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  • Grout cleaning

Benefits of Hiring a Flooring Contractor  

You’ve got a great new floor picked out. Your inner do it yourselfer is asking whether you should hire a flooring contractor or tackle the job yourself. But before you take on a new flooring project, you should ask yourself four questions.

What is your level of experience with do it yourself flooring projects?

If you are an experienced do it yourselfer, you are familiar with basic flooring tools and how to use them. You have all the tools you need, so you won’t have to make multiple trips down to the home improvement center once your project gets underway. But you need to consider that even the most experienced do it yourselfers can run into challenges that present a learning curve for their flooring skills that eat up time and cash.

Here are some easy metrics for determining whether you are a beginner or an expert on home flooring projects.

If you are new to floor installation, have you completed at least one other home do it yourself project successfully? Is your proposed flooring installation something you can do in a day? Do you understand what you need to do to install a new floor?

Maybe you are a more experienced do it yourselfer. You have completed numerous home improvement projects successfully. You have expert experience with do it yourself projects, and you have installed floors before. You have all the tools you need, and you have experience using them. You are ready for a project that could take you several days to complete.

Beginners can do flooring projects on their own, but usually shouldn’t. If you are a more expert do it yourselfer, then you need to ask yourself three more questions.

Is your flooring installation project complicated?

New floor installation can involve tricky cuts. Uneven subfloors. Patterns. Unusually shaped rooms. You can search for tips and tricks to get the job done, but even advanced home improvement fans usually need to leave these technical challenges to the experts.

Do have the time you need to do the installation yourself?

Shopping for flooring takes time. Even if you do great work, you won’t get the job done as quickly as a flooring contractor will. And do you know how to maintain your work once it’s done?

Do you want peace of mind?

Proper installation is essential to get the look you want. Any outcome of your flooring project is something you will see every day for years to come. Are you really ready to live with the results of your home improvement project?

It’s almost always a good idea to leave floor installation to the experts. Here are fpur more reasons you should choose a floor installation professional.

Most floor installation contractors are trained and certified.

The companies that sell flooring also train the contractors that install it. A certified floor installer will have passed written exams and completed acceptable projects before they are recommended by the flooring store.

Experience with materials makes a difference.

You can spend a lot of time looking for just the pattern and color you like. Your flooring contractor can help you find the look you like in materials that may be more cost-effective, long-lasting, and easier to install. Your contractor will listen to your preferences for your new floors, and then steer you toward products that match your needs perfectly that you probably cannot find on your own. Your flooring contractor will also be aware of sales and deals that can save you money on materials for your new floor.

A flooring contractor can do the job a lot faster than you can.

One of the basic facts about flooring projects is that your home is disrupted while the installation is in progress. Do it yourselfers frequently underestimate the time it will take to complete their projects, and the inconvenience of floors not yet installed can go on and on. Your professional floor installer will know how long your project will take so you can schedule family activities accordingly.

You are a lot more likely to get injured during a flooring project than your contractor.

Accidents with knives, saws, nail guns, and power tools cause over 84,000 injuries per year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. You are more likely to suffer a serious injury than your contractor. The money you save doing the work yourself may not be worth the risk.

Questions to Ask Your Flooring Installation Professional

Floor installation is usually something you have time to think about. Flooring usually isn’t something you want right now. You’ll have plenty of time to ask your flooring contractor some important questions.

What fees does your quote include?

Among the cost-related questions you should ask your flooring contractor are:

  • Am I paying you for your estimate? This is a question you want to ask before you get the estimate, of course.
  • When do you expect payment, and how should I pay? Knowing your contractor’s payment deadlines and accepted forms of payments can prevent future hassles.
  • Are there any hidden fees? You don’t want any surprises with your bill.

What can you tell me about your skills and experience?

There are also several skill-related questions you should ask your flooring installation professional.

  • How long have you been in the flooring business? You can expect to pay more for an experienced contractor.
  • Could I see some of your past projects? Your flooring contractor, or, more likely the flooring retailer working most closely with your flooring contractor, should have a portfolio of their work.
  • Who will be performing the actual installation? You want to know whether the job will be done by the contractor and crew, or by a subcontractor. It’s usually a good idea to void working with subcontractors.

You also need to ask some questions about the job itself.

  • How long will the contractor need to install the floor? You have to have a reliable answer to this question to know how to schedule family activities.
  • What will you do to protect my home during the installation? If workers have to go in and out, you want to know what they will do to secure your property.
  • Does your bid include all cleanup? You will want to know how the contractor plans to clean up after the installation.
  • Will I have to be at home while you are installing my floors? If your presence is required during the work, you will need to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Here is a final, very important question.

Do you carry insurance?

You don’t need to know whether your contractor has life or health or auto insurance. You want to know whether your floor installation professional carries worker’s compensation insurance. You don’t want to be held liable for any injuries that may occur to workers at your residence during the installation of your floor. Worker compensation insurance adds to overhead, and contractors charge more when they have it. But a cut-rate contractor may be able to offer low prices because they don’t insure their workers, potentially leaving you holding the bag for injury claims if there Is an accident during your job.

What types of training do professional floor installers get?

INSTALL certification is one of the best indicators of professionalism and skill in the flooring industry. Flooring contractors who earn the INSTALL certification have to pass classes, but they also have to demonstrate specific skill sets. In the United States, INSTALL certified professionals have a reputation as the best, most reliable floor installation contractors in the industry.

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