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8 of Our Favorite Free Coloring Pages Websites (for Kids)

Coloring pages featured image

Our list of coloring pages websites includes only those that offer free coloring pages and/or books that you can access without having to sign up or do anything.  You can buy many different books on Amazon but they aren’t free.  We want to provide options for free downloads/printed.

Most importantly, we don’t list all the coloring websites out there.  We spend hours researching dozens of these sites and cherry-picked what we consider to be the very best.

Here’s our list.

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VerbNow Coloring Pages

=> Visit VerbNow’s free coloring pages for download here offers 120 coloring pages collections spanning many different topics and themes including animals, cartoons, nature, birds, reptiles, sea animals, holiday, bugs, superheroes, toys and vehicles.  There are also mazes, wordsheets and they’re adding some kids activity worksheets as well.

All the coloring pages are free to download/print.

Download, print and/or color on the website

Other than the high-quality custom illustrations that you can get for free, the reason we rate VerbNow so highly is that you can download, print and/or color all the illustrations on the website.  Check out the online coloring feature:

Peacock coloring page blank

Coloring peacock online at Verbnow

There is also an option to color any of the pages directly online.

Using Verbnow is so simple and what we like about it is how easy it is to find what you’re looking for. A big focus of the site is offering unique, custom-created coloring pages for kids and adults.

If you’re looking coloring pages, this site is definitely worth visiting.

As an aside, VerbNow also offers online games, a ton of great toy articles on the blog and how to draw tutorials (kids also love these).

=> Visit VerbNow’s free coloring pages for download here


Who doesn’t know about Crayola.  I grew up with Crayola crayons, pencil crayons and felts. Now my kids use their products as well.

It’s only natural that Crayola would offer free coloring pages and activity sheets for their customers.  The quality is quite good. The website is super simple to use.

My only complaint is that you can only print the sheets. There isn’t an option to download as a PDF.


Coloring Home is a fun-looking site that focuses on coloring pages for kids.

When you get to the home page the topics are front and center.  The design is whimsical that’s fun if kids are browsing with you to find what they want to download or print.

The selection is impressive and you’ll notice that if you scroll down on the home page the categories are broken up into categories.

All-in-all, this site is very well done.

4. is a very well done website for free coloring pages. The selection is amazing and it’s very easy to use.

With only a few clicks you can find all kinds of coloring pages.  It’s very clear how to print or download each illustration.  While the site has ads like most of these sites, they aren’t horribly intrusive.

5. is a terrific kids’ activities resource that includes many coloring pages.  The coloring pages are well organized by themes on the main coloring pages page.

In addition to coloring pages, this site offers free online games, crafts, drawing tutorials and more.  It’s an amazing kids’ resource for parents.


Not my fave but definitely worth a mention is which offers a good selection of decent-quality coloring pages for kids.  When you arrive to the home page you can instantly start browsing the many coloring page topics on the site.

My main beef is the page where the downloads are located a bit ad-heavy, which I know is a bit rich coming from someone who publishes fairly ad-heavy sites such as the one you’re reading but it’s just my two cents’ worth.

7. is a fun-looking website that offers a nice selection and quality of coloring pages for kids.  The website design is a bit dated by it’s well organized and fairly easy to find the categories and individual coloring pages you might want to download and/or print.

I’ll say this for and that is sure is a fun, playful looking site.


Not the prettiest site but if you dig around you’ll notice it offers a good selection of free coloring pages across a broad spectrum of themes and topics.  When you get to a download page, it’s clear and easy to find the download/print buttons which are directly under the coloring page.

There are more options out there but…

There are more websites out there offering free coloring pages but we didn’t include them due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Not very good selection;
  • Atrocious website user experience;
  • Outdated; or
  • Requires an email sign-up to access the coloring pages.