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27 Best Food Recipes and Dishes with Beer (All Types)

Steak with fries and a glass of beer.

A cold brew can be a great addition to any meal. There’s an art to picking the best pairing that’s as complex as wine. Beer offers as many tasting notes as good wine and shouldn’t stay in the glass beside the plate. Use it throughout the meal to amplify and enhance the flavors of every dish. Explore the many ways beer can make your meals shine in this recipe collection. 

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1. Beer and bread are perfect together. This honey beer bread is a versatile, quick, and easy six-ingredient recipe you’ll make again and again. 

Beer bread with honey and beer.

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Bread can be a fussy prospect, all that rising and punching and kneading. This bread is a simple quick bread you can make in over an hour. Amp up the flavor with your own add-ins! Shredded cheese, minced jalapeno, herbs, or minced garlic can mix in to perfect the bread.

Plus it freezes well, so you can make a double batch and prepare for a future meal. All you need is AP flour, baking powder, salt, honey, beer, butter, and a little time. Slice it up and enjoy with a slather of creamy butter or dip it into a hearty stew. 

2. Pretzels, a classic bar food. These beer-infused pretzel bites bring the bar with every bite.

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Soft and fluffy inside, chewy with a light crisp outside, with flakes of salt dusting the top. These tangy beer-enhanced pretzel bites are perfect dippers. Pair them with beer mustard, serve with fondue, or a cheesy dip.

While these do take more work than the beer bread above, I promise it’s worth the work. Use bread flour and don’t skip the alkaline bath if you want the iconic pretzel texture. If you want to save yourself the extra effort, make the dough in advance. It stores well in the fridge for two days or in the freezer for three months. 

3. These beer rolls make a perfect side to any meal, are adaptable, and make hearty buns for juicy sliders.

Beer breads and a woven basket.

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These rolls are simple to make and super flavorful. Make a large batch of the dough and divide off what you don’t need. The rest can freeze well for a later meal. Semolina and bread flour plus beer give these rolls a tangy flavor with a soft crumb.

The crust is somewhat chewy with a lightly crisp crust. Mix in herbs, diced onions or garlic, or shredded cheese to add flavor. Shape them as you please, they work well as loaves, baguettes, breadsticks, or pizza crusts. As mentioned, they also serve as great rolls to make meaty sliders with. 

4. This vegan version of the classic Wisconsin beer dip is simple to make and full of flavor. 

Beer deep and pretzels with some chips.

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Ready in ten minutes, this simple dip is a tasty mix of cream cheese, beer, ranch flavor, and shredded cheddar. This variety is vegan, but if you aren’t avoiding dairy products it’s easy to convert to a non-vegan recipe. Often served with hard pretzels, veggies, tortilla chips, or even crusty bread work too.

5. Beer. Cheese. Fondue. What’s better than a cold beer, melty cheese, juicy meat, and crusty bread? Dipping the juicy meat and crusty bread in a molten gooey pot of beer-laced cheese fondue. 

Beer cheese fondue and a pan with dip.

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Fondue is a wonderful dining experience. It’s customizable, both the dip and the dipping supplies. This beer-cheese fondue is no different. The recipe provides suggestions on the best cheese and beer combos for the dip. The method is simple and done in less than fifteen minutes.

The result is stunning, tasty, and fun. Dip in. Cubed bread is a must. Veggies also work well, broccoli florets and asparagus would go well. Steamed baby potatoes or spiced potato wedges deserve a dousing of gooey cheese. Even sliced steak, hunks of savory sausage, or mini meatballs would work. 

6. Beer mustard is easy to make and you need some living in your fridge.

Two person toasting beers and pretzels.

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Beer mustard is a delightful condiment full of tangy flavor. It perfect for slathering on sandwiches or roasts. Drizzle it over dogs or brats. Blend it into a pan sauce. Or enjoy a warm, chewy pretzel dipped in it.

However used, the process is simple and finishes in twenty minutes. You’ll end up with three full cups of mustard that will store in the fridge for up to three months. Feel free to add your own twist to add more spice, heat, or sweetness to the blend. The recipe’s author gives you tips to perfect the mustard to your taste. 

7. This German potato salad gets a delightfully tangy kick from a beer-infused dressing. 

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This warm potato salad provides a delightful blend of ingredients. Onions add a little crunch and tang, alongside the snap of chopped celery. Chunks of bacon add a smoky, salty element. A dressing blends beer, Tabasco sauce, and tangy dry mustard with a little sugar, butter, and flour. A perfect side for meaty bratwurst, a summer barbecue, or an Oktoberfest table.

8. Quick and delicious, beer braised carrots will fast become a weeknight staple. 

Beer braised beef with carrots and potato.

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Carrots braised in coriander and caraway simmer lager blend. Brown sugar, butter, and lager enhance the sweetness of the carrots. They are easy to make. Use baby carrots sliced lengthwise down the middle to cut down on prep. They cook up in over thirty minutes and make a versatile side dish. Great beside a hearty meatloaf or next to cedar-plank salmon. 

9. Cabbage and apples, braised in a sweet and tangy beer sauce studded with smoky bacon. 

Braised beer cabbage with tomato and chili.

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With ten minutes of preparation, this dish begins with a braising liquid made of brown or amber ale, apple cider vinegar, caraway seeds, sugar, and salt and pepper. Sliced green cabbage, crisp apple slices, and sliced yellow onion soften and absorb all that flavor.

Crisp, thick cut bacon lends its smoky richness, tossed in at the end. This tangy side is begging to be served up alongside schnitzel or a juicy bratwurst. The author suggests it pairs well with German beer cheese soup and a thick slice of crusty bread. 

10. This game day chili uses tangy beer and maple syrup to create an unforgettable bowl. 

Braised beer with red beans and corns.

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Chili is one of the world’s most perfect dishes – versatile and always loaded with flavor. It’s also a contested dish in some regions, with some cooks adamant that beans don’t belong. This version is on the pro-bean team, incorporating black, pinto, and kidney beans.

A blend of Italian sausage and ground beef start the show, generously seasoned. If you’ve never used cinnamon in your chili, don’t skip this addition. Three colors of sweet peppers, jalapeno, red onions, and garlic simmer tender in with the mix.

Crushed tomatoes, fire roasted tomatoes, maple syrup, and beer add the final kick. Top with your favorite chili accessories – shredded cheese, sour cream, diced avocado, or cilantro. Serve with a bowl of tortilla chips to scoop this chili straight into your hungry mouth. 

11. Beer cheese soup is grand. This version is loaded with tender bites of broccoli and colorful pops of sweet red pepper. 

Soup with with broccoli and beer bread.

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Celery, carrots, onion, broccoli, and sweet red bell peppers join this soup. The veggies are sauteed in butter and simmered tender in thickened chicken stock. Beer and cheese brings the soup together. Top with more cheese, crisp bacon, sliced green onions, preztel bites, or sour cream as you prefer. 

12. This beef stew, enhanced with a bottle of Guinness Stout, brings a little warmth in on a chill evening. 

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Beer braised beef with potato and carrots.

Savory, rich beef stew is the perfect meal for a chill autumn evening. Serve it alongside a hearty slice of crusty bread for sopping up extra juice. Stew is a meal that takes time to make properly, but it is well worth the extra effort. Thankfully, most of that time is hands off.

It takes time for the chuck roast to simmer into tender, juicy morsels you’ll dream about later. Potatoes, celery, carrots, and onions transform the beefy stew into a hearty meal. Guinness Stout, tomato paste, garlic, Worcestershire, and thyme infuse flavor into every bite. 

13. Shove a can of beer up a chicken’s hiney and perch it over a grill for a flavorful, juicy bird. 

Roasted beer chicken on a plate.

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By now, you’ve likely heard of this unique method of grilling a whole chicken. The beer transforms into a flavorful steam that rises into the chicken’s cavity. This serves to help create a bird that’s moist and tasty. Before you stuff the bird with a can, first give her a good rub down inside and out.

The salt rub includes brown sugar, paprika, and garlic powder. Slide the half-empty can of beer into your bird, working it in until only a couple inches remain outside. Grill the chicken over indirect heat for roughly an hour and a half. 

14. If you aren’t quite ready to shove a can into a chicken, try this chicken slathered in a beer and mushroom gravy. 

Braised Chicken with lime and beer.

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Plan ahead so your bird can marinate overnight in lager, garlic, and veggie stock for the best flavor. Sear the bird in a cast iron skillet, alongside the reserved garlic cloves, to lock in moisture and develop a crispy skin.

The chicken finishes roasting in the oven while you make the drunken gravy. Shallots, mushrooms, and the reserved marinade transform into a rich gravy. Classy, flavorful, and hearty. 

15. These flavorful skinless breasts simmer in a rich beer-laden pan sauce of honey, Dijon, and soy. 

Braised chicken breast and a glass of beer.

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Chicken breasts are pan-seared until done. In the same pan, minced shallots soften, then beer, honey, Dijon, and soy join. These come to a boil and then simmer until the sauce reduces by half. The chicken returns to bathe in the liquid. A dusting of fresh parsley finishes the dish. 

16. Beef barbacoa is a shredded beef simmered in a flavorful bath that includes dark beer. 

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The start is easy enough. A 12-ounce bottle of dark beer blends with a host of flavorful ingredients. Chopped red onion, garlic, and jalapenos follow the beef. Cilantro, parsley, and epazote leaves follow. If you can’t find epazote leaves, oregano is fine. Blackstrap molasses, Worcestershire, and a seasoning blend follows.

Once fully blended, the mix joins the meat. The beef roasts under foil for three hours. After that, the foil goes away and the beef roasts a bit longer. Once the edges are brown and the meat is falling apart, its shredded. Serve with warm tortillas for a traditional meal or take the author’s suggestion and pile it over creamy polenta. 

17. Irish Spiced Beef is a recipe that takes 5 days to make but the flavor that develops is outstanding. 

Beer braised beef with cabbage and pepper.

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A hefty beef brisket begins its journey with a rub and a full day of brown sugar. Then, its rubbed with a blend of onion, bay, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, allspice, and clove. For three days, the beef rests in the fridge, turned once a day and rubbed again.In a roasting pan, onions, carrots, celery, and stout join the beef.

It’s slow roasted for almost five hours, until the beef and vegetables to become tender. It rests, cooling in its own juices, for another hour before sliced thin. Layer this on bread, the author suggests rye, but the beer bread above would be a great option. Slather with mustard. Sing the praises of the author’s Irish ancestors. 

18. Beer braised shredded beef sammies crafted by self-avowed ‘Hardcore Carnivore’ Jess Pryles. 

Braised pork hamburger with beer.

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Start with a three pound chuck roast cut into chunks, seared to lock in juices. Sautee onions and garlic in the same Dutch oven before deglazing the pan with pilsner. The meat returns with crushed tomatoes and water, braised for three and a half hours until its tender and the sauce begins to thicken.

Remove the meat and shred it. Add molasses, Worcestershire, and brown sugar before further reducing the sauce. Return the meat to the thickened, tangy, sweet sauce. Pile that on a pillowy potato bun. Cheese is optional. So are spicy sweet pickles, but you should add them anyway. 

19. A seafood boil is a perfect place to toss a beer in (and back) and a great excuse to gather friends. 

Different seafoods on a large pan.

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This version of a classic cajun seafood boil starts with beer and water brought to a boil. Season the liquid with Old Bay, smoked paprika, cayenne, pepper, thyme, salt, lemons, minced garlic, and diced onions. Give it a good five minutes to let the flavors release before you drop in halved red potatoes and chunks of corn.

After about fifteen minutes, then add chopped andouille sausage. After five more minutes, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp, and shrimp go in and boil for another ten. Save two cups of broth, then strain the goodies and dump them over a newspaper-covered table.

Melt butter, sauté garlic, and add seasonings. This recipe suggests cajun, Old Bay, red pepper, onion powder, and salt. Add one cup of reserved broth to finish the buttery seafood sauce. Drizzle the sauce over the seafood. Bring your appetite, a few good friends, and a pile of napkins and dig in. 

20. Whole Foods offers up this delectable salmon glazed in stout and served over a bed of roasted mushrooms. 

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Salmon is a hearty fish that can stand up to big flavors. It’s also rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Coat the salmon in a thick glaze of brown sugar, Dijon, and stout. The stout adds a molasses flavor that pairs well with the earthy roast mushrooms.

Speaking of mushrooms, this recipe uses a blend of shiitake, cremini, and oyster. Feel free to use what you have accessible. The roasted mushrooms join sliced shallots and fresh thyme. 

21. This spicy beer shrimp is an appetizers that’s reminiscent of a lazy man’s low country boil, cheaper, easier, and darn tasty. 

Shrimp with lemon slices and a glass of beer.

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Melted butter cooks down onions and garlic until soft and flavorful. Add to the butter Old bay and red pepper flakes. Then, the shrimp goes in. Pour a lager or pale ale, plus a bit of water, over the shrimp and cook until the shrimp are starting to turn pink.

The pot is then removed from the heat and the shrimp continue cooking in the mix for another thirty minutes. Serve with a crusty bread to sop up all that extra juice and enjoy. 

22. A winter treat, this Bavarian beer-roasted pork loin is a grand table centerpiece. 

Roasted pork with beer and potato balls.

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Starting with a salt, black pepper, and cumin rub, the pork loin gets a quick sear to lock in the juices. Then it lands in a roasting pan alongside onions, carrot, celeriac, and garlic. Partway through the roasting process, douse in Weiss beer.

The pork continues to roast, basted often with juices, until it’s cooked through and fork tender. Serve alongside the pan roasted veggies and buttered rolls to sop up the juices. 

23. Tender and flavorful, add this balsamic and beer braised pork roast to your weeknight rotation. 

Braised pork in a pot with star anise and garlic.

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As with many good pulled meat recipes, this one begins with a quick sear of the pork butt to lock in the juices. Whisk beer, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano together along with brown sugar. This goes over the pork roast in a Dutch oven.

This flavorful mixture helps the meat roast into a tasty pork that’s fork-tender. Throw the shredded pork on a roll for a slider, stuff in a warm tortilla for a knock-out taco, or pile it up high for a nacho night. 

24. Pork butt and beer go together so well, so have another version, this one features a dry rub over a bed of onions, slow roasted in a dark brown ale. 

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Pile thinly sliced onions in the base of your crock pot or Dutch oven. Mix a dry rub of coarse salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, paprika, pepper, and oregano. Rub it into a boneless pork butt. Settle the slab of meat over the onions and pour your beer on top.

The author has suggestions for beer choices, they use a brown ale with burnt caramel and dark fruit notes from a local brewer. Avoid hoppy beers for pork. Simmer the roast slowly until it’s falling apart, then shred and serve. They offer serving suggestions, but the must try for this list is definitely over the beer mashed potatoes. 

25. Stout, whiskey, and Bailey’s mix a great drink, they also make an amazing cake. Enjoy this chocolate stout cake, layered with whiskey fudge and topped with a Bailey’s buttercream. 

Chocolate Cake with beer on a plate.

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Infused with Guinness, this chocolate cake is unforgettable. Burnt caramel, thanks to the stout, enhance the bitter chocolate and espresso powder. Semisweet chocolate chips and buttermilk keep it moist and flavorful.

Between the cake’s layers, a creamy, fudgy filling of semisweet chocolate and Jameson tantalize the tastebuds. A Bailey’s infused buttercream wraps the cade in a decadent and silky frosting. Each bite is luscious and decadent. 

26. Beer. Bagel. Pudding. It’s the bread pudding you’ve been waiting for. 

Meat with pickled cucumber and a glass of beer.

=> Click here for recipe

Cut or tear day-old bagels into bite sized pieces. You’ll need about six cups worth for the recipe. Don’t fuss if you are lacking bagels, you can swap them for another sturdy, slightly stale bread. Soak the bread in your favorite dark beer for about one hour.

Meanwhile, melt butter together with cream, vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Now you have a choice to make. For a brighter flavor, add a bit of ginger. For a deeper flavor, add cloves. Beat eggs into a separate bowl, then slowly add in the cream mixture in to prevent the eggs from cooking.

Whisk until well combined, pour over the bread, and bake. Ready to serve warm, but better with a scoop of ice cream over the top. 

27. Chocolate stout pudding is simple to make and begging for your personalized touch. 

Chocolate stout pudding with cream.

=> Click here for recipe

Break out your favorite microbrewery stout and celebrate it with pudding. This chocolate pudding is sinful enough for a decadent date night dessert. It takes about twenty minutes of active prep and cooking time and four hours to chill before it’s ready.

The ingredient list is simple and so is the method. Blend cornstarch, white, and brown sugar in a pot over medium heat. Pour stout, cream, and milk over and whisk the mixture until the sugar dissolves and begins to thicken. A candy thermometer helps accurately time this stage.

Once it comes off the heat, add chopped chocolate and vanilla extract. Whisk until the chocolate melts fully and the pudding is silky. Pour into individual serving dishes and chill until set, usually about four hours. You can prepare the pudding up to three days in advance. 

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