12 Futons Under $100 and $200

Futons are comfortable multifunctional space-saving pieces of furniture. It's a big deal considering you can have a really good one for just $100 or $200.

Black futon in a minimalistic living room.

The original futons are the traditional Japanese version that’s unrolled during the night on top of a tatami mat on the floor and then folded away by morning time. They used to be made of  horsehair, reeds or rice straw until domestic cotton became available in the 18th century. A set included a mattress, a comforter and a pillow.

America only came to know of futons through the Japanese immigrants. The Western version of a futon, however, included a wooden frame that raised it off the floor. The frame also developed so that it could be made into a bed or a couch. The latest developments made it easier to manufacture futons and sell them cheaply.

A. Futon Frames Under $100

1. DHP Aiden Frame

Sturdy metal futon frame in a Silver finish.

Source: Hayneedle

This silver futon frame is sturdy enough for people to use the furniture to sit and watch TV or read and also strong enough to support your overnight guests if they need a place to sleep. The bright, shiny finish will look great in any home and is easy to convert from a sofa into a bed. By adding the mattress of your choice, you will be able to create a piece of furniture that is uniquely your own and also matches the rest of the décor in your home.


  • It has a solid frame that is built to last for years.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • If you get tired of the silver finish, you can’t repaint the frame without worrying about it chipping.

2. DHP Vermont Frame

Aluminum futon frame.

Source: Hayneedle

This lightweight aluminum frame is surprisingly strong and can actually hold up to 600 pounds without the fear of it breaking or bending. It’s very easy to switch it back and forth between a sofa and a bed and a single person can make the conversion without fear of being injured or struggling with the furniture. The black finish is very classic and will help the futon blend into the background of your room. This frame does not come with a cushion but by buying your own, you can customize the appearance of your futon.


  • It is light enough to easily move from one area in your room to another.


  • It is very low to the ground and difficult to get off of.
  • It is not very comfortable as either a bed or a sofa.

B. Futon Frames Under $200

3. Hardwood Bi-Fold Futon Frame

Soilid hardwood bed futon frame with a neutral tone.Source: Houzz

Wooden futon frames add a lot of warmth to the home while still providing all of the necessary function of a futon and a bed. This frame has a very unique design that allows users to quickly and easily adjust the angle of the sofa back to four positions, including upright and completely reclined. From there, it is very easy to drop the back down to a flat position so that you can get your rest. Made from 100% hardwood, this frame is hypoallergenic and while it can easily be painted, many people prefer the natural look of the wood.


  • It only takes seconds to change the position of the futon’s back.
  • At 45 pounds, it’s easy to move the frame but it still has enough weight that the furniture won’t slide around.


  • If damaged, it may cause splinters.

4. Coaster Futon Frame

Metal futon in Silver with a curved structure.

Source: Hayneedle

Futons typically aren’t the most stylish piece of furniture in your home but this frame is exciting with design details that will impress even the pickiest buyer. The silver finish pairs very well with the curved base on this futon to create a look that is very unique and appears much more upscale. While most futons are obviously futons, this piece of furniture resembles a very modern sofa.


  • It has a weight limit of 1000 pounds due to the strong wooden slats.


  • It is heavier than most frames and can be difficult to move around by yourself.

C. Futon Mattresses Under $100

5. Blazing Needles Twill Mattress

Full-size futon in Navy Blue.

Source: Houzz

This gorgeous navy futon mattress is bright and comfortable. At five inches thick, it will offer enough support for anyone sitting or sleeping on your futon and the twill fabric makes it very easy to spot clean in case someone spills. It’s not so heavy that you can’t easily move it around by yourself, making it a great choice for someone who lives alone or who has to do the laundry and cleaning without any help.


  • 21 color choices make it very easy to find a mattress that will match your home’s décor.


  • It tends to sag a little in the middle even with the foam/cotton stuffing.
  • It is not comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

6. Serta Mattress

White, cotton futon mattress.Source: Hayneedle

Available in three sizes and with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, this plush futon mattress has been built to last. Made of polyfiber and cotton, the mattress is thin enough to move around easily but thick enough to be comfortable and give the user support. While not as thick or as comfortable as some of the other Serta futon mattresses, it still is a great buy in its own right, especially at this price point.


  • The heavy material of the cover is high quality and easy to clean.


D. Futon Mattresses Under $200

7. Tranquil Rest Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring futon mattress in Sunset.Source: Houzz

At nine inches thick, this futon mattress offers a ton of support and comfort as both a bed and a sofa. With a special innerspring design, it will hold its shape no matter how long someone is sitting or sleeping on the futon. The twill fabric is a breeze to clean and the 21 available colors are fun to choose from. It’s very easy to clean off the mattress if you do spill on it and not having to worry about stains is a huge bonus for any homeowner, especially one who has kids or a lot of guests who will be using the futon.


  • Higher-quality futon mattresses are more comfortable and this is no exception.


  • At 62 pounds, it can be difficult to move this mattress by yourself due to its large size and weight.

8. Serta Memory Foam Mattress

Pink, memory foam futon mattress.Source: Hayneedle

Perfect for anyone who loves his or her memory foam mattress on his or her bed, this mattress from Serta is incredibly comfortable and available in a few sizes. At eight inches thick, it may not be the thickest futon mattress that you can buy but the specially designed core of the mattress more than makes up for that missing inch. The high quality of this mattress makes it ideal for both sleeping and sitting and you won’t ever feel the bars or slats of your futon when you use it.


  • The color choices are all neutral, making it easy to find one that will fit seamlessly into your room’s décor.


  • It does not have buttons for closure and relies solely on being sewn shut. This means that it is easier to accidentally pop open the futon itself.

E. Futons Under $100

9. Arnette Mattress and Futon

Black futon mattress. with an ultra soft finish.Source: Wayfair

This is ideal for families who have children or teens who love to lounge around and don’t have the room for a full futon. This mattress easily converts by itself into a bed with a pillow, a comfortable chair, and even a reclining lounge chair. Being able to change into three different pieces of furniture ensures that this futon will save you space and time and can still easily be stored under another bed or in the closet if you desire.


  • At under 12 pounds, it’s easy for even children to move and convert by themselves.


  • With no frame, it tends to be a little uncomfortable.


F. Futons Under $200

10. Microfiber Futon

Royal Blue, mircofiber futon sofa bed.Source: Houzz

This sofa is as durable and comfortable as it is stylish and the bright blue microfiber is soft and very easy to clean, no matter how many people come and use your furniture. It’s perfect in more contemporary homes due to the color and the lines of the piece but is minimalist enough that it can easily fit in most rooms. With a lightweight frame, you won’t struggle to move it around your home and it can easily be assembled with simple tools.


  • It easily converts from a sofa into a sleeper with little effort.
  • With the ability to make this piece of furniture a recliner, sofa, or bed, you have a lot of control over your space.


  • It is not comfortable for sleeping on night after night.

11. Rowan Valley Mattress and Futon

Futon set with b;lack and gray detailed stripes.Source: Wayfair

The bold stripes on this mattress are very modern and eye-catching and look great in any room in your home. This futon can easily work as a bed for anyone up to 5’8”, making it perfect for both kids and adults to sleep on. The frame is solid wood and metal and is strong enough to stand up to a lot of use and even to children climbing and bouncing on the futon.


  • While the frame does need to be assembled, the instructions are very clear and it is easy to do.


  • Firmer than most futon mattresses, there is not a lot of give when sitting or sleeping.

12. Anzy Adjustable Futon

Contemporary, adjustable futon in white.Source: Houzz

Not all futons are very stylish but this linen futon is a beautiful gray color that perfectly complements its strong wooden legs. While it only has two positions, the mattress itself is very plush and comfortable and will look great in any home. The “klik klak” function is quite easy to use and allows you to raise and lower the futon without any trouble.


  • The clean, modern appearance looks amazing in any space.


  • This futon is a little heavier than some others and can be difficult to move around.
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