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Are Fake Ferns Worth Buying? If So, Where to Buy the Best Fake Ferns?

We’re not anti-real plants. Quite the opposite. We have loads of plants, herbs, hanging baskets, flower beds and gardens in and outside our house.

However, when it comes to our covered deck, which we use year-around, hanging flowers aren’t an option.  All Spring and Summer we had hanging flowers. They looked great but were a nuisance to water.

So we bit the bullet and bought fake ferns in hanging pots for our covered deck to add some greenery to the space through the Winter. Who knows, we just might keep them there year-around.


Because they look amazing.  Check them out:

Fake ferns in hanging pots on covered deck

Close-up photo of the fake fern:

Close-up photo of fake fern

Looks pretty real, doesn’t it?

Where did we buy these fabulous fake ferns?

We bought them at Wayfair. Specifically, this fake fern at Wayfair. If you want one or some, I recommend these. They’re excellent.  Note, you don’t have to buy two like we did.  

Also, we spent an inordinate amount of time researching options. While this particular fake fern by Bay Isle Home is not the cheapest, it’s well worth the money because it looks real. We’ll have them for many years.

Are fake ferns worth it?

Yes, in specific situations. As you can see above, our hanging flowers suspend above our outdoor seating. This means we can’t water pots there because it drips all over the seating.  In order to water, we must take the hanging pots down. They’re heavy and a nuisance to move.  When water-logged, they are more difficult to hang back up.

So in our situation, fake ferns are absolutely worth it.  They add to the space big time.  

We don’t have too many other fake plants inside or out because all else being equal, we prefer real.  In this case, fake or faux as the highfalutin folk say, is well worth it.

Another photo close-up of our fake fern

Here’s a close-up of the other fern.

Close up faux fern plant