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What is a garden hose pot and where can you buy one?

Do you want to store your garden hose in an attractive way in the yard? If so, a garden hose pot may be the perfect garden hose storage option for you. Learn all about garden hose pots here.

Garden hose pot

Garden hoses can be a pain in the butt to manage.

They kink.

They’re heavy.

They tangle.

They leak.

They can ruin plants and flowers as you pull them out.

Consequently, many people have come up with different types of garden hose storage options.

But let’s face it, some garden hose holders and storage options are ugly.  That’s where the pot comes in.

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What is a garden storage pot?

Garden Hose Holder Storage Pot Copper with Lid Antique Green Finish Lattice Steel

It’s as the name suggests.

It’s a large pot for storing garden hoses. They have a hole at the bottom where one end of the hose comes out to attach to the nozzle water source.

They serve both a decorative and functional purpose.

Their function is to neatly store garden hoses.

Their decorative purpose is because the pots usually look nice.  You can get copper or ornate or other garden hose pot styles to complement your patio or garden.


Why buy a garden hose pot?  Most people buy them for decoration. They’re a more aesthetically pleasing way to store a garden hose.  In some ways they’re less convenient but for some folks, aesthetics trumps function.

You can also move them around the yard which offers a convenience factor.  Any hose holder attached to the house cannot be moved around.

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They are a little cumbersome for putting away your hose. There’s not crank that you quickly wind up the hose. Or no large hook for looping your hose around (like you do with freestanding hose holders).

Putting the hose away requires carefully coiling it inside the pot.  If not done in a way to conserve space it may not fit.

How do garden hose pot holders work?

It’s a ridiculously simple concept.  You coil the hose inside around the wall in a coil.  You really do need to take the time to coil it nicely otherwise it won’t fit.

When neatly coiled around, the hose easily lifts out untangled and unkinked so that you’re ready to use the hose.

How do you coil a garden hose into a pot?

It gets easier the longer that you keep your hose in the pot because it’ll form a natural coil that fits the pot.  However, the first time you coil it into the pot can be a difficult process.

You have to slowly lay down the hose around the side.  Start on the bottom and layer it up the walls of the pot.

How long of hoses do garden hose pots hold?

These garden hose storage containers can hold a surprisingly long hose.  Most hold up to 100 to 150 feet of hose, depending on the size of pot.  Therefore, before buying one double check how long your hose is.  But this is assuming you coil it nicely inside.  If you crumple the hose, that’s not going to fit.

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What materials are they made out of?

You can find different types of garden hose pots that differ in design and material.

  • There are various metal pots – often look like copper.
  • There are options made out of ceramic.
  • Some are made out of plastic.
  • Some are made out of a material that looks like stone.

You could easily turn a wood barrel into a garden hose pot as well.

Or, as the example at the very top shows, you can create a pot-style hose holder by digging a hole.

Do they have lids?

Some garden hose pots do have lids.  Some don’t.  Check out examples below with and without a lid.

Example without a lid:

LifeSmart Decorative Garden Hose Holder Water Hose Storage Pot Outdoor or Indoor Use

Example with a lid:

beautiful and practical Copper Hose Pot

Where should you place them?

Typically you’ll need to store them close to  your water source outside unless you don’t mind the hose running. Alternatively, you can disconnect the hose from the water source and store the pot anywhere but this is very inconvenient for when you want to use the hose.

I think they look great next to the house connected to the water source nozzle, whether it’s on a deck, patio or even in a garden (our house has gardens under the water source).

Can you make your own garden hose holder?

Yes, of course.  I personally think a small wood barrel would make an ideal pot.

However, if you’re good at ceramics or woodworking, you can easily create a large pot that will accommodate a hose.

Another economical way to create your own is to buy some large steel bucket and put a hole in it. Here’s a DIY garden hose holder from Instructables.

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DIY garden hose holder

Source: rolltidhank @ Instructables.

Where can you buy garden hose pots?

This is the great news.  You can buy them from a number of online stores (see below) or go to a local hardware store.

You can buy these online at the following: