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11 Amazing DIY TV Stand Project Ideas

DIY Mid-Century Modern TV Console

If the thought of spending more than you should on a TV stand bothers you, make it yourself.

I know making stuff yourself isn’t free. You need to buy materials, but if you’re savvy and skilled, you can keep your costs way down and end up with an awesome TV stand.

Below we’ve put together a great collection of DIY TV stands of all types.

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Wooden TV Stands

Why wood? Why Not? Are you too good for wood? Jesus was a carpenter… for that matter so was Indiana Jones and Han Solo before becoming famous. As such, you are in good company. Wood is the DIYer’s best-friend; its perpetually blitzed drinking companion.

  • Wood comes in many, many, many configurations (you can thank nature for that prize).
  • Wood adapts to any budget (from cheap birch veneered plywood readily available anywhere, passing by fine oak and pine, concluding knee deep in the Amazonian rainforest. A band of pygmies sacrificing themselves just so you can have the best exotic timber).
  • Wood is an easy material to mold a play with. There’s a reason why shop class started off its curriculum with lumber.
  • It’s easily available.
  • And, above all, wood looks good. It’s a classic.

Most projects used the following tools:

  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Wood sealer or waterproofing paint.
  • Work table


Rustic DIY TV Stand

Image Source

In this kickass video, you’ll either have to unearth those woodcutting skills of your youth, or do the sensible thing and get all your materials pre-cut at your local Home Depot. This nifty TV Stand, constructed primarily from lumber, is simple, to the point and best-of-all a real honest to God beauty.


  • 2 by 2 lumber
  • 2 by 4 lumber
  • 2 by 6 lumber
  • 1 by 12 pine board
  • Minwax dark walnut stain
  • Minwax semigloss polyurethane
  • Kreg screws


If you really want to get your TV stand wrapped up in one afternoon, then away into the night with your macho pretensions, and get the lumber pre-cut by professionals. The rest is a quick flyby with an assembly manual and a sturdy drill.

The Prototype

  The ProtoType TV Stand

When you think wooden TV Stand a though, an image, no doubts floods into your mind. That visual tidal wave, that icon to strive for is nothing more than a pale mirage when confronted by the truth. In this video, you’ll meet the poster-boy for every timber infused TV Stand. It’s one heck of a project, one that will test your skills, your alacrity, your manhood and even your sanity. But, if properly constructed, it will also have every one of your friends widemouth and staring at you with awe and new-found respect.



  • Follow the downloadable step-by-step guide.
  • Construct everything separately (the main frame, the shelf dividers, the lower slats, the two upper shelves, the side panels, the tabletop, the back, etc).
  • Paint separately.
  • Once coated, dry and clean, attach the whole thingamajig together, and bask in your glory.

Mid Century Modern Console

Mid Century Modern Console

FAIR WARNING: in order to avoid buyer’s remorse there are two things you have to know about this particular project. 

1- It’s amazing. Once you manage to complete the credenza you’ll gawk at the fact that the lowliest of stores would have easily sold you the same piece for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

2- It’s a difficult job. The sort of job and project that might very well tax your will to live.


  • 2 – 4’x8′ 3/4″ Maple Plywood
  • 1 – 8′ 1″x6″ Poplar (or iron on edge banding.)
  • 2 – Soft Close European Hinges (similar):
  • 1 – Soft Close Drawer Pul
  • Miter Box.
  • Natural Danish oil.

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Tips/ Instructions

  • First of all memorize the following step-by-step manual.
  • Measure once, twice, three times, four times, a dozen times, then rinse and repeat.
  • Patience is the key.

 The Easy Space Saving Marvel

Easy Space Saving Marvel

Do you live in a one bedroom apartment? A small condo? Do you sublet Harry Potter’s under the stair dwelling? Then this small wonder, is the sort of racket you need. Plus, if you do your math right, and buy at one of the big chains, you’ll only be splurging about 70 bucks on the whole setup.


  • Screw head plugs.
  • Shelf pins.
  • Boards
  • Hinges of the magnetic persuasion.


  • Click on this link and get all the measurements and step-by-step guide.
  • think about adding lights inside and even, depending on your artistry, frosted glass panels; really posh up the whole affair.
  • If you want it bigger, simply tweak the measurements all around.

 The Portable TV Stand

The Portable TV Stand

Does your TV like to travel? Is it antsy? Or do you simply have no place for it? Or, are you still trying to figure out exactly what room should adopt it? Then this little project, fast simply and to the point, is the sort of fix that will slip you out of your bind.


  • 3/8 Wing nuts.
  • 3/8 x 8 Bolts,
  • 3/8 washers.
  • Reliable swivel casters (that’s wheels for those in the know).
  • A metal wall-mount that adjusts to your TV’s size.


  • One download this sheet of absolutely professional grade measurements.
  • Splurge on the Flat Panel mount. Think durable, sturdy, possibly with a flexible neck and Hulk strong.
  • Text the construct multiple times before mounting your baby on it.

DIY Pallet TV Stand


They are so cheap that some places are practically giving them away. Pallets are the new IT in this hipster induced, green thumb, waste-not want-not generation. They are everywhere. And, unless, every construction worker, orderly at your local supermarket, dock worker, and just about every blue-collar professional, somehow roped into stocking our shelves, devices a better way to bring in the goods, then they are here to stay.

Recycling, with a some improvements, isn’t as some would have you believe a hoarder’s obsession. Just watch this spiffy video and discover some of a multiple of ways you can use a Pallet to build yourself a one of a kind TV stand.


The cool thing about working with pallets is that you’ll almost never have to crack out the buzzsaw. It’s mostly realigning and staking the raw materials (the pallets) into pleasing shapes.


  • Get fresh pallets.
  • Paint them over with some waterproofing or wood sealer, that way they’ll last.
  • Bore in a screw or two just to give it a little more girth and stability.

Metal TV Stands

You know how I said that wood was king? Let me backtrack a bit. Well, mid 19th century, this whole debacle called the Industrial Revolution came along, and, like all movements of its kind, the first thing it did was to toss the old monarch on the proverbial chopping board. The peasants cheered when the executioner went all Paul Bunyan on wood. Wack!.. which, even as I write this, I realize that odd visual makes little to no sense. Anyhow, rambling on. Although wood got deposed, it stayed in the background; no-doubt snickering at the laughable attempt at ending his reign. Plotting his revenge on those hack rebels. Nonetheless, Metal waltzed its way into the limelight and took up the crown and the title of sovereign ruler of the land. Why? Why such a paradigm shift? Because Metal is simply cool… humanity eternally enamored of anything the least bit shinny.

  • Metal is a multifaceted material. It can be shinny, new age, sterile and almost surgical; think Apple. Meanwhile, a distant cousin just two steps away in the Periodical Table, reeks of Nirvana nostalgia and has a whole grunge way of life.
  • Metal, if properly treated and maintain will outlast you.

Mid Century Modern Inspired

Mid Century Modern Inspired

“You’re cheating! “You shout at me. “I see wood!”

Well, aside from the fact that you should really watch out for phrasings, I’d like to point out that I never really said wood went the way of the dodo. It’s still there, serving as the fodder for most DIYs, but, and here’s the clincher, metal is what really gives these ideas their: je ne sais quoi.”

 Take this beauty for instance, the boom factor comes from the cooper tubing, the iron legs and the fact, that unlike the previous category’s nature influenced constructions, this one does its level best to shrug-off the yolk of the forest and slink into the industrial park state of mind.


  • Cedar clapboard siding.
  • 3/4 plywood.
  • Berh paint.
  • Wood putty.
  • 1/2 diameter Copper pipes.
  • Magnets
  • Danish oil.
  • Iron struts.


Mirrored TV Stand

In the words of Matt Damon: “let’s science the s@$t out of this!”

The second I said metal, your head instantly tailspins into a raucous calamity; you with a soldering tool – a blowtorch ablaze – your house aflame like a Halloween pumpkin. The Fire Department shooting streams of water into your living room, the lads laughing their tails off. Well, between you and me, you my friend, are not the only one. Unless you have a degree in sword making, working with metal is a real bummer. The end product is nice, but the possibility of third degree burns sort of fogs over the outcome.

As such, the best and safest way to play with metal is by buying products already constructed and giving them a piece of your creative juices. Taking them apart, reassembling them and going all mad-scientist on their behinds.

Take a look at this video and get a clear example of what I’m talking about.


  • Glue gun.
  • Liquid nails.
  • Clamps
  • IKEA Ramasatra TV Unit.
  • Smaller Ramasstra TV Unit.
  • Mirror Glue


Well, you know how I said Metal was king? You’re starting to see a trend here, right? Let’s just say the minute Tupperware and velcro was discovered in Area 51 metal was deposed. The sparkly parts of the periodical table rapidly became subjugated by the fancier and avant-garde new elements. A vogue royal line came into play. And, like it so happens in most dynasty, blood started to mix; inbreeding between the old and new took hold. Everything started to get a bit funky. You couldn’t tell where one thing started and the other ended. “But,” boy, everyone thought, “it sure looks futuristic.” Which is inner-city slang for: “just take my money and give me two.”

  • Materials tailor made for the dummy who couldn’t tell the difference between a nail and a screw. In other-words, for the weekend warrior who suddenly decided that engineering looked easy.
  • Due to the fact that most materials are made at a bulk, you’ll also be buying them at bulk price.
  • It’s the future baby! And right now hundreds of companies are selling robust, simple, accurate, fast, and great looking new-age construction materials at a steal. The sort of NASA inspired doohickeys that make LEGO blocks look positively archaic.

The Ikea Bamboozle

Ikea Bamboozle

The moment you think industrial, fast, within a budget and assembly line construction, a brand somehow blinks into existence right before your eyes… The Mecca for the McDonalds’ furniture: IKEA.

IKEA products are always a great option for budget solutions. They are stylish. They are cool looking. They are everywhere. The thing is, that like that assembly line burger, they also lack that unique IT that gives you the edge over the stuff your neighbors have. IKEA products are original, in the same way a barbwire tattoo was unique in the 90s.

With a couple of simple hacks, you can easily transform any IKEA lukewarm TV Stand into one-of-kind snowflake. IKEA should be your springboard, not your destination. 


  • IKEA BYAS TV Bench.
  • Contact Paper with Cherry Wood Grain (or use which ever catches your fancy).

The Cubist Affair

The Cubist AffairDid you just forgo your blue period and skate back, like Picasso, into a cubist state of mind? Then, if that’s the case, or you simply want something modern which also happens to be the fad’ right now, then click on this video and be amazed.



  • Download this step-by-step guide. Free of charge. In less than a day, with a cutter and a monkey’s intellect, you’ll be able to construct a dazzling TV stand; all electronics fully integrated without any cables gumming up the aesthetics.

Take a breather. We are not starting off this section with sedition, conspiracy, defenestration and acts of artistic movement genocide. This is an assassination free fragment; so let’s put down our pitchforks and make friends. We are about to talk about the holdouts, the freaks of society, the fringe groups… in other words, everything that couldn’t be measured and categorized in the previous sections. Let’s talk about the round pegs that are never on the lookout for square holes. The zany designs.

Outside The Box Thinking

 Outside The Box Thinking

Here are some inspirational ideas, from way out in left field, that are cheap, unique and best of all doable. They’ll get you out of a bind and, above-all, make you look good and creative in the process. Easy-piece DIY hacks.

  • The painter’s easel: buy a good one, put it in one corner and strap-on a wall mount.
  • The Corner cheat: pre-cut slaps of timber screwed into a wall with mounts.
  • The farmer’s building blocks: get a couple, as many as you need, wooden fruit crates. Seal them with waterproofing paint and give then an oaken paint allure. Nail them together and stack them against a wall.

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