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DIY Spring Flower Door Wreath (DIY Video and Tutorial)

DIY yellow and white flower Spring front door wreath

One very simple and inexpensive way to create a beautiful, warm welcome to your home is to hang a spring flower door wreath on your front door.

Yes, you can buy one, but it’s so easy to make and costs very, very little.

In the video tutorial below (DoItOnaDime YouTube Channel), the flower wreath is created with silk flowers, but you can just as easily create a similar wreath with real flowers from your garden.

If you use flowers from your garden, the only item you need to buy is a branch wreath. That said, you can also create your own branch race if you wish to take the time to go and collect then branches and weave them together.

Obviously if you choose to create a spring reef using silk or synthetic flowers, that is an additional expense.

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The one advantage of using silk or synthetic flowers is the reef will look great for the entire season. If you use flowers from your garden, the reef will have a limited lifespan. Fortunately, it’s very easy to make a new wreath with real flowers from your garden.

Step 1: Select Your Flowers

You can use any type of flowers with a stem sturdy enough to be inserted in the branch wreath. I personally like restricting color scheme to 2 to 3 colors.

Yellow flowers for front door Spring wreath

Step 2: Get a Branch Wreath

While you can make a branch wreath, they’re widely available at garden and craft stores. They’re fairly inexpensive. It’s a great idea to have at least one branch wreath so you can use it DIY wreaths throughout the year – for Autumn and Holiday wreaths as well.

Branch twig wreath for front door

Step 3: Cut Flowers

Cut the flowers so that there’s sufficient stem length to insert and hold in the branch wreath.

Cut Flowers for Spring Wreath

Step 4: Insert Flowers into Branch Wreath

It’s best to insert the flowers in the same direction around the entire wreath.

Insert Flowers into Branch Wreath

Step 5: Ensure it’s Full

Don’t skimp on the flowers. Make it full.

Full and dense Spring front door wreath

Step 6: Add Another Type of Flower (Optional)

Enhance the wreath by adding a few flowers of another color.

Adding white flowers to yellow Spring wreath

Step 7: Add Decorative Hook to Front Door

You can use a simple hook on your front door, but for an added touch decorate the hook with a ribbon. Notice below how the hook on the door matches the door color. That’s a nice touch, but not necessary.

Front door hook with ribbon for Spring wreath

Completed Spring Flower Door Wreath

Here’s the completed Spring flower wreath. Notice the proportion of yellow to white flowers. The white flowers accent the yellow. Of course you can mix and match flowers as you see fit.

Completed Spring Flower Door Wreath


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