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20 Best Chicken Pot Pie Recipes (All Types)

Delicious and flavorful chicken pot pie recipes

In the last two confusion-fraught years, we’ve all learned more about cooking than ever. Somehow, boxes and cans from the grocery store just don’t cut it anymore.

We want Bobby Flay-type plates on the dinner table. We want flashy, fabulous, and a little delicious wouldn’t hurt. Picture it: Samuel L. Jackson is walking toward you in a black and white scene wearing dark shades.

He’s telling you: what if I told you, you could make flashy, fabulous, and delicious chicken pot pies that will wow your family and guests? Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in the kitchen and not keep Mr. Jackson waiting!

1. Quick And Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

A chicken pot pie with beans

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What a lot of people don’t realize about cooking is that it doesn’t have to be a Michelin-rated five-star dish to be tasty. For instance, while using fresh vegetables is better for the health, let’s face it, most cooks don’t have the time it takes for fresh vegetables to cook.

Using the broth from the cooked chicken saves time melting bouillon cubes in hot water. The biscuit topping is a stroke of genius for cooks who want tasty but quick. The whole thing is cooked in one or two pans and couldn’t taste any better if it was professionally done. Oh, wait, it was!

2. Classic Chicken Pot Pie

A chicken pot pie with beans

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Note: Many home cooks work one or two jobs. We understand that making flaky pastry from scratch might not be number one on your list of things to do today. It’s okay to stop by the store and buy one.

It’s also okay to buy a jar of gravy because we know that it takes time to make it that you might not have. Additionally, if you don’t have time to cook the chicken, by all means, buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it (we won’t tell.) 

However, if you have the time to make chicken pot pie from scratch, then your family will be wowed by this recipe. It takes less than an hour to put together, about an hour to cook, and your family will be enjoying a homemade treat in no time.

For cooks who want to switch it up a bit, try adding broccoli, cubed squash, or shredded carrot and celery for a different kind of taste treat.

3. Classic Chicken Pot Pie

A pot of chicken pie with mushroom

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One of the nicest things about this recipe is that you’ll be using a prepared Pillsbury pie crust. All you have to do is cook the gravy and filling for the pot pie. You can use leftover chicken if you don’t want to cook a fresh batch.

Just cube or shred it and add it to the vegetable mix. To add a bit of difference, add some basil pesto to the gravy, or brush it onto the pie crust before filling. 

4. Classic Chicken Pot Pie

A pan of chicken pie with chopped onion

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Once again, you’ll be using a prepared Pillsbury pie crust. This recipe uses frozen peas and carrots, but you can use any combination of vegetables, whether frozen or fresh.

Try a broccoli and cauliflower filling, a mixture of beans such as black-eyed peas, chickpeas, butter beans, asparagus and artichoke, or Brussels sprouts and zucchini.

There’s no end to the tasty vegetable combinations you can use, so get creative. Your family has their favorite veggies, so surprise them with a pie dedicated to them!

5. Easy Pot Pie

A plate of chicken a pot pie with vegetables inside

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What I love about cable TV cooking shows is that they use ingredients we all have in our kitchens. They usually cook everything in one pan, having mixed and matched ingredients in small bowls beforehand.

In this recipe, cable TV cook The Pioneer Woman tossed in cubed onion, carrot, and celery like you and I would have done it at Thanksgiving.

She made the gravy and the vegetable mixture all in one pan, spooning it into her serving dishes, and topping it with a prepared pie crust. Fast and easy. Your family will love it.

6. Chicken Pot Pie

A chicken pot pie with butter and chicken inside

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Some cooks massage seasonings into their meats before cooking them. You’ll find Southern fried chicken is seasoned that way. You’ll be massaging your chicken with this recipe.

This recipe, too, is divided between four individual serving bowls with the pastry on top of the serving bowl. You have to admit, making pot pies without dealing with two separate crusts is a lot quicker and easier.

This recipe calls for carrots, peas, and whole pearl onions as a filling, but by all means, get creative with your filling or keep it as simple as you want. Bon appetit!

7. Easy Chicken Pot Pie

A chicken pot pie with chicken cream sauce

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When you’re using a recipe from a manufacturer like Campbell’s Soups, you’ll find their products make gravies and like dishes that are perfectly suited to the dish you’re making.

The recipe calls for a store-bought baking mix for making the biscuit topping for the pot pie. All you have to do is provide the vegetable mix and the chicken. What could be quicker, easier, or tastier?

Tip: saute some onion and celery to add to the vegetable mix. Toss on some cheese before adding the biscuit topping for a great tasting, filling dish.

8. Chicken Pot Pie By Wolfgang Puck

A bow; of chicken pie with creamy sauce inside

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Restaurant-quality foods incorporate things like puff pastry, heavy whipping cream, and truffles in their dishes. Mr. Puck’s chicken pot pie is no different. His use of red-skin potatoes, fresh peas, and fresh carrots give the dish a flavor that frozen vegetables can’t match.

Add to that his use of truffles. A savory, pungent mushroom-like product, truffles provide a gourmet touch to any dish, sweet or otherwise. All in all, Mr. Puck’s recipe for the humble chicken pot pie has elevated the food to an all-new level.

9. Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie

A bowl of creamy chicken pot pie with  veggies

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Of course, no company is going to publish its closely-held recipes (think Kentucky Fried Chicken’s 11 herbs and spices,) but it is possible to copy them.

Using Boston Market’s unequaled rotisserie chicken along with mixed vegetables, some herbs, and lemon and lime juice and zest, you, too, can make a chicken pot pie that will have your family’s mouths watering.

One of the questions people ask about homemade pot pies that restaurant-quality pies don’t have is a runny filling. Experts agree that adding a spoonful of cornstarch, a sprinkle of instant mashed potatoes, or cheese will thicken up the gravy for the filling.

10. KFC Chicken Pot Pie

A plate of chicken pot pie with cream chicken and veggies inside

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Speaking of KFC, why not check out how they make their scrumptious chicken pot pies? You can get the individual pie tins either online or at a big box store if you don’t want to use a nine-inch glass pie pan.

This recipe also uses red potatoes, rotisserie chicken, and puff pastry dough. See, half the work has been done for you. Now all you have to do is cook the filling, fill the tins, cut the puff pastry dough to fit, bake, and voila! You have a KFC-tasting dinner for the family to enjoy.

11. Chef Jerod Wilcher’s Chicken Pot Pie

A plate of chicken pot pie with fruits and flowers beside

=> Check here for recipe

I would never have thought of using hot sauce in a chicken pot pie recipe, but when you’re a Southern chef and caterer like Nashville’s Chef Jerod Wilcher, hot sauce is part of your kitchen. This recipe also calls for a prepared pie crust as well as the addition of a chicken base.

Chicken base is good for flavoring and thickening gravies, so your pot pie will get an extra kick in the gravy. Chef Jerod adds more varied types of vegetables to his pot pie, but by all means, play with it a little to tweak it your way.

12. Joanne Chang’s Chicken Pot Pie

A plate of creamy chicken pot pie

=> Check here for recipe

Who would you think makes a better pot pie than Boston pastry chef Joanne Chang? Her recipe for extra flaky pie crust comes out looking like a miracle. A neat trick Chang uses regarding the top crust is when you roll it out, wrap it around the rolling pin, then roll it across the pot pie to cover the top.

She even explains the sludge the chicken and vegetables will look like down to the brown stuff on the bottom of the pan. Of course, your pie will come out looking and tasting amazing.

13. Chicken Pot Pie By Andrew Zimmer

A pan of chicken pot pie with vegetables

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Best known for his award-winning Travel Channel show, Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern is a chef in his own right. Cooking for New York’s finest restaurants, Zimmern decided to take his food fancy on the road.

You know the rest. His chicken pot pie recipe incorporates leeks (cooked until they caramelize) along with his vegetables and herbs in heavy cream. He poaches his chicken in stock, which he then saves for the gravy.

The result is a flaky, saucy comfort food dish that will be a crowd-pleaser.

14. Vera Stewart’s Chicken Pot Pie

A chicken pot pie with pie crust and mixed vegetables inside

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Vera Stewart is the pride of Augusta GA for her cache with cooking, catering, cookbook authoring, summer school teaching (cooking, of course,) and much more.

Her take on the chicken pot pie is to make it look like an all-American apple pie with a lattice top featuring her signature logo atop it. Her ingredients are the same as other chefs use. Her gravy is cooked the same way other chefs cook it.

She uses rotisserie chicken and prepared pie crusts. So what gives her pot pie that Southern charm? We’d have to say adding rubbed sage to the gravy. No one else does this, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think. 

15. Emeril Lagasse Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie with garnish

> Check here for recipe

Few chefs or restaurants dice and cook their potatoes and carrots before making a pot pie. Most use frozen vegetables, saute some onion and celery and add their chicken. Emeril cooks his vegetables.

He cooks his chicken instead of using chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken. He makes his own pie crust. So what does all this have to do with a chicken pot pie?

Chefs usually add something or make something a certain way in order to put their personal chef’s stamp on the dish. His basic savory pie crust is that stamp.

16. Gordon Ramsay Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie with celery garnish

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Ramsay has included leeks and bacon in his signature pot pie, along with coarse grain mustard and cream (don’t let the French spelling put you off.) When you add things with a strong flavor to a dish, it reacts with the other ingredients to form a new and interesting taste sensation.

In this case, the bacon adds that touch, and hey, everything is better with bacon, yes? The leeks enhance the flavor of the onions. The directions are a bit involved, but that’s the hallmark of a Gordon Ramsay dish, which comes out tasting amazing.

17. Chef Robert Irvine Chicken Pot Pie

A pot of chicken pie garnish

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We’re going to trade out the turkey for chicken and replace the gravy with chicken broth. I wouldn’t have thought of baking a pot pie in a cast-iron skillet, but, after all, why not? Chef Irvine keeps his ingredients simple, his method streamlined, and his timeline shorter than other chefs.

You’ll only need one puff pastry sheet. Irvine’s recipe only takes up to 30 minutes to cook, so your family will be eating this wonderful-smelling food in no time.

18. Cracker Barrel Chicken Pot Pie

A sliced of chicken pot pie

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Travelers on the East Coast know that pulling off the highway for a bite to eat can only be done at a Cracker Barrel. The down-home country-cooking restaurant with rocking chairs and a cracker barrel with a checkerboard serves the most amazing home-cooked food ever.

Chicken pot pie is one of them. The rotisserie chicken combined with the potato, peas, and carrots in a thick and creamy gravy inside a buttery, flaky crust is filling and keeps you going until you reach your destination. Enjoy!

19. Irish Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie with granish

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If you’ve never had Irish Pub-cooked food, then you’ve got a tasty treat coming. The pot pie made the Irish way incorporates leftover meats and vegetables in a creamy sauce inside a flaky pastry.

This is opposed to today’s pot pies, which use frozen mixed vegetables or cooked potatoes, carrots, and peas. This recipe also uses prepared pie crusts. Toss in some herbs like thyme or parsley for an extra flavorful touch.

Meat pies have a long history of being perfect for cold winter nights, so make one tonight.

20. Panera Bread Chicken Pot Pie

A pan of chicken pie with vegetables

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We’ve seen recipes using biscuit dough as a topping for a pot pie, but no one has suggested using croissants as a topping. Nor has anyone suggested using potato soup in addition to frozen mixed vegetables as a filling.

This recipe uses rotisserie chicken in addition to herbs and spices. The potato soup thickens the mix. The croissant on top of the mix adds a touch of elegance to the pot pie.

But then, Panera Bread produces some of the most exquisite dishes in addition to their bread products, so it’s no wonder their chicken pot pie rocks.