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How to Fix CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower Problems

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Every homeowner with a lawn has experienced the occasional glitch on their electric lawnmower from time to time. The CRAFTSMAN electric lawn mower is reliable, but hardworking garden machines experience wear and sometimes require troubleshooting to fix minor problems.

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Possible problems your CRAFSTMAN electric lawn mower can experience:

  1. CRAFTSMAN electric mower won’t start.
  2. The mower cuts out while mowing.
  3. Overheating and doesn’t work.
  4. Uneven cuts.
  5. Losing power.
  6. Excessive vibrations.
  7. The mower is hard to push.
  8. The electric mower trips the breaker.

1. CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower Won’t Start

A man starting a lawn mower engine.

One of the most fundamental problems you can experience in an electric lawn mower is that it will not start. There are several non-starting problems you may experience. The mower may not start when you take it out to mow the lawn, or it can stop during mowing and refuse to start up again.

There may be some crossover for the causes of both these issues, but we will address them separately since there may be different problems causing each issue.

If the mower won’t start right away when you take it out of the shed or garage, but it worked without an issue the previous time you mowed the grass, you should perform a sequence of checks.

These checks will give you the way forward to resolve the problem on your CRAFTSMAN electric mower and get it running again.


An electric mower relies on a connected circuit to deliver power to the motor. If the mower does not start, there is a fault between the power source, the power outlet, and the motor.

The best way to establish the problem is to run through a series of checks to eliminate the possible problems one by one, beginning with the simplest and most obvious and ending with the least likely issues.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Non-Starting Checklist Checked
Check the plug is connected to the outlet securely. Tension on the power cord could dislodge the plug at the outlet and break the connection. Push the plug securely into the outlet and try to start the mower again.
Check the circuit breaker Check the circuit breaker for the outlet is switched on. If it is off, switch it on and try to start the mower. If the breaker trips again, disconnect the mower from the power and check the mower power cord or extension lead for a short circuit.
Inspect the extension cord for damage or loose wires. Extension cords for electric mowers take a lot of abuse and can become damaged. Check for breaks in the extension cable and ensure the wiring in the plugs is connected properly.
Check the mower brake lever. The brake lever is the lever on the mower handle you must hold to run the mower. If the brake lever is stuck or the switch it controls is faulty, the mower will not start.

The switch will need to be replaced.

Check motor brushes If the motor brushes are worn, the mower may not start. Ensure the mower is not connected to power, remove the outer cover, and inspect the motor brushes. If the brushes appear worn or are not making contact with the motor, they must be replaced.

If you are unsure how to repair any of these faults, especially problems in the motor itself or switches on the controls, you should take your mower to the nearest service center to have it checked out.

Never open the mower housing or work on switches with the mower connected to the power. This action is dangerous and can result in a severe electric shock!

2. CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower Cuts Out While Mowing

A man mowing the lawn with an electric mower.

If you are using your CRAFTSMAN electric mower and during the mowing, the machine cuts out and will not start, there are some potential issues to check.

Some issues that can cause this problem are simple to check and easy to remedy. There may be some crossover between the causes for this problem and the lawn mower issue of not starting from the word go.

Solution 1: Check the Circuit Breaker

The first aspect to check is whether the circuit breaker has tripped. Circuit breakers do not normally trip for no reason, so if the breaker is off, the problem bears further investigation.

Solution 2: Check the Extension Cable

Check the extension cord for frayed areas or damage. If the extension cord does not look good, try a different extension cord or replace the extension with a new one.

3. CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Overheats and Doesn’t Work

A man checking the circuit of a lawn mower.

Occasionally, an electric mower motor can overheat to the point that the mower cuts out and refuses to work until it has cooled down sufficiently.

An overheating problem in your mower could be a simple result of working the machine too hard and long on a hot day, or it can result from a maintenance issue that must be addressed.

Solution 1: Let the Mower Cool Down

If the mower has been working for an extended period on a hot day, the mower motor may reach an operating temperature that is outside of its specified safe range. The mower motor will then cut out as a safety measure to protect the motor from damage.

This result is a normal protective measure for the mower, and the only thing to do is to stop mowing and give the mower 10 to 15-minutes to cool down.

Solution 2: Remove Grass Build-up in the Mower

Another cause for overheating in electric lawnmowers is a buildup of grass and organic material under the plastic housing covering the motor.

The only method to clear this problem to prevent overheating is to remove the plastic hood over the CRAFTSMAN motor and clear away the debris. The plastic hood is easily removed by loosening the 3 screws on each side of the plastic cover.

Once the cover is removed, check for debris clogging the vents inside the cover and any accumulation of cut grass under the cover.

The best way to remove the grass buildup under the hood is to blow it away with an air compressor or a leaf blower. Alternatively, the grass can be wiped away with a cloth.

Once the obstruction is cleared, air can circulate freely around the motor, keeping it cool and solving the overheating problem.

4. My CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Is Cutting Unevenly

A man trimming the small area of lawn in the backyard.

If you notice that your CRAFTSMAN electric mower is cutting unevenly in a single pass over your grass, or there are high and low patches in the cut path, you may have a problem with your mower.

The cut should be clean and even across the entire swath cut by the mower. A worn mower blade is the most common cause of an uneven cut height.


The only solution to this problem is to replace the mower blade. This job is easily done as a DIY project and does not require the mower to be taken to a service center.

When you replace the blade, it is likely that the blasé insulator, a plastic part under the securing nut and spacer, will also need replacement. The blade and the insulator can be purchased from your local mower spares supplier.

Follow these steps to replace the mower blade.

  1. Unplug the mower from the power source.
  2. Lay the mower on its side to expose the blade.
  3. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the central locking nut on the blade. Use a gloved hand to hold the blade in position and prevent the mower blade from turning when you loosen the securing nut.
  4. Remove the old blade and insulator.
  5. Replace with the new blade and insulator, positioning both parts in the correct orientation as indicated on the parts.
  6. Replace the locking nut and tighten it securely, but take care not to overtighten the nut.

5. CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Loses Power

A man pushing an electric lawn mower.

As you mow the lawn or your backyard, you may find the mower losing power when cutting longer grass or generally struggling, and you can hear the motor lose power and speed.

The two main causes for this problem are trying to take cuts that are too deep in thick grass or cut grass, leaves, and debris that have clogged the underside of the mower and are impeding the spinning blade.

Solution 1: Raise the Mower Cut Height

The solution for the first cause is relatively straightforward. Use the lever on the side of the CRAFTSMAN electric mower to raise the level of the cut to the highest setting.

With the cut height lever set to the highest mark, make several passes over the long grass, lowering the cut height a notch after each pass until the mower cuts to the desired length.

Solution 2: Remove Debris From Under the Mower

The second cause for the power loss problem can be debris accumulated under the mower in the blade space. This accumulation of debris can interfere with the spinning blade, causing the mower to lose power.

To fix this issue, ensure the mower is unplugged from the power source, turn it on its side to expose the blade space, and clean out the debris. If the dirt is caked onto the mower chassis and is difficult to remove, a paint scraper can be useful to dislodge the material.

6. CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Vibrates Excessively

A man mowing the backyard lawn.

Experiencing excessive vibrations and shuddering when operating your CRAFTSMAN electric mower can be disconcerting. The cause for the vibrations could be a simple fix, or it may require the mower to be checked out by a service center.

The more serious of the two causes is a possible bent shaft in the motor, while the second and more likely cause is a bent, worn, or loose mower blade.

Solution 1: Check the Mower Blade for Looseness or Damage

The blade problem is the easiest option to investigate and remedy and should be checked first as the possible cause for the excessive vibrations.

Ensure the mower is disconnected from the power outlet and lay the mower on its side to inspect the blade. Check the mower blade for damage and wiggle it to see if it is loose.

If the blade is loose, simply reposition the blade and spacer and tighten the securing nut. If the blade shows signs of damage or is bent, it must be replaced.

Solution 2: Get the Mower Checked by a Service Professional

A bent motor shaft is another possible cause of excessive vibrations in the mower. This situation is a serious problem often caused by the blade striking a hard, immovable object while spinning at high speed. The impact of the blade on the object can bend the motor shaft.

Unfortunately, a bent motor shaft is not a problem that the mower owner can solve. The lawnmower should be taken to an authorized repair center. In all likelihood, the motor will need to be replaced.

7. CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Is Hard to Push

An old man mowing the lawn.

There are times when cutting your lawn that you find your electric mower hard to push and difficult to control.

This issue can be caused by cutting high or thick grass, uneven ground, or soft ground. These situations can make the mower difficult to push and cause the mower to struggle to cut the grass.

The uneven ground may cause the rear of the mower housing to drag on uneven ground, making it difficult to push the mower. Thick grass can also cause drag on the blade, which will make the mower hard to push.

Solution 1: Raise the Mower Cut Height

To make pushing the mower easier, raise the cut height to take a smaller bite of the grass at a time. This strategy will require multiple passes to get the grass to the desired height, but the mower will be easier to push.

Raising the cut height will also prevent the mower body from dragging on uneven ground, reducing the effort required to push the mower.

Solution 2: Engage the Self-Propelled Lever

Some CRAFTSMAN electric mowers come with a self-propelled option, which is engaged by pulling a lever on the mower’s handle. This option will use some power from the motor to drive the wheels, which propels the mower forward, reducing the effort required by the person pushing the mower.

8. CRAFTSMAN Electric Mower Frequently Trips the Circuit Breaker

A man checking the battery of an electric lawn mower.

A problem you may experience when using your CRAFTSMAN mower is the circuit breaker frequently tripping while the mower is being used.

This problem may be caused by factors external to the mower or a problem with the mower itself.

Solution 1: Check the Extension Cable for Damage

The first check you should perform if your CRAFTSMAN mower frequently trips the circuit is to inspect the extension cord for fraying, damaged insulation, or a fault. This damage is the most common and likely cause of frequent circuit breaker trips with an electric mower.

Replace the extension cord if any wear is noticed on the cable or damage to the exterior of the cable is visible.

Solution 2: Check the Circuit for Overloading

Another cause of the circuit tripping may be unrelated to a fault on the mower or the extension. If the circuit the mower is working on is overloaded with other appliances or devices, the circuit may trip when the mower motor is engaged.

Check for other appliances or power tools on the same electrical circuit, unplug them while using the mower, or consult an electrician to install a larger circuit breaker.

Cutting thick grass may also cause the circuit preacher to trip. The mower will draw more power when pushed through thick grass, and more demands are put on the motor. Raise the cut height when cutting thick grass to prevent this problem.


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