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21 Best Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipes (All Types)

A collage of six eclair cakes.

Chocolate eclair cakes are not something I have ever eaten before, much less baked. But there’s this guy and I really like him, and since my name is Claire I want to go there and be like, “Here’s a chocolate eclair cake.”

And then give it to him and run away like a childish school girl. If I actually get up the nerve to do this, here are about 25 of the most doable chocolate eclair cake recipes I could find on the web. See which ones you would like to try the most when baking, or to sample for yourself! 

Chocolate Eclair Cake Easy Enough for Kids

Chocolate eclair cake in a white plate and fruit background

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My first thoughts after reading this was, I really do have no idea what a Chocolate Eclair Cake is all about. This recipe uses graham crackers for a complete layer within the dessert. In addition, the graham crackers start to get soft after a bit of time in the fridge. The cream filling is made of instant pudding in vanilla along with sour cream.

Over the top of this, you have a chocolate frosting spread thick and covering the entirety of the graham crackers. The entire Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe only has a handful of simple ingredients. Yet, from start to finish, you wouldn’t believe it came from graham crackers. It comes out looking ready to be served in a bakery.

A Far More Complicated Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipe

A delectable eclair round and layered cake.

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This recipe is going to blow your mind in comparison to the last one. It is all about the homemade factor and I see no graham crackers. They use a homemade eclair buttercream that appears to use pastry cream for the key element. Then there is a chocolate ganache with 60 percent bittersweet chocolate, and then the cake layers themselves.

These layers are super extensive. I admit, as someone who is not good at baking, this is a very complicated recipe. The cake layers need cake flour, too, something I have no interest in buying specialties for a single man’s interest. I mean, for a Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipe. 

Revisiting that Easier Chocolate Eclair Cake 

A layer of an eclair cake with a chocolate frosting on top.

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Now let’s take another stab at the idea of a graham cracker layered pudding cake covered in frosting. This one does not have many ingredients either, and it just goes to show that this technique is popular among chefs. The recipe for Chocolate Eclair Cake has the exact same steps as the first recipe in this roundup. The difference?

They include a three-ingredient recipe for chocolate ganache by Ina Garten that you can use to replace the instant frosting in a tub. You need instant coffee granules, heavy cream, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Pour this over the cake instead of spreading frosting for a fresher and more luxurious finished look and mouth-feel.

Food 52’s Chocolate Eclair Cake With Extra Fluff

A fluffy filled eclair cake with chocolate frosting.

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Oooo, not going to lie. This recipe for a Chocolate Eclair Cake that uses pastry cream and a pate a choux or something, seems to be very complicated to make. It uses bread flour, too, another fancy flour type I am not going to have on hand! But if you are going to make the Best Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe, the Food 52 people seem to believe they might have something up their sleeve.

Or in their apron pocket. And this pastry cream filling is whipped up with four large egg yolks for extra fluff. Based on the photo, a slice of this cake looks like the best tasting almost Boston cream filling this side of Beantown. 

Martha’s No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake With Eight Yolks   

Three slices of layered eclair cake on a white plate.

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Martha Stewart is back at it, per her usual, with what she considers a no-bake Chocolate Eclair Cake. Let me be the first to compare cake photos, and say, the previous one looks a lot more decadent! Martha’s version is less oozy and gooey.

At the same time, for a no-bake cake, she uses eight large egg yolks. I’ve got to ask about that salmonella factor in this one. Come on, Martha, don’t kill me now! I’m this close to a boyfriend! 

Cook Country Upgrades No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

A top view of a chocolate eclair cake.

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Cook’s Country is a fancy place to get a cake recipe, let me tell you that first thing. However, their version of a Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe is also super simple to make. And it requires no baking, just like the other no-bake cake versions of the Chocolate Eclair Cake.

This one uses the same ingredients of graham crackers, whipped cream, and vanilla instant pudding. But they upgrade it by making these elements on the stove top and in the mixer for extra pizzazz. I guess that’s why they are professionals!

Taste of Home Presents a Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipe

Three chocolate pudding-like cake plating.

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The son of a diabetic submitted this recipe to the Taste of Home team, and here it goes. The Chocolate Eclair Cake starts with an instant sugar-free vanilla pudding mix and uses light chocolate syrup for the chocolate topping. Not as rich as the rest of the cakes in this recipe roundup, this option does use reduced fat cream cheese and fat-free milk, too.

It’s got butter, also, which is not in a lot of these recipes. I wonder, would it be better to use full fat cream cheese and whole milk and no butter, since the low fat options tend to have more sugar as a replacement filler? 

Chocolate Eclair Cupcake Recipe for a More French-like Treat

Eclair cupcakes with chocolate toppings in a cupcake server.

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This recipe writer is not keen on the use of graham crackers and instant pudding to make a  Chocolate Eclair Cake. The cake should be more like an eclair, which is a choux dough baked pouf like and filled with cream called creme patisserie. The Chocolate Eclair Cupcake should be more of an eclair, and that’s what this recipe intends to do.

Let’s see how it turns out. In fact, when you bake these in individually portioned sizes, you are actually making eclairs. I would suggest stacking these up while warm and still hot from the chocolate ganache, in a castle-like formation or maybe just a pyramid.

Icebox Chocolate Eclair Cake Ready in 15 Minutes

Three slices of chocolate pudding eclair served in a rectangular cake.

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Here is another one of those fast and furious Chocolate Eclair Cake recipes. I do believe in this recipe roundup, the categories fall in either done in 15 minutes or requiring the skills of a French pastry chef. I am also beginning to really like this graham cracker and instant pudding version a lot.

I wonder if you could use French vanilla flavored instant pudding–and why aren’t they? That would seem a lot more like a creme patisserie that is standard in the eclair. Since that pastry is so unique to the signature Chocolate Eclair Cake, then it would make sense to go with the French vanilla pudding flavored mix.

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake With Chocolate Frosting

Two eclair cakes with chocolate frosting served in a black plate.

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Another icebox ready Chocolate Eclair Cake, this one coming from a chocolate frosting user. And I’ll be darned, they use the French vanilla flavor of instant pudding. See, there you go! Sometimes the internet wins and sometimes so do we! This recipe is another simple no-bake option that comes together in 15 minutes. The recipe calls for using honey flavored graham crackers, which is another area where you could try cinnamon flavored graham crackers instead.

Chocolate Eclair Cake Starting From Scratch With Pastry Cream

Top view of three slices of creamy eclair cake in a plating.

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If you want to get down to the French basics and really win with a Chocolate Eclair Cake for someone special, this would be the way to do it. The Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe starts with making your own pastry cream and choux pastry. The choux pastry is then spread super thin on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Here is the interesting part.

You bake this puffed pastry, which sounds intense, but it’s not, and then you end up with the most original looking Chocolate Eclair Cake in this recipe roundup. The flaky, fluffy layers are expanded with air and allow for a more gourmet finished baked good. The finished pastry appears to be more crunchy and comparable to a flaky butter biscuit instead of the plumper style of the graham cracker versions.

Another Not Really Made From Scratch Chocolate Eclair Cake

A sclie of a delectable eclair cake.

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How about this recipe that states it’s a made from scratch Chocolate Eclair Cake, when it really uses graham crackers and instant pudding? Do we justify that by saying the process is from scratch when you use those ingredients?

I disagree here and say that a from scratch Chocolate Eclair Cake is like the ones the French patisserie chefs bake, and like the previous recipe. All the same, this recipe provides a clean and more minimalist finished version of the Chocolate Eclair Cake that you may also appreciate. 

How Does Paula Deen Do a Chocolate Eclair Cake

Two eclair with graham cracker served in a plate.

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What does Paula Deen have to say about the Chocolate Eclair Cake? Well, for starters, she does a tricky combo of both the no-bake version and a scratch-made frosting. She starts by using a box of graham crackers and some instant pudding plus the whipped topping. This is the go-to for a no-bake option for the Chocolate Eclair Cake.

From there, though, things get very Southern when Paula makes her own frosting. She uses confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, butter, and light corn syrup plus some whole milk. This is to make a chocolate frosting that will get your teeth singing with sugary high notes. The recipe comes together in Paula Deen fashion with a heaping helping of deliciousness.

Chocolate Eclair Cake by Kraft Heinz With Baker’s One Bowl

A sliced of layered cake with graham crackers in a plate.

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Another recipe with some trickery, this Kraft Heinz version of the Chocolate Eclair Cake comes with a no-bake instruction but a three-hour time frame. The finished cake is made in 15 minutes, but it has to be set up in the fridge for at least three full hours. Keep this in mind and don’t bake this at a campsite or other outdoor venue!

The cake also has the fun ingredient called Baker’s One Bowl Chocolate Frosting. This is actually a mix for frosting that requires the addition of powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla. I am almost curious why you would need the Baker’s One Bowl part of the frosting at all.

No-Baking This Chocolate Eclair Cake That is Semi-Homemade

A chocolate topped eclair with graham crackers in a plating.

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A lot of these no-bake recipes involve making your own frosting. That’s a good thing. We need more frosting whippers running around eating too much powdered sugar in this world! This recipe does the standard issue graham cracker layer and uses the French vanilla instant pudding flavor. Another win for the French in this recipe roundup!

Considering the pastry of eclair is of that cuisine, it’s always nice to incorporate as many French elements as possible into this Chocolate Eclair Cake. Add this to the other no-bake variations of this dessert.

Pistachio and Chocolate Eclair No-Bake Dessert

A delectable pistachio filled eclair cake sliced in half.

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Here is something even more exciting than the other Chocolate Eclair Cake recipes in this roundup. The Pistachio Eclair Dessert is a Chocolate Eclair Cake with an extra element–pistachio nuts that give it a green color. This is a very fun bake to make for St. Patrick’s Day or other green-inspired holidays and festivities.

I would see myself putting instant pistachio and instant French vanilla pudding into a single eclair cake before just making a basic one. Is that wrong? I guess having the pistachio just makes it feel fancier!

Cherry and Chocolate Eclair No-Bake Cake

A slice of eclair cake with cherries.

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How have we gotten this far without having any fruit on the Chocolate Eclair Cake? Also, move out of the way, pistachio, we’ve got a new topper in town! The use of cherry pie filling is by far more impressive than the pistachio flavored pudding in green. Here you could actually go really wild and make a cherry and chocolate pistachio eclair cake.

But that’s probably more than enough for one date night. This here Chocolate Eclair Cake with Cherries has a layer of cherry pie filling at the base of the cake, as well as a heap of cherries in their syrup on the top. It’s going to be delicious!

Chocolate Eclair Cake With Gluten-Free and Other Variations

A creamy layered eclair cake on a plate.

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I see some similarities here with this no-bake Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe that I would rather avoid discussing. What about the differences? Well, this recipe writer includes a gluten-free Chocolate Eclair Cake option, which uses gluten-free graham crackers, as well as options for sugar-free and low-fat versions.

With each of these suggestions, focus on the replacement of individual ingredients, mainly the pudding and frosting elements, with healthier versions. This Chocolate Eclair Cake also comes with the chocolate variation, which uses chocolate graham crackers. You could really go all in with the chocolate here and use chocolate pudding, chocolate graham crackers, and chocolate whipped topping! 

Layered No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake by Carlsbad Cravings

A plating of a sliced layered eclair cakes.

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This recipe for a no-bake Chocolate Eclair Cake has several layers of graham crackers and pudding and I am getting used to this. I wonder how many layers you really want for an optimal bite and mouth feel when eating this cake? The recipe also uses a homemade chocolate glaze that is like a ganache, but they just don’t call it that at Carlsbad Cravings.

The entire chocolate lake gets dumped over the top of the layered no-bake delightfulness. This recipe writer also wins marks for having the best visual of the actual pouring process of the ganache. Sorry, the glaze. She also says you can let this set up in the fridge for up to five days. No way could it last that long at my place! 

Five Ingredient No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

A delicious eclair dessert served with a coffee.

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Staying on budget and on time with dinner and dessert is difficult. This is where a no-bake option is always great, especially with something like the fancy French Chocolate Eclair Cake. So, having an option I can bake in a jiffy like this one with only five ingredients, and no actual baking, is right up my alley.

Perfect! I can put this treat together at any moment, and have something to share with that special someone, whenever that moment strikes. You have to be ready for anything in this single life!

Chocolate Eclair Cake for Vegans that is a No-Bake

A chocolatey filling in a chocolate eclair cake.

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This is a vegan version of the Chocolate Eclair Cake, and I am not sure why it took me so long to get to this one. It’s as decadent to eat as the nonvegan kind, and you still do not have to do any baking. The vegan option does something really fun, too, which is not happening with these other no-bake Chocolate Eclair Cakes.

The cake uses gingersnap cookies instead of graham crackers! That is exciting, and I assume graham crackers have milk in them. Gingersnaps are going to give this cake a whole different texture and flavor profile. The use of a vegan whipped topping means going with a dairy-free coconut whipping cream in most cases. I haven’t found another good option for that yet!