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22 Best Chicken Salad Recipes (All Types)

A closeup photo of fresh and healthy chicken salad.

Now that it is nearly summer, I want to have some great picnic weather recipes. Whether or not I actually make it out to a picnic to eat these, now that is another question for a different day. You know how it is, you end up spending all the time getting ready to go out and then it’s too hot!

And you take a nap instead, after gorging on the entire stash of Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches you just made. Well, let’s not let that happen. Instead, stay abreast of the hunger pangs already on the horizon with these Chicken Salad Recipes.

Your Essential Starter Chicken Salad Recipe

A top view of healthy and Delicious Chicken salad.

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As the first Chicken Salad recipe in this recipe roundup, you are getting the essential flavors of this classic dish. The use of mayonnaise and grapes is quintessential to the earliest chicken salad recipes of the 1800s and 1950s during its revival. The lack of tarragon is noticeable, as this was one of the original seasonings.

Yet the use of chicken pulled into shreds is also distinct, as are some chicken salad recipes, as you will learn, use cubed chicken breast. I enjoy either one for my chicken salad–just as long as there are not any bones in the meat. 

For Comparison: Another Classic Chicken Salad Recipe

Fresh and Classic Chicken salad served on a white plate.

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This is another great basic Chicken Salad recipe that you want to include in your collection. It’s all about the flavors, and here they use something entirely different–dijon mustard and seasoning salt. The result is a Chicken Salad that is full of flavor and ready to be piled up on a lettuce cup or sliced bun.

They also call for the option of using dill, a spice I recommend here. It’s a good ingredient that goes really nicely with chicken salad and freshens up the dish. Plus, fresh dill is a healthy source of antioxidants, which we can always benefit from.

Make Mine a Potato and Chicken Salad Cup Recipe

Potato and tasty chicken salad with few cuts of fried chicken.

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Here is a fun way to eat chicken salad–a Chicken Salad Cup by Hidden Valley. The same people who know a thing or two about ranch dressing are presenting a great way to serve the chicken salad. Poached chicken breast and roasted potatoes in dice are the starters for this fab salad recipe.

Serving the Potato and Chicken Salad Cup in a lettuce leaf is also interesting. It allows you to reduce some carbs and calories, which can also be good for gluten-free and keto dieters. Whether you are serving a party or just your family, it is important to think about the ingredients and meals you serve everyone.

Those with dietary restrictions need to be considered without them having to ask you if everything is safe for them to eat.

Going Healthier With a Ranch Chicken Salad Recipe

A healthy style of Ranch Chicken Salad served on a black bowl.

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What is happening right now–this is one of the most exciting Chicken Salad recipes I have ever seen! The recipe calls for only a handful of ingredients. These include cooked chicken, pineapple chunks, and celery plus Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning and Salad Dressing Mix. It’s a festive recipe that is ideal for barbecues and times when you want a fast, healthy, and high-protein meal.

Mayonnaise is also included to hold everything in place. While they don’t recommend what to serve this with, I recommend using lettuce cups or crackers, including gluten-free options. You can also use freshly chopped bell pepper wedges to dig into this recipe.

How Does Paula Deen Do Chicken Salad Recipe

A closeup photo of creamy chicken salad sandwich with red pepper.

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Well, she starts with mayonnaise and a full cup, so that’s a plus. What else does Paula Deen have to say about her version of a Chicken Salad recipe? She uses roasted chicken that has been picked and pulled apart.

Then she adds chopped almonds, which is unusual, plus red grapes and curry powder. The final product also has chopped red onion and lemon juice to amp up the flavor profile even more. I am surprised to see she uses curry powder, though, as this is not a typical Southern spice blend. 

Betty Crocker’s Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe

A delicious chicken sandwich on French bread with tomatoes and lettuces.

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What if you have chopped cooked turkey breast in place of chicken? Well, you can use that for a faux chicken salad recipe by Betty Crocker. The brand uses turkey or chicken for their Chicken Salad Sandwiches recipe along with just a handful of other ingredients.

This includes celery, onion, and your choice of salad dressing or mayonnaise. I imagine this is supposed to be Miracle Whip or some mayonnaise replacement. Here you could actually go with avocado mayo or a flavored mayonnaise blend. This would increase the flavor profile to the next level.

Taste of Home’s Chicken Salad Swiss Cheese Puffs Recipe

Creamy and healthy ranch chicken salad recipe.

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Now take a peek at this Chicken Salad Swiss Cheese Puffs recipe by Taste of Home. The recipe calls for using Swiss cheese to make miniature puffballs that bake up fluffy. You then slice these open and fill them with chicken salad. They make for a wonderful presentation and an easy way to eat these cute little sandwiches. 

Here’s Taste of Home’s Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Quick and easy to make chicken salad with bread on a wooden table.

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For one of the more extensive and ingredient-heavy recipes in this Chicken Salad recipes roundup, check out what Taste of Home has done. Their Easy Chicken Salad recipe has nearly a dozen ingredients. This includes both pecans and red grapes, as well as mayonnaise and sour cream.

They also add lemon juice to bring out the natural flavors of this chicken salad. By using shredded rotisserie chicken, the finished salad is already flavored through the cooking process. However, you may want to add more flavor, such as chopped sweet onion, to bring out more flavor.

Let’s See Martha Stewart’s Classic Chicken Salad Recipe

Classic delicious martha stewarts chicken salad recipe served on a wooden board.

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First of all, Martha Stewart does something unique with her grapes in her Classic Chicken Salad recipe. She is not adding the grapes, cut or whole, to the chicken salad. Instead, she recommends that you wait until the chicken salad is added to the bread.

This way, you avoid the dreaded soggy drip of too much moisture from the leaking grapes. Here is where Martha goes AWOL from the regular recipe and avoids tarragon. Tragic! I know! And instead, she even adds hot sauce.

I feel that this could almost be sacrilegious. Even and especially for Martha! Depending on the hot sauce is not the right move when lemon can brighten up the flavors of the chicken salad. However, a little heat is always welcomed in my opinion. 

How About the Almanac’s Traditional Chicken Salad Recipe

Almanacs traditional bread chicken salad recipe with herbs.

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Along with predicting the weather for the full year, the Almanac offers up some jewels for food recipes. Take this recipe for Traditional Chicken Salad that uses the least ingredients of any recipe in this roundup. You literally need just four ingredients, plus salt and pepper.

That’s it! These ingredients include chicken, mayonnaise, celery, and lemon juice. Here is where choosing the highest quality of ingredients is the most important for a recipe. You are truly going to taste each one distinctly, especially thanks to the powerful punch of the tastebud awakening lemon.

Would You Like the Best Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

A closeup photo of creamy chicken salad sandwich recipe.

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Delish presents the Best Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe that you get to be the judge of in your own kitchen. What makes and qualifies a recipe to meet such high marks? Fun ingredients full of flavor include lemon, dill, green apple, red onion, celery, and red wine vinegar.

They also use the standard issue of mayonnaise, but in combination with Dijon mustard. It works for a super flavorful chicken salad that is ideal for refrigeration and eating as a leftover during the week. This gives me a great recipe to include in my batch meal planning. 

How About an Easy and Fast Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Two delicious chicken salad sandwiches served on white plate.

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This Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe is going to result in a filling perfect for slathering onto a cracker. However, you can also stuff this chicken salad into a cold croissant for a super fancy meal on the run. Wrap this up and save it till lunchtime, at which time you get to appreciate your forethought on making such a delicious chicken salad recipe.

A secret ingredient that they sneak into this recipe is cashews–what a win. I have used raw cashews to make butter before in order to bake biscuits. They are that versatile and have a really buttery flavor and texture. I imagine that is why cashews are chosen to use in this recipe!

Taste of Home’s BBQ Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe

A hot taste of bbq chicken salad sandwich recipe captured on wooden board.

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Want to make your chicken salad into a wrap? This Taste of Home recipe for BBQ Chicken Salad Sandwiches is all about making a great filling to add to bread or tortillas. You can also put this into a flatbread or naan, or even a pita loaf.

The BBQ sauced chicken salad recipe gets top prize for being juicy even if you overcook the chicken, which is a good move. That kind of thinking is how I survive on a daily. 

The Edgy Veg’s Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Mouth watering vegan chicken salad sandwich.

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Vegans don’t eat chicken. So, Edgy Veg’s version of the Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe opens this recipe to a lot of people who don’t eat meat. This is a no-bake and high-protein meal free of dairy.

They suggest using a vegan chicken strip replacement, and you will also need to buy some vegan mayonnaise. Otherwise, the rest of the ingredients in this recipe and in similar chicken salad recipes are already vegan. I have to say, the pictures show that this final dish looks just like meat.

It would be a great meal to serve for vegetarians or vegans, or for anyone to show them what it can be like to eat fake meat.

For the Vegetarian: A Chickpea Chicken Salad Recipe

Veggie chickpea chicken salad wit garlic sauce.

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Chickpeas that come from a can are all you need to make this Vegetarian Chicken Salad recipe. The vegetarian version can use dairy, but not anything meat-related. This means no chicken salad, which is strange for anyone who is not vegetarian or vegan.

Yet the use of chickpeas in place of chicken works really well! I suggest anyone try this recipe, regardless of their dietary lifestyle. When you slightly mash the chickpeas, you get a texture that is more like chicken, too, and it satisfies that craving you have for a chicken salad.

Get Crunchy With Paula Deen’s Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe  

Crunchy delcious and creamy pecan chicken salad recipe.

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Pecans, being a favored nut in our household, are welcomed here, too. Paula Deen’s Chicken Salad recipe is full of crunch thanks to chopped chicken, pecans, and juicy grapes. The blend of mayonnaise with sour cream is interesting for the filling, especially seeing she is a truly Southern chef.

However, it’s appreciated! I prefer using and eating sour cream any day, and this will develop into a crema that is going to amplify these chicken salad sandwiches to the next level. These are perfect for making in the morning and wrapped up to take for lunch at work or on the go.

Stay Full With Ina Garten’s Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe

Ina gartens chicken tomato salad sandwiches on wooden chopping board.

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Ina Garten’s Chicken Salad Sandwiches recipe is another one for the recipe books. You want to write this down, folks, or use that trusty printer for this. The recipe is perfect for brunch at a restaurant or cafe, much less in your kitchen and dining room.

It’s actually really simple to make these sandwiches, as long as you have the ingredients. She forgoes the grapes and nuts and uses tarragon, celery, and mayonnaise for the mix. The choice of a seven-grain bread and mesclun salad mix, specifically, is excellent and very helpful when going to the market.

Fancy Nancy’s CopyCat Chicken Salad Recipe

Bulky and crispy creamy chicken salad.

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Grapes, pecans, and chicken are the main stars of this Fancy Nancy recipe. The recipe is a Chicken Salad Chick copycat, and it comes ready to stuff in a croissant lined with lettuce. Crisp apple slices and toasted pecans also work in favor of the flavor train here!

I like pecans in favor of almonds when it comes to sandwiches due to the buttery pecan flavor. Here, they sing those same buttery tones and help pull the chicken salad recipe up a scale.

Weight Watchers’ French Chicken Salad Recipe

A top view of delicious French chicken salad on a gray fabric.

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Tarragon and grapes are the stars of this French Chicken Salad recipe by Weight Watchers. It’s exciting that the brand stays true to the roots of the recipe while also filling the health needs of WW customers. The secret to the sauce is using fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

Sure, you’re going to notice the difference in fat when it comes to mouthfeel. But most likely, the satiation of eating dairy will help you still get that creamy sensation. Whole grain mustard is also important to this recipe, as it provides a more satisfying spice experience.

Time for Asian Inspired Chopstick Chicken Salad Recipe

Asian creamy inspired chopstick chicken salad recipe.

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The Chopstick Chicken Salad recipe here uses all the best ingredients for flavor in a salad mix. This includes water chestnuts, mandarin orange segments, and sliced green scallions. You also top this salad with almonds, but I recommend using peanuts instead for a more traditional flavor.

The sauce is a blend of rice vinegar and soy sauce plus Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing that is premade. Sounds perfect to me! Of course, chicken is also part of this recipe. May I suggest buying a rotisserie bird and pulling the meat from that carcass for this recipe?

Taste of Home’s Mediterranean Chicken Salad Recipe

Grilled chicken salad recipe with best ingredients.

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Taste of Home has a good Mediterranean version of the Chicken Salad recipe. It rings true to the original flavors of tarragon in the 1950s and 1800s first chicken salads that came to the table. At the same time, there are plenty of other ingredients tossed in this salad.

You have tarragon vinegar along with that herb, and Greek olives, tomatoes, dried currants, feta cheese, and artichoke hearts. These are all going to add up to a super delicious and filling salad that screams of the Mediterranean and its surrounding coastal waters. Best of all, with this recipe, all you have to do is chop everything and toss it in a bowl. The dressing does the rest. 

Try a German Style Chicken Salad aka Geflugelsalat Recipe

German unique style chicken salad served on a white bowl with fork.

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For the final recipe in this Chicken Salad recipe roundup, I present to you the German-style chicken salad called Geflugelsalat. Evidently, the trio of ingredients customary to this recipe in Germany is mandarin oranges, mushrooms, and pineapple chunks. As for the seasonings, mild yellow curry is the basis of the recipe for German-style Chicken Salad. I have to say, among the mayonnaise-based chicken salad recipes on this recipe roundup, this is a really decadent one.

You are going to know that you have eaten some chicken salad if you know what I mean. Yet the chicken salad is also filling and perfect for a brioche bun, topped with some bread, romaine lettuce, and butter pickle coins!