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14 Types of DIY Headboards (Video Tutorials)

Most beds come with a headboard these days, but you may have an older bed without headboard or you may want something unique for your bedroom.

When it comes to the different types of headboards, your DIY options mimic the options you can buy… wood, metal or fabric.

The thing is, within each category, there are various types. For instance, we showcase 6 different types of wood headboards below and 3 different types of fabric headboards.

DIY vs. Purchased Headboards 

There is 1 main difference between DIY headboards and purchased headboards (that comes with a purchased bed). That difference is the DIY headboards will attach to the wall instead of the bed (usually). The purchased headboards that come with your bed will generally attach to the bed.

Since this post features DIY headboards, they attach to the wall.

DIY Headboard Pros

The advantage to a headboard attached to the wall is it gives you more space with which to work. It’s also easier to attach to a wall than to the bed providing a lot more design options.


The Big downside to headboards that are attached to a wall is that if you move your bed, you must move the headboard. If it’s a complicated headboard such as built-in shelves, you have a big project on your hands.

If you’re still keen on making your own headboard, check out the 14 options below.

1 important consideration when choosing a headboard design:

Don’t just start making your headboard. There is one important consideration, which is:

Do you sit in bed? If so, will the headboard you’re planning to make be comfortable or make sitting in bed impossible? For instance, if you have shelving that projects out from the wall, if it’s low, it will interfere with your ability to sit in bed.

A. Wood DIY Headboards

1. Regular King-Sized Wood Headboard

We’re kicking off this post with one super creative and talented dude who can make pretty much anything. His videos are top-notch; easy to follow, high quality and he’s great on camera. His channel is I Make Stuff and it’s a channel we enjoy and recommend.

His video shows you how to make a standard king bed sized headboard out of wood. End result is great.

2. Headboard from Regular Door

When you watch this, you can hardly tell the headboard was once a door. The molding at the top adds a special touch. I really like this headboard, although I think with the projecting molding, it might be hard to sit up in bed.

3. Barn Door Style Headboard

This is pretty brilliant killing 2 birds with one stone. The sliding doors also serve as a window covering. I love this concept. Obviously not all bedrooms will get this double benefit (if you don’t have windows flanking your bed), but even then, the sliding barn doors look fabulous.

4. Pallet Headboard

For the budget conscious and/or environmentalist, you can always go the pallet route. It’s a simple enough headboard and will cost you pretty much ziltch. This is a particularly nice end-result.

6. Wood Planks

I love the look of this headboard. It’s a headboard that doubles as accent wall. It’s easy and inexpensive. You can also sit in bed with this type of headboard.


B. Fabric Headboards

I like the fabric headboards because they actually make it more comfortable to sit in bed. Just check out the tufted headboard below. Talk about super comfy.

But, other than the pillow headboard below, the fabric/upholstered headboards are fairly complicated relative to other options here. Fortunately the videos offer some good step-by-step help.

1. DIY Upholstered Headboards


2. DIY Tufted Headboards

Here’s super popular tutorial on how to make a buttonless tufted headboard. It’s a beauty and would be a welcome addition to any bedroom.


3. Buttons

Alternatively, you can go the tufted approach with buttons. It’s a classic look and the finished product here is also fabulous.

4. Pillows

If upholstering or creating a tufted headboard is beyond your pay grade or skillset, keep it simple with a pillow headboard. I don’t think it looks as polished as a well upholstered or tufted headboard, but it does have a cottage, casual look. Also, it’s comfortable to sit against.

C. Headboard with Lights

A lit headboard is awesome because you have control over the type of light. I love reading in bed and so having a headboard that provides light is a nice bonus. You can incorporate all kinds of lights. Don’t forget to make the switch super easy to access.


D. Shelving & Storage

Practically speaking a headboard with shelving is super smart. Our headboard has no storage and so my side table gets loaded down with stuff.

The above is a great example of a beautiful and practical storage headboard.


E. Repurposed Headboards

1. Fireplace Mantel Turned into Headboard

If you have an old fireplace mantel kicking around or happen to find an old beauty somewhere but don’t need it for a fireplace, you can turn it into a headboard. Pretty smart, right?

Above is a great example of a mantel turned headboard and it’s really well done.

You can get all the step needed to do this at:

2. Windows Used as Headboard


You could get creative with this concept. You can retain the window as-is like Liz Marie does, or you can put photos into the window frame for something different.

This is a super easy headboard. All you need to do is measure and hang the windows. You could make it more complex by creating an accent wall or wood headboard against which the windows hang. You have many options.

3. Shutters

On the surface, shutters for a headboard seems like a great idea, but I’m not really impressed with the finished look. We include it because it’s been done by quite a few people and it’s a legitimate approach, but not our favorite.


Wrapping it Up

A headboard can be an decor accent unto itself in a bedroom, especially if it rises up fairly high or even to the ceiling. You don’t have to settle for the headboard that came with your bed; you can get creative and come up with something unique.

This post really just covers the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DIY headboard ideas. The sky is the limit but we hope this post gives you some good ideas as well as sufficient tutorials to actually complete the project.