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Bathroom Reno Contractor Services

  • Bathroom design
  • Bathroom plumbing – piping, basins, faucets, toilets, shower/bath, etc.
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Bathroom cabinetry
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Room expansion/addition

Benefits of Hiring Bathroom Reno Contractor:  

  • You won’t have to worry about permitting or negatively impacting your home’s structural integrity. Depending upon where you live and how big you want to go with your home bathroom renovation, you might need to have a building permit before work begins. For example, big tasks like knocking down a wall to expand a bathroom into a primary bathroom or adding a whole new bathroom to create a garage apartment will require approval and permitting. Drawing up the plans, ensuring they meet code, submitting them to local council or architect for permitting, and then proceeding with the renovation to ensure that the home’s structural integrity either remains intact or is improved are big tasks that, unless you have direct experience with them, are best left to the professionals. 
  • You can often save money by hiring a professional. This may seem counterintuitive, but many homeowners may find that they will save money by choosing to hire a bathroom renovation contraction instead of trying to do it on their own. This is because self-contracting and doing a big project like this on your own means that you risk costs associated with errors or duplicating tasks. You may also spend more buying materials and renting or buying equipment to complete specialized tasks like tile cutting. 
  • A professional bathroom reno contractor can offer convenient, cost-efficient solutions that you might not have known before. The biggest value a professional bathroom reno contractor brings to the table is their experience. A professional contractor can loosely be defined as someone who has worked on at least 50 related projects. A side benefit of them having worked on so many solutions, is that they have first-hand experience adapting to different problems and creating cost-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing solutions to problems that you may never have even thought of, such as installing a larger bathtub in an odd-shaped home. 
  • You will enjoy an end-result of quality and superior workmanship. When you hire a well-vetted, experienced bathroom renovation contractor, you can rest assured that at the end of the renovation, you’ll enjoy a bathroom that is defined by quality and workmanship. Which, isn’t having a better-looking, higher-value bathroom he primary goal of any project? Choose an experienced contractor and you’ll get exactly that. 

Questions to Ask a Bathroom Reno Contractor Before Hiring

  • Do you have examples of previous bathroom reno work? As noted above, a true professional contractor will have done at least, at least, 50 projects pertinent to your project (ie 50 bathroom projects not 25 bathroom projects plus 25 kitchen projects). Not only will they be able to confirm that they have the experience, but a trusted contractor will also offer examples of their previous work and offer you reviews and testimonials from their clients. 
  • Who will actually be working in my home?  Some general contractors get so many jobs that they will serve more generally as a contracting business head and have a hired foreman and team actually running and completing the projects. While this is generally a good thing to look for, just remember that, again, you want whoever is in your home to know what they’re doing. Get the same amount of background information on any foreman as you would on the contractor themselves. 
  • What is and isn’t in the quote? What is the payment schedule to be? Whenever you hire someone to do work on your home, you should always make sure that you know exactly what’s included in the quote and what isn’t. If the foreman suggested a material that doesn’t work with the overall layout, will you be billed for it or for the added manhours? Additionally, ask about the payment schedule. While it is normal to make a deposit of 10% or less before work will get started, it isn’t normal for anything more. 
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? If a contractor doesn’t say yes, then you should hang up the phone or walk away. A properly insured bathroom reno contractor will ensure that you’ll be protected should your home get damaged or workers get hurt during construction. A properly bonded contractor will ensure you’ll be protected if that contractor or their foreman does something like fail to pay for a permit, fail to finish the work, or fail to pay employees. 
  • How have you resolved any differences or struggles with previous clients?  Problems and miscommunication are fairly common, but what makes all the difference is how a bathroom reno contractor responds to those problems and miscommunication. Bring up this question and see if they largely blame such differences entirely on the client. If so, steer clear.  Instead, what you want is a contractor who admits that miscommunications happen and displays a willingness or even a plan in place to resolve such problems. 

What to Expect When a Bathroom Reno Contractor Comes to Your House

The vast majority of the general population doesn’t want to have strange people in their homes, ripping things up, and lugging around tools and materials. It’s a completely fair and common concern to be worried about your home. When your bathroom reno contractor comes to your home, one of the primary things they should talk to you about is how they will provide for their employees (ie putting out a portajohn and having an outdoor break area) and detail their timeline so that you know how much of your home and life will be interrupted by a bathroom reno contractor.

If you only have one bathroom and/or the renovation is expected to last longer than a day, then you might consider renting a hotel room or staying with friends or family to limit the interruption and stress you might have being at home during this disruption. 

What Type of Training Does a Bathroom Reno Contractor Get

Our “Find a Deck/Patio builder by zip code” service is super simple. First, it’s only for people in the USA. Second, if you live in the USA, all you do is fill in the form above. Once that is done, you will receive quotes for the work from up to 4 qualified builders in your area.

Please note that while the system has deck and patio companies in most areas of the USA, some areas are not covered. If this is the case for you, we apologize in advance.

NO OBLIGATION: Just by filling in the form you are under NO OBLIGATION to hire any of the contractors who give you a quote. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to respond, inquire further or hire them.

The vast majority of today’s bathroom renovation contractors have earned their position based on their hard work and good reputation with people. While there are certainly training programs for people to become specialized in certain areas of a bathroom renovation, for example, the plumbing industry is a highly sophisticated industry and many who become professional plumbers do so after completing a formal training program, most contractors don’t go complete a formal degree program.

That said, what most bathroom reno contractors do go through and what you can expect from any professional bathroom reno contractor and their foreman is plenty of on-the-job training. This is the type of industry that relies significantly on experience as few bathrooms are completely alike and only after completing a lot of renovations can a professional really understand things like the right type of materials for a layout and the best overall look for a home. Additionally, it’s through experience that contractors can better fast-track things like project permitting as they become more acquainted with the local laws and regulations and create a better report with the people who were in that office.

Finally, if you are having something specific done, such as extra plumbing work or you need to have your bathroom reno contractor build a wall, then you may consider asking whether or not they or their employees have specific training in that work. Again, more specialized labor like plumbing and furniture and wall-building requires skills and there are classes a contractor or their employees may undergo to ensure they are well-skilled and well-knowledgable about the task at hand.

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