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How to Fix DEWALT Work Light & Flashlight Problems

A collage of different types flashlights and their uses.

DEWALT has a reputation for manufacturing excellent tools. Their work lights and flashlights are no exception. They have a wide range of lights for different needs, but some of these lights have minor issues that need to be tweaked. Thankfully, the solutions to these problems are quick fixes.

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Despite producing excellent products, the DEWALT work lights and flashlights have a few similar problems:

  1. The work light blinks.
  2. The work light or flashlight flickers.
  3. The light won’t work with a charged battery.
  4. The light beam is too sharp.
  5. The lightbulb needs replacing.

DEWALT Work Light Problems and Solutions

The DEWALT Work Light range is quite broad, and most of the models come highly recommended. These cordless flashlights are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and have powerful LED lights. However, there are a few minor problems with some of them.

1. The Light Blinks Slowly

Dewalt flashlight on a black background.

If you’re using a flashlight to illuminate an area, the chances are that you don’t want a blinking or flickering light. DEWALT work lights are equipped with a sensor that is triggered when the battery charge is low. As a result, the flashlight starts blinking slowly, indicating that you need to charge the battery.


Remove the rechargeable battery bank from the work light and place it on charge. Suppose you use your flashlight and other DEWALT tools regularly. In that case, it is recommended that you have a spare rechargeable battery or two. That way, you can alternate the batteries and ensure you always have a charged one on standby.

2. The Light Blinks Rapidly

A portable working Dewalt flashlight.

If your work light flashes like a strobe light, the chances are that it is not battery related. Strobe lights are also potentially harmful in that they could induce a fit in the onlooker – something worth avoiding, if possible. It could be that there is a fault with the connections or that the LED light is faulty.

Solution 1: Replace the LED Head Unit

Some of the DEWALT work lights have a head unit that you can remove and replace. One such model is the DCL0900. The replacement head is available on Amazon and at many home improvement stores. You simply need to unscrew the old head and screw on the new one.

Solution 2: Strip and Clean the Connections Inside the Light

If you know electrical circuitry, trying this solution first may be helpful to save you some money on a new light. Once you have carefully opened the casing and dismantled the work light, check for areas with a buildup of rust and bad connections. Clean and resolder where necessary and check it with a multimeter.

Solution 3: Contact DEWALT for a Replacement

In keeping with their excellent standards, DEWALT offers great product warranties. If it turns out that the strobe light problem on your work light is a design flaw, they might replace the work light free of charge.

3. The Light Flickers Sometimes

Occasionally you will get a well-used DEWALT work light that flickers. One example is the DW919, which has a gooseneck that bends at all sorts of angles. Over time, the connections become loose and don’t make contact permanently, resulting in a light that flickers when moved.


To repair a flickering light, you need to open it up and check that all the connections are correctly soldered and clean. Alternatively, you can rewire the gooseneck to ensure the connections are new and undamaged.

4. The Light Overheats

A broken portable flashlight on white background.

Sometimes the motherboard on a work light starts to overheat, which causes the casing to feel warm and the light to flicker. It could be a design flaw, or the work light is old and has some buildup on the connection points. If your light starts to overheat, you should turn it off. Also, let it cool down before fixing or using it again.


To solve the overheating problem in your DEWALT light, you can check and clean the motherboard for buildup on the contact points. You can also try replacing the motherboard and connecting wires to get more years of use out of your DEWALT work light.

5. The Light Doesn’t Turn On

A flashlight with a battery on a white background.

In a few instances, a DEWALT work light might stop working altogether, despite connecting a fully charged battery. For example, there could be an issue with the connection points not making contact and completing the electrical circuit within the light. This could be due to rust, buildup, or a manufacturing flaw.


The solution to this problem is more straightforward if you have patience and an understanding of electrical circuitry. First, you must strip the whole light and clean or resolder connection points. Then you should test the circuit with a multimeter before reassembling the light. However, it is not an impossible feat, and you will have a bright DEWALT work light again.

6. The Light Stand Bracket Is Broken

If you have a DCL079 Tripod light, you may have discovered that one or more of the plastic brackets on the tripod legs snaps or has a hairline fracture. It is usual for plastic to become brittle and crack or break over time. However, you might want to avoid the hassle of exchanging the tripod light. In that case, it is possible to repair the plastic brackets.


You can repair cracked plastic with epoxy, or better yet, you can perform a quick plastic welding operation. Plastic welding is ideal for clan breaks or hairline cracks on brittle plastic. All you need is the following:

  • A heat source, e.g., a soldering iron,
  • Some fine stainless-steel mesh or wool for added strength, and
  • Thick plastic that you can melt, e.g., a zip tie.

7. The Light Beam Is Too Sharp

A man holding a flashlight on a gray wall.

DEWALT work lights are known to be bright as they have high lumen counts compared to their competitors. However, the light settings might still be too bright for your liking or the beam too concentrated. There is a solution to adjust the brightness and reduce the beam effect on your DEWALT flashlight if it bothers you.


To reduce the effect of a directional beam to a light that covers more area, you only need a pair of scissors and some parchment paper. You will need to cut out the shape the same size as the clear plastic lens and insert it on the inside of the lens. When you clip the lens cover back on, ensure the rubber seal is in place to prevent dust from entering the light.

8. The Bulb Needs Replacing

If you suspect the light bulb needs replacing, or if your DEWALT light doesn’t turn on, it may be that the bulb or LED head needs to be replaced. Some people find that with age, the lights aren’t as bright as they would like, so they upgrade the bulb altogether.


Depending on your DEWALT work light, you can buy a replacement head unit with an LED bulb. Changing the head unit is simple. All you must do is unscrew the old one and replace it with a fresh one that can be bought at a home improvement store or online. Remember to buy the correct head unit for your work light.

DEWALT Flashlight Problems and Solutions

A man fixing a door using a screwdriver and a flashlight.

The DEWALT flashlight range is much smaller than their work light range. The range includes pocket-sized flashlights and a headlamp, all using AA or AAA batteries. You will encounter very few problems with these little flashlights, but the occasional issue does arise.

1. The Flashlight Flickers

These handy pocket-sized flashlights are made of aluminum and provide excellent lighting for their size. They are ideal for fiddly jobs and are easy to carry around. However, you might notice they flicker a bit.


The DEWALT flashlights do not come with batteries that clip in. Instead, you need to insert AA or AAA batteries at the end. If the light starts to flicker, you can check the back of the flashlight and ensure it is tightly screwed on. It may be that it has come loose, and the connection isn’t consistent due to the batteries moving around.

2. The Motion Sensor on the Headlamp Is Annoying

A light motion sensor attached on a wall.

DEWALT offers an excellent headlamp that is useful in all sorts of applications. However, one of the complaints about it is that the headlamp’s motion sensor is annoying. Sometimes the light will turn off or on when you don’t want it to, especially when you pass objects close by.


The DEWALT headlamp has a manual on/off switch and a motion-detecting switch. You will notice a little indicator light when the motion-detecting feature is on. If you want to use the headlamp without this feature, toggle the controls until you do not see the indicator light glowing. This will save you frustration and extend the battery life of your DEWALT headlamp.

3. Disposable Batteries Aren’t Ideal

The DEWALT flashlights and headlights use AA or AAA batteries. If you are conscientious about the environment and minimizing your waste, there are better options than using disposable batteries.


Instead of disposable batteries with short lifespans, you can invest in a battery charger and buy rechargeable AA or AAA batteries. They are a little more expensive than disposable batteries, but you can reuse them. In addition, if you purchase extra rechargeable batteries, you can rotate them as you use and recharge them, ensuring you’ve always got a working light.

4. The Light Bulb Is Dead

The DEWALT aluminum flashlights use different lightbulbs for their work light range. These lightweight lights use Xenon bulbs instead of LED lights. As a result, the lifespan of these lightbulbs will vary, and there may be a time that you need to replace them.


You can purchase the Xenon lightbulbs or conversion LED lights online or from a home improvement store. You will need to unscrew the top section, remove the old lightbulb, and fit in the new bulb. Make sure you screw the cap closed properly to keep out dust. Having clean, dry hands is wise when you change the bulb.

5. The Flashlight Doesn’t Work at All

A broken flashlight on a white background.

Suppose your flashlight has stopped working, and you know it’s not the batteries or the lightbulb. In that case, there may be a bad connection inside the flashlight. For example, there could be a buildup of rust or grime on one of the connecting points or a completely loose connecting point.


Take your flashlight apart methodically and inspect all the connecting points. Scrape off and clean any buildup. You can also check if any metal plates are bent out of shape, creating a gap in the circuit. You can turn those back into place or solder them where necessary. Then reassemble the flashlight to check if it works.

Alternatively, if your flashlight is still under warranty and you haven’t tampered with it, you can contact DEWALT for a replacement or for them to fix it free of charge.