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100s of Flowers Organized by Color

Daisies in rainbow colors.

Different colors of flowers mean different things to people based on their experiences. They can also evoke different emotions in the beholder. For example, while many of my friends and family love receiving red roses, I hate them, but for good reason. I am a domestic violence survivor and when I was married to my abuser, he would send me red roses the day after he had been violent with me, every single time.

When I see red roses, I automatically think of that time in my life, so they certainly do not bring me joy as they do pretty much everyone else. I do, however, still love roses though and receiving them. My favorites are peach or yellow roses, but any color other than red is great.

I noticed this year when I picked out my flowers for my flower beds and planters that I leaned more towards browns, oranges, and wine colors. I am not sure why because I usually go for yellow, pink, and white flowers. I guess it all depends on what mood we are in and where we are at in our lives.

It is believed that God created flowers to bring us pleasant memories and joy during our time on this earth, which may be true. Flowers do have a way of making us feel better and the earliest known flower arrangements date all the way back to the ancient Egyptians in 2500 BC. Scientists and archaeologists have found remnants of garlands of flowers that were worn by loved ones of people who had died and then later placed on the ancient Egyptians tombs as a gesture of love and remembrance.

We use flowers for a multitude of reasons and, much like the Egyptians, we send beautiful flower arrangements or plants to the loved ones of people who have died in remembrance. I think we do this in hopes that it will bring the person’s family and friends some amount of peace, comfort, and joy during a difficult time in their lives. We mostly use flowers for happy occasions though. Brides use flowers in a variety of ways besides just for their bouquet.

They normally have centerpieces on the tables at the reception, flowers at the end of the aisles at the church, their flower girl normally throws rose petals as she walks down the aisle to signify that the bride is coming, and even the groom and groomsmen boast flowers in their boutonnieres.

Flowers are also used for proms and other special occasions but also just to simply brighten our days. In the dead of winter, many people will go to their local grocery store or florist to buy fresh cut flowers to put in a vase on their table just to remind them that spring is just around the corner and to brighten their day.

We use flowers in the spring to spruce up our landscaping and to give it pops of color mixed with the greenery. We even use flowers in hanging baskets to draw attention to our front porch and so that we can enjoy them as we relax on our porch throughout the summer months.

We have compiled a list of different colors of flowers and provided links so that you can click on each article to see all the different types of flowers that fall under each color category. Happy reading!

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Collage of brown flowers.

Brown is a beautiful color and encourages feelings of comfort, warmth, and security. It reminds people of the fall and of the earth. On the spectrum of colors, most shades of brown are warm hues and brown is a natural color that seems to signify stability and connectedness to nature.

Many people do not think to order brown flowers when ordering arrangements from their local florist but should do so more often. It provides the recipient with a feeling of warmth and security. Brown flowers are pretty and will add depth and an earthy feel and tone to any flower arrangement.

You can add brown flowers to a hanging basket arrangement for your front porch in the spring and summer and even plant them in your flower beds or gardens. This will provide a more natural look to your landscaping that will be noticed by your neighbors and guests.

From the Cattleya angerei that hails from Argentina to the brown and tan Dendrobium discolor, also known as Antler Orchid, that is tinged in yellow, there is an array of brown flowers that are gorgeous and unique. Check out our list of 30 of the prettiest brown flowers in existence.

Click here for brown flowers.

30 Different Types of Orange Flowers (A-Z)

Collage of orange flowers.

Frank Sinatra once said, “Orange is the happiest of colors.” Orange is known as the color of creativity, joy, enthusiasm, and sexuality, and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing. Orange is a color that fosters creativity, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and encourages you to express your emotions.

Some of the top orange flowers include lilies, tulips, marigolds, and zinnias. Many of these flowers can signify remembrance or affection. The Aloe Vera plant is known for its healing properties but many people do not realize that its blooms are beautiful orange flowers.

Begonia flowers are orange and grow best in partial shade or full-on sunshine and need tons of water and their soil kept moist for them to grow and prosper. The Bird of Paradise and the Bulbine frutescens are both perennials and need full sunlight. These are just a few of the 30 different types of flowers that are orange in color.

Click here for orange flowers.

My 30 Favorite Types of White Flowers for Your Gardens (A to Z)

Collage of white flowers.

From the Amaryllis to the Cala Lily, white flowers are beautiful and add color and depth to a garden. While a white flower in Asian culture signifies death and are only used for funerals, in other cultures white flowers can mean reverence, humility, purity, and innocence, along with sending white flowers to the family of a loved one who has died as a token of sympathy for a bereavement.

White flowers are used for a variety of occasions in today’s world, including weddings. Some of the best and most popular white flowers used at weddings include Austin roses, clematis, and ranunculus mixed with greenery such as eucalyptus and, of course, the ever-popular baby’s breath.

Baby’s breath is used in bouquets and boutonnieres for a variety of special events besides weddings, including proms, homecoming dances, and first communions. White flowers are neutral and versatile and can be used in a variety of flower arrangements, gardens, and centerpieces. There are 30 white flowers on our list to enhance and beautify your home, garden, or special occasion bouquets or other flower arrangements.

Click here for white flowers.

30 Most Popular Types of Red Flowers for Your Garden (A to Z)

Collage of red flowers.

Begonias, Carnations, and Chrysanthemums are three are the more well-known red flowers but there is a slew of other ones that are also gorgeous and can be used in a variety of ways.

While red roses have long been known as the flower of love and are an extremely popular choice for people to send to others, especially on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and Sweetest Day, other red flowers can also signify love and passion. Red flowers can also be used to signify desire, courage, and respect.

The history of red flowers, specifically red roses, dates all the way back to the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans. Red flowers are used in a variety of ways, including wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, flower arrangements, and flower beds, and gardens. They add brilliant color to any flower arrangement that it is sure to get a lot of attention from others.

In our list, we have featured 30 gorgeous red flowers, including Coneflowers, Dahlias, and Hydrangeas.

Click here for red flowers.

30 Popular Types of Blue & Violet Flowers for Your Garden (A to Z)

Collage of blue and violet flowers.

Blue Delphiniums, Candytuft, and Canterbury Bells are just three of the 30 blue and violet flowers that make up our list. The blue and violet flowers are in one category for the simple fact that the two colors are so similar and sometimes it is hard to tell if a flower is blue or violet.

True blue flowers are a rarity and great lengths are taken to mix different seeds to create blue flowers. In the metaphysical, a blue flower means to keep striving for the infinite and unreachable while as part of the Romanaticsm, blue flowers are considered to represent desire and love.

Blue flowers add a pop of color to flower beds, flower arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, and more. Scorpian grasses, blue lilies, and Belltowers are a few of the most popular blue flowers.

Violet flowers are considered to be a good luck symbol for women. They have been known to represent love, affection, modesty, virtue, and faithfulness. Coneflowers, Columbine, and Garden Cosmos are three of the most popular violet flowers.

Click here for blue and violet flowers.

30 Types of Yellow Flowers (A to Z Photos and Info)

Collage of yellow flowers.

Not only are yellow flowers beautiful to look at it reminds us all of the sunshine. They represent joy and lightheartedness. They are also used as a symbol of friendship, new beginnings, and happiness.

When some people think of yellow Flowers they think automatically of daffodils but there are many others. From begonias and Birds of Paradise to Black-Eyed Susans and Carolina Yellow Jasmine, there are at least 30 yellow flowers that can be used in flower arrangements, centerpieces, flower gardens, hanging baskets, and so much more. Many brides even choose yellow flowers as part of the wedding bouquet with matching boutonniere and yellow rose petals to be thrown along the aisle by the flower girl.

Here is our list of 30 gorgeous yellow flowers, many of which you may have forgotten existed or new knew existed. You may also like: 100+ Plants and Flowers that Start with “B”

Click here for yellow flowers.

30 Types of Pink and Fuchsia Flowers (A-Z Photos)

Collage of pink and fuchsia flowers.

There are over 100 different Flowers that fall under the umbrella of being considered fuchsia Flowers. From the depths of the sea to the high grounds with mountains over 13,900 feet, you can find these gorgeous colored flowers.

Many of them are considered pink flowers which is why we are grouping them together for our list. Fuchsia flowers can also produce different colors of flowers including orange, yellow, white, purple-blue, in even dark red. Fuchsia flowers symbolize good taste. The color fuchsia is also a symbol of elegance and amiability.

From Alumroot to Azaleas to Beard Tongue and Begonias, our list of pink flowers offers an array of flowers that sport the gorgeous color. When it comes to fuchsia flowers, we have even more, including Hyacinth, Larkspur, Statice, and so many more. Check out our list of 30 pink and fuchsia flowers to learn more about these beautiful flowers that will add a pop of color to any flower arrangement.

Click here for pink and fuchsia flowers.

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