What is a freestanding garden hose hanger? Pros, cons and where to buy them

garden hose hanger

Hose storage is not easy. There are many options. Big yards can benefit from what is called a freestanding garden hose hanger. Get all the details about this convenient way to store and use your garden hose.

Garden hose management can be trial and error.

I know I’ve bought and used garden hose storage options that didn’t do the job for me.

Every yard is different.  Every gardener’s preferences are different.

Do you prefer your hose neatly stashed close to the house and out of the way?

Or do you have a large yard and want convenient access to a hose where you need the hose frequently?

These are the issues that arise when choosing the right garden hose holder.

One such option for the roaming gardener is what’s called a freestanding garden hose hanger.

What is a garden hose hanger?

It’s a freestanding rack you can place almost anywhere on which you hang a hose. Typically you loop the hose around as shown below.

Here’s a photo example.

Artigarden Freestanding Garden Hose Holder Hanger, Heavy Duty Metal Water Hose Storage Stand Rack for Yard Lawn, Bright Black (Hose not Included)

It must be securely placed in the ground because hoses are heavy.  They are useless if they tip over.


The main pro other than you get something to store your hose is that you can put it out in a garden or somewhere that it’s convenient for your hose use.  Instead of pulling the hose out endlessly from adjacent to your house, your hose is available where you need it.

Hose holders are relatively inexpensive, often costing less than $50.

They are relatively easy to make yourself. Check out the example at the top of this article – it’s a fence post with a large plastic hook attached.  If you cement the post into the ground, it’ll be nice and secure.  A wood post can actually look good especially when placed in an out-of-the-way place.

Finally, they are really easy for storing your hose.  Not handle to crank. No hose storage pot to carefully coil the hose into.  You can quickly loop around the hook and be done with it.


Unless you conceal it in your yard, you end up with an unsightly hose in your yard.  While you can buy “decorative” hose holders, the fact is your hose is looped around on it so it’s not the prettiest sight.

Also, you must run a hose to it from your house which means you end up with hose along the ground across your yard.  This can be minimized if you run the hose along a perimeter or in such a way that it’s not seen or noticed.

How are these put into the ground?

The ones you buy have a spike or several spikes that secures the holder in the ground.  Most will accommodate hoses up to 150 feet (but you definitely want to check before buying).

These are good because you can easily move them around if you don’t want it permanently in the same place.

Alternatively, if you build your own, you can cement a post into the ground – but that is permanent.

Can you buy decorative freestanding garden hose holders?

Yes, you can but I don’t really see the point because no matter what you loop a long hose onto, it’s not going to be all that pretty.

Here’s an example of what is considered a decorative option:

TREEZITEK Free Standing Hose Reel Garden Hose Holder Metal Decorative Sturdy Attractive Hose Storage Stand for Yard

Notice the nice ironwork for the hose holder?  Yeah, okay it’s not beautiful or anything but it could be worse.

Where should you put freestanding hose holders in your yard?

That’s the beauty. You can put them wherever you like. If you’re working on a particular garden that requires daily watering, put it there.  When you no longer need the hose there, move it out of the way.

This hose storage option is ideal for large yards where you need to maneuver your hose around for watering.

What are they made out of?

Most that you buy are some form of metal.  This is necessary because they must be strong and must securely spike into the ground.  Metal is best.

However, you can build them out of wood, but likely these will be permanent instead of freestanding (portable).

Where can you buy a freestanding garden hose holder?

Amazon sells a few different types.

Home Depot, Lowe’s are two hardware giants that sell them.

Wayfair also carries a decent selection.

You can also likely go to your local hardware store and find one.

Finally, you can make one yourself.


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