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11 Flavors that Go with Orange

Photo collage of different types of orange flavor.

There are many flavors that go with orange, from a variety of fruits that include pineapple mixed with mandarin orange and apples and oranges to bitter orange zest mixed with any type of chocolate or berries to sweeten it up. We have compiled a list of the many flavors that pair well with the flavor of oranges. Orange is a delicious citrus fruit that is part of the Rutaceae family and it is a hybrid between pomelo, also known as citrus maxima, and the mandarin, also known as citrus reticulata.

The sweet orange-colored fruit is believed to have originated in a region in the Southern China area as well as Northeast India, and Myanmar. It was first mentioned in Chinese literature dating all the way back to 314 BC. Orange trees are the most cultivated fruit tree in the world since the demand for this delectable fruit is very high.

Orange trees grow best in tropical and subtropical climates and about 79 million tons of oranges are grown each year throughout the world. Oranges can be picked and eaten straight off the tree but there are many other ways to use this deliciously sweet fruit which is the reason for this article. We are listing flavors that go with orange for your convenience so you can enjoy this sweet fruit in many different ways.

Oranges are a great tropical fruit when it comes to health benefits since there are many, including the fact that they are a wonderful source of Vitamin C. Oranges can protect your cells in your body from damage and help your body to produce collagen which is a protein that heals wounds and will give you much smoother skin. Oranges also make it easier to absorb iron which means you can fight off anemia much better if you consume several oranges a week and they can boost your immune system which is your body’s main defense against germs that cause illnesses and viruses.

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Orange Juice

This is a close look at orange juice being poured from a bottle to a glass.

Orange juice it’s drunk by millions of people each morning with their breakfast. While it can be paired with any meal and a variety of foods, it seems to be a refreshing drink for people to consume in the morning with their sausage biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, omelets, waffles, and maple syrup, or even with a bowl of cereal.

Orange Liqueur

This is a fuzzy orange navel cocktail liquor on a wooden table.

Orange juice works very well in a variety of mixed drinks or you can actually purchase orange liquor. From Fuzzy Navels to Tequila Sunrises, orange juice pairs well with a variety of different types of spirits and alcohols, such as vodka, tequila, and rum. So grab some orange juice, your favorite alcohol, and mix up a cocktail or two.

Orange flavor also goes well with a splash of lemon juice which increases the options in which you can use this amazing fruit juice mixed with your alcohol.

Orange Cake

This is a fresh loaf of orange bread with sugar coating and fresh oranges.

There are a variety of cakes that call for orange flavoring and them as well as orange peel, including the very popular orange cake. I have made several different varieties of an orange cake over the years, including an orange loaf pancake that’s more like bread with slices of orange on top and orange peel in the mix to make it. I top it with an orange glaze but when I make an actual orange cake I mix up vanilla bean icing and add orange flavoring to that and boy, is it delicious.

Oranges with Spices and Herbs

From mint and basil to cilantro, clove, cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg, the orange flavor pairs very well with a variety of spices and herbs. Other spices and herbs that are great with oranges in your recipe include ginger, thyme, garlic, cumin, coriander, olive oil, molasses, mace, black pepper, salt, cardamom, and fennel seeds.

Oranges and Coffee

This is a glass of orange iced Americano coffee on a table.

Oranges pair very well with coffee which means you can mix some orange juice in with your coffee or squeeze fresh lemon into it and make a delicious and refreshing morning drink. You can also mix orange flavor with coffee and some type of alcohol of your choice to make a delicious cocktail. You can also fix a regular cup of coffee and eat a slice of the orange cake that we talked about earlier which is also delicious since the flavors go together so well.

Blood Orange Juice

These are glasses of blood orange juice with slices on the side.

Blend orange juice is made with blood oranges which are normally grown in the states of Arizona and California but they are available across the country. These oranges are essentially red in the center instead of being completely orange like regular sweet oranges. They also have a sweet taste to them, along with their vivid color, and make a great ingredient in a variety of desserts, breakfast meals, and many savory dishes.

You can also consume blood oranges raw, juiced, or cooked. Like regular oranges, they have many health benefits and are rich in vitamin C, folate, and anthocyanins, which are antioxidants. They reduce inflammation and can support healthy immunity functions in your body.

Just like regular orange juice, lime juice, and lemon juice, they can also be used in a variety of mixed drinks.

Chocolate and Oranges

This is a close look at candied orange slices that are half-coated with chocolate.

Candy orange slices are a very popular treat for many people since chocolate and orange flavor make a great flavor combination. It’s simply orange slices that are covered in dark chocolate or white chocolate and are delicious to consume. You can also make an orange cake and I said with milk chocolate icing for a wonderful flavor since orange flavor pairs so well with all types of chocolate.

Oranges are also a great match to be paired with sweet caramel too.

Salad with Oranges

This is a bowl of rocket with orange and beetroot salad.

From fruit salads to Waldorf salad two arugula salad or beetroot salad, oranges pair very well with a variety of other fruits and vegetables to the point where you can pair them up to make delicious salads that you and your guests will enjoy. You can even create and serve up a spinach and avocado salad with orange slices or an orange chicken and walnut salad that are delicious and refreshing, not to mention healthy as can be.

Oranges and Meats

This is a plate of Duck with orange sauce and sides of vegetables.

Oranges can go well with a variety of meats or as part of a meat-based recipe. These meats that pair perfectly with orange flavor include fish, chicken, shrimp, and duck. You can also pair orange flavor with a variety of other protein sources, including almonds, walnuts, almond, hazelnut, and pistachios.

In my opinion, the best way to eat duck is to smother it in an orange sauce.

Orange Muffins

This is a close look at citrus muffins in a basket with fresh oranges on the side.

Since orange is a fruit flavor that mixes well with the taste of other fruit, there is a variety of muffins that you can bake that feature orange flavor including just simply orange muffins. You can also make orange and blueberry muffins, orange not my fans, orange and raspberry muffins, orange apricot muffins, and a variety of others.

Pies and Oranges

This is a slice of traditional Greek orange cake on a plate.

My aunts can make the best traditional Greek pies that are over-the-top delicious. You can also use caramelized oranges to create an amazing pie that is topped with a delectable orange glaze along with a variety of other pies since oranges mix well with fruits, including apricots, pineapple, and more. You can even change up the flavor of a sweet potato pie by adding some orange slices to the top.

FAQs about Flavors that Go with Orange

How do you make oranges taste better?

Oranges do well with some added sweetness, especially if you are using bitter orange for something. You can add sugar, another type of sweetener, or honey to sweeten an orange up and even salt which will help bring out the sweetness this already naturally in the orange.

What flavors go well with vanilla?

Vanilla and vanilla bean go well with a variety of different flavors, including honey and maple, and yes, even orange and other fruit flavors, including mango and cherry.

How do you know what flavors go together?

First of all, you need to know that taste in flavor is actually two completely different things. Taste is the sensation that is experienced by your tongue such as if something is sour, sweet, salty, orbiter. The flavor comes from the smell of the food that you are eating and the more aromatic compounds that different foods have in common the better they will taste together.