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25 Best Chocolate Ice Cream Recipes (All Types)

Photo collage of different types of Chocolate Ice Cream.

When a sweet summertime appetite strikes, many turn to chocolate ice cream as a treat. However, with handmade chocolate ice cream, you can create unique blends of chocolatey flavors any time of the year. Fudge, coffee, peanut butter, or mint, there is just no end to the delicious combinations.

And with delicious recipes in mind, we’ve tallied up 25 of the best chocolate ice cream recipes to get you and the family revving up those tastebuds. These recipes will leave you feeling calm, satisfied, and happy! Here you can enjoy trying out new chocolate ice cream recipes – just like entering an ice cream parlor – to find the most creative, yummy, and exciting chocolaty flavors.

1. Original Chocolate Ice Cream

Sweet and delicious Original Chocolate Ice Cream.

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Ice cream flavors come in various flavors, with chocolate being the second most popular after vanilla. However, nothing beats authentic homemade chocolate ice cream. Despite being a beloved indulgence on hot, sunny days, ice cream occasionally contains odd recipe builds.

Preservatives, artificial tastes, colors, and high fructose corn syrup are frequently included. And that’s where this delicious chocolaty recipe raises the bar on originality. The ingredients for this chocolate ice cream recipe are a straightforward blend of cream, milk, eggs, sugar, cocoa, and a small amount of vanilla flavoring to give it the perfect finishing touch.

And if you have your own ice cream freezer, you can prepare this recipe as much as you like!

2. Ultra-Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream

Ultra-Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream in white background.

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This recipe is too rich, creamy, and chocolaty to feel guilty about. It’s simple to create with only seven ingredients – including two types of chocolate – and has a rich chocolate flavor that rivals any ice cream store! It’s not excessively sweet but just as tasty, and it goes great with nearly any slice of cake.

And the trick to keeping it rich and not too sweet is to use semi-sweet 60% dark chocolate combined with cocoa powder and granulated sugar. Serve this chocolate ice cream in cones or a dish drizzled with chocolate syrup and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Alternatively, put it between two cookies as a delicious cookie ice cream sandwich treat!

3. Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream isolated on white background.

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According to health experts, vegan ice creams have more protein and are richer in omega oils, fiber, and vital fatty acids. In a nutshell, it is nourishing. So how about a bit of chocolate to step things up a notch?

This recipe uses only six ingredients and a straightforward process to make a rich, creamy vegan chocolate ice cream. First, this vegan delight is made with water, rich coconut cream, cocoa powder, and organic cane sugar mixed to create the base. Then, a robust chocolate flavor emerges, derived from a lot of vegan dark chocolate and completed with vanilla extract.

With fresh blueberries or strawberries and a side of coconut whipped cream, this will be the ideal treat to keep on hand this summer for snacking or entertaining.

4. Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream

Top view shot of sweet Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream.

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Ice cream and Oreos were a match made in heaven, a true love tale full of enchanting flavors. So this recipe is for you if you’re a chocoholic seeking the best of both worlds! This recipe’s simplicity and lack of cooking requirements make it fantastic; combine ingredients in a mixing bowl, then chill and freeze for 2-3 hours in an ice cream machine.

A great tip is that you can double the recipe for larger serving containers larger than 3 oz. This recipe is perfect for special occasions that kids and adults would love. Every spoonful of this ice cream is heaven-sent thanks to its bits of Oreo and creamy chocolate foundation.

5. Easy No-Churn Chocolate Ice Cream

A scoop of delicious Easy No-Churn Chocolate Ice Cream.

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Don’t have an ice cream maker? No problem! You can use this recipe with or without ice cream makers.

This chocolate ice cream recipe is ideal for a movie night or a surprise dessert for any occasion. It only takes a splash of sea salt, unsweetened cocoa powder, heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, pure vanilla extract, and 4 hours in the refrigerator. Making sure the cocoa powder is dissolved before adding it to the blender is an excellent tip for this recipe.

It lessens the likelihood that the chocolate ice cream will get slightly grainy. When making a low-carb variation of this recipe using evaporated milk and a sugar-free sweetener, always melt the sugar-free sweetener first in the saucepan with the cocoa powder – it works every time!

6. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream in a small glass.

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One of the world’s tastiest combos is chocolate and peanut butter, and this creamy, sweet, salty, and decadent pair with ice cream will send you on a desert-filled culinary journey like no other. This recipe contains both peanut butter and peanut butter cups to get the full rewarding flavor blending with the chocolate. It will take around ten minutes to prep and can be refrigerated anywhere between 8 hours and two days.

A tip to remember is that adding too many peanut butter cups to this chocolate ice cream recipe will make it significantly less creamy and may crumble apart.

7. Dark Chocolate Fuge Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Fuge Ice Cream in metal jar top view.

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This chocolate recipe turns bittersweet dark chocolate into an intense flavor and develops into something rich, bittersweet, smooth, and silky, with a welcoming fudge surprise. It is a recipe that requires a few more steps than most other recipes on this list, but it is definitely worth the effort. This dark, appetizingly eye-catching chocolate ice cream can be made with just eight ingredients and 20 minutes of prep work, followed by six hours of chilling.

If you’d like, you can enjoy the ice cream right away from the machine. It will have a soft, delectable texture similar to soft serve. However, you should place the freshly made ice cream in the freezer for an hour or two if you prefer the ice cream to be more frozen and firm.

8. Egg-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Close-up shot of Egg-Free Chocolate Ice Cream.

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Usually, egg-based ice creams are exceptionally creamy, but this egg-free chocolate ice cream recipe lets you make it using whole milk and heavy cream and still have a rich, creamy texture. As a result, this recipe is a delightful lifesaver if you or any family members have an egg allergy. This easy recipe consists of six easy-to-find ingredients at most grocery stores, will take you only five minutes to prep, and up to two hours to freeze to get the desired consistency.

What’s great about this ice cream recipe is that you can be pretty experimental. For example, you can add smarties to the mix with Oreos or even substitute the cocoa powder for flavors like strawberry, snickerdoodle, mint chips, or coffee.

9. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A scoop of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on rustic background.

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Nothing surpasses a generous scoop of the classic favorite chocolate chip ice cream. This recipe is sure to win the hearts of many and requires only a few ingredients, encouraging the best quality for the best results. Two key ingredients of this recipe include using vanilla bean paste or scraped vanilla bean, which makes this recipe genuinely unique.

In addition, this recipe encourages 20 mins of prep time, five minutes to cook, and around four hours for the mix to chill and freeze. In place of vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste or scraped vanilla beans give some aesthetic appeal and a slightly richer taste to this ice cream recipe while enhancing the chocolate chips’ flavor.

10. Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream

Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream on a white plate.

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Due to their delicious compatibility, espresso and chocolate have long been enjoyed together. This recipe blends the two well while incorporating chocolate sandwich cookies into a delightful chocolate mocha ice cream. The main components in this recipe are espresso powder, unsweetened cocoa, and chocolate biscuits.

Furthermore, it just takes five minutes to prepare, 30 minutes in an ice cream maker for a softer consistency, or 2-3 hours in a freezer for a firmer ice cream consistency. This recipe can make the finest chocolate taste even more decadent, while the hint of coffee will taste like drops of sweet silk in your mouth. A helpful tip, according to one reviewer, is that adding a small amount of Bailey’s into the mixture will help to lessen the hard-rock freeze effect while maintaining the flavor if kept in the freezer.

11. Creamy Chocolate and Cheese Cake Ice Cream

Two glasses of Creamy Chocolate and Cheese Cake Ice Cream.

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This chocolate and cheesecake ice cream recipe makes a delightful and sweet dessert with cheesecake Jell-O instant pudding mix and cocoa powder! While chocolate is always a treat, adding some cream cheese into the mix births some exquisite flavors. This recipe calls for 10-15 minutes of prep and cooking time, followed by a total of 24 hours in the fridge for the best results.

What’s impressive about this recipe is that it includes instructions for making it dairy-free with a substitute for cream cheese, whole milk, and heavy cream. Although this recipe is aimed at Ninja Creami ice cream machines, this recipe will still work with any other ice cream maker.

12. Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

Close-up shot of delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream.

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Hazelnut pairs very well with chocolate and vanilla, which is why it is so prevalent in desserts such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, and gelato. This ice cream is creamy and decadent, and the chocolate, surprisingly, takes second place to the hazelnut, and the ice cream benefits as a result. This recipe will likely become a favorite family dessert with eight simple ingredients, 20 minutes of prep and cooking time, and 4 hours to chill and freeze.

13. Chocolate Chili Ice Cream

Chocolate Chili Ice Cream on a wooden bowl.

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Chocolate and chili unite in a flavor symphony that combines the intoxicating effects of chocolate with the fiery excitement of heat. This recipe combines that incredible match flawlessly in a thick and creamy chili chocolate ice cream. This no-churn ice cream is not too sweet, is incredibly smooth, and packs a flavor punch that will rock your world! 

What’s great is that this recipe only consists of 4 ingredients, with dark chocolate and cayenne pepper being the primary flavors. One suggestion is to start with a fair bit of cayenne. Usually, you can discern the heat right away.

Remember that you can always add more spice, but you cannot remove it.

14. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Organic Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with a spoon.

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People adore the depth of chocolate and the cooling, refreshing sensation of mint. It’s the ideal flavor combination, and dark chocolate and mint appear exceptionally trendy these days. You can create ice cream quickly and easily in this rich mint chocolate chip recipe with just seven ingredients—including milk, mint flavoring, and chopped chocolate.

Following this recipe will take five minutes to prep, 25 minutes in an ice cream maker, and within only 30 minutes, you can dig into some soft-serve minty chocolate ice cream. Of course, if you prefer your ice cream consistency to be a bit firmer, you could always leave it in the freezer for 2 – 3 hours. Use mint extract rather than peppermint extract for the best flavor.

Although it can be more challenging to locate, it truly does make a significant impact. While peppermint extract only contains peppermint, the mint extract also contains spearmint.

15. Chocolate Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

Chocolate Rum and Raisin Ice Cream on wooden table.

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This chocolate rum and raisin ice cream recipe has it all for any day of the year. Since each scoop of chocolate rum and raisin ice cream has plump raisins, rum, and rich, creamy custard, you don’t need anything else to make it delicious. It’s an adult ice cream that everyone will enjoy!

This tasty recipe has ten ingredients, with spiced rum, raisins, bittersweet chocolate, dried pitted dates, and raisins as its prominent flavor. Nothing is better than something boozy, sweet, and oh-so-indulgently frozen to beat the heat. You and your hubby may enjoy delectable treats on the summer terrace in eight and a half hours, from start to finish.

16. Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream

Close-up shot of Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream isolated on white.

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Something remarkably tasty happens when the blueberries are mixed with a rich chocolate foundation, and this recipe achieves just that! This dish combines the tastes of frozen blueberries, combining its juicy goodness with a chocolatey flavor. This delicacy is surprisingly simple to create, using only six simple ingredients: bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, eggs, and frozen blueberries.

This recipe only requires you to chill and freeze for roughly two hours.

17. Decadent Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Close-up shot of sweet Decadent Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

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This delectable dark chocolate ice cream recipe will turn even non-chocoholics into addicts for a day. And if you prepare this recipe, which is a must-try, you should absolutely top your ice cream with some coconut shavings after it’s done. With only eight ingredients, this recipe will take you around 20 minutes to prepare, 25 minutes to cook, and about 5 hours for cooling and freezing.

This recipe yields ice cream that is somewhat larger than 1 quart (4 cups). One helpful suggestion is to refrigerate the ice cream in an airtight container if you wish to store this recipe after it has been prepared.

18. Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream served in white plate.

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For both children and adults, this recipe is a tasty paradise. This recipe is too amazing to ignore, with brownie and fudge surprises hidden inside a rich chocolate ice cream. Moreover, what’s truly surprising is that this recipe is entirely egg-free.

With a traditional vanilla ice cream recipe included, this recipe focuses on cocoa powder, brownies, and fudge as its key ingredients. However, the difference is that this recipe calls for vanilla salt instead of ordinary salt (even though you can still use regular salt).

19. Mexican Chocolate and Almond Ice Cream

Close-up shot of sweet and creamy Mexican Chocolate and Almond Ice Cream.

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Whether you have Mexican roots or not, you will adore the cayenne and cinnamon combo in this delicious chocolate almond delight. This recipe is made with Mexican Ibarra chocolate, which is easy to find at most gourmet markets, including Whole Foods, Fairway, and Target. This recipe is packed with ten ingredients but comes out stunningly and full of flavor after three hours of cooling and freezing.

If you cannot get your hands on any Ibarra chocolate, you can substitute it for Abuelita, which Nestle makes and is often found in Walmart and HEB.

20. Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches with a glass of milk.

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This recipe unites creamy richness with a chewy texture, earthy chocolate, sweet vanilla, and sticky fingers. That’s right! This list would be incomplete if a delicious chocolate ice cream sandwich were not included.

If you still need to make a homemade ice cream sandwich, this one should be on your to-do list! Even though the center is vanilla ice cream, the chocolate cookie “sandwich” adds all the chocolatey goodness you’ll need. Following this recipe takes 45 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to bake the cookies, and around 2 – 4 hours to chill or freeze the ice cream.

The extra prep time is towards making the cookie bars that are well worth the effort, and following this recipe will allow you to make up to 12 chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

21. Dark Chocolate and Ginger Bread Ice Cream

Close-up shot of sweet and delicious Dark Chocolate and Ginger Bread Ice Cream.

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The very notion of gingerbread cookies brings back memories of sitting around a campfire with a cup of steamy hot cocoa. And if you’re seeking a similar sensation to remain cool on the hot summer days, this recipe has you covered! With a whopping 13 ingredients, it has just the right amount of chocolate and candied ginger to balance off the recipe’s intense creaminess and exquisite ginger flavor.

When you’ve cooled off and frozen it to your preferred consistency (about six hours), you’ll be able to go back to your childhood and even start new ones!

22. Milky Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Milky Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream on a small white bowl.

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With only coconut milk, maple syrup, cacao powder, and vanilla extract, this egg-free chocolate and coconut ice cream is to die for! This easy four-ingredient recipe uses full-fat coconut milk as its primary flavoring ingredient to get that classic, creamy ice cream texture. This recipe also includes alternative steps if you don’t have an ice cream maker.

What makes this recipe so unique is its ability to accommodate various ingredients. Feel free to add any other flavorings you choose, such as peppermint or almond extract. Begin with a 1/4 teaspoon at a time and gradually increase to your satisfaction.

23. Chocolate and Honey Custard Ice Cream

Chocolate and Honey Custard Ice Cream on a wooden plate.

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For those looking to sidestep any processed sugar, this Chocolate honey and custard ice cream recipe has all the creamy sweet sensation without the guilt. From the seven ingredients, two ingredients that form the flavor is the cocoa powder and raw honey. With straightforward instructions, it takes 10 minutes of prep time and around an hour to churn and chill to get a soft-serve consistency.

What’s lovely about this recipe is that it gives alternative notes for those who prefer making this egg-free; however, this recipe works best with raw honey and will have a different result from most store-bought honey brands.

24. Rocky Road Chocolate Ice Cream

Rocky Road Chocolate Ice Cream in a glass.

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Mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and walnuts make each bit of this chocolate ice cream recipe a bumpy yet welcomely tasty journey. Moreover, this recipe was explicitly created to stop people from running after ice cream trucks since rocky road ice creams are popular! With 11 ingredients, just one scoop will be packed with marshmallows and walnuts and smothered with icy chocolate.

It takes around 40 minutes to prepare and churn this recipe, and you must freeze it according to the machine’s manufacturer’s instructions if you use an ice cream maker. A great serving suggestion for this recipe is with a waffle bowl, scoop it over a warm brownie, or top it with some whipped cream! If you prefer almonds, you can replace the walnuts in this recipe with almonds since rocky road ice cream is traditionally made with almonds.

25. Mexican Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream

Mexican Cinnamon Chocolate Ice Cream in a bowl with spoon.

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Lastly, we have another tasty and chocolatey Mexican ice cream recipe. You may exclude the coffee, vanilla, chili, and other optional ingredients from this Mexican chocolate ice cream recipe and still get ice cream that tastes just like Mexican hot chocolate. This recipe requires 12 ingredients, five minutes to prepare, 30 minutes to cook, and two to three hours to churn and chill.

Reviewers suggest steeping the heavy cream with a cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, a tiny bit of cayenne, and a few long strips of orange peel rather than adding the cayenne powder essence and crushed cinnamon. After heating it in the small saucepan, cover it for an hour and then drain it. This results in the flavor being much richer and more complex.