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20 Best Decadent Chocolate Truffle Recipes (All Types)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Truffles.

With origins in Chambery, France, in the late 1800s and said to have been borne out of a kitchen disaster turned to glory, the truffle is now a glorious chocolate confection beloved the world over. Over the years, different variations have emerged to improve upon the basic perfection of chocolate ganache that the French envisioned. Butter is sometimes added to enhance the creaminess of the truffle’s interior.

Like the Spanish truffle, some incorporate rum or other liqueurs into the recipe. Named after the elusive fungus, a rare delicacy, these truffles are thankfully not as hard to come by. In fact, truffles are not particularly hard to make, though they may be a bit messy.

Roll up your sleeves and explore this collection of twenty tasty chocolate truffle recipes to delight your taste buds. 

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A genuinely decadent delight, our mint chocolate chip truffles make a great holiday offering to the dessert table. 

Sweet mint chocolate chip truffles on a dark wooden board.

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A shell of chocolate covers a delicious core of sweetened cream cheese and butter studded with miniature chocolate chips and infused with the refreshing taste of mint.

Split the cream cheese center into two bowls and use a food coloring gel, color one half a jolly red and the other green to create a festive Christmas surprise in each treat. Top these beauties with a dusting of shimmering coarse sugar for festive sparkle. 

If you want a simple chocolate truffle recipe to master, this variation by NYT Cooking is quick and beginner-friendly. 

Homemade chocolate truffles with chocolate powder.

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As simple as it gets, these tasty balls of chocolatey heaven are formed of heavy cream and good quality bittersweet chocolate melted together into a delicious ganache. The ganache is then chilled and dusted with cocoa powder for understated elegance. I suggest upgrading the cocoa powder with cinnamon for added warmth.

Consider using a silicone mold to ensure these sticky treats are uniform in shape. If you wish to brave forming them without the mold, chill them well for best results. 

Sally’s Baking Addiction offers us helpful hints to improve our truffle game with this easy-to-follow recipe. 

Chocolate truffle with toppings.

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To the simple chocolate ganache-based truffle recipe, Sally’s Baking Addiction adds two ingredients that amp up the decadence of these truffles.

The addition of butter creates ultra creamy truffles, and vanilla extract enhances the flavor without overpowering the perfect chocolaty nature of the truffle. This recipe also includes a lot of tricks for handling the sticky chocolate and navigating common pitfalls, so your truffles come out precisely as you want them to. 

Perfect your truffle game with this chocolate truffle recipe loaded with helpful guidance. 

A closeup shot of Chocolate truffle with peanuts.

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Simply Recipes delivers with this beautifully produced recipe that can help even nervous budding chocolatiers master the art of the truffle.

With pictures to guide you each step of the way and detailed guides to ingredient sourcing, troubleshooting, and flavor ideas, you’ll be ready to tackle your holiday gifting with boxes of homemade chocolate truffles. Try infusing your cream with cinnamon sticks and coating them with a sugar and cinnamon blend for a special treat. 

For a finger-friendly truffle, Betty Crocker adds a touch of shortening to this otherwise traditional truffle. 

Plenty of Creamy sweet truffle chocolate.

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Full of expertise that has kept Betty Crocker in business since 1921, this recipe’s extra guidance guarantees perfection for those who follow along. Building atop the basic ganache recipe, two key ingredients are added – shortening and butter. The butter will improve the creamy texture of the truffle, while the shortening helps set the exterior chocolate coating to prevent it from melting as quickly within warm fingers.

Drizzle these coated truffles with a bit of white chocolate or chopped candy for added beauty. 

Tyler Florence presents a simply divine and divinely simple traditional chocolate truffle recipe. 

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This minimalist recipe uses a traditional ganache base amplified with the addition of a smidge of vanilla extract. There are no frills here, just delicious chocolate rolled and dusted and ready to delight. An excellent recipe for those who like uncluttered instructions.

Try rolling the truffles in hazelnut meal for added texture and a nutty taste. A handy way to store these truffles is in mini-muffin papers to keep them from sticking to each other. 

For the picture-assisted chocolatier, may I present this traditional dark chocolate truffle recipe from The Spruce Eats. 

Dark traditional truffle chocolate sweets.

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Once again, you’ll find a slight variation on the classic French ganache-based truffle; this one incorporates a hint of vanilla and uses dark chocolate. This recipe excels in its photographic documentation of each step, a handy inclusion for those who may be nervous about tackling these treats for the first time and want a visual guide to verify they are on the right track. 

A traditionalist’s take on a classic dark chocolate truffle, now presented in grams for the precise chocolatier. 

Chocolate truffles bomb.

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Chocolate is definitely among the world’s top love languages. Offering up a perfectly creamy, deviously decadent dark chocolate truffle is an excellent way to develop a friendship. Even better handmade.

These truffles rely on a basic ganache foundation and offer ingredients in grams and milliliters. As a handy reminder, don’t forget to check that your chocolate is gluten-free if you are making these treats for a sensitive loved one. 

Gimme Some Oven’s whiskey dark chocolate truffle recipe provides readers with a bit of Kansas City Prohibition lore to pair with this tasty treat.

Tastier whiskey dark chocolate.

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Pairing whiskey with chocolate is a no-brainer; the two ingredients bring out the best in one another. Explore your own regional whiskey with a handcrafted truffle with its own local flavor.

These truffles start with the basic ganache recipe and add butter for creaminess, whiskey for decadence, and sea salt to elevate the truffles to their best form. 

Dark chocolate and raspberries are one of my favorite combinations, and this raspberry truffle recipe is a must-try. 

Sweet and sour dark chocolate with raspberry.

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The secret ingredient to these fabulous dark chocolate and raspberry truffles is a core that blends freeze-dried raspberries with white chocolate. The end result is a delightful core of tart-sweet goodness with a vibrantly colored interior concealed within a dark chocolate shell.

Drizzle more chocolate on top and sprinkle with powdered, freeze-dried raspberries for an elegant finish. 

For a jammier variant of the raspberry dark chocolate truffle, try this recipe by Ahead of Thyme. 

A creamy truffle chocolate rolled in cocoa.

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Blending in an indulgent raspberry jam to your ganache after the steamed cream has melted, the chunks of chocolate lend a delightful texture to these more traditional truffles. Try dusting them in chopped hazelnuts for a nutty exterior that compliments the dark chocolate and tangy berry flavors. This recipe will also work with other jams; try orange marmalade or boysenberry. 

Like little bites of chocolate-coated strawberry cheesecake, these truffles are a fabulous treat for a special occasion. 

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Not a traditional truffle fashioned of ganache, these are a modern-day spin with a hard shell of dark or semi-sweet chocolate coating a mouth-watering interior of cream cheese, chopped strawberries, and powdered sugar blended together, chilled, and formed into the truffle’s core.

Amp up the visual appeal by using food coloring gel to dye white chocolate a vibrant red and drizzle over the top. Or even try sprinkling crumbs of freeze-dried strawberries on top for a vibrant, tart-sweet finish. 

Simple and gorgeous, these white chocolate strawberry truffles are a perfect date night delight. 

A closeup photo of Strawberry daiquiri truffles.

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These strawberry white chocolate truffles switch up the typical dark or semi-sweet chocolate with a white chocolate base. One bite into these white balls reveals a creamy strawberry pink interior flecked with brighter red bits of tart berry.

Once the steamed cream melts the white chocolate, crushed freeze-dried strawberry pieces are blended in before the truffles are rolled, chilled, and coated in a final layer of white chocolate to finish their simple appeal. 

Much like your favorite golden-wrapped nutty chocolate confection, these Nutella truffles are sure to please. 

A perfect combination of nutella and the toppings.

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To the basic ganache recipe, these perfectly balanced truffles add a little extra butter to amplify the creaminess with Nutella to boost the flavor. Once the mixture begins to set, vanilla and Frangelico liqueur are added to pack in layers of delights for the tastebuds. The rolled truffles are finished by rolling them in hazelnuts for a perfect treat that mimics a store-bought favorite.  

Always good to have vegan options in your repertoire, and this vegan chocolate truffle recipe does not disappoint. 

Vegan candy with chickpeas, raisins, dried apricot and nuts.

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These chocolate truffles have a soft, creamy interior and hard shell and rely on vegan chocolate and use coconut cream to create something close to a traditional ganache. The interior is noticeably softer than a traditionally made truffle, but the resulting treat is absolutely divine.

They freeze well and will store for three months, so don’t be afraid to make up a big batch to spoil someone you love (yourself included) for months to come. 

Elevate a childhood favorite to elegant heights with this Oreo truffle recipe. 

Assorted dark and white milk oreo chocolate candies.

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Surrounding a core of crushed Oreo cookies and cream cheese, they offer multiple ways to finish off this tasty cookie truffle. Coat the exterior in white chocolate for a cookies-and-cream vibe or dark chocolate for those who want to amp up the chocolate flavor (more chocolate is better, in my humble opinion).

Add peppermint extract when you blend the cream cheese and cookies, and then top with crushed peppermints for a minty Oreo treat. 

White chocolate conceals a delightful crumbled cookie bite inside of these truffles presented by Country Living. 

White chocolate with choco powder on top.

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Speculoos cookies, most commonly recognized by the brand Biscoff, are a particular delight. These cookie-infused white chocolate truffles are coated in pure white chocolate. These decadent white chocolate truffles incorporate crushed speculoos within the basic ganache for a pleasant crunch and added sweetness to the white chocolate blend.

They create a beautiful holiday gift or festive dessert table addition when topped with carefully placed holly sprinkles. 

Chocolate oranges are a ubiquitous holiday treat. Thankfully, these simple orange chocolate truffles do not require smacking to unlock their tasty centers.

Sweet chocolate orange truffles.

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During the ganache-making process, these citrus-infused truffles gain their orange flavor by adding orange oil or orange extract to the melted chocolate. Consider mixing fresh, finely minced orange zest into the ganache before cooling to amplify the flavor. The finishing dust of sugar gives these truffles a striking appearance.

Spice up your life with this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Truffles. 

Sweet and spicy chocolate truffles.

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Chocolate and spicy peppers pair beautifully together. Knowing that the spice isn’t overwhelming is helpful if you’ve never tried that combination before. Instead of being overpowering, the cayenne and cinnamon lend a subtle heat that enhances the bittersweet taste of the chocolate.

These would be beautifully finished in a dusting of cocoa powder and cinnamon for a little added kick. 

Mint and chocolate are a perfect pairing, so we figured we’d end with another variation of a mint truffle. 

Cold mint chocolate truffle on a white cup.

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This recipe creates a truffle filling with semi-sweet chocolate ganache with peppermint extract to deliver that refreshing bite before it’s chilled and coated in a layer of semi-sweet chocolate. You can also add crushed peppermint to the ganache before chilling or roll the final product in crushed peppermint to increase the minty goodness and add a little crunch to the creamy truffle.