7 Top Electrician Business Software Programs and Platforms

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If you're an electrician running your business, whether a sole proprietorship or large company with many employees, you can grow and better your business with the right electrician business software. Check out these top rated electrician software options.

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When it comes to electrician companies, one of the biggest issues they face is that they are using outdated organizational systems. As electrician businesses are now handling hundreds of customers, they need to make dozens of dispatches every single day and have very complex schedules. Managing all these aspects of the business is critical for success in today’s fast-paced world.

Making even the simplest of mistakes can mean you lose your clients because there are so many other companies offering them the same service. So how do you tackle this problem? You leverage technology to stay ahead of your competition. Imagine that there was some way you could handle every part of your business from scheduling to the dispatching and even the CRM and invoicing by streamlining everything. What if there was a system in place that could save you literally hours worth of menial tasks, replace all your paperwork and provide you a singular platform that makes managing and organizing these things a breeze?

That is pretty much what you can get through electrician business software. We are going to take a look at some of the best Field Service Management software that electrician businesses can capitalize on.

1. Synchroteam

Most electrician companies have a large mobile workforce. One of the biggest advantages that electrician business software brings to the table is being able to manage a large mobile workforce in an efficient manner. With Synchroteam, you can make the whole business management process a simpler affair, thereby improving the efficiency of your workforce and optimizing your business expenditures.

Synchroteam is an electrician business software that boasts features like time tracking, Google maps, reporting, job management, calendar, scheduling, dispatch CRM and inventory management. Since it follows a cloud-based software as a service format, Synchroteam software can be accessed through the internet on computers and on mobile devices. The software also integrates easily with Zoho and Xero CRM.

Field Service Management software is great for a wide array of service providers, including pest control, plumbing, maintenance and most importantly, electrician businesses. It is a powerful tool that provides a customized solution for electrician businesses.

2. Housecall ProElectrician looking at tablet

Field Service Management software like Housecall Pro is supporting professionals in every aspect of their day-to-day work-related affairs. Everything from scheduling to customer database and payment processing among many other aspects of the business are organized into one convenient package with Housecall Pro. It even comes with integration that gives it access to the consumer booking app by Housecall.

Housecall Pro is essentially a tool that allows electricians to operate their entire business through the app on their phone. It handles the aspect of workflow, which covers customer database, invoicing, payment processing, dispatching technicians and job scheduling, among a lot of other operational aspects of the business.

Through technological advances, Housecall Pro effectively makes the electrician business industry a more level playing field. Smaller businesses can utilize the advantages offered to them by the streamlined operational processes of this electrician business software. An all-in-

one tool for small businesses, it allows professionals to offer their customers a chance to do away with all the hectic pen and paperwork and instead move towards the digital side. That makes things more convenient for both the business and consumers.

3. Jobberelectrician equipment

Field Service Management software makes it easier for various service companies to organize their day-to-day business operations. Jobber is a cloud-based platform that is one of the foremost software choices for electrician businesses. It has been designed to be fast and simple to use, while being easy to learn. Jobber offers a diverse range of tools that can help a business get the job done right.

Jobber can cater to the needs of different kinds of businesses, from computer repair to maid services. When it comes to the electrician business, it comes in very handy. With hundreds of customers to cater to and multiple dispatches in a single day, managing the job schedule based

on the location and availability of the technicians can become challenging. Instead of having to resort to multiple avenues, apps and channels to make sense of what is happening, electricians can use Jobber to make their life easier. Bringing together all the intricacies of the business operations and organizing them into a single platform, Jobber also eliminates the need for third-party accounting systems.

Electrician businesses are able to keep better track of the job details and the details of their customers. It provides everything that the business will need to make things work faster. Employees can access the information that they need whenever they need it on the field. Managers get to have a complete record of the visit that the employees make on their dispatches. Quality control and efficiency are two important advantages that this field service management software brings.

4. RazorSyncsmiling electrician

A Field Service Management software, RazorSync does an effective job as an electrician business software. Service professionals can easily schedule and track jobs using RazorSync. Other than that, service professionals can use this software to manage other aspects, such as getting proper estimates, managing workers, getting quotes, updating customer records in-office or even from the job site. The amount of time wasted trying to organize everything and the operational costs cut down through this software allow businesses to boost their operations. You can expect improved customer satisfaction levels, shorter billing cycles and gain more customers.

RazorSync allows for an easier way to organize your business operations. You can manage your customers and field workers a lot better. With the Google Maps integration, scheduling and routing dispatches becomes more efficient. From the corporate side, excessive paperwork will be eliminated and there will be no chance of double entry that can mess up your records. Estimating the bill, quotations, making invoices and accepting payments is also streamlined as it is all in one place using the RazorSync software. All of this combines to effectively cut down the number of hours wasted every week.

5. Smart Service Softwareelectrician at work

A direct QuickBooks add-on, Smart Service Software adds dispatching and scheduling among many other things. This effectively turns QuickBooks into a one-stop solution for the modern field service companies when it comes to addressing their administrative needs. Other than adding the aspects of scheduling and dispatching to QuickBooks, it also adds customer management, time tracking, inventory management, estimates, digital forms, workforce tracking, service histories, routing and work orders. All of these are incredibly useful features that combine to make an effective solution for electrician businesses.

Smart Service Software is an electrician business software that helps businesses manage their customers, optimize the travel routes of their dispatches, easily schedule the jobs they work on, track the vehicles they use, manage their assets, document all the work being done with pictures and it even helps them analyze their marketing (if they need to).

Since Smart Service is basically an add-on to QuickBooks, you do not have to worry about adding the information on to QuickBooks separately. It automatically duplicates the data and

adds it into QuickBooks in real-time. For all the problems that the companies face with double entry of information, this electrician business software also eliminates human errors, making it possible to enter a specific piece of data just once. All of this combines to help businesses keep a better track of all their work since it gets collected and organized into just one centralized location.

6. Kickservelectrician tools on table

An internet-based CRM application, Kickserv is an electrician business software that is highly effective in multiple areas of the field service industry. Easy to use, it is a solution that offers better customer relationship management, estimates, shared calendar management, scheduling, invoicing, mobile access, dispatching and a lot more. It is also capable of

synchronizing with QuickBooks, which means that you no longer have to worry about the problem of double entry or any mistakes that human error can cause because of that. It saves both time and money for businesses looking to streamline their business operations.

Since all of the data is in one platform, it makes things easier for businesses. They can view all the information that tells them about the performance of their business and allows them to point out any problematic areas to increase productivity and efficiency. The automated statuses on Kickserv can help users stay atop the work that they are doing and manage their projects easily.

From collecting payments from customers to leading and managing a team, everything becomes a lot more convenient.

7. Ferguselectrical tape

Fergus is a job management software that uses a cloud-based technology to give electrician businesses the perfect tools they need to schedule, calculate estimates, make quotations, conduct job tracking, time tracking, back costing, reporting and invoicing, among many other things. There is also a status board which comes with Fergus that allows users to track business performance and anything else which they need to focus on their business operations. This also includes the vital aspect of queries raised whenever there are any problems.

The responsibilities and job progress get stored in the job cards, which come with the necessary photos, files and any other documents that are relevant. The information from the site visits can be properly organized for each visit. This gives businesses the ease with which they can track the progress of work during the different stages of the job.

Since it also has an integrated calendar, scheduling becomes a simple matter of drag-and-drop

when using Fergus. Your staff can be assigned to specific roles that they need to take on for the company using this electrician business software as well. For every job, the charges and uncharged time can also be logged in. In fact, users can even take advantage of the integrated timer within the Fergus apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

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