cozy in your home. When thinking about a gift for a designer, you should consider how they will look at it in their personal space.

Digital Camera – Being able to capture inspiration on a camera can be vital to a designer’s business. It can let them memorialize ideas and catalog images that might be useful in projects and client proposals. A decent camera can provide the designer everything they need.

Bookcase – Having a place to store all their books and resources can encourage organization for a designer. You can find bookcases for many different prices but finding a reasonably priced one is possible. A designer will appreciate a well thought out piece of furniture that will add to their home.

Art work – Any designer will appreciate a nice piece of artwork. Find something unusual and graphic and they will surely find it appealing and want to prominently display it in their home or office.

Gifts Under $200

Magnetic interior designer kit – This kit is full of magnets, so you can visualize an entire house without drawing anything. You can use the magnets to move around furnishings in your design easily. So, before you have to do any heavy lifting, you can use the magnets to help you out.

Pantone formula guides – This must-have tool will be the basis for a designer’s toolbox. It allows the designer to compare multiple colors and color combinations at one time. It is an invaluable tool.

Business Writing Padfolio – A custom personalized leather padfolio is an excellent way for a designer to show up at business meetings and client appointments. It provides function and fashion and will make any designer look professional.

Spa Day – Every hard-working designer needs a day to just get herself pampered. Giving a spa day as a gift will show them how much you appreciate all their hard work. This kind of gift can be obtained at a multitude of places.

Software apps – Every designer needs a computer software program or app to work on their projects. While some apps can cost a lot of money, there are some more reasonable ones on the market. Additionally, it may be possible to find a SaaS (Software as a service), so it can be paid for each month instead of outright buying it. Check out design software options here.

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