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25 Best Mouthwatering Crepe Recipes (All Types)

Different mouthwatering crepe recipes.

Crepe has been around for centuries and will be going nowhere, well other than in our mouths and those of many generations to come. Think fillings like Nutella, strawberry, banana, blueberry, cream cheese…you get the point!

If you enjoy sweet and savory as I do, then you’ve come to the sweet spot where I’ll walk you through many crepe recipes that will leave you drooling…literally. That is our aim because we want you to try them and realize how versatile crepe recipes are.

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1. To sweeten this list, we have to begin with an old favorite- the decadent Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Crepe. 

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Guess you might think that you’d have to spend big bucks at a restaurant for this. No sir, !! By the way, don’t let the word breakfast fool you, because this treat will liven up any event, home or away, casual or formal. It contains 28 steps, but they’re so simple, even my kids can make it to perfection. 

Don’t look for something nourishing, but rather a mixture of delicious and nutritious. After all, you’re using real strawberries. If you choose to get the kids involved, please guide them as you’ll be bringing out the big guns such as an electric mixer, skillet and more. Of course, flour has to be in the mix; eggs, butter, sugar, salt, and cream cheese. Enjoy!

2. Following that strawberry crepe, it’s great to go back to Earth, so here’s a Basic Crepe recipe

A classic style of strawberry crepe.

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There’s never anything basic about crepe, so be prepared for a delicious treat for which all the ingredients are likely to be in your pantry and refrigerator already. The preparation time is only ten minutes, while cooking takes approximately 20 minutes. 

Therefore, you would have whipped up a treat in half an hour ready to serve four people or hide for yourself. I won’t tell anyone! To spruce things up, think of all your favorite toppings and add any or a few of them and you will have created your crepe.

3. This is easy, like Sunday morning, so let’s get to the Easy Crepes Recipe!

Sweet and simple Strawberry Crepe with a chocolate drip.

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Warming a small pan over medium heat as well as using butter to grease is the best way to make crepes. Gently leaning the pan will help disperse the batter proportionately, so use a 1/4-cup measuring cup to do this. 

You should wait until the bottom is golden brown before flipping, then use a spatula to ensure the batter isn’t sticking. Learn that and more as you explore the Easy Crepes recipe.

4. When you Have a Houseful of Guests and you’d like to Make a Large Portion of Crepes, this is it!

Multi-layered number of crepes.

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It takes an hour and 25 minutes but doesn’t get discouraged. For one hour, you’ll literally be doing nothing. That’s because you take five minutes to prepare, place it in the fridge for an hour, (I really stressed you out for a minute earlier, right?) then 20 minutes to cook. You’ll get 22 crepes from this delicious batter to fill as you please. A glance at the cook’s note for recipe variations.

5. Anything that says simple, usually isn’t, except for this Simple Crepe recipe!

Crepes with honey, milk and butter.

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So, if you’ve looked at the previous recipes, you’ll realize that I am serious about this one. Keeping it simple means preparing the batter in just minutes and placing it in the fridge for half an hour or even an entire day. 

Take the time to relax or complete other tasks. The longer it stays, the better the outcome. You’ll have 12 of the best crepes ever, or preferably, share them, please! 

6. Seven Crepes in 15 minutes…the clock’s ticking, let’s go!

A classic style of crepes.

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This crepe recipe puts the e in easily! All you need is:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 1⁄2 cups milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon salt

It’s that simple, so let’s get that pan heated and start frying. Seven crepes in no time.

7. Just five ingredients and 30 minutes gets you 20 Basic Crepes

A three plain crepes with lemon.

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With just five ingredients, we’ll show you how to make a wide variety of crepes. This easy crepe recipe makes 20 thin, tasty crepes that can be filled with anything from blueberries and raspberries, Nutella, Swiss cheese, and even mushrooms. Try a few different ways to fill your crepes and see which ones your family prefers!

8. Let’s continue to keep it simple with this Basic Crepe Batter recipe

A crepes with excess flour and lemon.

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Recipe for a crepe mixture that may be used to make French crepes for any occasion. You can never go wrong sticking to the basics when making crepes. After all, once you get it perfect, then the filling can be one of a dozen options. Check this once out!

9. Let’s draw on the Classic Crepe recipe to take us down memory lane.

Crepe along with its ingredients.

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You may use this Classic Crepe Recipe to prepare any of your preferred savory and perhaps sweet crepes with this recipe. In addition to being ideal for savory fillings like cheese and ham, crepes can also be used as a sweet dessert when filled with jam or nut butter. They can be served with any garnish of your choice because they are so customizable.

10. This Perfect Crepe recipe is close enough to perfect for me!

Crepe along with its ingredients.

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To produce these beautiful and elegant-looking crepes, this is the greatest crepe recipe that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort in the kitchen. Plus, there are no restrictions on how you top them! They have a light consistency and creamy, buttery borders when they’re done. You don’t need any fancy pans or gimmicks to prepare these tasty treats, and they just call for six simple ingredients.

11. Use this Crepe recipe as an excellent vehicle for experimenting with various flavor pairings.

A crepes with excess flour.

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This recipe calls for three tablespoons of batter per crepe, but we found that a 1/4-cup sized measuring cup is the perfect tool for scooping and pouring batter into your pan so that your crepes cook evenly. Crepes get their golden color and crisp edges from a modest bit of sugar. Toss on your favorite toppings, once they’ve finished baking.

12. Just six ingredients and a world of filling ideas to check out in this Easy Crepes recipe

A basic crepe recipe.

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If you think crepes are tough to cook, think again! It’s possible to fill these pancake-like pastries with any combination of your beloved sweet or savory flavors. You’ll find a myriad of filling options and don’t forget to check out the tips and tricks for the recipe as well. Enjoy!

13. You only have one or two mouths to feed? Let’s make a Small Batch Crepe recipe

Classic crepe filled with sweet honey.

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The process of making crepes is quite straightforward. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your batch is perfect: The most important thing to remember is to keep an eye on the temperature of your pan. Ideally, the surface should be hot enough to begin cooking the batter immediately, but never so intense that it burns. 

Between each crepe, I felt it necessary to remove the pan from the heat for a brief period. Don’t rush to offer them. The crepes should be stacked as you make them. A little touch of dryness will cause the edges to get crispy and delicious!

14. With a little vanilla in the mix, here’s a wonderful way to transform your Crepe!

A tasty shot of vanilla crepe in a white plate.

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This recipe calls for ingredients you typically have handy at home. Not only will the crepes you make from this batter be delicious, but you’ll also want to make them repeatedly. It recommends as well that you place wax paper between each as you stack them up after removing them from the pan. Not only will you get twelve servings, but you’ll get tips on how to preserve them for a long time. Of course, that includes not filling the entire batch after preparing them.

15. Want to show all your guests a great time? This basic Crepe recipe will do it. Bon appetit!

A classic crepe together with chocolate and milk.

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You can simply split this quick crepe recipe from a real French chef, so this produces plenty for a celebration or extras for up to three days in the refrigerator. This may take a few tries if you’re making crepes for the first time, but the goal is to achieve an even, thin layer of batter. While a crepe pan with a shorter side makes for simpler movement, a standard nonstick pan should also yield wonderful homemade crepes. Preparing your toppings in advance is essential after you have the swing of things.

16. There’s nothing basic about these crepes other than the ingredients, as they taste amazing!

3 crepes dripped with chocolate syrup.

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These simple crepes may be made with just butter, salt, flour, eggs, and milk, and they can be served either sweet or savory, depending on your preference. If you’ve ever heard that crepes are tough to make, this recipe is for you. This recipe for basic crêpes may be used for both savory and sweet crepes, and the results are anything but simple.

17. Parisian Street Vendor Crêpes; just rolling the name off your tongue is divine

Large bowl full of chocolate and crepes.

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Making sure your flour is unbleached, let’s delve into this recipe Street style, with results that will blow your mind, or rather, your palate. A real meal and then some you can acquire from the street vendor crêpes in Paris as they are huge. Just add jam and butter or maybe hazelnut spread and bananas, and your crêpes are excellent. It takes only 45 minutes of preparation and cooking in total. Oh, and you only need five ingredients outside of your topping.

18. Savory Pesto Mushroom Crepe – the name of this recipe says it all

Delicious mushroom crepe combo with lemon juice.

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Mushrooms, dehydrated arugula, and cheese from goat fill this amazing Crepe recipe. This crepe is a tasty vegetarian dish. Try these gourmet crepes by adding sauteed mushrooms as well as spinach for a French-style meal! A simple way to create your delicious supper! This crepe recipe is a good starting point, but feel free to experiment with additional savory filling options.

19. Pumpkin cheesecake Crepe – Oh fall, where art thou? Don’t wait, make it anytime!

A two classic crepe rolls.

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Cinnamon, as well as the vanilla batter, are used to make the crepes, which are then stuffed with pumpkin cream cheese topping. It’s just fantastic! As a treat or breakfast, these are ideal for getting into the Fall spirit. For some of the ingredients, you’ll have to leave the comfort of your kitchen, but it will be worth it. It’ll be a treat for your tastebuds. Between preparing and cooking as well as letting it sit a little the total time is 1hr 15 mins. Planning to make it for breakfast? Do the batter from the night before.

20. Anything that says homemade will send even a non-chef running to the kitchen like this Homemade Crepe Recipe

Fresh cherry along with homemade crepes.

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The ends of these homemade crepes remain buttery yet crispy, making them incredibly light as well as dainty. Only with a blender as well as a standard skillet, they’re waiting to be filled and topped with your favorite flavorful ingredients. These French-style crepes don’t require any particular pots or pans. There are only eight primary components needed, which is a huge plus. It takes only a few minutes or could be several hours, depending on how long you’d like to make the better sit before cooking.

21. Salted Caramel Apple Crepe Rolls, say what? I’m down with this, are you?

Elegant and Fancy dessert salted caramel apple crepe rolls.

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This recipe suits the entire family, but we have a tweaked version suited for adult gatherings. It’s easy to impress your guests with these rolls made from salted caramel apple crepes. French crepes paired with caramelized apples as well as a handmade salted caramel sauce are the stars of this dish. A touch of French or perhaps Calvados apple cider is what I suggest to create the grown-up version of this delicious recipe.

22. Berry-Filled Cinnamon Crepes, takes us back, way back to what crepe originally tasted like

A fruity-looked of cinnamon crepes.

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These slightly spiced crepes you can stuff with any mix of fresh fruits, such as mangoes and pineapples if you’d like to go exotic. To prevent the fragile berries from breaking apart, carefully swirl the fruit filling while it cooks. The batter for the crepes requires being chilled for an hour, which reduces the gluten in the flour, making the crepes softer. Refrigerate or freeze the extra cooked crepes after you cool them, in a big zipper plastic bag for up to five days, or up to one month in the freezer.

23. For everything, there is a vegan version and crepes are no different. Try this Perfect Vegan Crepes recipe!

Vegan crepe set of ingredients.

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I’ve eaten my fair share and more when it comes to crepes. Whether you are vegan or not, you’ll enjoy this recipe that the chef took time and effort to perfect. Make a whirlwind of motions with your whisk! It’s truly that simple, so don’t let the name intimidate you.  It’s easy to make these vegan crepes, and you may serve them as a sweet breakfast or as a dinner entree. It’s all about the technique. If you’re not already vegan, you might need to grab the non-dairy milk at the grocers before starting. Stuff it with fruits and even some vegan Nutella. 

24. Fancy Blue Corn Crepes are just as the name suggests and guess what? They’re easy to make!

Special fancy blue corn crepes with two slice of lemon.

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Sweets are on their way to you! Fancy Blue Corn Crepes are a favorite of mine when I’m in the mood for something a little more upscale for breakfast. They remind me of a more upscale take on pancakes. You can’t help but smile when you see how thin and light it is, as well as how stunningly blue it is.

However, I’m here to tell you it’s not as complicated as you might think it is. To create these, you only need a few ingredients. Using a food processor or blender, simply combine all of the ingredients. This might also serve as a substitute for your traditional Sunday pancake breakfast.

25. We started with a bang and we’ll take you out in fine style as well with this Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe

Savory strawberry cheesecake crepe with white ice cream on top.

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This recipe is last but definitely not least on our list. Crepes with fresh strawberry cheesecake filling, made using simple ingredients. Is it a meal or a treat?? This cheesecake-filled crepe, topped with fresh berries, is my favorite summertime dessert! I don’t know why.

A light and fluffy cheesecake filling is sandwiched between two buttery crepes, which are topped with fresh, juicy strawberries and blueberries. This is a straightforward recipe, even though there are a few steps. This cheesecake can be made in advance and kept refrigerated until it is time to serve. It takes a total of 25 minutes from start to finish to prepare and serve this dish. And that’s a wrap everyone or rather a crepe😋.