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13 Fabulous Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipes (All Types)

Flourless chocolate cake in a white plate.

Chocolate cake is a popular dessert and it is quite easy to make and bake. A flourless chocolate cake is one of the best desserts that you can serve to your guests or family members. The cake can be served as an evening snack with coffee or tea and also as a dessert after a meal.

This cake has only three ingredients; eggs, sugar and cocoa powder. You can make it using almond flour or coconut flour instead of regular wheat flour. It has low calories and hence, it is considered to be healthy too.

The recipe is very simple and easy to follow, even a beginner can follow these instructions without any problems at all.

1. Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe: Here Is The Only Recipe You Will Ever Need

Cookie bars with a glass of milk.

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This flourless chocolate cake recipe is rich and fudgy, just like a flourless chocolate cake should be. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free. I’ve made this cake several times now and I love it.

Even though it’s flourless, it has a very nice crumb and isn’t heavy at all. It’s also very moist. It’s not overly sweet either, so you can serve it with ice cream or whipped cream if you like (I did both).

If you’re following a low carb diet or have blood sugar issues, this is definitely a good dessert option to have on hand because the carbs are minimal!

2. Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

A piece of flourless chocolate cake with raspberry.

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This flourless chocolate cake with raspberries is the perfect dessert to make for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. It’s moist and fudgy, with a rich chocolate flavor. I haven’t had this cake in a while, but when I was younger my mom would make it for birthdays and special occasions.

It’s one of those desserts that everyone loves because it’s so simple and flavorful! This cake has no butter or oil in it, which makes it an excellent choice for gluten-free diets. The recipe calls for unsweetened dark chocolate (you can use semi-sweet if you prefer) but feel free to substitute any other type of chocolate that you like best.

The raspberries give this cake a nice tart flavor (the berry puree), which balances out the sweetness of the cocoa powder and sugar perfectly!

3. Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Flourless peanut butter cake with chocolate syrup.

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This flourless peanut butter chocolate cake is made with just four ingredients and takes only 20 minutes to make. It’s a healthy dessert that’s gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and low carb! This flourless peanut butter chocolate cake has been the most popular recipe on my blog since I first posted it back in 2014.

And I can see why. It’s super easy to make, requires just four ingredients and has an intense chocolate flavor that everyone loves! The base of this flourless peanut butter chocolate cake is made from just two ingredients: peanut butter and eggs.

Both of these ingredients are full of healthy fats (like Omega 3 fatty acids), protein and fiber – which makes this cake very filling while only containing 200 calories per slice (1/12 of the entire cake). The next step is to melt your favorite type of dark chocolate in a double boiler (or microwave) until melted. Once melted, stir in some PB2 powdered peanut butter until combined.

Then pour over your base batter and spread evenly across the top using an offset spatula or knife. This flourless peanut butter chocolate cake will be kept for up to three days stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

4. Flourless Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Homemade chocolate zucchini cake.

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 This Flourless Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake is super easy to make, and the best part? You don’t even need any flour! It’s also incredibly moist and rich, making it the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.

The cake gets its name from the zucchini, which adds moisture and fiber to the dessert without having to use any flour. And if you want to make this recipe gluten-free, simply swap out the regular wheat flour for a gluten-free variety and you’re all set! The chocolate chips are optional, but they add a nice touch of sweetness that balances out all of that chocolate perfectly.

I love adding them because they give each bite a little burst of flavor that keeps me coming back for more!

5. Flourless Pumpkin Spice Cake

Flourless healthy pumpkin bread.

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 I recently made this flourless pumpkin spice cake for a friend who is gluten free. He loved it so much that he requested another one for his birthday. I was happy to oblige, but wanted to make it a little more special.

I decided to add some of my favorite fall spices and make it into a pumpkin spice cake. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! The texture is soft and moist, while the flavor is rich, spicy and delicious!

This flourless pumpkin spice cake recipe is simple to make, but does require some planning ahead. You’ll need to let the batter chill for several hours before baking so that it can set up properly. It’s best served cold or at room temperature.

You can also store this cake in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days after making it.

6. Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Cake

Low carb oat and chocolate cake served on a wooden board.

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This is the perfect low-carb flourless chocolate cake recipe for those who are looking to eat healthier and lose weight. It’s a delicious, easy-to-make dessert that everyone will love! This is one of my favorite recipes because it’s so versatile!

It can be made in just 30 minutes (if you use store-bought chocolate pudding) or you can make it from scratch using my recipe below.

Either way, this decadent low-carb chocolate cake will be ready in no time! If you’re following a keto diet, then this is the perfect dessert for you! This cake is made without any flour or sugar and it’s also gluten-free and dairy-free!

So if you have any friends or family members who follow a paleo diet, they’ll love this too! What makes this cake so special? Well, first of all, there are NO eggs in this recipe, which means that it’s completely egg free AND vegan friendly as well!

Also, there’s no added oils or butter used in this recipe, which makes it super healthy and nutritious! I’ve even added some avocado oil to give it that extra hint of sweetness without having any added sugar or carbs from regular oil.

7. Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe with Chia Seeds

A piece of chocolate cake with chia seeds.

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Chia seeds are a great source of plant-based protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. In this recipe, they are used in place of flour to create a moist and delicious chocolate cake that is free from gluten, grains and refined sugar. This flourless chocolate cake recipe is perfect for those who follow a paleo diet or anyone looking for a healthier alternative to traditional baked goods.

The chia seeds absorb liquid and expand in the stomach, creating a sensation of being full faster than other foods. They also have an excellent nutritional profile, which makes them popular with athletes and bodybuilders alike. The high-quality protein content can help build muscle mass while reducing hunger pangs between meals.

The high fiber content helps prevent blood sugar spikes after eating, since it slows down digestion and absorption of nutrients from food into the bloodstream.

8. Flourless Chocolate Cake with Creamy Salted Peanut Butter Frosting

Flourless chocolate cake with creamy salted peanut butter frosting and chocolate glaze.

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This Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake with Creamy Salted Peanut Butter Frosting is the cake you need to make for your next celebration. It’s rich, decadent and sinfully delicious! This cake is so easy to make — just a few ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time.

It’s also perfectly moist and full of chocolate flavor! The peanut butter frosting is my favorite part about this cake. It tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in frosting form!

I used creamy peanut butter in the frosting because it has a smoother, less gritty texture than crunchy peanut butter. I prefer it over other kinds of nut butter like almond or cashew because they have a distinct flavor that doesn’t match up with this cake as well as creamy peanut butter does. If you want to make this cake even more indulgent by adding some melted dark chocolate chips into the batter before baking it, then go right ahead!

9. Flourless Chocolate Cake with Almond Meal 

Flourless chocolate cake with almonds and strawberry on top.

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This flourless chocolate cake is made with almond meal and cocoa nibs. It’s a healthy, gluten-free dessert that’s easy to make! I am constantly on the lookout for desserts that are healthier than regular chocolate cake.

I mean, who doesn’t want to indulge without feeling guilty? I’ve tried quite a few recipes and have found that this flourless chocolate cake is one of my favorites. It’s moist, rich and flavorful — everything you want for a dessert! The best part? It’s healthy!

The secret ingredient is almond meal. Almond meal is made from grinding almonds into a fine powder. Most recipes call for almond flour, but I like using almond meal because it has more texture and flavor than just ground up almonds would have on their own.

If you don’t want to buy an almond meal from the store, you can also make your own by pulsing almonds in a food processor until they’re fine enough to use in baking recipes like this one! To make this recipe even healthier, I added some cocoa nibs, which are just bits of roasted cocoa beans that have been broken off during production before the beans are cracked open into smaller pieces called cocoa beans or cocoa mass). Cocoa nibs are full of antioxidants which help protect against diseases.

10. Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake

Flourless chocolate orange cake on a dark rusty metallic background.

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This flourless orange chocolate cake is a rich and decadent chocolate dessert that is so easy to make. It will impress your family and friends alike. The recipe calls for an almond meal, but you can also make the cake with ground hazelnuts or walnuts if you wish.

The addition of orange zest gives the cake a lovely citrus flavour, which complements the chocolate beautifully. The cake is naturally sweetened with honey and maple syrup, which makes it suitable for those on a low carb diet or with diabetes. We love our cakes to be as healthy as possible, so we use stevia extract in our recipe as well as coconut oil instead of butter or margarine because it has amazing health benefits too!

We recommend serving this flourless orange chocolate cake with whipped cream or ice cream, but it’s also delicious on its own.

 11. Avocado Chocolate Cake

A vegan avocado chocolate cake.

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This avocado chocolate cake is a low-carb, gluten free, dairy-free and sugar-free alternative to regular chocolate cake. It’s also egg free, nut free and vegan! This avocado chocolate cake is so delicious, you’ll never guess it’s healthy!

The secret ingredient is avocado, which replaces the butter in this recipe. Not only does the avocado make this cake super rich and decadent, but it also adds fiber and healthy fats to your diet. This Avocado Chocolate Cake is naturally sweetened with dates (you can use any type of date) and unsweetened cocoa powder.

There’s no refined sugar here! The addition of cacao nibs makes this Avocado Chocolate Cake even more special because they add a crunchy texture that compliments the softness of the cake perfectly. If you don’t have cacao nibs or don’t want to buy them just for this recipe, you can replace them with chopped nuts like walnuts or pecans.

If you do that though, I recommend skipping the maple syrup drizzle on top because it would get stuck in between all those little pieces of nuts – not very attractive! You might be wondering why there are no eggs in this recipe (eggs are usually used as a binder in cakes).

12. Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake

A delicious flourless chocolate mousse cake.

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 This Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake is a light and airy cake with a soft texture and delicate chocolate flavor. It’s perfect for any occasion! This recipe for Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake was originally posted on my blog, Kalyn’s Kitchen, in 2009.

It has been one of my most popular recipes ever since then, but I never shared it on this blog because I wanted to make it better. So when I found myself with some extra time last week, I decided to do what I should have done years ago: remake this amazing cake and share it with you! This new version is even better than the original; the texture is even more delicate and moist, and the flavor is even more intense.

I made this low-carb flourless chocolate mousse cake as a birthday dessert for my Dad this year, but it would also be great for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion where you want something decadent but also healthy. Because this is gluten-free and low-carb, it’s also great if you are following an Atkins diet or another low-carb eating plan. 

13. Flourless Chocolate Cake With Nutella Frosting

Flourless chocolate cake with nutella frosting and a glass of milk.

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Chocolate cake is a classic dessert that everyone loves. But not everyone loves the heavy, dense texture of traditional chocolate cake. I’m not sure what there is about flourless chocolate cake, but it seems to be much lighter and airier than cakes made with flour.

The combination of dark chocolate and Nutella (my favorite hazelnut spread) makes for an incredible treat that you’ll want to share with friends and family. This flourless chocolate cake recipe is easy to make, requires no baking skills, and takes just minutes to put together. You can make it as simple or as fancy as you like by adding your favorite toppings!

I like my flourless chocolate cake plain, but if you want something extra special, try one of these ideas: Chocolate Ice Cream — Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the cake before serving. It melts right into the cake and makes it even more delicious!

Raspberries — Top each slice with fresh raspberries for a fruity dessert that will look beautiful on any table!