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20 of the Best Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipes

Chocolate Buttermilk moist cake.

Who would have thought that buttermilk would be the secret weapon when it came to making the ultimate chocolate cake? When combined with vegetable oil and sometimes even hot water, buttermilk ensures the cake will be soft and moist and virtually melt in the mouth.

Then, of course, there’s the flavor. Buttermilk has a little tang, a touch of sourness. This works with the slight bitterness of the cocoa powder to counterpoint the sweetness of the sugar in the cake and enhances the chocolate taste.

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Read on to find 20 of the best recipes for chocolate buttermilk cakes out there. And let the chocolate feasting begin!

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1. Let’s Begin With a Quick Note: Who Says That Quick ‘N Easy Doesn’t Mean Tasty?

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake in a plate.

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With three layers of the glory of the deepest chocolatey color and flavor, this is the chocolate buttermilk cake recipe that has proven true for decades. Imagine sharing your teeth into years and years of memory, richness, and flavor. The easy and quick recipe is just a shortcut to the sheer indulgence of the flavor. Get down to it and enjoy!

2. Baking Should Be About Keeping it Simple, So What About Using Just One Bowl?

Moist Chocolate Buttermilk Cake.

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Getting down to baking should be fun and indulgent, but it can also take time away from the business of everyday life. This amazing recipe uses only one bowl, a wooden spoon, and some straightforward ingredients to produce a chocolate cake that is worthy of any old family recipe book. The whole buttermilk and oil combination produce a lovely, moist cake.

3. Then, Of Course, There’s the Classic One-layer Cake…

A slice of caramelized Chocolate Buttermilk Cake.

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The secret to the taste of any chocolate cake is the cocoa and sugar, the sour and the sweet. This recipe combines both white and brown sugar, giving the cake a slight caramel taste and sugary snap. This may be a one-layer cake, but the combination of baking soda and baking powder with the buttermilk gives it enough of a boost to produce a fluffy mountain of delight.

4. You Know That Feeling When You Just Want to Sink Into the Chocolatey-ness And You Find That Recipe That Gives You Just That?

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake topped with chocolate syrup.

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Then there are those familiar moments when you just look at the cake and can taste the chocolate. That’s what this cake will do to your taste buds. The rich color of the cake and the softness of the frosting work together to tickle the taste buds.

The recipe is so quick and easy, that you’ll blink before you realize you’ve finished baking. Of course, don’t blink again too quickly, or it may just be gobbled up while you aren’t looking.

5. If You are a Busy Mum or Have an Event You’re Catering To, Or if You Just Enjoy Cake, Then You Can’t Ignore a Chocolate Sheet Cake.

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If you’ve never baked a sheet cake, then this is the recipe to get you started on this leg of your chocolate buttermilk baking journey. It is a perfect events cake, with the no-fuss all-in-one baking and serving dish. The key to this recipe is the tablespoon of coffee that just brings out the chocolatey flavor.

You’ll find that it’s not enough to bake just one cake when the kids keep coming back for more.

6. Why Stop When You’re Ahead? Come One, Come All And Try a Different Angle On the Classic Sheet Cake.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake bars.

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When you are entering the area of sheet cakes, you will find some gems. Try this one for a great party cake. The buttermilk makes it just a little more creamy, but you can substitute ordinary milk with some lemon juice.

It is this combination of baking soda and baking powder that lifts the cake above some others.

7. Back to Basics: For a Taste Of High Tea And Chocolate Cake, Do Things the English Way.

A slice of Chocolate Buttermilk Cake and a cup of coffee.

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Double chocolate cake and tea. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a spot of British Elevenses. This rich, towering buttermilk chocolate brings with it a sense of history and belonging to the old country.

Would you believe you don’t need any fancy ingredients? Except for the cocoa powder, though. Make sure it is pure, so that the cake will have that truly authentic flavor.

Otherwise, you will most likely be able to dig into your baking cupboard and go ahead and bake.

8. With Buttermilk as the Secret Ingredient, Doesn’t a Creamy Consistency Just Make Sense, to Make Double the Deliciousness?

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The devil is in the details when it comes to this special recipe. The clue to this cake lies in the buttermilk and oil. Together, they make the finished product smooth and moist and wonder on the tongue.

Another little secret is that you add hot brewed coffee, which brings out the chocolate flavor. Of course, the quality of the cocoa powder is also part of the process.

9. Cakes Just Cannot Be the Same Without a Good, Solid Pound Cake. In Fact, Pound-For-Pound, You Just Can’t Beat a Triple Choc Cake!

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Bundt topped with choco syrup.

=>Click here for the recipe.

If you are looking for a chocolate cake that is serious about its business, then this triple chocolate pound cake will give you everything and more. Not only is the cake smooth and quite moist, but the addition of a buttermilk glaze gives the cake a slightly sour taste over the sweetness, making this a flavor you will certainly remember.

10. Then, Of Course, You Can Always ‘Bundt’ It Around the Center And Keep Things Focused.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake topped with chocolate.

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When you think of Bundt cakes, think of the goodness stretching around the center. This recipe for a chocolate Bundt cake will transcend most others. The best thing is that this recipe only calls for one bowl, which makes the baking economic as well.

The secret to the moistness of the cake lies in the addition of hot water with the oil and buttermilk. Simply a melt-in-the-mouth deal!

11. Let’s Get Down And Dirty With The Smaller Things In Life. They Say Dynamite Comes In Small Packages And So Taste Comes In Cupcakes.

Chocolate Buttermilk muffins with chocolate frosting.

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You’d think that any cake recipe could be used for cupcakes, would you? Not really, as cupcakes are not just little cakes, but bits of heaven on their own. Use this buttermilk chocolate cupcake recipe to produce individual masterpieces.

Top with the crowing buttercream frosting, these cupcakes will do just as well on a morning tea tray, as on the party table.

12. They Also Say, More Is More Or Something Like That, So Why Stop At Only One Cupcake Recipe. Explore What’s Out There.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with choco frosting and sprinkles.

=>Click here for the recipe.

One of the important things to look for in cupcakes is the perfect shape. This recipe will give you that. The cupcakes themselves are delightfully soft on the inside, with a little crunch on the top.

This is a hybrid recipe that brings family and commerce together. And the buttermilk ensures ‘tang and tenderness’ all around.

13. There Is Absolutely Nothing Like Bite-Size Cakes, For Those Snacking Moments. Even Better are Cake Pops.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Pops with sprinkles.

=>Click here for the recipe.

Whoever invented chocolate cake popsicles reinvented it deliciously. The beauty of this recipe is that is all about chocolate in chocolate. The slightly decadent cake is crumbled and then encased in baking chocolate, or chocolate candy melts.

The result is a crunchy outside, soft inside, and just so much chocolate glory.

14. When You’re Looking For a Cracking Good Bite, Just Reach For Some Chocs On Sticks (or Choc Pops, Too)

Sprinkled Chocolate Buttermilk Cake pops.

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The secret to a good cake pop is a moist chocolate cake inside. That is what this buttermilk chocolate recipe will give you. The vegetable oil and hot water ensure that the cake will be really soft, while the candy melts on the outside keep you guessing.

Add a little frosting and some sprinkles and the cake pops are just magic, perfectly enchanting.

15. Now, Let’s Get Down to the Business Of Brownies…

=>Click here for the recipe.

Okay, so let’s get serious. We couldn’t round up a lot of chocolate buttermilk recipes without throwing in a good brownie, could we? Brownies are just about the epitome of chocolate desserts and buttermilk is that secret ingredient that gives them a soft texture.

Look out for the confectioners’ sugar in this recipe that makes sure the surface has a little snap.

16. And, While We’re On That Topic, Why Not Try a Denser Version That Will Keep Your Taste Buds Focused For Longer?

Three Chocolate Buttermilk cake bars.

=>Click here for the recipe.

Now, this recipe is serious about brownies. The ingredients combine into a solid, fudgy chocolatey goodness. This is not a case of taking a delicate bite and letting the brownie melt in your mouth.

This is getting down to business and enjoying every bite to the full. It is the dark chocolate cocoa powder and chocolate chips that give the brownies their rich texture and flavor. The chips are folded in, to keep their shape and crispness.

17. They Say Good Things Come in Threes, So Take Note Of This Recipe For Brownies. (Hope You Caught My Little Rhyme.)

Chocolate Buttermilk bars in a parchment paper.

=>Click here for the recipe.

The beauty of this chocolate buttermilk brownie recipe is that you can add little things to make it more special. Thrown in a pinch or two of caramel for a fudge taste, or add candy to give the brownies a bit of crunch inside. The brownies made from this recipe are quite soft and a little like cake, while the frosting makes a layer like a sweet fudge over it.

18. It May Come As No Surprise to Know That Chocolate Buttermilk Cake is Just the Excuse You Need to Loaf About With This Chocolate Loaf.

Chocolate Buttermilk cake bread and chocolate bars.

=>Click here for the recipe.

A cake doesn’t always have to look like a cake. It can look like a loaf, and taste just as good. This recipe is for chocolate buttermilk bread, which rivals most chocolate buttermilk cake recipes. The softened butter gives the dough a smoothness, which translates well into the feel and texture of the final loaf.

Team the cake with chocolate honey butter for a flavor amongst flavors.

19. Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten the Classics. We were Just Saving This for Last (well almost)

=>Click here for the recipe.

When it comes to household names, Martha Stewart stands up there with the best of them. Her recipe for chocolate buttermilk cake combines oil, buttermilk, and hot water to produce the most heavenly of moist cakes. Three cups of sugar are added to the sweetness that counterpoints the bitterness of the cocoa and tang of the buttermilk. What a truly classic combination.

20. And the Black Forest Takes the Cake!

Chocolate Buttermilk black forest cake.

=>Click here for the recipe.

If you imagine the crowning glory of chocolate cakes, the queen must surely be the Black Forest Cake. Just the name says it all. To take the supreme a step further, this recipe includes buttermilk, which gives the cake just a little bit of an edgy flavor and adds to the fluffiness.

The recipe is eggless, so it’s suitable for those who prefer to avoid eggs. Of course, the cake is so yummy and holds together so well, that you’d never spot the difference.


There is no excuse for refusing a chocolate cake, but what about a chocolate buttermilk cake, with the moist texture and interesting taste to take your experience of chocolate cake just one step further?

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