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16 Best Chicken Lazone Recipes (All Types)

Chicken Lazone with pasta and cloth.

Chicken Lazone is a special type of chicken dish that hails from the state of Louisiana. Home of Creole country, the Cajun spices ring along with this easy but sexy chicken tender recipe. I’ll be having this later, I must say!

According to Home Stratosphere, the recipe for Chicken Lazone is from former head chef Lazone Randolph of the New Orleans restaurant called Brennan’s.

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Both are no longer serving this dish, but over time many other chefs have come up with their variations. See what I mean in this episode of recipe roundup featuring Chicken Lazone recipes!

1. How to Make a Classic and Traditional Chicken Lazone from Louisiana 

Chicken lazone with pasta and cream.

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The way to a great chicken tender in a saucepan is with the classic Chicken Lazone. This recipe hits all the marks for what you want to see in this recipe–heavy cream or half and half, butter, and the right Cajun spices. Add the seasonings to the chicken tenders for a well-seasoned piece of meat that simmers in a rich cream and butter sauce.

The result is a super tender chicken strip coated in a luscious cream sauce. To finish this dish involves choosing a base carb, such as the spaghetti noodles used here. They also suggest adding fettuccine, rice, or mashed potatoes to the dish.

2. A Chicken Lazone Recipe With Only 5 Ingredients by Pillsbury

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Pillsbury might be most famous for its dough, but this recipe for Chicken Lazone contains nothing of the sort! They don’t even suggest serving over a couple of biscuits–and they should. Pillsbury, you missed a marketing opportunity there.

I would definitely bust out a tube of Pillsbury flaky layers and bake them up golden. Then I suggest splitting each biscuit wide and laying out the layers so you have a bed in which to place this creamy, dreamy chicken in its sauce.

3. What About a Red Sauced Chicken Lazone for a Super Spicy Version?

Red Sauced Chicken Lazone on a pan.

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Next, we have what I am calling a Red Sauce Chicken Lazone recipe. The amount of chili powder that is used in this version of Chicken Lazone, by Luby Luby Luby, is really special. The recipe has 698 reviews and almost 5 stars, so that’s saying something!

Unlike the classic version, this chicken in a red sauce uses a new spice blend that focuses more on the red chili powder for its hue and flavor profile. The result is quite different thanks to this seasoning. Instead of the traditional white sauce, the red Chicken Lazone is all heat and vibrancy. 

4. 30 Minutes and One Skillet Later, It’s Chicken Lazone for Dinner!

Chicken Lazone with sauced on a chop board.

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Freshly baked bread, cauliflower rice, or pasta–start with whatever you want to use for soaking up the sauce of a Chicken Lazone. Then spend only half an hour in the kitchen whipping up a Cajun cream sauce chicken meal. As the recipe writer says, it’s a fancy meal for a dinner party, and might I add a date night.

If you have minimal attention to give to cooking, and you still have to put together something hot and satisfying, the Chicken Lazone is the one. The name also subliminally suggests lazy and one, which sounds even more perfect when cooking. Plus, this recipe suggests going with canned coconut cream in place of half and half.

Both of these are untraditionally used here, as the classic Chicken Lazone uses heavy cream. This is great to have options to pull from when you are in a pinch!

5. Salt and Lavender Does an Easy Chicken Lazone

Chicken Lazone on a baking pan with bacon.

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Here we have the first of these recipes for Chicken Lazone to use actual Italian seasoning. Even though this is not an Italian dish, the use of chicken over pasta moves it in that direction. So, I say, if you are serving this over Italian pasta, make way for the Italian seasoning.

It just works, ok? Also, this is not a dish to reheat and serve. There is a cream sauce involved that will break if it gets cold, and that’s a terrible way to serve a chicken and cream dish.

6. Pan Fried Chicken Lazone With Half and Half Plus Smoked Paprika 

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This pan fried Chicken Lazone recipe goes for a more modern take, using the choice of unsalted butter along with lower fat half and half. Typically, for this recipe, you would choose to use heavy cream, which is a full-fat substance. Half and half is 50 percent heavy cream and 50 percent whole milk.

As a result, half and half is a lower saturated fat option that will also reduce the calories in this recipe. Topping with freshly chopped parsley leaves is the only way to finish this dish, in my opinion! The herb adds a wealth of flavor and minerals.

7. Stove-Top Chicken Lazone Using Penne Pasta

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This recipe for a stove-top Chicken Lazone requires having penne pasta on hand. It’s pasta shaped into tubes with an irregular end in the diagonal direction it is cut. You want to use penne pasta that is hollow when serving any creamy sauce.

The tube shape helps hold the sauce. That way, each bite is a semi-ravioli pocket of delicious flavor bursting out into your mouth. Yet instead of hand-stuffing each ravioli square, you are getting the same effect from pasta noodles in the ideal shape for scooping up that creamy sauce.

This is the best way to eat this recipe, in my opinion, in terms of pasta. The spaghetti, linguini, and fettucini, as well as the angel hair, are all too long and thin to hold onto the sauce. 

8. Keto-Style Chicken Tender Lazone for Health Conscious Eaters

Chicken Tender Lazone with cucumber.

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Those interested in the keto diet recipes will be happy to see a keto-style chicken tender Lazone in the recipe roundup! This keto meal is free of grains and uses contemporary zoodle using zucchini made into noodles. The use of heavy whipping cream and xanthan gum for the sauce is also unique.

Please note that heavy whipping cream is only a branding difference. It is generally thought to mean heavy whipping cream has less fat than heavy cream. This might come from the concept of whipping the cream to create a light and fluffy texture.

But they both have about the same amount of fat, which is over 30 percent. Xanthan gum is entirely new and is used in place of cornstarch to create a thicker cream sauce. This is in line with the keto diet. One serving of keto chicken tender Lazone has only 5.42 net carbs and 43.62 grams of fat and 34.44 grams of protein.

9. Chicken Lazone Cooked in an Instant Pot

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The Instant Pot or another version of a pressure cooker is the way to go if you need to make a meal instantly. This is a Chicken Lazone high-speed success story. Within 13 minutes of prep time, the entire meal can be ready to serve.

That is fast and includes only three minutes of actual cooking time! If you are in a rush, grab your seasonings and the chicken tenders and you are already almost done. The use of spaghetti pasta is optional, and you must cook the pasta separately.

However, this gives you something to do while the chicken is in the Instant Pot. By the time the pasta is boiling, the Chicken Lazone will be hot and done. Cleaning up the table and washing the dishes will most likely take longer than putting this meal on the table to eat for lunch or dinner.

10. We Are Lowering the Carbs on Chicken Lazone in This Recipe

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A reason why the Chicken Lazone is so popular is due to its versatility. You can fry up a flavorful chicken dish in no time at all with a variety of flavor profiles. Along with Cajun, which is the origin of this chicken recipe, the spices could focus more on Spanish or Italian blends.

By the end of the recipe, though, the main component of a creamy sauce must be included to prevent the thin tenders from becoming boneless jerky. The low-carb part of this recipe is based on zucchini noodles aka zoodles, but any kind of vegetable that is spiralized would work. However, starchy potatoes would not be kosher with the carb-counting crowd; keep that in mind.

11. A One-Skillet Supper Time Dinner for Chicken Lazone Fans

Pan fried chicken on a pan and fresh tomatoes.

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The Tasting Table is here to show us a new trick by taking Chicken Lazone from conception to perfection. The chicken pieces need to come from chicken breasts you cut yourself, and focus on thin rather than long with the cut. Also, dredge the chicken in seasoned flour before you dredge it in a spice mixture.

The use of flour all over the chicken creates a breaded crust. By waiting to add the spice mixture until the chicken has started frying in the pan, you reduce the rate of burning. If you put the spices on and they turn dark too soon, they tend to lose their potency and can taste bitter. That’s the last thing you want in a Chicken Lazone dish.

12. Jo Cooks Up a Comforting Dish of Chicken Lazone

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A popular recipe for Chicken Lazone comes to us by way of Jo Cooks. Focusing on the comforting side of this meal, there are no rules for carbs or time constraints. Instead, what you get is a recipe for this creamy chicken dish with six ingredients.

Italian seasoning as a blend is used in place of Creole or Cajun spices. Also, they use heavy cream and spaghetti pasta, for those traditionalists out there. I agree with going with Italian seasoning if you are serving Chicken Lazone over pasta.

In New Orleans, rice is the preferred carb for Cajun and Creole menus. Therefore, this is a different take from the traditional recipe. Yet most of these recipes forgo rice and use pasta or a pasta-shaped veggie.

13. Get Super Healthy With A Clean Plate’s Chicken Lazone

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Now, for a not-so-healthy version of Chicken Lazone, I present to you A Clean Plate. This website is all about showcasing one-pot meals that are autoimmune protocol recipes. Their Chicken Lazone is full of nutrients and anti-inflammatory foods like coconut oil and coconut yogurt.

Still, they use only seven ingredients to get the job done. This also includes the strong Middle Eastern flavor of turmeric, which is another popular anti-inflammatory ingredient used in healthier meals. The yellow hue of turmeric is going to make this version of Chicken Lazone a little sunnier in hue than typical dishes of this recipe.

14. Veganizing Chicken Lazone With Tempeh

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If you are working toward eating vegan and no animal products, then Chicken Lazone is difficult at best. After all, this is a chicken dish containing heavy cream and butter as the primary ingredients. In order to make Chicken Lazone vegan, remove the chicken and replace it with tempeh, a tougher version of soybean heavy tofu.

Here you have fermented soybeans pressed into a small brick, and then sliced or cubed for your use. Tempeh is super healthy, being fermented, and a very clean way to eat. The heart-healthy protein is also good to eat if you are vegetarian or vegan.

15. So How Does a Plain Chicken Spice Up a Chicken Lazone?

Pan fried chicken on a skillet with cream.

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Plain Chicken is a website about chicken, and I wondered how it faired when it comes to the authenticity of Chicken Lazone. Turns out, they do it quite nicely! In terms of the bed on which to lay the Chicken Lazone, this recipe calls for using angel hair pasta. That fine pasta would certainly work well with this heavy cream sauce and light protein choice.

They also recommend using a mix of Andouille sausage and chicken to give the dish more spice variety. How very curious considering they are titled, Plain Chicken! However, I would say go for it. The Andouille sausage is the traditional sausage of New Orleans and Cajun and Creole dishes alike.

16. Easy Chicken Recipes Rounds Out This Chicken Lazone Roundup

Pan fried chicken with cream and scallions.

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The final recipe for this roundup comes to us from Easy Chicken Recipes. Also, after writing about Chicken Lazone, my fingers suddenly couldn’t help but type Chicken Calzone. Maybe that’s the next recipe roundup I will write about; who’s to say? Either way, this last recipe is very fun and uses penne pasta for the win.

They also point out that the recipe is very kid-friendly and uses simple ingredients. Basically, that’s what everyone wants for every meal, especially a late night and last-minute chicken dinner. Getting a family fed fast, or yourself in a quick rush out the door, is part of life these days, especially in our family. Here’s to making your own easy and quick Chicken Lazone this weekend!

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