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33 Gift Ideas for Architects (Under $20, $50, $100 and $200)

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Architect is one of those glamour jobs just like advertising, surgeon, corporate lawyer, airline pilot and others.

While architects earn a decent living, they appreciate gifts for a job well done just like the rest of us. The question is: “what is a great gift for an architect?”

We put together some ideas and split up our lists by price. Check them out.

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Gifts Under $20

Cufflinks – These are in the shape of a protractor and square. They are perfect for any architect looking to jazz up their look. They are a unique, quality accessory that will adorn a collar or cuff for years to come. These are great gift ideas for architects.

Parking sign – This can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a cute addition to any room in your house or in your office. The image of the sign shows that only architects can park under the sign.

Sacred Dodecahedron – This is unassembled and lets the architect in your life put it together and keep it on their office desk. You put the puzzle together using wood glue on the laser cut pieces. Assembled, it is about 4” tall and 4.5” wide and makes a lovely addition.

Coasters – These are Frank Lloyd Wright etched sandstone coasters. They are good for décor and function. The sandstone front is backed with cork material, so your furniture is protected from moisture and liquid.

Book – The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings is an interesting book that you can order for your Kindle or as a hardcover. The book is designed to have people’s interest in architecture piqued. It makes the reader think about how architecture is used in so many different ways.

Funny Book – This book is full of quotes, words of wisdom, and other interesting facts. The book captures the inspiration and quirkiness of architects and architecture. It is a great conversation piece in any household or office.

Space pen – This matte black space pen defies gravity and can write from any angle. Additionally, it will write in virtually any temperature, making it a great addition to an architect’s arsenal of tools. The original pen was created in 1948 and is considered to actually be a piece of architecture.

Triangular scale – This 12” aluminum scale has a hollow core with tapered edges. It comes in a hard plastic case to keep it protected from damage. The scale has the traditional graduations that every architect needs when working on a project.

Pencil set – This is a drawing and sketching pencil set that comes in a zippered case. It will hold all your tools safely, so you can travel and store them easily. The set comes with 12 graphite pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 white eraser, 1 drawing pad, and the carrying case.

Coffee mug – This beautiful blue mug has drawings of famous buildings. It is dishwasher safe and will let you drink your coffee while enjoying the blueprint-like design.

Storage tube – This plastic tube provides the perfect place for architects to store their blueprints and sketches. It extends to become a total of 40.25 inches long. It is lightweight and water resistant. It is a must-have for all architects, so they can keep their most valuable renderings safe from the environment and damage that could be caused by others.

Gifts Under $50

Necklace – This is an 18-inch sterling silver necklace with a triangular ruler charm. It is made with quality silver and is corrosion resistant. Any architect will find it attractive and charming.

Credit card case holder – This is produced by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, so a portion of the sale goes towards education programs. The case is made of stainless steel and has RFID blocking technology.

Pen set – This set includes a case, a roller ball pen, and a ballpoint pen. It is made from maple wood and can be engraved with a name. The personalization gives it a unique flair.

T-shirt – This shirt says, “Trust Me I’m an Architect”. It comes in various sizes and a few different colors. It is a cute shirt for any architect, so they lounge around when they have downtime with this comfy shirt.

Wall clock – This is a Frank Lloyd Wright Luxfer Prism clock. It has an off-white face and lets the owner enjoy its quiet beauty because the second-hand does not tick. It is a quality piece made by Bulova.

Smart notebook – This is a reusable notebook that comes in several colors. It has 36 pages that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. One pen is included, but it can be used with any Pilot Frixion pen. It lets you send your notes to various applications, so you do not have to waste paper.

Portfolio case – This tote bag will allow an architect to transport oversized drawings and sketches while offering protection from the elements. You can carry it like a briefcase or like a backpack. It gives you the option of freeing up your hands while traveling.

Gifts Under $100

LEGO set – Everyone has a little kid inside. Architects will enjoy this Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum LEGO set. It is a replica of the museum and can become part of your décor when you are finished putting it together. These are great gift ideas for architects.

Calculator – You can give your architect this Primary Pro Advanced Construction Math Feet-inch-fraction calculator. It is perfect for laying out plans and figuring out the scale. It lets you quickly do conversions and has innumerable applications.

Doormat – Having this Frank Lloyd Wright rubber doormat will let everyone know you are into architecture. It is 22 x 36 inches and will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Post notes – This is a unique gift and piece of artwork. It contains 160 sheets of post-it notes. It comes in several different designs. As you use the post notes, you reveal the artwork. So, when you are done with the notes, you have the artwork leftover to decorate your home or office.

LED desk lamp – This architect’s lamp comes with 4 lighting modes, 6 level dimmer, touch control, and a memory function. The lamp has eye-protection technology which will help reduce eye fatigue and let you work longer. It is also energy efficient and eco-friendly, meaning it costs less to keep the light turned on compared to other lamps.

Pencil gift set – This set, made by Pentel Arts, comes with 4 quality pencils and replacement lead that comes in 4 different sizes. You can make dark, clean lines consistently because Pentel Super Hi-Polymer lead is super strong.

Mechanical pencil – This is a high-quality mechanical pencil that has a built-in eraser under the cap. The pencil is made by Rotring and comes with a two-year warranty. This pencil is great for all architects, whether they are professional or not.

Wireless mouse – This mouse is more than just your run-of-the-mill mouse. It is designed for engineering in CAD. It has superior precision because it has a 7,200-dpi optical sensor. Its ergonomic design lets you use it with ease and comfort. It is great for 3D modeling and lets you get the precision you are looking for.

Messenger bag – This leather messenger bag is perfect to carry all the tools for an architect. You can fit your laptop, pencils, plans, files, plus much more. It is 16 x 12 x 5 and will fit up to a 15” laptop. The bag is stylish and rugged and will make a great addition for any architect.

Software – The Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2019 is a software package that will let you do a ton of different things. You can do virtual tours and design in 2D and 3D. It is great for many different architects, including those doing interior and exterior designs. It is user-friendly and provides a place to store some of your ideas and plans.

Gifts Under $200

Laser distance measure – You can take measurements and transfer them to different applications when you are working on a project. It lets you work with more accuracy in a faster timeframe. It also comes with Bluetooth capabilities, so you can just move your measurements directly onto your tablet. You no longer have to rewrite them, which can lead to mistakes.

Watch – This is a Cronometrics watch that is perfect for architects. The gentle design of the watch leads you to be inspired by using creativity to spawn new ideas and solutions to design problems. The case is stainless steel and the band is Italian dark brown leather.

Desk lamp – Using this lamp by BenQ provides a wider coverage and can be switched between moods. You can use this to read or change the lighting to better support work and concentration. Additionally, the LED panels will last for 50,000 hours!

Canvas print – The print is of a 1940 bridge construction. It fits in with any décor and lets the architect enjoy the renderings on a continual basis. The canvas is 28” x 37” and has UV protection to keep it looking brand new.

Canvas art – This art piece comes in several different styles. It comes in color, black and white, and sepia tone. It is 24” x 30” and shows the Palladian Villa called La Rotonda in Vicenza. It can be a beautiful addition to any room, including the bedroom or living room. Additionally, it has a wrap around style, so the image continues onto all four sides of the canvas.

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