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Top 50 DIY Websites

DIY Website

There are so many good DIY websites out there for DIY woodwork to building an extension from either business website owners with professional websites and tons of functionality for their customers to DIY enthusiasts wanting to share their skills, as well as using the very best DIY tools to the right clothing.

Here are the top 50 we could find. Feel free to visit any of them today!

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1. Instructables: Learn all about a variety of fun DIY projects on this website. It includes sections devoted to technology, crafts, home products, gardening and much more. You can even learn about robotics projects that you can create on your own through the site.

2. The DIY Network: The DIY Network is one of the most prominent cable and satellite television channels around. The website for the channel lists information on DIY projects you can complete at home. This includes detailed information on things that have been highlighted on the channel’s many programs. It particularly has topics on outdoor living projects.

3. Lifehacker: Lifehacker is a site that provides you with DIY topics and a number of tips to make your life more enjoyable. It includes topics relating to your health, decorating your home, managing technology in your life and much more. The information on the site is easy to understand and includes many photos relating to how to complete certain jobs.

4. Make: Make a site that provides you with information on how to create a number of crafts. You can learn about great patterns for different DIY projects and find information on how to get certain products to keep your work going right. This site has sections devoted to electronics, wood, metal, and science.

5. Do It Yourself: The title of this website is self-explanatory in terms of what it has to offer. It helps you learn how to complete a variety of tasks at home. It includes all the necessary steps required to help you figure out how to complete some great tasks.

6. Green Upgrader: This DIY site focuses heavily on sustainable living. It includes topics relating to how to use green ideas for making your life a little brighter and energy efficient. You will learn more points all about upgrading your life and being a little greener on the site.

7. Craftster: This is a crowd-supported website that has detailed information on a number of great DIY projects. You can use this site to learn about crochet patterns, woodwork projects and much more. It includes many tutorials to help you understand how to complete certain DIY projects too.

8. Ana White: The Ana White website has various details on how to create great woodwork projects. It includes topics on everything from making your own furniture to creating a smaller dollhouse.

9. Curbly: Home décor is the key part of this DIY site although it does have a variety of other sections dedicated to various types of projects. The site has many topics on gardening and preparing woodwork projects as well.

10. Instructables: Instructions on how to complete an assorted variety of tasks are included right on this site. This page includes topics on how to complete a number of appealing tasks including how to build items from a variety of recycled materials. The details on the site are made with a number of key points in mind to help you get the most out of anything you want in your life.

11. The Family Handyman: Reader’s Digest publishes the Family Handyman guide as a report on how to complete a variety of tasks in your home. The site for the Family Handyman provides you with DIY projects relating to electric work, organizing items, plumbing, and automotive projects among many other points.

12. Today’s Homeowner: Learn more about how to take control of your home improvement plans through the Today’s Homeowner website. It has more than three thousand articles and videos relating to preparing new projects in your home.

13. Natural Handyman: Visit the Natural Handyman website to learn more about how to complete DIY projects around the home. It has a full library for you to look around. It also has a question and answer section that includes topics on all your DIY projects.

14. Acme How-To: Acme How-To has a full series of topics for you to check out when learning how to complete a number of tasks. It includes a full glossary of terms to help you understand the many things that come with completing certain tasks.

15. DIY Chatroom: The extensive series of articles and reports on the DIY Chatroom include many topics from the vast forums on the site. It has points on how to work with appliances, identifying problems in machines and so forth. You can even ask questions on this site about the things you need to get fixed in any case.

16. Easy 2 DIY: Easy 2 DIY helps you get the measurements needed for completing a variety of DIY tasks. It has calculators to help you figure out how many floor tiles or wallpaper pieces you need as well as paint among other points. Lists of tools needed to complete tasks are also included so you can prepare for your work accordingly.

17. Home Doctor: This DIY website focuses heavily on home renovation projects. It has topics on air conditioners, windows, doors, heating systems, bathrooms and just about everything else you might want to work within your home. It has tips on how to use the right materials and other items in your home to complete your projects the right way.

18. DIYNot: This British site has instructions on how to complete projects relating to cleaning off tough spaces in your home, securing your home and much more. You can also learn about common DIY errors and how to avoid them.

19. Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself: Better Homes and Gardens has its own DIY page that will help you learn all about how to create your own projects of all sorts. The information all around the site includes topics on preparing your garden and how to maintain insulation among many other key points.

20. EHow: One of the most trusted names in the world of DIY projects, the EHow website will help you learn all about what you can do in order to create a better overall DIY project. The site has points on saving money, improving your home, using technology the right way and much more. The topics on the site are diverse and will provide you with many points for getting the most out of your home.

21. Apartment Therapy: You don’t have to live in an apartment in order to use the tips and points listed on the Apartment Therapy website. This site has information on everything you can do in order to get your home organized without spending too much money. It has an extensive section on working with storage solutions within your home.

22. Mother Earth News: Mother Earth News is one of the top websites around in terms of the world of environmental topics and news. The site also has a large DIY section that helps you learn about how complete all sorts of tasks at home relating to preserving foods, using renewable energy and much more. The key focus of this site is about green living.

23. Low-Tech Magazine: Low-Tech focuses heavily on basic procedures for completing various DIY tasks. It does not have much of a concern over high-tech products or newer items as it focuses heavily on working with lighter procedures that are easier to handle. It is suitable for people of all DIY skill levels.

24. Urban Homestead: The Urban Homestead website places an emphasis on natural living. It has many DIY projects relating to gardening, restoring your home, and managing energy properly. The site has up to date information on how to reduce your footprint and complete all your DIY projects without having to spend too much money in the process.

25. Vintage Revivals: Vintage Revivals has a great number of projects that entail reuse. It is about taking old materials and restoring them into new applications. It focuses heavily on décor although the furniture is also touched upon quite often on this site.

26. Young House Love: The Young House Love television show has become very popular for offering a number of fun DIY ideas. You can use this website for the show to learn about many of the projects featured on the show. This includes points on how to find the right items for a project. You will also get plenty of photos to help guide you through any project you get into.

27. Old Town Home: Based out of the Old Town neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, this website has points on how to completely restore any spot in your home. It focuses on classic designs and includes many tips for completing any renovation project you have in any room in your home.

28. The Design Confidential: Any DIY design projects you have in your home will be much easier for you to complete when you look at the Design Confidential website. This site has points on all kinds of topics relating to arranging a great interior area with extensive sections on designing a great wall. It especially talks about modern design projects that you can complete today.

29. Manhattan Nest: Manhattan Nest is a DIY site that is all about how to make the most of any small space in your home. It has articles about how to complete a number of decorative projects and how to establish some better-looking spots in your home.

30. Remodelaholic: The Remodelaholic website has a number of topics relating to restoring every room in your home. Check the site to find details on how to refurbish any surface in your home. You will get details on individual design ideas and how to make them all stand out.

31. House*Tweaking: Read all about DIY projects for use around your entire home through this site. This is a DIY website that is about décor, housekeeping and maintaining a healthy kitchen or living space. It has a number of budget-friendly projects for you to choose from.

32. 320 Sycamore: 320 Sycamore is about home renovation and remodeling projects that can be done on your own. It places a strict emphasis on low-cost projects with details on how to complete projects without spending too much money in the process.

33. Pretty Handy Girl: You can learn all sorts of ideas on how to create your own décor products or repairing items through the Pretty Handy Girl site. It has topics ranging from basic craft projects to more detailed renovation tasks. It offers many decorative projects for you to complete for any spot in your home. This site is also thoroughly detailed in terms of the topics you can learn.

34. Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body: The name of the site is precisely what the site is about. It is about a lawyer who enjoys designing items for the home in her spare time. The site has individual DIY sections dedicated to décor products, lighting fixtures, crafts and flooring ideas.

35. DIY on the Cheap: You don’t have to spend loads of money in order to get a DIY project running. This site has information on how to update your home on a budget. It includes room makeover guides and DIY ideas for the holidays including décor-related projects.

36. The Shabby Creek Cottage: Hosting and decorating are the key topics highlighted on the Shabby Creek Cottage website. It has a variety of sections relating to decorating your home and making gifts with plenty of DIY projects all around. The site’s information especially comes with individual steps for each project to help you learn more about what you can do to create a great-looking home.

37. The Happier Homemaker: Be happy with the DIY projects on this site. Learn how to decorate your home or convert old items into new ones with different uses. Each DIY project is filled with loads of photos to guide you through every step of a project.

38. Home Repair Tutor: The Home Repair Tutor website includes a number of DIY projects dedicated to helping you understand how to complete a number of repairs in your home. It focuses on repairs rather than design. It gives you topics on how to complete a number of tasks.

39. The DIY Village: Get inspired by reading about the many unique design and decoration projects highlighted on the DIY Village website. It has information on what projects you can complete in your home. It has a big emphasis on photos to give you ideas as well as step by step instructions on how to finish an assorted variety of tasks.

40. Décor Adventures: Operating since 2009, Décor Adventures has tutorials on how to make your own décor items. It also has points on how to restore many parts of your home. There are a few seasonal projects to check out on the site too.

41. Southern Hospitality: Add a bit of the south to your life with the DIY tutorials on this website. Learn about how you can use a number of projects relating to preparing a vast garden or refurbishing the outside of your home. The projects are all designed with plenty of southern influences in mind.

42. Wilker Do’s: This is a website for those who aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty. It is about how to manage many craftsman tasks and how to build new items for use all around your home.

43. Art and Home with John Peters: The emphasis on this site is about creating artistic flourishes around your home. You will learn about how to reuse items in your home or take in many outside materials to help you create a more beautiful space in any room of your house.

44. Makely School For Girls: This website was started as a place to help women learn about craftsmanship and woodworking. It has topics on how to use a variety of tools that might otherwise be too complicated or hard to understand. It has tutorials on how to create many pieces of furniture in your home.

45. The House of Smiths: This is a website that offers many topics about painting, flooring, and other commonplace household functions. You can use the information here to find out how you can decorate your home and make it stand out in its own special way.

46. Thrifty Décor Chick: Learn about how to produce a number of DIY projects for installing new fixtures, restoring old spaces, and replacing a number of outdated décor items in your home. The site focuses heavily on budget-friendly solutions for your use.

47. Killer B Designs: You could come across a variety of great design ideas for your next DIY website when you are on this page. The Killer B Designs website has topics relating to creating new pieces of furniture for every room in the house from a bar to a nursery. It has many creating and fun designs to explore.

48. Upcycle That: One of the unique DIY sites around, Upcycle That has pointed on how you can recycle old materials in your home. It gives you topics on a number of ways to make new items out of anything in your home with plenty of tutorials and instructions on how to complete different tasks of value to you.

49. DIY Playbook: You could come across a number of fun things to do through the DIY Playbook website. This site has topics relating to creating unique projects ranging from developing new furniture pieces to creating wall fixtures among other points.

50. DIY Shareable: This is a great DIY site with unique DIY projects and crafts of all kinds.

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