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24 Chicken Thigh Recipes (Homemade)

Photo grid of various chicken thigh recipes.

If you’re looking for something unconventional and delicious to make for dinner tonight, you can use chicken thighs to create a filling meal your family will love. Whether you enjoy spicy food, want to include more veggies in your diet, or want to make enough to have leftovers for a day or two, here are some tasty chicken thigh recipes that can make dinnertime even more enjoyable.

Dijon Chicken

Dijon chicken with sauce and herbs.

=> See the creamy dijon chicken recipe here.

This savory chicken dish is especially tasty since it calls for chicken thighs and the dark meat gives the dish more flavor and ensures that the chicken is moist. The dijon gravy pairs great with chicken, and adding fresh herbs and garlic gives this chicken entree a gourmet touch that you can enjoy any night of the week.

Rotisserie Chicken and Red Potatoes

Rotisserie chicken with red potatoes.

=> See the slow cooker rotisserie chicken and red potatoes recipe here.

If you’re pressed for time but still crave a filling chicken meal, add chicken and red potatoes to the slow cooker for a dish that is packed with protein. Place sliced red potatoes at the bottom of the slow cooker, add salt, pepper, and your favorite fresh herbs, and add the chicken so your entree and side dish will be ready at the same time. You can also add another vegetable side dish or two to make your meal more nutritious.

Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach.

=> See the chicken florentine recipe here.

Chicken Florentine is just as nice to look at as it is to eat. With just a few ingredients and about 30 minutes of prep and cook time, you’ll have a dish that will make you feel like you’re at your favorite Italian restaurant. This low-carb meal features chicken thighs, seasoned spinach, and a creamy parmesan gravy that will help you indulge in your favorite flavors while still sticking to your health goals.

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Chicken Jambalaya

A bowl of chicken jambalaya with a wooden spoon on the side.

=> See the chicken jambalaya recipe here.

If you’re in the mood for Cajun or Creole food, you can put chicken jambalaya on the menu for dinner tonight. This satisfying rice dish features a combination of smoky, savory, and spicy flavors. Since jambalaya contains veggies and sausage as well as chicken, it makes a filling one-pot meal, and the leftovers are just as delicious.

Salsa Chicken Bake

Salsa chicken bake with cheese, tomatoes, and basil.

=> See the salsa chicken-bake recipe here.

This quick and easy Mexican-inspired meal works great with chicken thighs, and it’s topped with melty cheese for an explosion of flavor. Season the chicken with cumin and garlic powder for an authentic Mexican taste. Pair the chicken with tortillas and your favorite taco fixings for a complete meal, or just enjoy the chicken if you’re going low-carb.

You can prepare this chicken dish in the slow cooker or in the oven to make Taco Tuesday even more exciting this week.

Chicken Noodle Soup

A bowl of chicken noodle soup with peas and carrots.

=> Check out the chicken noodle soup recipe here.

Few things are more comforting than a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup. A combination of chicken, noodles, carrots, and celery makes this dish nutritious and satisfying. Season the soup with fresh herbs, powdered onion, and garlic, and garnish with parsley and chives to add a refined touch to this simple and delicious dinner that’s perfect for a cold winter’s day.

Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs

Bowl of rice and garlic butter chicken thigh on a concrete table.

=> Check out the recipe here

Chicken thighs in a light, savory butter gravy make for a decadent dinner. The chicken has delightfully crispy skin, and you don’t have to spend time marinating the chicken. You can make the entree in one pan and you’ll be ready to eat in about 30 minutes.

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Season the meat with a hearty helping of salt and pepper and top with fresh parsley to make the dish just as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Honey Soy Baked Chicken Thighs

Honey soy baked chicken thighs with brown rice, shredded carrots, and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

If you enjoy Asian takeout, you can stick to your new year’s resolution of not ordering out as much and make honey soy-baked chicken thighs at home. This healthy recipe doesn’t require you to fry the chicken and each piece is topped with a honey soy glaze that is both sweet and savory. Pair the chicken with a side of rice and veggies for a complete meal.

Roman Style Chicken

Roman style chicken with tomato sauce and onion leaks.

=> Check out the recipe here

This flavorful chicken dish is colorful and features a light gravy that brings the entire dish together. The chicken is seasoned with garlic, bell peppers, and capers, and it’s an easy make-ahead meal to have on hand if you’re hosting a dinner party or plan to enjoy a casual dinner with friends. Fresh herbs like thyme and oregano add the perfect finishing touch to this family-style dish.

Braised Paprika Chicken

Braised paprika chicken with potatoes on a plate.

=> Check out the recipe here

Braised paprika chicken looks like it takes all day to prepare, but you’ll only be in the kitchen for about an hour before you have a tasty entree to enjoy. The paprika broth infuses flavor into the chicken, and adding russet potatoes to the dish soaks up the gravy and adds a heartiness to the dish that pairs perfectly with chicken thighs.

Braised Chicken Thighs and Apples

Braised chicken in a pot with apples and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

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You may think that pork and apple are the perfect combinations, but tart and sweet apples pair nicely with chicken thighs as well. Braising the chicken with dry white wine adds more flavor and tenderizes the meat. Golden delicious apples, fresh cracked black pepper, and apple cider brighten the flavor of the dish and make it easy on the eyes.

Add some leeks to the platter for even more nutrition and to complement the taste and texture of the apples.

Shoyu Chicken

Shoyu chicken with sauce, sesame, and onion leaks.

=> Check out the recipe here

Shoyu chicken will satisfy your craving for a delicious Asian meal. The chicken is seasoned with a glaze made of garlic, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and mirin for a combination of sweet, savory, and bitter flavors that go great with rice and Asian-style vegetables. Top the chicken thighs with scallions and sesame seeds to make your meal complete.

Instant Pot Chicken Marbella

Top view of chicken marbella with olives and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

This chicken dish is perfect if you have a hectic schedule but still want to get a high-quality dinner on the table. You can make the entire dish in an Instant Pot, and you’ll experience a variety of flavors that will make chicken Marbella a staple in your home. the briny taste of the olives combined with the sweet and slightly tart taste of apricot make this dish unique and unforgettable.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani in a pot with lemon and and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

Chicken biryani is a tasty Indian dish that features chicken seasoned with saffron and turmeric, basmati rice, and crispy fried onions. This one-pot dish also features sweet notes like cardamom and cinnamon, and you can use Kashmiri chili to make the biryani as spicy as you want. Top with fresh cilantro to add more color to this delicious dinner and enjoy with curried vegetables and naan if you want to make the dish more filling.

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Keto Sheet Pan Chicken and Loaded Cauliflower

Keto sheet pan chicken with cauliflower and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

If you’re on the Keto diet and want a meal that is similar to chicken and potatoes, try this sheet pan meal. Keto sheet pan chicken with loaded cauliflower features baked chicken that is seasoned to perfection and cauliflower that is “loaded” like a baked potato. Top your dish with cheese, sour cream, and green onions, and add a veggie like broccoli or spinach for a delicious meal that is low in carbs.

Chicken Thighs with Couscous and Dill

Chicken thighs with couscous and rice.

=> Check out the recipe here

This dish is perfect if you’re a fan of Mediterranean flavors. The chicken thighs only take about 20 minutes to prepare and feature light but pronounced flavors like dill and garlic. Serving the chicken on a bed of couscous seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and a delicious cucumber and tomato side salad makes for a satisfying dinner, and you can even save some for lunch the next day.

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce

Chicken thighs grilled in a blackberry bbq sauce.

=> Check out the recipe here

If you’re craving barbecue, try this gourmet-style chicken dish. After grilling the chicken, brush on a sweet and savory blackberry BBQ sauce to coat the chicken thighs with sweet, sticky goodness. This chicken dish goes great with all your favorite cookout sides like corn on the cob and baked beans.

Curried Chicken Thighs

Curried chicken thighs in a pot with potatoes, bell peppers, and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

Curry chicken is a staple in West Indian cooking, and you can make your own version at home with this simple recipe. A creamy turmeric gravy tenderizes the chicken, and you can also add vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and peas to add more vitamins and minerals to this hearty and filling entree. Curried chicken is traditionally served with a side of rice, but you can enjoy the chicken and vegetables by themselves for a satisfying low-carb dinner.

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Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs with Grapes and Olives

Roasted chicken thighs in a pan with grapes and olives.

=> Check out the recipe here

This chicken thigh entree features the sweet taste of grapes and the briny flavor of capers and olives for a gourmet Mediterranean dish that makes a great impression at dinner parties. The combination of flavors is truly one of a kind, and you can serve the chicken on a bed of herb-seasoned couscous for a fancy dinner you can prepare in the comfort of your own home.

Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

Teriyaki chicken thighs garnished with sesame seeds and herbs.

=> Check out the recipe here

Skip the takeout tonight and make teriyaki chicken thighs at home with less sodium and calories. You can bake the chicken after coating it in a teriyaki glaze and remove the chicken from the oven once the chicken is fully cooked and the sauce has caramelized. Top with white sesame seeds and serve the chicken with a side of rice.

You can even chop up some carrots and broccoli and bake them in the teriyaki sauce with the chicken for a nutritious one-pot meal.

Spring Salad with Crispy Chicken and Bacon Croutons

A plate of salad with crispy chicken and bacon.

=> Check out the recipe here

If you’re trying to eat healthier and want to try a chicken dish that is low in calories but packed with flavor, try this tasty spring salad. Bake the chicken thighs until they are crisp and add bacon croutons to the salad along with ingredients like almonds, cranberries, and your favorite dressing for a guilt-free dinner or lunch.

Crispy Chicken Over Lemon-Turmeric Cabbage and Peas

Crispy chicken with lemons, cabbage, and peas.

=> Check out the recipe here

Make your entire dinner in one pan with this tasty recipe. Crispy chicken is a satisfying entree, and you can get a serving or two of veggies in with peas and cabbage braised with lemon and turmeric. Seasonings like turmeric, coriander, and garlic add a unique flavor to the dish, and you can garnish the entree with fresh lemon slices for a brighter flavor.

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Garlicky Instant Ramen Noodle Salad with Grilled Chicken Thighs

=> Check out the recipe here

This recipe is perfect for a spring and summer day since it features light flavors and won’t’ weigh you down. However, you can enjoy this garlic-infused Ramen noodle salad with grilled chicken thighs any time of the year. scallions, cilantro, and peanuts add texture and flavor to the dish, and the chicken is marinated in savory ingredients like soy sauce, oyster sauce, and fish sauce so you’ll feel like you’re indulging in a gourmet Asian meal.

One-Skillet Chicken with Buttery Orzo

One-skillet chicken with buttery orzo in a pan.

=> Check out the recipe here

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with the chicken thighs in your freezer, sautee them with a buttery orzo for a complete meal you can make using only one pot. The dish is seasoned with leeks, dry white wine, fennel, and lemon zest and the orzo is cooked in chicken broth and butter to make this melt-in-your-mouth dish one you’ll likely add to your recipe rotation.

Whether you’re looking for a creative chicken dish for your meal prep or want to prepare a special dinner for your loved ones, this entree is sure to hit the spot.