Drywall Cost Calculator: (How Much Does Installing Drywall Cost)?

Room in home freshly drywalled

Use our drywall cost calculator to figure out how much it will cost to install drywall. We include DIY cost calculations as well as the cost to hire a drywall pro.

Most homes incorporate some drywall. It’s a standard wall and ceiling surface material.

It’s not cheap to do. Materials and tools cost adds up. If you hire a professional, those costs can add up especially if you have difficult surfaces to drywall.

Our readers include people who love to do home improvement projects themselves as well as people who prefer hiring a contractor to do it. For that reason, our drywall costing calculator below provides “materials-only” cost estimate as well as the additional costs for hiring a professional.

Please note our calculators for guideline purposes only given there are many variables involved. Moreover, the resulting calculations are not a cost quote. We do not offer, provide or broker home improvement services.

Drywall Cost Calculator

Below is a calculator to estimate the cost to drywall a room or rooms based on the total surface area (square footage) to be drywalled. Please note that the calculator is based on assumed material and contractor costs. We used mid-range cost figures. Accordingly, the actual cost may vary depending on materials, your location (drywall professional fees vary by location) and other factors. This calculator is intended to be a guideline only. It is not a professional quote.

At the bottom of this article, we set out the assumptions made to generate the calculations.

Drywall Sq. Ft. Calculator

Below is a calculator to determine the total square feet you wish to drywall. If you plan on drywalling more than 8 walls (or surface areas), simply note down the total and then use the calculator again. If you have oddly shaped surface areas to be drywalled you may not get a precise result.


The first calculator above (Drywall Cost Calculator) is based on the following assumptions:

  • Drywall sheet: $13 USD per sheet which comes to $.40 per sq. ft.
  • Screws: $6.50 per pound.
  • Mud: $15 per bucket.
  • Tape: $.02 per sq. ft. (based on $2.00 per linear foot).
  • Contractor: $1.50 per sq. ft. Includes mud and taping labor as well. Does not include the cost of materials. Please note a drywall professional may obtain materials at a lower cost due to buying power or they may charge a mark up that results in materials costing more than the calculation. You will want to discuss the breakdown of labor and materials costs with any professional you hire. Moreover, if you have a huge amount of surface sq. ft. to drywall, this assumed labor cost may be lower per sq. ft.


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