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29 Best Chicken Piccata Recipes (All Types)

Delicious chicken piccata recipes

Sending chicken breasts to the next level can be difficult. Flavor-wise, I find that salt and pepper plus at least one seasoning or herb, fresh or dried, is going to do a lot. Then you have Chicken Piccata recipes that bring chicken breasts back to gourmet.

Here to help with dinner night tonight are a couple of dozen Chicken Piccata recipes in this recipe roundup. Consider all the different variations of Chicken Piccata you can make with these recipe options.

1. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with Vegetables

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Choose this Chicken Piccata recipe to use staple ingredients like heavy cream, capers, lemon juice, and sun-dried tomatoes. When starting your first Chicken Piccata, prepare yourself for the flattening stage. No, not fattening—flattening.

The recipe requires you to beat a piece of the chicken breast until it is tender and thin. This evens out the protein and helps to maximize browning while cooking quicker. It also helps increase moisture throughout the chicken, even though the meat is thinner throughout.

2. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata with lemon

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Here we have one of the Italian cooking celebrities from the Food Network with their take on the Chicken Piccata. Giada de Laurentiis shows us how she makes an excellent gourmet level chicken dish.

Ingredients that stand out in her recipe include extra-virgin olive oil, chicken stock, and fresh parsley. Her methods for preparing Chicken Piccata include making a sauce from the chicken bits and fat after cooking the chicken in the skillet.

This amps up the flavor and maintains the moisture in the meat.

3. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata Soup

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Serving six in less than 30 minutes is super easy with The Modern Proper and their Chicken Piccata recipe. This version only has 435 calories, too, and takes 10 minutes of prep work.

Perfect for a weeknight meal or date night dinner when you want to impress without making too much fuss over food. The lemon and capers are a signature to a Chicken Piccata, and shallots are introduced in this version.

The recipe also calls for using whole sliced lemons to freshen up the dish rather than just lemon juice. This is a very visually pleasing meal to see!

4. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with rice

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This Chicken Piccata by Simply Recipes is another super-fast made-to-the-table meal done in 20 minutes. The addition of white wine in place of stock gives this take on this classic chicken meal a more robust flavor.

As recommended, Sauvignon Blanc goes wonderfully in this dish. They also use grated Parmesan cheese and butter, for a dairy combination that boosts the unctuous quality for even more moisture.

You really get a lot of flavors that work together in this Chicken Piccata that I haven’t seen in the rest of the recipes in this roundup!

5. Chicken Piccata

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Easy is the big word for this recipe. All you need is the lemon caper sauce and the thin chicken and you are set. Here again, the Chicken Piccata calls for a whole lemon, and that works well with visual enhancements and flavor components.

You get the true zest flavors and lemon oil along with the lemon juice, which is better than bottled in my opinion. This Chicken Piccata author works with inexpensive white cooking wine instead of the cheap stuff though.

You are done in eight steps!

6. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with Broccoli  soup

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The Bon Appetit Chicken Piccata starts with suggestions to serve alongside the dish. Opt for a garden salad and a crusty baguette, or pasta with a cream sauce.

Also, garlic is added to the BA version, which is not typical of the other Chicken Piccata recipes in this recipe roundup. Nothing fancy stands out with this recipe, but they do give thorough instructions on how to prepare the chicken and sauce.

This is very beneficial if you are not a visual learner and prefer to have steps explained in detail to you. I myself am this type of learner, so I get it!

7. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with sauce

Skinny Taste has a Chicken Piccata recipe; let’s see how it fairs in the fat and calories category along with flavor. The secret to the sauce? They use an air fryer to get a mighty crispy coating on the outside of the chicken.

No garlic here, as a cheeky aside, but they use large egg whites instead of whole eggs. This helps you stay skinny, I imagine, and the recipe also calls for whipped butter and spray oil.

This is butter that has an airy profile and is less dense and therefore less fatty than typical butter. You save calories as a result while still getting the benefits of butter in the Chicken Piccata.

8. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata With Vegetables inside

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Now you are getting some garlic in here with this Chicken Piccata by Allrecipes, along with capers. These alliums add up to a traditional Chicken Piccata that is simple enough that your child could help you cook it.

The funniest part for kids who are cooking at home is pounding out the chicken breasts. Use a plastic bag to prevent the chicken from getting everywhere as you or your child does the flattening part.

Also, by using all-purpose flour to dredge the chicken before frying it, you give it that typical texture that is expected in the Chicken Piccata.

9. Lemon Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with pasta

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Lemon Chicken Piccata is our first true variation on this recipe roundup. The recipe calls for using both lemon slices and lemon juice. Here you have half of a lemon that gets sliced up for garnish and flavor, along with a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice from the other half of the lemon.

That really is about twice the lemon flavor that you are getting from this Lemon Chicken Piccata compared to the traditional Chicken Piccata recipes. Otherwise, nothing else is different from this easy-to-prepare weeknight recipe.

Serve the Lemon Chicken Piccata along with a lemon pilaf or other citrusy dish for a bright accompaniment.

10. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata in a pan

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If saving money is your grocery game, this Spend With Pennies recipe for Chicken Piccata goes right along with that thought process. The goal here is to make a chicken meal fast that is tasty and full of body.

This starts with the sauce that is typical of the Chicken Piccata, which includes a roux of butter and flour as a base. From here, the recipe boosts the roux into a sauce with the use of white wine and lemon juice.

Adding the zesty capers for a flavorful burst is perfect and expected finishing touch. Fresh parsley garnishes the dish with another bright flavor component.

11. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with vegetables

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Martha Stewart gives a trick for dealing with capers in her version of Chicken Piccata. She recommends soaking the salt-brined capers in water for 20 minutes. Drain them rinse with cool water and drain again before using.

This removes the excess salt that can be too much in this dish. The use of dry white wine is another standout ingredient, and she also opts for fresh lemon juice—but no lemon slices, which is surprising.

Martha also beats her chicken breast between two sheets of plastic instead of inside of a bag.

12. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata cozy cook

The Cozy Cook comes right along with a restaurant-quality Chicken Piccata recipe that focuses on the lemon flavor. She also recommends pounding out the chicken really thinly, stating that it prevents plumping when cooking and makes the breast more tender.

You also need to have high-quality butter since this is a very simple dish. Each ingredient comes through soundly, so you also want to use fresh ingredients otherwise, such as the lemon, garlic, and parsley.

13. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata with veggies

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Ina Garten is another celebrity chef from The Food Network and she, too, has a Chicken Piccata recipe. This is a popular Italian recipe, which also means it is a more common dish among those chefs who tend to be from Italy or have some Italian connections.

How does Ina go about her Chicken Piccata so that Jeffrey will be soon swoon over it? Sorry, I watch her show! She uses an extra-large egg, which I buy here at home and find to be an odd size for an egg.

But if you can’t find an extra-large egg, use two medium ones or just one large egg.

14. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata spaghetti

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The New York Times has its own version of the Chicken Piccata recipe. The cooks here go full force with the use of real ingredients and good quality butter.

You also want to serve the recipe with the traditional Piccata sauce as the NYT cooks showcase. They recommend serving this dish with white bread and green beans.

15. Easy Chicken Piccata

The Taste of Home is a favorite place to go for home-cooked meals including this Chicken Piccata classic. The Easy Chicken Piccata recipe takes 30 minutes and serves four, perfect for a family night dinner.

Only a few tablespoons of lemon juice and a few tablespoons of butter round out the sauce. This truly does make this an easy dish to prepare and you are more likely to have enough ingredients to make it come to fruition.

16. Chicken Piccata

Healthy Chicken Piccata

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Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman is another chef with celebrity status. So how does she go about preparing her version of the Chicken Piccata? For starters, she recommends using angel hair pasta to make this a full course dinner.

Four boneless chicken breasts, one for each person at the table, make this a great four-person meal. The sauce includes a whopping two whole lemons, which is a lot more than any of the other Chicken Piccata recipes in this recipe roundup, including the Lemon Chicken Piccata.

She also uses five tablespoons of butter plus four tablespoons of olive oil along with nearly a cup of heavy cream to create a very rich sauce.

17. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with Vegetables

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Another Chicken Piccata recipe that offers up a wealth of flavors is this one from My Recipes. Here you have 13 ingredients, which is twice those of those other recipes in the roundup. The recipe includes shallots, garlic cloves, capers, and fresh flat-leaf parsley for the veg component.

The sauce comes from a roux of flour and butter with salt and pepper to season. This is one of the more thorough recipes that, while it does not have a cream sauce, is more traditional for a Chicken Piccata.

18. Chicken Piccata

Soft, golden, juicy chicken in a simple sauce

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This Chicken Piccata recipe is all about the wine additions to the sauce. They suggest using Pinot Grigio to cook with as the dry white wine.

Then Cafe Delites recommend serving this Chicken Piccata with a glass of Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Rose, or Sav Blanc. It is also ideal to serve along with plain rice or mashed potatoes if you are looking for a meal to fix for most anytime.

19. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata simple meal

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Rachael Ray and her Chicken Piccata is another version of this weeknight simple meal. Of course in typical Rachael Ray fashion, she uses EVOO for extra virgin olive oil.

The recipe also has two whole lemons! See above about the use of lemons in this recipe—it’s a lot, ok? However, she is winning with the use of one whole lemon for juice and the other one for slicing and serving.

The recipe for Chicken Piccata also includes butterflying the chicken breast so you “open it up like a book.” This technique is new and improved compared to the rest of the recipes in the roundup!

20. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata L:emon

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Epicurious is another place to go for great recipes and this Chicken Piccata is one to showcase this. Here you have the use of canned low-salt chicken broth, which is different and more convenient.

Otherwise, the recipe is 10 ingredients and feeds four adults. Serve with a side salad to have a full meal with plenty of fiber and vegetables.

21. Prick Your Tongue with Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with fires and rice

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The Food Wishes Prick Your Tongue with Chicken Piccata is a recipe winning the most points just for its name. So what makes this so spicy? According to John at the Food Wishes,

the most interesting sounding food blogger with a YouTube channel that I recommend, you have a very sharp sauce that pricks your taste buds. Not so spicy as much as it is flavorful, this recipe recommends chopping up half of the capers to give the sauce more zest.

22. Chicken Piccata

Lil’ Luna has a Chicken Piccata recipe that looks light and brightened. For this “Americanized version of Veal Piccata,” the author suggests using the side of a thick drinking glass or a wine bottle to roll out the meat.

This can be useful if you are avoiding pounding out the chicken breast with a mallet for whatever reason. They also recommend the use of cornstarch for the sauce, which is against the grain of other recipe writers here, but it works in a pinch!

If your sauce is not thickening for you, pour a slurry of water and cornstarch in and see how it blooms.

23. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata with lemon

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This Chicken Piccata is a recipe that works in 20 minutes and uses pan-frying to achieve a golden crispy chicken breast. The sauce comes together as the other sauces on this Chicken Piccata recipe roundup.

They also recommend serving this alongside a bed of buttered noodles or mashed potatoes for a ready-made meal.

24. Tangy Chicken Piccata

Chicken picatta with lemon and veggies

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A Tangy Chicken Piccata recipe that is sure to delight your tastebuds is this one here. The recipe calls for using three full teaspoons of capers along with three teaspoons of lemon juice for four chicken breasts.

Other ingredients in this recipe are basic, and easy to follow instructions make this a great beginner Chicken Piccata recipe.

25. Chicken Piccata

Fried Chicken Piccata

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For less than $3 a serving, you can have this Chicken Piccata meal tonight! The recipe calls for dry white wine, fresh lemon juice, and drained capers—no garlic here.

The fresh parsley elevates the look and nutrition of this easy-to-make meal. Serve with a Caesar Salad or a baked potato for a very filling dinner.

26. Chicken Piccata

The second recipe for Chicken Piccata in this recipe roundup serves the protein with a side of angel hair pasta. Here the pasta is kept plain and buttered, allowing the Piccata sauce and the chicken to be the star of the show.

They avoid the butter in the sauce itself and use olive oil, so buttering the pasta would be a nice flavor balance. Again, just use fresh lemon juice for the sauce instead of that plastic lemon—it means so much to the sauce.

They also call for using Italian seasoning to flavor the chicken breast, which is an interesting and one-off ingredient for the standard Chicken Piccata recipe.

27. Easy Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata with beans and lemon

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Foodie Crush has an Easy Chicken Piccata recipe that starts with a heavy cast-iron skillet to do the pan-frying. Using cast iron will ensure the chicken is able to cook all the way through while also frying it crispy on the outside.

They also recommend using both oil and butter when frying the chicken breast to ensure maximum flavor and crunch. This prevents burning as well, which is essential when cooking a piece of chicken, even if it is pounded thin.

They finish by adding a tablespoon of butter to the sauce. This creates a velvety sheen in the sauce that is full-flavored on the tongue.

28. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata in gravy with mushroom

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Easy enough for a child to prepare, this Chicken Piccata is made using margarine and is the only recipe on the list to do so. They use this to pan-fry the chicken, which will give it a very nice brown crispy coating.

29. Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata in a plate

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This Chicken Piccata by Williams Sonoma is more true in the spirit of the bird by using just two chicken breasts to serve four people. Once you butterfly your chicken breasts, you are going to be able to get two servings out of each piece of meat.

This is a great way to extend your chicken and save money on groceries while eating protein. The Chicken Piccata recipe also does everything in one pan, which saves you time on cleaning up the dishes.