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18 Top Field Service Management Software Options

Find out everything you need to know about the primary features and the pros and cons of some of the top field service management software options that are currently available.

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Years ago a plumber, an electrician, or nearly anyone else in a particular service would usually conduct business with a clipboard and a pencil or pen. Often they didn’t even have quick access to a phone. Fast forward 30 years and technology has transformed the way field service professionals do business. Current software allows companies to go almost entirely paperless while using elaborate programs to perform virtually every business task including marketing, scheduling and invoicing. According to Software Advice, only 15 percent of businesses were using field service software in 2014. The number jumped to 40 percent in 2018. This means that many companies are still behind the curve when it comes to making the most of current technology.

Today plumbers, electricians, and other types of professionals in the service industry need the most up-to-date software to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Juggling excessive amounts of paperwork and playing phone tag is a few of the time-wasting activities that can be eliminated with the right field service software. There is a lot of software out there to choose from. Finding the right fit and all the right features for each individual business, however, can be confusing. The following are several of the top field service management software options that are currently available. Under each type of software, it is listed what it does, key business features, and reviews listing some of the pros and cons. The key marketing section is left blank if there weren’t any specific marketing features that could be found.

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1. FieldPulse

FieldPulse homepage screenshot

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Field Pulse offers software for industries such as plumbing, electrical, landscaping, pool service, roofing, and cleaning services.

Key Business Features

A few of the features this software provides include estimates, scheduling, customer management, invoicing, and GPS tracking. Field Pulse also has a feature that allows for viewing multiple schedules. This includes team charts, map plots, and daily agendas. There is also time tracking, GPS tracking, and route tracking.

Key Marketing Features

Field Pulse features customer profiles that can help a business create a pinpoint marketing strategy.

Pros and Cons

Reviews for Field Pulse state that the software is easy to use and adjustable. It’s also able to keep up with multiple customers and has a lot of features for a business to use. Customers have raved about the excellent customer service and strong support. One complaint against Field Pulse is that sometimes the apps are slow to load. Another drawback was the inability to upload more photos to the system. Read our detailed FieldPulse review here.

=> Try FiledPulse here

2. Jobber

Jobber homepage screenshot

Jobber provides field service management software for a wide variety of industries. They list over 20 industries on their website including snow removal, pressure washing, tree care, and pool & spa services. They state that the software can be customized to fit nearly any industry and process.

Key Business Features

Jobber provides many features including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, time and expense tracking, and GPS tracking. They have a notes and attachments system that allows a business to attach files and photos to individual client accounts. Jobber also has what is called a client hub that offers customer service 24/7.

Key Marketing Features

They offer a sales process management feature that helps a business manage more leads. They also help a company set up Instagram and Facebook ads.

Pros and Cons

Reviews for Jobber are generally very good, especially when it comes to overall functionality. One of the drawbacks included not being adaptable as a company grew larger and needed more features. Read our detailed Jobber review here.

3. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro homepage screenshot

Housecall Pro offers software for plumbing, electrical, home cleaning, pest control, and garage door companies.

Key Business Features

They provide several features including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. They have a few features that many of the other software providers don’t. These include a variety of payment options for clients as well as customer financing options.

Key Marketing Features

Housecall Pro provides a website builder that enables customers to edit their site and even take the domain if they leave. They also offer follow-up marketing tools.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that the drawbacks include the length of time it can take to load for a customer and that scans can take quite a bit of time. It was noted that the software design and layout was not as good on an Apple iPhone as it was on an Android. Advantages are the ability to view previous pictures and invoices, and how easy it is to set up, train new employees, and use.

Read our detailed Housecall Pro review.

4. FieldWire

FieldWire homepage screenshot

Fieldwire is software that is primarily for contractors, specialty contractors, architects, engineers, and those in the construction business.

Key Business Features

Their features include software specifically for scheduling, inspections, and task management. The construction app allows for a punch list to be completed in minutes with details about any deficiencies. They also have a feature that provides 360-degree photos to document progress.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that FieldWire is relatively easy to use and provides great access to mobile devices. It should be noted the FieldWire is primarily for construction companies.

Read our FieldWire review here.

5. Fergus

Fergus homepage screenshot

Fergus offers three different plans for businesses to choose from. These include Free, Basic, and Professional. They provide software for industries such as HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical, and security.

Key Business Features

The Free trial plan offers timesheets, calendars, materials, quotes, estimates, job reporting, a noticed board, and payments. The Basic Plan provides everything the Free Plan includes plus job cards, and more invoicing. The Professional Package offers all of these features plus GPS tracking, health & safety, files & photos, and business reporting.

Key Marketing Features

Their software provides the ability for a business to use various insights to help choose more profitable jobs and grow the business.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that the software has a health and safety component, which was rated as one of the best benefits. Another reviewer, however, stated that this feature was a bit clunky to use. Another drawback included not being able to change or edit a quote after it’s been published. Reviews also stated that the scheduling calendar is easy to use and that training and ongoing support was a positive aspect.

Read our detailed Fergus review here.

6. Kickserv

Kickserv homepage screenshot

Kickserv provides features that can assist several industries including HVAC, painting, moving, pet services, garage door services, computer repair, maid services, limo and shuttle services, landscaping, and CPA services.

Key Business Features

They have features that help businesses access their upcoming availability, follow technician status, and track invoices and payments. There is also routing information and service history tracking. The software provides a bird’s eye presentation of several aspects of the business in one glance. This includes scheduling, jobs, potential opportunities, and invoices that are all on one screen.

Key Marketing Features

Kickserv has marketing features that have marketing automation and lead tracking. There is a listings management feature to help customers more easily find a business.

Pros and Cons

The reviews state that the product is generally easy to use and the section for special instructions in the overview tab is very easy to follow. One reviewer noted that Kickserv does not handle the tracking of purchases.

Read our Kickserv review here.

7. Tradify

Tradify homepage screenshot

Tradify offers its software for plumbers, electricians, the HVAC industry, and businesses in building and construction.

Key Business Features

Features include the ability to track each job from the initial quote until the invoice. They also provide an overview of the entire workload, scheduling, and time tracker. Everything is accessible by both the office and field staff. Quoting features include customizable templates and actual job costs that are compared to the quotes.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that training is only provided online. Most other services provide both online and live training. Reviewers said that the software was relatively simple to use. Read our Tradify Review here.

8. Synchroteam

Synchroteam homepage screenshot

Synchroteam has software for the energy, maintenance, medical, telecoms, security, and HVAC industries.

Key Business Features

Synchroteam provides job scheduling, customer management, invoicing, and a variety of administrative functions. It also has unlimited storage and real-time client notifications.

Pros and Cons

The reviews point out that the software is easy to customize and it’s easy to set up. One of the drawbacks includes separate users each being charged for an account.

9. Pointman

Pointman homepage screenshot

Pointman is a field service software for professionals in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries. While this product is fairly narrow regarding the industries the software is promoted for, they do offer some features that most other companies don’t.

Key Business Features

Features include job creation, dispatch, time card tracking, customer management, inventory tracking, and price book options. This software operates on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Key Marketing Features

This company claims to be the only field service software that comes with a team of home-service professionals and data analysts to help a business grow and run efficiently as well as business coaching. Their website also provides a variety of blog posts, videos, books, and webinars dedicated to marketing.

Pros and Cons

Reviews about this company are mixed. Some reviewers state that billing is easy, reports are detailed, and managing field service is easy. Some reviews have rated the product somewhat difficult to use and that scheduling jobs can be time-consuming.

Read our Pointman software review here.

10. Smart Service

Smart Service homepage screenshot

Smart Service has software for dozens of industries. This includes chimney sweep companies, IT businesses, elevator services, fire protection services, maid services, and medical waste disposal.

Key Business Features

Features include scheduling, routing, inventory, dispatching, and workforce tracing. The program also has the ability to attach pictures to the work orders.

Key Marketing Features

They feature a field service app that focuses on sales. The company states that its software can turn an iPad into a complete sales center.

Pros and Cons

Reviews show that customer support is highly rated for this product. Integration with QuickBooks is a positive point. One review stated that tracking technicians didn’t always work correctly. Read our in-depth Smart Service review.

11. Service Fusion

Service Fusion homepage screenshot

Service Fusion has software for several industries including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, and overhead and garage door companies.

Key Business Features

Service Fusion provides extensive customer management, dispatching & scheduling, invoicing & payments, and text messaging. There’s also GPS tracking, job photo uploads, inventory management, and credit card processing.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that some of the features are clunky and some of the fields aren’t working as well as they could be. Some of the positive reviews included simple inventory tracking and that it has a lot of features in one overall package.

Read our entire Service Fusion review here.

12. ServiceBox

Service Box homepage screenshot

ServiceBox provides software for HVAC companies, plumbing, heavy-duty mechanics, industrial maintenance, water treatment, duct cleaning, and electrical.

Key Business Features

This software is designed specifically to synchronize individual work orders with job sites, create maintenance checklists as well as provide quotes, estimates, scheduling, invoices, and timesheets. It also features postal code searches and 24/7 scheduling.

Key Marketing Features

ServiceBox has a feature that allows a business to keep track of customer interactions and help a company build new business.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that ServiceBox is a Canadian based company and it syncs with the Canadian tax system. The programs are easy to navigate but more than one reviewer said that there are limited options for reporting and more customized reports are needed. Read our detailed ServiceBox review here.

13. Commusoft

Commusoft homepage screenshot

Commusoft promotes services for managers, technicians, and customers.

Key Business Features

Their features include quotes, estimates, invoicing, and contract management. Their software also offers intelligent scheduling and real-time tracking for vehicles. They also have a customer management system that stores communication and contact details. They are an international company and are located in more than one country.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that Commusoft integrates with a variety of accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. There weren’t many negative reviews for this product. One review, however, stated that it would be helpful to have the option to review email reminders before they are sent out.

14. WorkWave Service

WorkWave Service homepage screenshot

WorkWave offers software for pest control services, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lawn & landscape, delivery, logistics, and distribution.

Key Business Features

They offer specific software for pest control companies called PestPac Select. This software includes scheduling, field productivity, account management, and reporting & analytics.

Key Marketing Features

Their software offers particular options for identifying and reaching new customers. They also assist with email marketing and generating and sharing online reviews.

Pros and Cons

Reviews for WorkWave aren’t quite as high as for many of the other software options on the market. Pros include having a lot of features. Many reviewers cited poor business practices as a downside.

15. RazorSync

RazorSync homepage screenshot

RazorSync has options for over a dozen industries. Some of them include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, IT & computer repair, lawncare & landscape, alarm & security, carpet cleaning, and snow removal.

Key Business Features

They provide service dispatching, job scheduling, merchant processing, estimating, invoicing, and automated billing. They also offer route optimization and a customer portal.

Pros and Cons

Reviews state that RazorSync is one of the most affordable yet easiest to use field service software available. One of the drawbacks is that customer service is not available 24/7.

16. FieldEdge

FieldEdge homepage screenshot

FieldEdge provides field software for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies. They also offer software for locksmiths and the commercial equipment industry. It’s important to note that FieldEdge was previously called dESCO.

Key Business Features

Primary features of the software include scheduling and dispatching, QuickBooks integration, invoicing, and service agreements. They also feature a performance dashboard that shows such things as which technicians are currently making the most money and who needs more training.

Key Marketing Features

FieldEdge provides their customers with marketing features that include access to associations, coaching, and reputation management.

Pros and Cons

Reviews are generally high with customer service one aspect that is highly rated. There is a lot to learn with this program and it may be a steep learning curve for some individuals.

17. ServiceTitan

Service Titan homepage screenshot

ServiceTitan offers software for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, garage door, chimney sweep, and water treatment professionals.

Key Business Features

They provide service scheduling software, dispatch software, and call booking software. While in the field, employees have access to customized forms for different jobs. ServiceTitan has also connected with GreenSkyvFinancing to make finance options easier for customers.

Key Marketing Features

ServiceTitan includes a specific type of program for marketing called their Home Services Marketing Software. It includes a responsive heat map to help visualize current geographic trends, trackable phone numbers, and ROI data for marketing purposes.

Pros and Cons

Reviews for this software are generally positive with many reviewers stating how easy the software is to use and that there are many features. One review stated that there seems to be a lot of downtime for routine maintenance.

Read our full ServiceTitan review here.

18. FieldVibe

FieldVibe app for field service workers (trades)

FieldVibe is a scheduling app for field service professionals. It helps small HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, Lawn Care, Handyman, Appliance Repair, and other field services businesses schedule, dispatch, and manage their entire field operation from a single app.

Key Business Features

FieldVibe allows you to schedule, dispatch and track your jobs and field staff, offering real-time GPS tracking, time tracking, job creation, job calendar, notes and photo attachments, task lists, and time and revenue reporting.

Key Marketing Features

Features include automated SMS reminders and typing-free late-to-job texts. They also provide different educational materials on their blog.

Visit FieldVibe here.