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Our interior design specialist will create a custom design for any room and deliver it in the highest quality 3D "life-like" rendering imaginable.

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How It Works

Submit photos

1. Submit your room photos.

Immediately after ordering your service we'll provide simple-to-follow details for how to get started.

2. Optional - Free Call

You have the option to hop on a call with our design specialist to discuss your project. You can show us your space on the call and explain what you seek.

3. Receive Your Design(s)

You'll love the life-like quality of our rendered designs for your room(s). Every detail is considered and included. Our turn-around-is 7 to 10 business days.

Client Feedback

"Omg!! 😳😳

This is insanely gorgeous!!!!

I absolutely LOVE it.

Now I am trying to think 🤔 how we could potentially work together on a design for one of our flips that we are going to do.

This is WAY BETTER than I could have imagined!! 😀😀

Where should I tell people to check you out or reach you? People are going wild over your design on my stuff.

Thank you!"

Jessica Vine

Vine Home Buyers

A Few of Our Virtual Design Renderings for Clients

1. Primary Bedroom Design (Before and After)

Before and after primary bedroom 3D rendering design

2. Cottage Living Room Design (Before and After)

3. Cottage Open Concept Space Design (Before and After)

Before and after cottage open concept living space design 3D rendering

4. Living Room Design

3D Rendering of Living Room

Yes, the above are 3D renderings... so life-like.

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Can you speak with your designer on the phone?

Yes, you can. You will be in direct contact with your designer and can request a phone call any time.

How long until you receive your designs?

You will receive your life-like 3D-rendered designs in 7 to 10 business days.

Who will design your room?

We actually also own and operate a real-life interior design business. Our in-house team will design your room. Our interior design firm is called JD Elite Interiors and it's located in North Vancouver, BC.

How many revisions to you get?

Our simple per-room pricing includes one free revision. After that, each revision is just $97 per room. This is how we can keep our initial design price so low compared to other similar services.

What exactly do you get upon completion?

We provide a life-like, stunning 3D photo-quality rendering of your room that incorporates every aspect of our design including furniture, lighting fixtures, decor items, artwork ideas and area rugs. We also provide a board containing photos of the various items in the design for your reference.

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