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Our Detailed Fergus Software Review (Enjoyed Using This)

Screenshot of site homepage for the software Fergus.

What do you do whenever you see exponential growth in an industry? The obvious answer is to capitalize on it. Fergus is an application that is meant to help blue-collar service businesses run more efficiently. While there’s plenty of apps on the market that does this, Fergus just does it so much better. We’ve sat down with the application and learn more about its awesome features. We’re here today to bring you some insights on this app and why you should definitely (totally) start using it as of yesterday.

Methodology:  We did a full trial run of this software and have a very good understanding of how it works.

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What is this software?

Fergus uses cloud-based technology to bring you a job organization application that can help you organize your company. The application is designed to help smaller to midsized businesses organize their workflow and provide them with various unique applications that can help you get ahead. The application is dynamic enough to cater to your specific needs and avoids a one-size-fits-all approach to problem-solving. This means that you’re going to be working with the best tools in the industry so you don’t have to bust your butt figuring out those tiny details of your daily jobs. This nifty little app does it all for you in the palm of your hand.

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Which Small Business Industries is This Software Geared Toward?

Companies that provide maintenance services benefit the most from Fergus. It’s pretty awesome how HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and other blue-collar companies can get the most bang out of their buck with this awesome app!

What’s Involved With Setting it Up?

Fergus is an incredibly intuitive app that makes the set-up process fairly simple In fact, it’s so simple that even those who aren’t even computer savvy can set this thing up in a matter of minutes. The first thing that you have to do is create an account with Fergus. All you will need to do here is to provide them with the usual: a working email, phone number, and a business name.

Fergus Setting Up Page

The application provides you with a free trial to determine if you want to use their services or not (hint: use it!). After you have set up your account the application will ask you to sign in to fill in some details. Thankfully there are plenty of useful in-app tools that can help you with your selection.

Fergus Welcome Page

Setting up the application is incredibly easy and it takes you right into the meat and potatoes of the program after you have initially created your account.

What Devices Does Fergus Work On?

As mentioned before, Fergus can work on a variety of devices that are available on the market. Businesses are using everything at their disposal on the job site and thus need something that is flexible and can work on all platforms. At the moment, the two biggest competitors in the smart-device market are Android and iPhone devices. This means that you Android enthusiasts and iPhone fanatics can finally share something for once.

Fortunately, Fergus works on both of these platforms and can be configured to fit the needs of your specific device. Fergus can also be used on tablets as well. Some companies prefer to use tablets whenever their employees are out in the field. This incredible application can also be used on your desktop as well. All you have to do is log into to reach the service. The application will update across all devices no matter which version you’re using at the time. Its intuitiveness is unrivaled in the world of job management solutions and just looks so sleek!

What Features Does Fergus Automate for Me?

There are dozens of features on the application that end up getting automated. Quoting and estimating are features that can help you plan for the best in the future based upon previous records. It’ll keep track of trends and recommend that you follow them for an epic win. The application also provides business reporting to help you get the analytics that you need in order to make your business thrive.

Features That Fergus Provides

Now we can finally talk about what makes Fergus so incredible. There are dozens of features here that I would like to cover to get you, the reader, a better idea of what this platform is designed to do. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and I want to provide as much in-depth commentary about these features to help you better understand what this application can provide for your business. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes Fergus so great.


Fergus Events page

The events page is one of the primary features of the application. It allows you to schedule events in the future for yourself or your employees (make sure to schedule those days off to get some golf games in!). The events page comes with two different types of options that you can choose: unscheduled or unassigned.

Unscheduled Section


The unscheduled section provides you with information about a particular job that is in your queue. For example, you can see the name of the business or residential property that is to be serviced that includes notes that you can use to keep track of important repairs or other job-specific notifications that you will need in the future. This will make it easier for you the next time you need to take care of that persistent leaking sink at Johnson’s residence.

Fergus Trial Job

Upon selecting a job in the unscheduled section, you can see more details about the job itself. Here you have the option to use checklists, time entries, various hazards, stocks on hand, and more. Other items that are provided to you in this section include:

  • Supplier documents
  • Purchase orders
  • Assign and schedule
  • Signing off on plans
  • Invoices
  • Various notes

This section provides business owners with a variety of options that will help them keep organized whenever it comes to any task that they need to get done. In other words, Fergus is here to prevent you from pulling your hair out and constantly calling your administrative assistant to find out what’s next on the agenda.

Fergus Unassigned Section

The unassigned section will give you the option to take the same jobs that have been posted and assign them to whoever you need to. This can include anyone in your company including management and employees.

Status Board

Fergus Status Board

That status board provides all employees and managers with a real-time ability to track what is pending and completed. The status board will use the information from the event page and other pages on the application to provide you with information on what needs to get done. This is a fantastic module that will help managers prioritize what needs to get taken care of first in a color-coded section. The colors are a nice touch and help give a visual indicator of what you need to get done first. Green means relax, red means slam on the gas pedal.

Notice Board

Fergus Notice Board

The notice board is a great tool to provide a universal message to all of your employees in one convenient place. Simply place a message and all who have access to your company’s Fergus page will be able to see what you have relayed to them. This is a great place to send some information about important jobs or invite them to that big company Christmas party that’s just around the corner. The possibilities are endless here!

Time Sheet

Fergus Timesheet

One of the most powerful tools that any modern job application can provide to owners is an integrated timesheet. This feature allows individuals to take a look at their timesheet logs for their employees and themselves. Upon first glance, you will see an overview of what the application has logged in accordance with the amount of time your employees have worked.

Fergus Timesheet Summary

However, the summary option provides you with a more in-depth look at a weekly timesheet. This can help business owners figure out their timesheets and who may need more or fewer hours on their team. That’ll help you keep an eye on those workaholics on the team and who needs some time off.

Fergus New Uncharged Time

You also have the option to add a time slot onto your timesheet by pressing the plus button at the top-right screen. This will allow you to add a new uncharged time slot to the initial timesheet in the event that you need to make an edit, which by the way, happens all the time in normal businesses (Fergus really did their homework on this one).


This simple section acts similar to the notice board. However, there are more functions that a user can find here in the notifications section. You will receive notifications in the event that you become assigned to a job, get removed from a job, receive a message, or anything pertinent that requires your attention. The notifications apply directly to a user and cannot be seen by anyone else whereas the notice board can be seen by everyone who is using the application in your business.


Fergus Tasks Page

This section can help an individual keep track of the tasks that they have been assigned. You have the ability to manually add a task in this section that will provide a due date with it.

Fergus Tasks Page

You can also view completed tasks to keep track of the things that you have already done.

Search Function

The search function will allow you to look for any jobs or specific customer information in Fergus’ database. This is an incredibly handy tool that can come into play whenever you need to reference something quickly on the job site. It’ll help you avoid an awkward situation on location whenever you need to find past references of jobs completed when your clients have completely forgotten. Seriously, this happens more than you think!

Creating a Job

Fergus Creating a Job

Creating a job should be one of the easiest things that an application can do for your production flow. I mean, that’s the entire point of a do-it-all-app, right? Fortunately, this feature will allow you to customize the details of a job that can then be assigned to anyone in the most convenient ways.

You have the option to select an existing customer or create a new customer. The feature also allows you to upload the same site address from before if the customer has repeat jobs for your company. You also have an option to determine whether or not the job type is a charge up, estimate, or simply a quote. This will help you keep everything organized nice and neat for those future return jobs for those repeat clients.

Health and Safety

Fergus Incidents Page

Too often do employees end up getting injured on the job. I’d make a joke here, but unfortunately getting injured on the job site is a serious deal. Fortunately, there are countermeasures that can be taken that will help you keep track of these incidents and provide medical information to your staff.

The health and safety feature of Fergus is by far one of the best and most important. You have the ability to take a look at near misses and incidents, medical centers, and health and safety policies that your company provides.

The incidents section will allow you to take note of any incidents that have happened at any time. Whether someone stubbed their toe or fell off a ladder, Fergus keeps track of it all. This documentation feature will allow you to take a closer look at the incident and determine whether or not it was a near-miss or worse. You will also have the option to provide your team with the location of various medical centers around you.


Fergus Settings Page

What would an application be without a settings option? It is here that you have the ability to customize a couple of options that will help you optimize your Fergus accessibility.

  • The GPS location option will let you determine your current location. This is perfect for finding jobs in an easier fashion.
  • Your camera configuration option will help you set up your camera in the event that you need to take pictures on the job site and upload them directly to Fergus’ servers.
  • The notifications option can let you choose who you receive your notifications.
  • Signature capture lets you upload your signature to be automatically applied to all the things that you need to be signed.
  • Device info simply supplies you with the latest changelog and an ability to clear your local cache to make room for more processing power.

Contact Us

Fergus Contact Us Page

Got a question? Send a customer support ticket to the professionals and they’ll reply in no time at all (at least they did for me).

Pros and Cons of Fergus

While Fergus is a solid application, it is hardly perfect in any way. However, we did compile a pros and cons list that will help tl;dr this entire review for those looking for the gist of this.


  • Fergus allows for quick invoicing at the push of a button.
  • It can connect to your accounting software easily.
  • Fergus allows you to process your invoices remotely away from a desktop computer.
  • An incredibly intuitive program that anyone can pick up and learn.
  • Great customer service that is there to help.
  • Plenty of customization options.


  • The cost may be offputting for some smaller companies out there.
  • Occasional crashes when processing too many things at once.
  • Minor details can be hard to find and edit if you are not technologically savvy.
  • There are no marketing options integrated into the application to help you find jobs on your preferred marketplace of choice.


Being able to integrate Fergus into your other applications can help you in more ways than one. Here are all the applications and services that Fergus can integrate with:

  • Accounting packages: MYOB AccountRight Live and Xero
  • Ideal Electrical
  • Chesters Invoice
  • J.A. Russel LTD
  • Middy’s
  • Mico and Mico LIVE
  • Plumbing World

These are only the known integrations at the moment. Fortunately, you can kick your heels together in excitement knowing that Fergus is working on some new integrations at this very moment. Keep checking back with them to find out more.

Customer Support

One of my favorite features of this application is customer support. I typically judge an application or service based upon the level of service that I get. Fortunately, Fergus did not disappoint. I received multiple follow-up emails from support specialists inside of Fergus after installing the application on my phone and playing around with the features. These support specialists were incredibly friendly and asked me if I needed any help. I was blown away by their prompt follow-up after I had downloaded the application. Let’s just say that this little encounter totally won me over.

Overall Rating

Finally, we have come to the verdict. This is my take on all of the features and the general value of the application. While everyone will have different experiences with this neat little app, I recommend that you totally get this application for your business.

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