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Fence-Building Services

  • Fence design
  • Fence painting and/or staining
  • Poured concrete walls
  • Fence construction
  • Wood fences of all kinds
  • Barbed wire fencing
  • Security fences
  • Vinyl fences
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Chain link fencing
  • Rural property fences
  • Commercial property fencing
  • Construction fences

How it Works

Our “Find a fence contractor by zip code” service is super simple. First, it’s only for people in the USA. Second, if you live in the USA, all you do is fill in the form above. Once that is done, you will receive quotes for the work from up to 4 qualified fence builders in your area.

Please note that while the system has fencing companies in most areas of the USA, some areas are not covered. If this is the case for you, we apologize in advance.

NO OBLIGATION: Just by filling in the form you are under NO OBLIGATION to hire any of the fence contractors who give you a quote. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to respond, inquire further or hire them.


Residential Fences

Our network of carefully vetted fence building pros includes many who build fences on residential properties (i.e. front and backyard fences).


Commercial Building Fences

If you own a commercial premises, our network includes fence pros who can build all kinds of commercial property fences.

Benefits of Hiring Fence Contractors:  

  • You’ll get the right fence for your property, guaranteed. Whenever you start a project, any project, you do so almost always with an image in your mind of what you want it to look like. Maybe you saw a fence you liked in a movie or came across an interesting gate set-up on Pinterest that you think will better contain your dog. Whatever the reason or inspiration, the thing is that these idea nuggets are great for kicking you into gear but often they may fail in the long-run. When you hire a professional fence contractor, they’ll talk with you to understand what inspired you to install a fence and then, due to their experience and industry knowledge, recommend a fence that best balances inspiration with practical concerns like your yard set-up and budget. 
  • You won’t have to worry about minor mistakes creating major problems. They say good fences make good neighbors, but getting a good fence can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. One of the most common errors homeowners who choose to do DIY a fence do is to mistakenly install the fence partially on their neighbor’s lawn or dig so far down as to harm a neighbor’s prized tree. These are honest mistakes but ones that can easily be avoided by simply hiring a professional. A professional fence contractor will ensure that your fence is installed correctly along your property line and will prevent things like accidentally hitting underground piping or sensitive tree roots. 
  • You may very well save money. Are you considering installing your own fence because you think it will save you money? Well, the truth is that you may very well end up spending more, a lot more. This is because installing a fence correctly and for an extended lifespan requires the use of several different tools, including some very specialized, very expensive ones. When you hire a professional fence contractor and team, they will bring that equipment with them. Furthermore, a fence contractor can often get a better material cost than you will be able to find going to your local hardware or similar store. 
  • You will enjoy fast, quality results. As with any project, the first time you do something, it’s going to take time and you’re going to have some hiccups. But what if you don’t have time and want to be assured of a high-quality result? Then you hire the professionals. A professional fence contractor has the experience, the team, and the skills to ensure you get a high-quality fence quickly so that you can go on enjoying your beautiful yard. 

Questions to Ask Fence Contractors Before Hiring

  • Where’s your business headquartered and do you have a conventional office that I can visit? There are a lot of general contractors who aren’t going to have a conventional office or floorplan simply because they do a lot of different types of jobs or the types of their jobs are things that don’t really require a showroom floor. Fence contractors are an outlier here as many of them will be selling fences via their own suppliers. As such, they are apt to have a conventional office space where you can see some of their products in real life, ask for a portfolio, and better understand overall who it is you’re getting into business with. 
  • Who will actually be working on my property and for how long?  This is something that you’ll likely see in the contract, but you should also consider asking bout it before you even get to that phase. Depending upon the size of your yard, the type of the fence, and how many people your fence contractor brings on, the whole project could be done in a day or it could take upwards of a week. To ensure you don’t feel put out or frustrated with the length of the project, ask upfront about this. Don’t hire on any contractor who doesn’t offer you an estimate and doesn’t provide services like a portajohn for their employees. You should also ask about who will actually be doing the work. Is it the contractor themselves who will lead the project or are they going to subcontract the work? Does the subcontractor have the requisite experience you’re looking for? 
  • What is and isn’t in the quote? What is the payment schedule to be? The most you should ever pay any contractor before work begins is 10% of the final price. If you have a fence contractor who asks for anything more, walk away. In general, however, you’ll find that many reputable fencing contractors will only ask for payment-in-full after they’ve finished the job and a comprehensive inspection with you has been completed. Always ask for a detailed quote and if you have questions about any amount, ask them to clarify.
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? Never work with any fence contractor or other contractor who is not licensed, bonded, and insured. These are three pillars upon which any contractor must build their business and they give you the assurance that you’re hiring a true professional who will deliver you a quality product at a good price. 
  • Do you have any references from previous customers? The best indicator of whether a fence contractor can deliver on what you want is seeing whether they’ve delivered on it before. Ask the fence contractor you’re thinking about hiring for any references they can offer. Especially references on projects that would be similar to what you’re looking for. 

What to Expect When Fence Contractors Come to Your House

When working with a larger fence contractor, you can expect them to come in two teams: The estimators and the builders. The estimator will be the ones who survey your property, ask you questions about what you want, and work out a detailed contract. They also, generally, are the ones to ensure any necessary permits are completed and that key information like property lines and underground piping are researched and mapped out correctly.

The second group is the builders and these are the people who will be on your property at length to do the actual work. In the vast majority of cases, the actual building will only take a day or two. They will come out to your home, dig the fence posts, set the concrete, set the posts, and complete all necessary attachments. 

What Type of Training Do Fence Contractors Get

Fence contractors are largely trained on the job. While you may find a few that have earned a trade school degree or have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a construction or management-related field, the vast majority of these professionals get to where they are through hard work and a stellar reputation. 

When hiring a fence contractor, be sure to ask them about their experience and how long they’ve been in the business. The professionals who deliver the best work tend to be those who apprenticed under another contractor before going it on their own. The more work a contractor has put into the field, the more experience they have at navigating problems and ensuring they deliver the high-quality fences their customers want at rates they can appreciate. 

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