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26 Four-Bedroom Mediterranean-Style House Plans

The Mediterranean style houses is all about details and glamour. Check out our collection of 4-bedroom Mediterranean style houses and floor plans below.

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Our Colletion of Four-Bedroom Mediterranean-Style House Plans

Lately, I find myself thinking a lot about retirement. So much so that, just the other day I asked Wifey where she thought we should retire? “Somewhere close to the Mediterranean, of course ” she enthused. “And in what kind of Mediterranean-style house, my lovely?” ”

A four-bed Mediterranean-style house would be nice, silly billy!” Since then, I have been searching for just such a plan-the perfect four-bed Mediterranean-style house. And, thanks to  I believe I have finally found the beauty I have been searching for-one that Wifey will simply love. I can imagine it all now…

Specifications: Main Level Floor Plan

Covering 2,263 square feet, this quaint single-story two-bedroom Mediterranean-style house plan is perfect for our pristine beachfront lot in Limassol on the Western coast of Cyprus.  Depending on our post-retirement resources, the plan can flexibly either be for a single-story two-bedroomed, or a double-story four-bedroom Mediterranean-style house. It features a …

Three-car Garage, Courtyard, Mudroom, and Toilet/Powder Room

Coming with a three-car garage and a princely courtyard around the front entrance, the plan is just right for us. Given Limassol’s exquisite beaches, once Wifey and I retire, we are going to be receiving and entertaining a lot of visitors, so the garage space, mudroom, and four bedrooms will definitely come in most handy. Should we or any of our guests arrive hard-pressed by nature’s call, a toilet/powder room is expediently available to the right of the possible staircase.

Great Hall, Covered Deck,  and Patio

Since Wifey and I are something of a power couple, the imposing stone front entrance leading into a grand Great Hall is just what the doctor ordered for our egos.  In this aptly named Great Hall, there is a fixed fireplace/electric heater in the center for those chilly Mediterranean nights.   

Conveniently located to the right of the Great room is a spacious kitchen. From it, one can access a generous dining room, with a sliding door leading to a covered deck-great for after-dinner cocktails. In the corner of the deck is a heated jacuzzi, for those till-death-do-us-apart date nights.    

Should Wifey and I be hosting Sunday brunch and the Great Hall be too draughty, the dining room too formal, and the covered deck too intimate, then we have the option of a patio. Accessible from the Great Hall is a roomy oval patio, ideal for either morning or afternoon entertainment. Or simply lounging around while sunbathing.

En suite Master Bedroom, Den, and En suite Ground Floor Bedroom

As a quaint single-story two-bedroom Mediterranean-style house, the plan showcases two large bedrooms on the ground floor-the master and the first bedroom. Located on the left wing of the house, next to the Great Hall, is a gigantic Master bedroom. Reachable via a passage featuring two pairs of swing or double doors-one pair leading left to the Master and the other right to the den, the Master bedroom has an en suite with a basin and water closet/toilet bowl.

An arch ensures Wifey and I have access to a fairly large Walk-in Closet. A passage between the kitchen and mudroom leads to an en suite ground floor bedroom. Not as large as the Master, this bedroom’s en suite features a toilet bowl, hand basin, and shower for guests.

Specifications: Second Level Floor Plan Second Floor Living Room To convert the plan into a double-story four-bedroom Mediterranean-style house, a staircase can be built above the first story and a living room, as well as two other bedrooms, could be added. After that, the Mediterranean-style house will have a total of four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Such that, when you get to the top of the staircase, you can enter a huge living room.

Guest Toilet and Shower, Third and Fourth Bedrooms

As with the Great Hall earlier, an arch from the Living Room leads to a short passage with doors in the middle and on either end.  The middle door leads into a guest toilet and shower. To the right is one opening into a medium-sized third bedroom. The door to the left equally leads into a fourth bedroom with a small cupboard. The remaining floor space can be turned either into extra bedrooms or storage space.