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5 Top Custom Home Builders in Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada skyline photo at night

Reno, “the biggest little city in the world” is the second most populated center in Nevada (Las Vegas is the biggest). Interestingly, Reno was the gambling center of the USA before the 1950’s at which time Las Vegas grew very quickly to become the gaming behemoth it now is. Since 2000, many high tech companies have relocated to Reno which is diversifying its economy and contributing to a growing economy.

As you can see by the above photo, Reno is nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains (very picturesque).

With an interesting economic mix (gaming and tech) plus tourism, there’s a decent demand for custom homes. There are a good number of home builders; below we feature 5 of the top home builders in Reno, NV (in no particular order).

TRC Homes

Custom primary bathroom by TRC Homes in Reno, Nevada

TRC Homes is a family owned and operated custom home building business. It offers the client over 25+ years of construction experience. It is one of the most well known and reputable custom building companies in Northern Nevada. The company employs an exceptionally skilled team of project managers and subcontractors to help the client build the home of their dreams. The ultimate goal of TRC is making sure the client receives superior customer service. They strive to provide quality and value in the many services they offer. TRC has received several Houzz service awards and customer reviews state that they are professional, detail orientated, and produce high-quality work.

Fortress Construction, Inc.

Gorgeous living room by Fortress Builders located in Reno, NV

Fortress Construction, Inc is a total service design and build company. They offer specialized expertise in new construction, renovation projects, home designs, and home maintenance. They focus on helping the client turn their house ideas and dreams into a realistic goal. They offer clients personalized projects to help provide excellent quality and cost efficient options. Customer reviews state that the company gave sound remodeling and design suggestions. Other customer reviews showed high satisfaction levels in the area of remodeling and upgrading their homes.

Tanamera Construction/ TC Homes

Custom kitchen by Tanamera Construction located in Reno, NV

Tanamera Construction is a financially stable custom home building company with a long history of building homes and cabins that are cost effective. They are comprehensively skilled in designing and building quality homes for a reasonable fee. They have their own group of trusted designers, assistants, and architectural teams they employ. In 2014, a TC Homes-designed house won the HGTV dream home award. Customer reviews state that TC Homes have large company resources with detailed, small company customer service.

YR Custom Homes

Kitchen design by YR Homes - a Reno, NV home builder.

YR Custom Homes is a company that creates homes that caters to the client’s needs. Their goal is to create a home that the client can move into without having to improve or change anything. They train their employees to stay knowledgeable about the custom home building industry. YR Custom Homes have won several BANN-ER awards over the years. Customers report that they build superior quality homes with all the bells and whistles. Customers think that the designs of their homes are unique and sophisticated.

Lake Crest Builders

Custom home built by Lake Crest Builders located in Reno, Nevada

Lake Crest Builders strive to build homes that are not only top quality, but timeless as well . They work to make sure that the client’s dream home is everything it should be. They are very responsive to the clients, encouraging open communication throughout the entire process of the home design and construction. They offer a specialized project management software program that allows the clients to track the progress of their home while it is being constructed. They have an in-house staff of employees that focus on 100% customer satisfaction. They were awarded the best of Houzz Service Award for several years. Customers state that they create high-quality work, give valuable advice, and finish projects in a timely manner.

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