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  • Stucco
  • All other siding – metal, wood, etc.

Benefits of Hiring a Siding Contractor  

Is house siding a DIY project? Should I hire a professional? How hard can it really be? We’ve seen thousands of homes and if you’re opting for the straight vinyl siding option, it seems pretty cut and dried. However, this idea is false. There is a great deal of skill involved with installing house siding. Getting a professional contractor is the best idea.  You may be a seasoned and accomplished DIY’er, however wisdom teaches you it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You save time, money and headaches. The only way you should tackle this project as a DIY’er is if you have professional training and recent experience.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional:

  • You won’t have to learn as you go. It takes time to learn how to properly apply siding to a home. If you try to take this project on, there is a trial and error involved.
  • You’ll save money. Though it may seem like you’ll spend more money on a professional house siding contractor, you will actually save money. Having to make up for lost materials is a money drainer. Misapplying adhesive, etc. can empty a wallet quickly, as you will need to purchase more materials.
  • Hiring a professional is a timesaver. A novice will take a lot more time to do a good job then a professional. Consider that a professional house siding installer has done this numerous times before and can get the job done a lot quicker.
  • Professional jobs are insured. Many companies offer a satisfaction guaranteed clause in their contract. They’re going to do the job to your liking. That means the aesthetics of your home will go up exponentially and you have a better chance of getting exactly what you pay for. On the other hand doing the job yourself means you’ll have to live with it, whether you not like it or not.
  • You won’t have to cut corners. This is a big job. It’s not something that you do every day – changing the exterior of your home. Going with a professional means the sky is the limit. Pick any magazine picture out and have that exact detail and design performed on your house by a professional who knows what they’re doing.

What Does A House Siding Contractor Do?

A house siding contractor installs new siding, replaces siding, or repairs the siding on your home. You never know when you will find yourself in need of a house siding contractor. Certainly we think of it with a new build – that is having a home built from the ground up. In that scenario, of course you need a house siding contractor to cover the building and protect your home from the elements. However, you may need a house siding contractor if you’re doing extensive remodeling, like adding a room, or adding a window. 

The job may not be huge at all. You may need a house siding contractor for siding repair or siding replacement. Whatever the issue, making certain the job is done correctly adds to the curb appeal of your home. Siding is important because it improves the fuel efficiency of your home. It aids in keeping pests out. A great house siding job makes you and your home look good, overall. It’s important enough to have a contracting division devoted just to house siding.

Getting the job done right is the goal. How your house looks from the outside will be affected by the quality of the work the house siding contractor does. Consider this a dandy handbook on house siding contracting.  We are covering the topic with a broad stroke. We know we’re not talking just paint here (some siding jobs require painting as well), but puns are always funny.

Do I Need A House Siding Contractor?

If the question comes up of whether or not you need a house siding contractor, it’s a great time to think about it fully. For example if your home has been in a storm and there has been extensive damage, you may think about changing the exterior.  Here is a short list of the most popular types of materials you can use for your dwellings exterior:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Stucco
  • Stone veneer
  • Fiber cement
  • Aluminum
  • Brick

All of these options have their pros and cons. Making the decision about what material to use, must be done fairly early in the process. 

The Time to Ask Questions Is Before The Hire

Looking for great questions to ask your house siding contractor? We were too, so we decided to tap into an online resource. According to Siding some questions to ask include:

  • What are your insurances? Do you have a certificate of insurance, does your company sponsor its employees with liability and workers compensation insurances? This is important because if something happens to a worker while they are working on your home, you would be liable if the company is lacking.
  • Does your license include siding work in the state my home is in? This is critical because a license in your state means that they have information about state and local building codes. This information is essential to house siding installation. Making sure that your project is done to code is important. If there is a problem later on, you would be responsible.
  • Does your company employ subcontractors? Depending upon the size of the job, the installation of house siding can be huge and generally takes a crew. Ask the prospective house siding company how large their crew is. A company that is responsible 100%, from start to finish is your best bet. It is a matter of accountability.
  • What is your warranty and guarantee policy for the work and for the product? Generally products can be warranteed for 10 years at minimum and up to 50 years. Though there are some limitations, it’s good to know where you stand in the beginning. The service, and quality of the workmanship should be guaranteed for, at minimum – six months and optimally, up to a decade.

 Getting Started – This Is The Way to Be Ready For Your Housing Contractor

Now that you’ve reached a juncture of actually having the well-researched contractor begin the project, it’s time to be amazed. recommends you do the following to prepare your home for the project:

  • Make certain that the landscaping and shrubbery near your home is trimmed or secured in a fashion that does not prove to be an obstacle to the work.
  • In order to avoid needless damage, remove loose items from around your home. Planters, outdoor furniture, and gardening equipment should be out of sight.
  • Be prepared for some shaking going on. Your interior walls may shake a little with the installation.

Trust These Trained Professionals

It is easier to let the people you hired do their job when you know they are well-trained.  

Make certain that your house siding contractor is qualified. Vinyl Siding Institute is a entity that exists to give training and certification to those who wish to become professionals.There are plenty of training institutes who are licensed and provide certification to individuals. You are paying for a professional job, so it is fine to expect that a professional will be completing the work. People work without certification and it is not illegal. Fully vetting your house siding professional is always smart. 

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