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17 Top Electrician Business Software Programs and Platforms

Electrician on job

When it comes to electrician companies, one of the biggest issues they face is that they are using outdated organizational systems. As electrician businesses are now handling hundreds of customers, they need to make dozens of dispatches every single day and have very complex schedules. Managing all these aspects of the business is critical for success in today’s fast-paced world.

Making even the simplest of mistakes can mean you lose your clients because there are so many other companies offering them the same service. So how do you tackle this problem? You leverage technology to stay ahead of your competition. Imagine that there was some way you could handle every part of your business from scheduling to the dispatching and even the CRM and invoicing by streamlining everything. What if there was a system in place that could save you literally hours worth of menial tasks, replace all your paperwork and provide you a singular platform that makes managing and organizing these things a breeze?

It’s important, of course, for an electrician to get it right the first time when choosing the primary software tool to support integration with all others needed for all business functions. The alternative is finding, too late, that you don’t have what you need and having to replace an entire system with another while conducting daily operations and trying to build a business. To help you avoid that dreaded outcome, we’ve put together this overview of some software platform options that are an appropriate fit for electricians:

That is pretty much what you can get through electrician business software. We are going to take a look at some of the best Field Service Management software that electrician businesses can capitalize on.

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1. FieldPulse

Screenshot of the homepage for FieldPulse.

=> Visit FieldPulse to learn more

To manage your service business remotely by WebApp, iOS or Android, the FieldPulse platform software makes scheduling, dispatching, and managing jobs that your techs are doing in the field all possible from wherever you are. For example, the platform enables adding notes and photos, attaching files, and providing updates, to keep everyone on any given job up-to-the-minute and on track. The package also features top-quality proposal and invoice forms, and it transmits documents directly from your location in the field to your customer or prospect. Customer relationship management tools enable lead and opportunity tracking throughout customer lifecycles.

Key Business Management Features:

  • Scheduling, dispatching, and work order management. Functions for adding notes, attaching files and photos, and updating.
  • Top-quality forms for creating estimates and invoices.
  • Lead tracking and quote submissions from the field.
  • Payment marking, invoice and estimate status tracking.
  • Comprehensive work order history files, including notes, photos, estimates, and invoices.
  • GPS location tagging and technician time tracking.
  • Secure payment collections from the field, through FieldPulse Payments. (Flat rate 2.9% on all transactions, keyed or swiped.)
  • Cloud data hosting and backup.
  • Attentive ongoing customer support for assistance with any issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy viewing of technicians’ schedules and availability.
  • Easy job scheduling and status tracking.
  • Convenient access to customer histories from any location.
  • Easy tracking of opportunities throughout customer lifecycles.
  • Peace of mind from cloud backup and strong platform user support.

Additional Information:

No hardware setup, no hardware maintenance costs.

No contract, no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no minimums, no cancellation fee. Pricing scales with your business’s needs as it grows. Scalable to any size business.

From $39 monthly, plus $10 per month for additional users. Register online for a free trial.

=> Visit FieldPulse to learn more

2. FieldWire

Screenshot of the homepage for Fieldwire.

The FieldWire (read our Fieldwire review here) comprehensive contractor operations management platform features software applications for viewing plans and as-built drawings. It also provides modules for managing tasks, scheduling, creating punch lists and conducting inspections, and generating reports and forms. Carrying your management command center with you allows you to perform tasks quickly in real-time and spend less time playing catch-up in the office after hours.

  • Track all tasks to be completed. Make notes of issues on customers’ sites.
  • Create punch lists and conveniently perform follow-up Inspections of listed items.
  • Mark up plans with notes, and by adding photos and video links.
  • Employ lean methods to manage scheduled tasks.
  • Customize PDF reports with project details, and schedule generation and distribution.
  • Activate push notifications for communications regarding specified tasks.

Key Business Management Features:

FieldWire provides critical tools for electricians who need to manage their businesses from anyplace, anytime. Features like Mobile plan viewing, markup, and as-built workspaces, and online transmission of timesheets and an array of digital reports enable fully remote management. For example, if you need to make last-minute changes in order to obtain customer approvals, you can do it wherever you are at the moment. No running back to the office to execute and send modifications.

  • The device-friendly platform enables viewing drawings on the web, iPhone OS (a.k.a. iOS), and Android.
  • Enables formal versioning, and automatically hyperlinks.
  • Provides for seamless Dropbox and Box integration.
  • Mobile editing capabilities make marking up and recording plans easy, even working offline.
  • Paper versions of reports, inspection requests, RFIs, RFQs, timesheets, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • The platform is Intuitively easy to use.
  • Documents can be quickly digitalized, which makes accessing and submitting documents more efficient in the field and in the office
  • The software platform is scalable to accommodate growth from small to huge projects (under $10m up to $1b).
  • Integrates with any technology via this cloud-based platform.

Additional Information:

Setup is quick.

Transparent pricing. All plans include unlimited projects and sheets. Your business’s price per user does not increase, regardless of the amount of use.

Accessible for setup through any tablet or phone, using any browser.

3. Tradify

Screenshot of the homepage for Tradify.

This comprehensive platform provides remove capabilities for booking and dispatching work orders to technicians. It is designed to make workflow management simple. It consolidates all your business’s documentation in a single central digital hub. For example, work orders and timesheets, once executed using pencil and paper and shuffled from office to archive are burdens of the past, along with the costs of maintaining paper files. The Tradify platform makes everything from staff activity tracking to materials management easy, from the field.

  • Generate quotes and invoices directly from your tablet or other mobile devices.
  • Updates between field and office teams in real-time.
  • Track and manage jobs online.
  • Sync platform with an accounting system.
  • Click to push invoices to QuickBooks, Xero, or other accounting programs.
  • Smart Scheduling maximizes time-management efficiency.

Key Business Management Features:

  • Easy invoice generation
  • Accurate quotes
  • Convenient real-time remote job management
  • Syncing with accounting systems helps keep bookkeeping up to date automatically.

Key Benefits:

  • Replace papers trail with digital documentation.
  • Streamlined booking with just six steps.
  • Organizes your business.
  • Free ongoing user support.

Additional Information:

Free setup training by live training specialist.

4. Pointman

Screenshot of the homepage for Pointman.

In addition to standard service business management platform features, such as workflow management, employee time tracking, payment processing, inventory tracking, and so on, Pointman features its unique hands-on business support services as a premier component of its package. For example, the provider offers analytics services, including pricing recommendations based on regional industry-specific data, The support team maintains on-call support, plus biweekly phone conferences with your dedicated Success Coach, to help improve billable hour efficiency, payment collection, and other metrics.

Read our detailed Pointman Software Review here.

Key Business Management Features:

  • Customer account management
  • Work order creation and technician dispatching
  • SLA management
  • Options for flexible pricing
  • Onsite presentation of proposals
  • Remote payment processing
  • Remote time card entries and tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Performance data monitoring, analysis, and recommendations

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and painless onboarding.
  • Immediate alerts about any operational or usage issues.
  • Personalized business management coaching.
  • Recommendations to improve service quality and business financial performance.

Additional Information:

‍Help through the initial setup of the system, data conversion, and migration into Pointman, setup of interface with QuickBooks.

Training for a business owner, technicians, and all administrative staff.

Dedicated services industry expert assigned as your Success Coach.

The nationwide online community of contractors, for mutual support, sharing information and insights on software use, staff management, marketing, and other field service business management topics.

5. Service Fusion

Screenshot of the homepage for Service Fusion.Service Fusion is designed to help field services businesses grow through repeat business. It streamlines workflow processes, which helps your team provide a more responsive and efficient service. The system merges customer data and other critical information into a centralized system. The consolidated bases enable quick information access, for enhanced customer file management, more efficient scheduling, and improved speed and accuracy in invoicing. The platform provides business owners with complete visibility throughout operations. For example, being able to view workflow processes as they’re performed allows easier and more informed management. It also helps maximize productivity and improve customer service.

Key Business Management Features:

  • Customer call management and scheduling system.
  • Notifications to customers that technicians are en route.
  • Syncs with QuickBooks, to display identical data.
  • Call tracking customized for field services contractors (® AI-facilitated VoIP system).
  • GPS vehicle tracking, for full-visibility monitoring of field technicians’ work activities.
  • Mobile apps, to enable field service workers to pick up and manage work orders on tablets and smartphones.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient to assign work orders, direct sales staff, and track the progress of projects.
  • Easy to schedule, dispatch, and send notifications from anywhere.
  • Auto entries into your accounting system speed up payment processing.
  • Helps manage costs, by having up-to-the-moment accounting status information.
  • All-in-one field platform for field service management streamlines operations.

Additional Information:

No contract. Flat-rate pricing, no fees per user.

Personalized onboarding.

=> Visit Service Fusion here to learn more.

6. ServiceBox

Screenshot of the homepage for ServiceBox.

This full-scope field services management platform is made for electrical, HVAC, and plumbing business management. ServiceBox is designed to make workflows more efficient. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks as well as Sage 50 and other popular small business accounting applications. This means, for example, no more man-hours spent on duplicating administrative work for technicians to enter information like payroll hours or invoice amounts and then have bookkeeping repeat the same entries in afterward in the office.

  • Customer and prospect interaction tracking, including reminders for future contacts.
  • Notifications of the upcoming expiration of prospects’ contracts with other service providers.
  • Creation, editing, sharing, and tracking of individual job sites, including notes on future needs.
  • Work order synchronization with job sites, for seamless scheduling and payroll time entries.
  • Maintenance checklists and generation of reports for customers.
  • Invoice generation based on quote, materials, and time, and blank invoices for optional manual quoting and billing.
  • Drag and drop scheduling function enables dropping work orders into open time slots.
  • Stripe payment collection system.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to assign tasks to any field or admin worker.
  • Easy access to recurring orders.
  • Advantages of pursuing opportunities as contracts with competitors expire.
  • Seamless integration with software programs.
  • Customers know you’re on your way.
  • Easy payment tracking.
  • Convenient and rapid management of quotes, work orders, and invoices.
  • Easy location of customers and jobs.
  • Convenient payment collection.
  • Save time on workers’ payroll time entry processes.
  • Eliminate allocations of time and space for maintaining wasteful paper trails.

Additional Information:

7. Commusoft

Screenshot of the homepage for Commusoft.

Commusoft is a field service operations management platform, designed to help a business deliver a better customer experience. In addition to standard functionality in providing quotes, forms for field inspections, parts ordering, vehicle tracking, and other management activities, the software system is designed to help keep customers updated on the progress of their work orders. For example, the Commusoft system notifies your customer when your field technician is en route and obtains feedback after the work is done.

Key Business Management Features:

  • Fast, branded PDF invoice creation from anyplace, transmitted via email or online portal.
  • Order management, organization of work and field technicians’ schedules.
  • Payment handling in the field.
  • Off-site parts ordering, quote creation, and inspection forms completion.
  • Vehicle tracking with detailed reporting.
  • Log of business assets, including type, model, maintenance history, and other details.
  • Digital signature capture technology, for customer sign-offs in the field.
  • Intelligent automated scheduling tool.
  • Auto-planned preventive maintenance schedules.
  • CRM system central storage for contacts, communications histories, and other details.
  • Innovative system for requesting updated parts prices from vendor selection, to include parts prices in bids.
  • Integrated mobile credit card processing system.
  • Customer appointment confirmation via SMS, to help ensure a technician can access the property.
  • Instant notification to technicians regarding job cancellations or changes.
  • Mobile application for techs to take photos and videos, and complete checklists.
  • Integrated accounting and payment tool integrations.
  • Instant invoicing with all work order information synced.
  • Overview of business from any location, remaining synced with your office, even without an internet signal.

Key Benefits:

  • Including parts pricing in quotes ensures appropriate profit margins.
  • Technicians have full remote access to information needed to perform their best.
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming paperwork.
  • Stay ideally organized, never losing track of customers’ information, services histories, etc.
  • Improved service and customer satisfaction, due to the quick feedback tool.
  • It can meet contractual obligations consistently, by monitoring SLAs.
  • Protection from dead signal areas with the system that stays synced even when offline.
  • Parts tracking and re-ordering.
  • Reduced the number of failed attempts to provide service due to property inaccessibility.

Additional Information:

Free, no-obligation demo.

Dedicated client success agent works with business owners on configuration and implementation.

Training and implementation package for any sized company, designed for smooth adaptation.

8. WorkWave Service®

Screenshot of the homepage for WorkWave Service®

The WorkWave platform unifies a field service business’s administrative and field operations through a consolidated system for recording and managing customers’ service histories. This includes job scheduling, GPS tracking, facilitating billing, populating detailed reports, and providing field technicians with quick access to all data needed to perform their work out in the field. All the tasks that once required a lot more administrative office work can now be done directly by the technician in the field, and the mountains of paperwork generated over the course of just an average year, are now replaced by digital files.

  • Automated appointment booking, and optimized dispatching.
  • Field team management, GPS tracking, real-time updates from technicians.
  • Remote service business management functionality from any device at any location.
  • Flexible scheduling capabilities, with automated field technician dispatching function.
  • Automated communications prompt, for notifications of changes, etc.
  • Custom KPI tracking, with detailed reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Unifies operations, maximizing efficiency, and facilitating fuller focus on service quality.
  • Empowers workers and reduces time waste, with a seamless, user-friendly platform.
  • State-of-the-art dispatching system saves time on route planning, reduces fuel costs.
  • Payment processing is faster, and cash flow processes are streamlined by advanced invoicing.
  • It can ensure happier customers by receiving reports of their experience after work completion.

Additional Information:

Scales with your business growth.

Partnering program provides opportunities to create a revenue channel selling by referring, or integrating with the vendor’s software sales force.

9. FieldEdge

Screenshot of the homepage for FieldEdge.

FieldEdge puts powerful, user-friendly service management tools in the hands of technicians, to help them more effectively manage their time, and more effectively upsell to increase ticket size in the field. For example, the system allows immediate access to key customer sales information, such as pending SLA expirations. Smart dispatch technology identifies the tech best suited for each job. The software is designed to increase accuracy and reduce duplication of tasks. All accounting-related inputs are auto-entered into QuickBooks, in one seamlessly combined set of systems.

Key Management Features:

  • Invoice transmission directly into QuickBooks, from the field, without data entry.
  • Overview of business results, for quick identification of areas of needed improvement.
  • Scheduling from any location.
  • Dashboards display up-to-the-minute, running overview of the business, from anyplace.
  • View of expiring SLAs, and of technicians that are making the most money for the business.
  • Mobile payment processing of any payment type (credits, debits, checks, etc.).
  • Marketing spends tracking.

Key Benefits:

  • Going paperless means more time to focus on service and increase profitability.
  • Faster billing and payment collection.
  • Increase recurring income by monitoring SLAs.
  • Powerful, user-friendly technology increases overall business efficiency.
  • Technology-empowered field service workers can get more done each day and be more effective as salespeople.
  • Tracking your marketing spending helps you sell smarter.
  • Full integration of QuickBooks cuts time and work spent on duplicating accounting entries.
  • Overview of business operations and metrics help identify areas of needed improvement.

Additional Information:

An expert on the platform will walk through the platform functions with you.

The software company has over 40 years’ experience and over 15,000 users.

10. ServiceTitan

Screenshot of the homepage for ServiceTitan.

ServiceTitan is a popular software platform for commercial service providers. It provides a single point of information entry and access for communications, scheduling, document management, and service order processing. It also provides the business hub for the management of marketing, sales, inventory control, payroll tracking, SLAs, and accounting processes. Monitor your business’s activities and performance in real-time from any remote location. For example, you can view the current status of open work orders, from any location, and engage with technicians on real-time issues, as needed.

Key Management Features:

  • Generate reports, manage inventory and equipment, track payroll
  • Management SLAs
  • Collect payments
  • Manage sales and marketing
  • Integrate with Accounting programs
  • Manage customer services.
  • Manage scheduling and dispatching.
  • Customers’ service histories
  • Equipment and inventory tracking
  • Communications tracking for all customers and opportunities
  • Collect customer feedback.

Key Benefits:

  • Enables quicker growth, by freeing up time for increased sales and service volume.
  • Enhances customer experience, for increased repeat business.
  • Reduces cost by automating tasks.
  • Enables unmatched flexibility and freedom to run your business from wherever you are.
  • Improves conversion rates with visual sales experience technology.
  • Generate more opportunities, by analyzing office staff’s conversions of calls to appointments.
  • It can ensure adherence to industry best practices in customer services by receiving feedback.
  • Can be aware of important events in real-time (such as canceled appointments).

Additional Information:

Powerful platform

Relatively easy to use

Read our detailed ServiceTitan review here.

11. Synchroteam

Most electrician companies have a large mobile workforce. One of the biggest advantages that electrician business software brings to the table is being able to manage a large mobile workforce in an efficient manner. With Synchroteam, you can make the whole business management process a simpler affair, thereby improving the efficiency of your workforce and optimizing your business expenditures.

Synchroteam is an electrician business software that boasts features like time tracking, Google maps, reporting, job management, calendar, scheduling, dispatch CRM and inventory management. Since it follows a cloud-based software as a service format, Synchroteam software can be accessed through the internet on computers and on mobile devices. The software also integrates easily with Zoho and Xero CRM.

Field Service Management software is great for a wide array of service providers, including pest control, plumbing, maintenance and most importantly, electrician businesses. It is a powerful tool that provides a customized solution for electrician businesses.

12. Housecall ProElectrician looking at tablet

Field Service Management software like Housecall Pro is supporting professionals in every aspect of their day-to-day work-related affairs. Everything from scheduling to customer database and payment processing among many other aspects of the business are organized into one convenient package with Housecall Pro. It even comes with integration that gives it access to the consumer booking app by Housecall.

Housecall Pro is essentially a tool that allows electricians to operate their entire business through the app on their phone. It handles the aspect of workflow, which covers customer database, invoicing, payment processing, dispatching technicians and job scheduling, among a lot of other operational aspects of the business.

Through technological advances, Housecall Pro effectively makes the electrician business industry a more level playing field. Smaller businesses can utilize the advantages offered to them by the streamlined operational processes of this electrician business software. An all-in-

one tool for small businesses, it allows professionals to offer their customers a chance to do away with all the hectic pen and paperwork and instead move towards the digital side. That makes things more convenient for both the business and consumers.

13. Jobberelectrician equipment

Field Service Management software makes it easier for various service companies to organize their day-to-day business operations. Jobber is a cloud-based platform that is one of the foremost software choices for electrician businesses. It has been designed to be fast and simple to use, while being easy to learn. Jobber offers a diverse range of tools that can help a business get the job done right.

Jobber can cater to the needs of different kinds of businesses, from computer repair to maid services. When it comes to the electrician business, it comes in very handy. With hundreds of customers to cater to and multiple dispatches in a single day, managing the job schedule based

on the location and availability of the technicians can become challenging. Instead of having to resort to multiple avenues, apps and channels to make sense of what is happening, electricians can use Jobber to make their life easier. Bringing together all the intricacies of the business operations and organizing them into a single platform, Jobber also eliminates the need for third-party accounting systems.

Electrician businesses are able to keep better track of the job details and the details of their customers. It provides everything that the business will need to make things work faster. Employees can access the information that they need whenever they need it on the field. Managers get to have a complete record of the visit that the employees make on their dispatches. Quality control and efficiency are two important advantages that this field service management software brings.

14. RazorSyncsmiling electrician

A Field Service Management software, RazorSync does an effective job as an electrician business software. Service professionals can easily schedule and track jobs using RazorSync. Other than that, service professionals can use this software to manage other aspects, such as getting proper estimates, managing workers, getting quotes, updating customer records in-office or even from the job site. The amount of time wasted trying to organize everything and the operational costs cut down through this software allow businesses to boost their operations. You can expect improved customer satisfaction levels, shorter billing cycles and gain more customers.

RazorSync allows for an easier way to organize your business operations. You can manage your customers and field workers a lot better. With the Google Maps integration, scheduling and routing dispatches becomes more efficient. From the corporate side, excessive paperwork will be eliminated and there will be no chance of double entry that can mess up your records. Estimating the bill, quotations, making invoices and accepting payments is also streamlined as it is all in one place using the RazorSync software. All of this combines to effectively cut down the number of hours wasted every week.

15. Smart Service Softwareelectrician at work

A direct QuickBooks add-on, Smart Service Software adds dispatching and scheduling among many other things. This effectively turns QuickBooks into a one-stop solution for the modern field service companies when it comes to addressing their administrative needs. Other than adding the aspects of scheduling and dispatching to QuickBooks, it also adds customer management, time tracking, inventory management, estimates, digital forms, workforce tracking, service histories, routing and work orders. All of these are incredibly useful features that combine to make an effective solution for electrician businesses.

Smart Service Software is an electrician business software that helps businesses manage their customers, optimize the travel routes of their dispatches, easily schedule the jobs they work on, track the vehicles they use, manage their assets, document all the work being done with pictures and it even helps them analyze their marketing (if they need to).

Since Smart Service is basically an add-on to QuickBooks, you do not have to worry about adding the information on to QuickBooks separately. It automatically duplicates the data and

adds it into QuickBooks in real-time. For all the problems that the companies face with double entry of information, this electrician business software also eliminates human errors, making it possible to enter a specific piece of data just once. All of this combines to help businesses keep a better track of all their work since it gets collected and organized into just one centralized location. Read our Smart Service review here.

16. Kickservelectrician tools on table

An internet-based CRM application, Kickserv is an electrician business software that is highly effective in multiple areas of the field service industry. Easy to use, it is a solution that offers better customer relationship management, estimates, shared calendar management, scheduling, invoicing, mobile access, dispatching and a lot more. It is also capable of

synchronizing with QuickBooks, which means that you no longer have to worry about the problem of double entry or any mistakes that human error can cause because of that. It saves both time and money for businesses looking to streamline their business operations.

Since all of the data is in one platform, it makes things easier for businesses. They can view all the information that tells them about the performance of their business and allows them to point out any problematic areas to increase productivity and efficiency. The automated statuses on Kickserv can help users stay atop the work that they are doing and manage their projects easily.

From collecting payments from customers to leading and managing a team, everything becomes a lot more convenient.

Read our full Kickserv review here.

17. Ferguselectrical tape

Fergus is a job management software that uses a cloud-based technology to give electrician businesses the perfect tools they need to schedule, calculate estimates, make quotations, conduct job tracking, time tracking, back costing, reporting and invoicing, among many other things. There is also a status board which comes with Fergus that allows users to track business performance and anything else which they need to focus on their business operations. This also includes the vital aspect of queries raised whenever there are any problems.

The responsibilities and job progress get stored in the job cards, which come with the necessary photos, files and any other documents that are relevant. The information from the site visits can be properly organized for each visit. This gives businesses the ease with which they can track the progress of work during the different stages of the job.

Since it also has an integrated calendar, scheduling becomes a simple matter of drag-and-drop

when using Fergus. Your staff can be assigned to specific roles that they need to take on for the company using this electrician business software as well. For every job, the charges and uncharged time can also be logged in. In fact, users can even take advantage of the integrated timer within the Fergus apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

Read our detailed Fergus software review.

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