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16 of the Best Gardening Stores Online

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Turning to an online gardening store is an excellent idea in this current climate. Whether you are looking for gardening equipment, seeds, live plants, or just looking for gifts for your family or friends, everything is available from the comfort of your home.

Plow and Hearth, Greenhouse Megastore, Plant America Nursery, Monster Gardens, Areogarden, Overstock, and Burpee are online gardening stores that will make your online shopping exciting. As well as plants and seeds, accessories, and decor, they offer advice on garden improvements.

Suppose you are shopping for a specific plant or seed and want the best price. It may be helpful to look to online gardening websites. There are many online gardening stores, and finding the best ones can be time-consuming. Here is a helpful list of the most popular online garden stores that will save you time when looking for gardening supplies.

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Gardening has always been a favored activity, but recently the interest in gardening has grown immensely. Persons having to stay home during the lockdown have started gardening to benefit from being close to nature and growing fresh produce.

You need several tools and accessories for your gardening experience to be more accessible, fruitful, and enjoyable; finding them online makes the search all the easier.

Endlessly looking through online gardening stores can be a bore and take up a lot of time. There are thousands of online gardening stores, and it is tremendously challenging to know which ones are reputable and worth your time. Here we compiled a list of the best online gardening stores to make your search easier.

Plow & Hearth

Plow & Heart is a popular online gardening store that offers gardening supplies and homewares. The store was created in 1980, and since, the variety of products has expanded, and online videos have been added to update product descriptions to provide detailed information.

It all started with a single store in Madison, Virginia, which expanded to 26 stores across the US with an online store and catalog. Plow & Hearth products are grouped into sections to make it easy to buy a selection of items.

This online garden store focuses more on accessories and décor for your garden than plants, flowers, fruits, or herbs.

There are many products for gardening, from bird seeds to a variety of wildlife housing to attract wildlife into your garden. A selection of protective garden clothing is also available online. They offer advice to solve problems you might encounter with your gardening or garden décor.

Great product and trusted company. You just can’t go wrong with Plow & Hearth, which is what most customers say about Plow & Hearth.

Greenhouse Megastore

Greenhouse Megastore is an online store specializing in greenhouses and provides gardeners with a range of greenhouses for commercial or home use. Greenhouse megastore has been building greenhouses worldwide for 22 years. In 2001, the online store was created and launched to provide gardeners online access to greenhouses.

If you are looking for a seed starter greenhouse or a greenhouse to grow various crops, Greenhouse Megastore is the best online store to find it. Greenhouse Megastore has lots to choose from and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

They offer a price-reduced guarantee to beat any other store’s price by 2% if a customer finds a product cheaper at another store. Greenhouse Megastore offers an excellent aftercare service that supports customers after purchasing a greenhouse. They also offer a one-year unconditional guarantee on their products.

You can design your greenhouse by choosing the covering material, the frame, and accessories, or buy a ready-made greenhouse. The website also offers pest control solutions, pots, plants, and soil, not only greenhouses.

Visit their website at Greenhouse Megastore

Monster Gardens

Monster Gardens is an online store that specializes in hydroponics and its accessories. This online gardening store provides everything necessary to start a hydroponic growing system from fans, lighting, filters, additives, testers, and meters.

Monster Gardens sells collections that group everything together; to create specific hydroponic systems or buy supplies separately and set up the system the way you like it yourself. Their LED all-inclusive growing system includes light hangers, carbon filters, ducting, a fan, and a tent.

They are based in California and have one of the largest catalogs of hydroponic supplies, and there is a variety of products available for any hydroponic enthusiast. Monster Gardens staff have decades of experience and can advise customers who want to expand their hydroponic system.

Monster Gardens has a channel on YouTube that produces videos explaining how to set up and maintain a hydroponics system to nutrient mixing techniques.

If you have a commercial business, they have discounted rates available. Monster Gardens ships globally and provide recommendations for your hydroponic system if you provide details and measurements.

Visit their website at Monster Gardens

Plant America Nursery

Every plant sold by Plant America is certified by the US Department of Agriculture. This means they can be shipped to 13 other countries worldwide and to every state in America. Plant America Nursery’s 3,500-acre farm in Tennessee has supplied plants for people’s gardens for 60 years.

This family-owned company offers flowers for home gardens, trees, and wholesale plants.

More than 800 plants and gardening products from Plant America were planted at the Battery Conservancy, Washington Monument, and The Arlington National Cemetery.

Plant America Nursery also donates plants to universities for research. Plant America places plants into collections gardeners might prefer. They provide sections for privacy trees and fast-growing plants for your garden. Even if you have not decided what plants you want specifically, you can shop and choose the function of your plant.

Plant America’s online store has an excellent gallery feature that displays clear images of plants and trees to look at before you shop.

Visit their website at Plant America

Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens’ online store provides several categories to find plants quickly. You can get inspiration for your garden based on the different types of plants listed in their online gardening catalog.

They make it easy to shop for heat-tolerant plants for hot climates or choose a particular plant by soil type through their online categories.

Wayside Gardens was established in 1920 based in South Carolina; this company became famous for the quality of the plants, bulbs, and seeds it sells. They provide extraordinary selections. While the company sells accessories, they specialize in the plants themselves.

Wayside Gardens are serious garden enthusiasts and have a complete catalog of bare-root and container plants. When Wayside Gardens sell accessories, you can be sure it is exclusive to Wayside Gardens and that you will find unique plants for your garden.

Visit their website at Wayside Gardens

Home Depot

We all love Home Depot, the large corporate brand for hardware, DIY projects, and everything remodeling-related, but they also offer many gardening supplies. Home Depot’s Garden store offers excellent quality and variety online, and in-store offers are excellent.

Home Depot’s Garden center will get your garden growing instantly when you shop at Home Depot Garden Center with their great garden supplies, flowers, and plants. A bonus is they also offer free delivery.

Their extensive online store offers information on each available bulb, seed, planter, soil, and tool. They have staff online to chat with when you have a query. Even online, you will get the best hands-on assistance as you would in person at Home Depot.

Apart from the wide selection of online garden products, you also get the bonus of online articles that will teach you more about the gardening project you are starting. They also provide tips to help you improve your garden and home. And because Home Depot also offers accessories and furniture for your garden, you can be sure to find everything in one store.

Visit their website at The Home Depot


When Lowes first started, it offered more significant selections and broader aisles; it gave other corporate giants like Home Depot good competition. Online, Lowes has a variety of products to offer for your home, gardening, plants, gardening equipment, flowers, bulbs, seeds, garden furniture, and accessories.

Lowes has an excellent reputation for the online customer service they provide. They have detailed product descriptions, which help customers better understand how things work and choose the correct item for their garden.

The warranty is detailed on all items, and extended warranties are available for purchase when you shop online. They offer free shipping on almost all items.

Lowes guarantees the quality of products sold at their store is above average and sponsors many of the shows on HGTV and other networks with DIY project shows.

Visit their website at Lowe’s


Suppose you haven’t heard about an online garden store before. They are owned by TabCom, LLC, and were established in 1969. That company may also be an unknown, but their other ventures, like, are pretty famous. You will find the best prices at this online store.

This online gardening store is filled with relevant gardening and outdoor living information. They offer an excellent variety and savings to please any customer.

You can read through the articles and many tips they provide on several gardening topics. When ready to start your garden, you can browse and shop online through their online products.

Sign up for their email newsletter to get exclusive offers and discounts, and you will be notified in advance about new products, sales, and special events. It is effortless to contact their customer service if you are unsure about a product online or have a shipping question.

Visit their website at

Great Garden Supply Online Store

Great Garden Supply has been operating for more than thirty years. With that kind of reputation, it is reason enough to shop online with them. In addition, Great Garden Supply offers an excellent way to make sure they support their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They also provide an email and phone number for contact if you encounter an issue with a product you bought.

Problems are not often reported unless they arrived damaged in the transport. Great Garden Supply has the best quality products. Their prices might be slightly more costly on products on their site; however, it is worth the guarantees they offer.

This online store is genuinely unique because, while they mainly focus on gardening, there are more top-notch resources on their site for your complete outdoor living space. They also provide products, materials, and information about lawn care, tree care, hydroponics, garden furniture, etc.

Visit their website at Great Garden Supply


This online gardening store provides information for gardening and sells gardening equipment. The biggest bonus of this online gardening company is the several offers they post daily. They are a bit limited in variety, but they offer good savings.

An excellent service Aerogarden offer is their seed kits, where a customer can choose the kind of plant or vegetable they want to grow, and they will then provide an entire kit of essential equipment that will allow them to grow the plants from scratch.

This eliminates the need to shop for multiple items and the confusion that a starter-gardener will go through to start sowing seeds. The online store also stocks a limited supply of outdoor accessories, grow lights, and harvesting tools

Visit their website at AeroGarden

Bluestone Perennials

Bluestone Perennials’ online presence comes in a well-organized site. The primary menu on their homepage divides perennials, bulbs, and shrubs into several categories. They have an alphabetical listing for plants and a plant finder button that helps you find the plants that will grow ideally in your garden.

The Bluestone Perennials store was first established in Lake Erie, Ohio, in 1972. It is a family-operated establishment that shows the pride and labor of love in its products. This means you get excellent quality products from careful planting in their 5 acres of greenhouses.

Richard Boonstra and his family invested in their dream, and their business has grown dramatically. In three years, they grew it to a full-time business and purchased a 40 plus-acre farm.

Today, Bluestone Perennials is an environmentally friendly company that uses 100% plant-able biodegradable pots and no plastic and recyclable packaging. That is enough reason to support this excellent business.

Visit their website at Bluestone Perennials

Forest Farm

Forest Farm started as an idea for couple Ray and Peg Prag in 1971 while on their honeymoon. It only took them three years to build the idea into a reality. They started their gardening company with collected #10 cans and a few native plant species at first.

Forest Farm quickly grew into a lucrative business that features over 5000 plant species. They founded Pacifica in 1998, a reserve of botanicals in southwest Oregon that dedicated 540 acres of land to education on the environment and nature.

Forest Farm today is classed as a non-profit business. All profits from sales go toward nature and art programs and the planting that occurs at Pacifica. This is a great cause; let’s show our support to the 15 gardeners working at Forest Farm by buying products from this incredible online gardening store.

The online store has a wide variety of vegetables, plants, trees, and flowers. The plant finder button allows you to choose what plants you should order for your garden.

On their online store, you can locate special deals and offers. Keep browsing their online store and visit the site blog; it offers helpful tips and information for your garden and various species of plants.

Visit their website at ForestFarm


The Overstock online gardening store typically has something for every kind of garden that suits any budget. It stocks everything from an elevated flowerbed to a stool with pockets to fit your gardening tools; Overstock has everything available.

This online gardening store provides detailed information on every product. Overstock also offers suggestions for gardens that will help you if you need inspiration for any improvements in your garden.

Visit their website at Overstock

Burpee Seeds

Burpee Seeds dated from 1876 when Washington Atlee Burpee created a small mail-order company in Philadelphia.

The company expanded out into areas it would soon become famous for following the demand from customers to provide seeds, gardening supplies, and accessories. Burpee Seeds started going to Europe to buy seeds in the late 1800s that were unavailable in North America.

Mr. Burpee created research facilities and tested farm growing plants unknown and rare to US customers. That allowed him to sell kinds of seeds customers had never heard of before.

Throughout the 1900s, Burpee Seeds was famous for producing best-selling seed-starter kits and hybrid vegetable varieties for gardeners and as a center for innovation. The company was family-owned up to 1970, whereafter General Foods bought it.

These days Burpee Seeds operate mainly through their online store, selling a large selection of seeds to customers. While Burpee seeds focus mainly on seeds, they also sell a variety of gardening supplies, like fertilizers, sprinkler systems, and rain barrels. Burpee Seeds sells not only seeds but also a variety of live plants.

If you are looking for seeds, consider Burpee seeds a popular choice with an extensive seed collection you can browse online.

Visit their website at Burpee 

Garden Crossings

Garden Crossings online gardening store offers a large variety of gardening equipment and plants. This family-owned business was developed with care, love, and passion. When this online gardening store first went online in 2002, it only offered a small variety of plants.

However, in two years, the family established a big garden center, became cultivators of over 1200 different plant species, and built enough business to move to a larger facility.

Garden Crossings plans to continue expanding and offer healthy and robust plants. The owners and their employees are eager to help you select the right plants for your garden. The store also features a Container Designer Tool on its website, which will help you creatively design seasonal layouts and hanging planters.

The online store offers ready-made categories for various interests, like perennials, annuals, shrubs, edibles. There is a complete learning center to browse for information about the store in Zeeland, Michigan.

Visit their website at Garden Crossings


We know Amazon is not a complete specialist garden product supplier, but it sells many gardening supplies, books, clothing, nutritional supplements, and almost everything else. Amazon is a multinational company that is one of the biggest economic influences in the world.

Amazon started as an online book marketplace in 1994. Which then rapidly grew into the world’s largest online marketplace, operated out of Seattle, Washington, Arlington, and Virginia.

Amazon is extremely popular with a large customer base for obvious reasons. The good thing about buying gardening products from Amazon, which helps if you are a Prime member, is the fast and free delivery you get even on the small-ticket items.

A benefit of buying products on Amazon is the multiple, lengthy reviews from existing users, which help guide customers to buy the item best suited for them. Typically, Amazon is the first stop for many customers when they are looking for gardening equipment,

Visit their website at Amazon


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When you plan changes to your garden or just want to get some new plants or garden accessories, you should be looking online. The many online gardening stores on the internet offers so many different items to choose from it can be confusing to search through them. Searching for the best online stores can be challenging; we made it easy for you with our list.

We hope the list of the best online gardening stores we listed above will help you find the right online gardening store for your seeds, plants, garden decor, and supplies that your garden requires.


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