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22 Best Funfetti Cookie Recipes (All Types)

Sprinkles add color to cookies and make them more interesting to eat for having extra sweetness. Here are some Funfetti Cookie recipes that we recommend trying.

6 funfetti cookie with sprinkles recipe collage.
As a newbie in the kitchen trying to learn how to cook and bake new foods I love so much. Sprinkles are a huge hit in my world, and anything sprinkle-related gets an instant pass into my new cookbook of recipes. Here are a bunch of Funfetti Cookies recipes that I’ve come across that are worthy.

Take a look, see for yourself, and then start baking your first or 50th batch of funfetti sprinkles in sugar cookies today!

First of Funfetti and the Birth of Sugar Sprinkles

Close up funfetti cookies with sugar sprinkles.
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It starts as a sugar cookie dough, but then I add some sprinkles in any color combination that I choose, and voila! Funfetti Cookies are born! Here is a great recipe to get you going on this funfetti cookie track.

You can use any of the sprinkles, including rainbow colors or those ones that have different shapes, like miniature unicorns and actual rainbows. The sky is literally the litmus test for sprinkles these days. However, sprinkles started as a tiny ball-shaped kind and were not even chocolate flavored until 1936 according to this recipe!

Pillsbury Cake Mix Funfetti Cookies

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Here’s a fun one. Funfetti® is a registered trademark of Pillsbury! So, if you want to get the most authentic Funfetti experience, you have to start with this company. They sell the Pillsbury Funfetti Premium Cake Mix plus the Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting, which you can actually use to bake frosted cookies.

These two items and a couple of eggs plus some oil is all you need to have this cookie baking experience for yourself. I have been amazed at how cheap it is to buy cookie mix and frosting at the store, and even though it is not as fresh and vibrant tasting as a homemade version, you save a ton of time. For me, being a newbie in the kitchen, the Pillsbury version of Funfetti Cookies gets an A plus. 

Soft Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti cookies in a plate with a bottle of milk.
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Now for that fresh recipe I was talking about–Funfetti Cookies from scratch. This recipe uses less than a dozen ingredients and takes only 27 minutes to mix and bake. That’s pretty special in my opinion. I could see myself baking these before work in a flash to have a Funfetti Cookies’ smelling house when I got home–and some excellent cookies for a snack.

The recipe uses all real ingredients for baking, like butter, baking soda, powdered sugar, and all-purpose flour. They use vanilla extract, which I am not a fan of, but you could also use lemon or almond extract. 

Rainbow Sprinkles and Frosting Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Rainbow funfetti cookies with vanilla frosting.
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Anything topped with rainbow sprinkles and a buttercream frosting is sugar to score major treat prizes. The key here is efficiency. You have to have the buttercream ready to frost at the time when the cookies are cooling. This way you can add the rainbow sprinkles and they stick to the cookies before they cool. Oh and by the way, there are additional sprinkles inside of the cookie dough.

This gives you a double whammy in rainbow sprinkles. The time frame to bake these Funfetti Sugar Cookies is one and a half hours, which is more than most cookies. I would make these cookies for a holiday or a birthday party if you want to impress. 

Candy Tracks Funfetti Bars for a Gooey Sensation 

Funfetti bar cake with m&m chocolate candies.
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Ooo, I can already go ahead and tell you, I will be baking these Funfetti Bars this weekend. The recipe calls for using a lot of toppings in the candy aisle, including mini M&Ms, which I haven’t seen or eaten in a decade, marshmallows, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

The bars are also covered in…you guessed it, sprinkles! The sprinkles are sort of the most important ingredient in anything that dares to call itself Funfetti. The base is a square-shaped, thick chocolate chip cookie slab coated in a puddle of marshmallow fluff and covered in sprinkles and other accoutrement. 

Funfetti Bars Truffle Style With Cookie Dough   

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A variation of the above, this Truffle Cookie Dough Funfetti Bars recipe is intensely delicious. You do a lot here by making cookie dough baked with a cake batter layer. Then you make the truffle using sprinkles and melted chocolate truffle.

There are more sprinkles in the cookie dough, which is made with a yellow cake mix out of a box for the base ingredient. However, you put a lot more in than just that, including two sticks of butter, which is the same as one cup. 

Back to Sprinkles Cookies Using Chocolate Jimmies

Egg and Vanilla cookies with funfetti jimmies sprinkles.
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Now for the purists, this next recipe is going to be hard to swallow. Bear with me. The recipe is Vanilla Sprinkles Cookies, and it differs in the types of sprinkles it uses from the Funfetti cookies recipes in this recipe roundup. This recipe features round sugar sprinkles in many colors coupled with chocolate-flavored sprinkles that are also round.

The look of these cookies and their round nonpareils is strikingly different from Funfetti brand cookies that use long rod-shaped sprinkles called jimmies. So which do you go with for a Funfetti sprinkle cookie recipe–round or rod-shaped sprinkles?

Going Far Out With Blonde Birthday Cake Bombs

Birthday chocolate balls coated with vanilla and jimmies sprinkles.
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Sit tight for this one–these are blonde bombs covered in birthday cake, and we all know what that means–sprinkles! This recipe is a very trendy-looking and fun way to make a dessert. The recipe does use a lot of certain ingredients–two cups of brown sugar, two sticks of butter, and two eggs. But in the end, you get to use something called Candiquik to wrap up the cake bombs.

I will say, as someone who has made cake pops, discovering you can buy frozen cake pops in the freezer section at the market is great news. They use these for the inside of these cake bombs–the outer layer is treated like a cake pop. This means you bake a cake and then destroy it with a fork, which is super fun to do but can take time. This is why they sell actual cake pops in the store now.  

Funfetti Sandwich Cookies Stuffed With Buttercream

Funfetti sandwich cookies sprinkled with jimmies.
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Sandwich cookies are a favorite treat around my place. Who doesn’t love a couple of cookies made with sprinkles and filled with buttercream frosting? They make this recipe simple enough, and I love the use of sprinkles in the frosting around the edge.

Perfection, in my opinion. In a perfect world, I would bake these kinds of foods and have them on reserve in the freezer when I got a craving for ice cream. In a perfect world. 

Another Cute Funfetti Style Cookie With Chocolate Kisses

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The Hershey Kiss is one of those iconic chocolate candy shapes you cannot find anywhere else. Patents, surely. Either way, you will want to grab an extra bag of these candies for snacking while baking. Trust me on that one. These are super cute cookies called Sprinkle Blossom Cookies featuring a Kiss in the center of a sugar cookie cloaked in sugar sprinkles.

They use all varieties of sprinkles. For actual flower blossoms, you could use those sprinkles that look like daisies, roses, and tulips.

Funfetti Crackle Cookies With No External Sprinkles

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First things first. These Funfetti Crackle Cookies only have sprinkles on the inside, and so far in this recipe roundup, none of the other cookies dare do that. Why? Because these crackle cookies contain a unique exterior that mimics the appearance of a cracking surface. They are antiqued or made to look marbled, but with powdered sugar doing the trickery.

The finished look is fancy and frilly, perfect for a tea shower or baby shower. It’s very easy to do the crackling too, since it’s only using raw dough covered in granulated and powdered sugar that does the job. By the way, they prefer nonpareils. 

Fast Funfetti Cookies in Only Four Ingredients 

Funfetti cookies with sprinkles in a cookies cooling racks.
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Back to coating the cookies with sprinkles, this Funfetti Cookies recipe only uses four ingredients. You start with the signature Funfetti Cake Mix, which seems odd. Why not use the Funfetti Cookie Mix also by Pillsbury? That being said, this is the second recipe to do this, and not one calls for the cookie mix.

I guess that would be cheating too much. However, they do add the option of using sprinkles on the outside of the cookie. That means you must have plenty of the sprinkles in Funfetti Cake Mix to work in a cookie recipe, too.

Momofuku Milk Bar Makes Confetti Cookies Instead

Crunchy Milk cookies with sweet jimmy sprinkles.
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Well, with a name like Momofuku Milk Bar, you know they’d do something out of the ordinary. I qualify this under Funfetti because sprinkles are involved. They also use something else out of the ordinary–Birthday Cake Crumb. This official concoction is exactly that, crumbs from a birthday cake filled with jimmies.

You need to make the Birthday Cake Crumb first and it reminds me of a ton of miscellaneous-shaped round sprinkles. But these sprinkles are made out of vanilla dough formed into tight little balls. These balls become the Confetti Cookies by Momofuku Milk Bar.

Super Fun Funfetti Galaxy Whoopie Pies by Pillsbury

Cookie sandwich with jimmies sprinkles and mint fillings.
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The Pillsbury brand and their Funfetti® goodies include Galaxy Blue Vanilla Frosting which is every bit as colorful as the blue name suggests. If you have the Galaxy sprinkles with stars and moons, use those like they do to decorate the sides. I would love to have these for a kids’ birthday party or to take them to a nighttime event.

They look amazing, and you also just use a Funfetti® Yellow Cake and Cupcake Mix with the eggs, oil, and water it calls for, to make the whoopie pies. Once these are filled with the brilliant blue frosting and side-rolled in Galaxy sprinkles, you are solid gold!  

Make Mine Chocolate With Funfetti OREO Whoopie Pies 

Cookies sandwich with chocolate chips and Oreo chips
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They really go there! The Pillsbury people are producing Funfetti OREO Whoopie Pies, which are totally upping their own game. They go from a whoopie pie with rainbow Funfetti to a version using Funfetti chocolate sprinkles that is only two-toned brown.

It’s similar to two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched by a filling made of Funfetti Oreo Frosting to make it even easier for you. Five ingredients are all you need, surprisingly, for this what seems to be a complex dessert. Shock your family and bake these this weekend!

General Mills Gives Us Their Funfetti Whoopie Pie Recipe

Cookie sandwich with vanilla fillings and quins sprinkles.
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Oh, here is a cream cheese frosting instead of the OREO frosting in the previous whoopie pie. Now we are talking! I am a huge cream cheese frosting fan, far exceeding my love for buttercream frosting. The filling is only the start.

These Funfetti Whoopie Pies are also much more colorful than the previous two versions. Here you have a truly sprinkle-covered and sprinkle-filled whoopie pie. The frosting is free of sprinkles on the inside, which leaves the center nice and fluffy.

Two gorgeous golden fluffy cookies made using Gold Medal Variety Muffin Mix. This is a solid alternative to vanilla and chocolate whoopie pie recipes, and it gives the most credence to the rainbow sprinkles best known in Funfetti treats.

Ree Drummond Provides a Recipe for Sprinkle Cookies

Vanilla cookies with sugar frostings and rainbow sprinkles.
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Now let’s get back to the cookie sans filling with this Sprinkle Cookies recipe by Ree Drummond. The recipe goes with only a tablespoon and a half of nonpareil sprinkles, those little tiny balls that bounce everywhere but on the cookie. She also makes a lemon powdered sugar glaze on top of each cookie.

The result is very cute and fun for a picnic or Easter when you could shape the cookies like eggs and decorate them accordingly with sprinkles. But the question is, does this qualify as a Funfetti cookie? I think so, but feel that the lack of sprinkles inside of the cookie dough is the big disqualifier if anything.

I wonder now, does a Funfetti cookie have to have sprinkles of some kind in the dough? 

Softer Than a Cloud Cookies Chunked With Sprinkles

Soft funfetti cookies in a cooling rack, sugar and a cup of coffee.
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To compare, this recipe for Soft Sprinkle Cookies that are not by Ree Drummond goes with nearly a cup of sprinkles in the dough. These are baked and come out looking very colorful and intact. I say go with the sprinkles, the long ones, inside of the dough! It makes for the best-looking cookie, and truly a Funfetti experience.

This is where I would even suggest supplementing a Funfetti cookie mix with extra sprinkles just for the fun of it. I have a cabinet of five or 10 different types of sprinkles, some all silver ones in a variety of shapes, and a harvest mix of fall colors and gold sparkles.

Funfetti Goes Farther With Cheesecake Plus Pudding 

Funfetti cookies with vanilla frosting in a basket.
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Yes, I know. This is called Funfetti Cheesecake Pudding Cookies and what the heck are we going to do now, huh? It’s about to get wild. I need to know how they do this, and so do you. It starts with cheesecake flavored pudding mix, which is the star of the show.

The recipe gets on with it using vanilla extract and white chocolate chips, also a hit element for the consistency. You use a lot of chocolate chips compared to the rainbow sprinkles, making them Funfetti-fied. This is also a cookie recipe from scratch, which will scratch that homemade itch for a lot of you.

Funfetti Cookie Bars From a Cake Mix for Champions 

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You have made it this far, so let me give you a double reward! Along with another great recipe with sprinkles, this Funfetti Cookie recipe is also a bar bake recipe. The recipe is one of the easiest, too. You use a Funfetti Cake Mix from a box and eggs plus oil to bake the bars.

Then the icing is a drizzle of vanilla frosting and a sprinkle of…sprinkles! The cookies are square-shaped, as cutting a bar bake is a lot easier than forming individual ball-shaped cookies. 

Speaking of Scooping Sprinkle Cookie Dough

Funfetti ice-cream dough with rainbow sprinkles.
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Here is a recipe for doing just that–and it comes with instructions on how to make balls of Funfetti cookie dough that can be frozen. These are perfect for allowing you to instantly bake Funfetti Sprinkle Cookies whenever you want to eat them. They use standard cookie dough ingredients as the other recipes except for one thing–the cream of tartar.

You want this when you want to gain more rise out of the end bake. Cream of tartar has no flavor, it just holds up airy structures formed by the carbonation of baking soda, which is also in this recipe. 

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars Using Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix

Funfetti bar with strawberry frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
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You know I couldn’t leave the Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix out in the cold completely. Saving the best for last with the Funfetti Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars by Pillsbury. Well, not best since it’s not exactly a cookie, but it’s making good use of the actual namesake behind the recipe roundup–Funfetti Cookie Mix by Pillsbury. You can’t go wrong there!

The Funfetti Vanilla Frosting typically comes with sprinkles, but you may want to supplement depending on the occasion and wow factor you are going for with these cookie bars. They are also calling for pink food coloring, and you can use whatever color you want.