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20 Best Chicken Florentine Recipes (All Types)

Delicious chicken florentine recipes

Chicken is one of my favorite foods because it is so versatile. There are countless ways to prepare chicken, and Chicken Florentine is a fan favorite in my family. When the word Florentine is in the recipe title, it means that the dish has spinach in it.

However, you cannot go wrong with cheese, breading, garlic, and chicken. Check out these great recipes for Chicken Florentine so you can make it for your family.

1. Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with creamy sauce

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This is a simple and easy to follow recipe for Chicken Florentine. This recipe includes spinach, as is the typical preparation style in Florence. Fresh spinach is preferable for this recipe, but frozen spinach can be substituted. The chicken should be the same thickness to ensure it cooks evenly.

Chicken tenders are easily substituted for the chicken breasts. Pounding the chicken with a mallet helps to get an even thickness for the entire piece of chicken. This recipe calls for both garlic powder and minced garlic. This dish can be made all in the same large, heavy skillet.


2. Chicken Florentine Style

Chicken florentine with potato and cream sauce

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This Chicken Florentine recipe is a twist and easier version of the original. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. This recipe uses frozen spinach, but it must be thawed and drained. It also calls for dry white wine and whipping cream.

In this recipe, the chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper, then dredged in flour. Most of the seasoning in the dish is in the sauce. This recipe comes with a video allowing the preparer to watch how to make the recipe. This ensures that you are making it properly.

3. Creamy Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach

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This recipe creates a fancy date night dinner any night of the week. This recipe calls for white wine. Only cook with wine that you are willing to drink. You can drink the rest of the wine while preparing this dish.

If you do not have wine or do not want to use it, chicken broth and Dijon mustard are great substitutes. There is no good substitute for heavy cream, and it should be used.

While this recipe does not call for mushrooms, they are an excellent addition. Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste are a perfect addition at the end of the cooking process.

4. Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach in a plate with fork

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This Chicken Florentine recipe creates a dish that looks fancy, but it is simple to make. The chicken dredge in this recipe creates a nice crisp on the edge of the chicken. It adds incredible taste with the seasonings and parmesan cheese.

This recipe calls for cream cheese to make the sauce extra thick and creamy. The cream cheese can be omitted, but the flavor and creaminess might be missed.

The butter and olive oil in the recipe is critical as the butter gives the chicken its color, and the olive oil prevents the chicken from burning at high temperatures.

5. Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach in a pan

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This is a healthy version of Chicken Florentine. This recipe is low-carb and gluten free that is made all in one skillet. This recipe is high in protein and hearty meal. It calls for gluten free flour, but it can be removed entirely, or almond flour can be substituted instead.

As with any chicken dish, be sure not to overcook it, or it becomes rubbery. Capers are an excellent addition to this recipe. This recipe calls for almond milk, but any milk will work. Adding a side salad makes a healthy dinner for the entire family.

6. Easy Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach and cheese

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This Chicken Florentine recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup to give the chicken flavor and keep it moist. This quick and easy dinner takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook. This is an excellent dinner for a busy night during the week.

This chicken and sauce combination is perfect served over your favorite pasta. The cream of mushroom gives it a mushroom flavor and can be substituted with cream of chicken soup.

7. Chicken Florentine Casserole

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This recipe is a twist on Chicken Florentine by putting it in a casserole. Any type of fish can be substituted for the chicken in this recipe. It has a creamy white sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mushrooms. This recipe uses mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup. It also uses canned spinach.

The chicken is baked separately, as is the sauce in a skillet. Then all ingredients are layered in a baking pan. For added taste, crumbled bacon is sprinkled on top. They are baked together until the sauce is bubbly.

8. Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with cheese

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This Chicken Florentine recipe is a low carb, keto friendly version of the traditional Italian chicken meal. It is creamy, buttery, and cheesy. This recipe uses almond flour. Almond meal is not recommended because it separates.

It also recommends freshly grated parmesan, not the kind you find on supermarket shelves. It also uses heavy cream, butter, and chicken broth.

It is critical that the chicken breasts are sliced lengthways and pounded to the same thickness. This is best served hot as the sauce begins to congeal as it cools.

9. Chicken Florentine

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This Chicken Florentine is a one pot recipe that has chicken soaking in a garlic parmesan cream sauce. Only a few ingredients are needed to create this comforting and creamy tasty dish.

Once the basic recipe is mastered, additional ingredients like mushrooms, asparagus, and zucchini can be added to the dish. It can be served with rice, potatoes, or a favorite pasta.

This recipe highlights baby spinach, red pepper flakes, and tomatoes. This is a light deviation from the traditional recipe because the chicken is not served on a bed of spinach.

10.Chicken with Florentine Sauce

Chicken florentine with veggies

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This Chicken Florentine recipe uses dried oregano and basil for every flavor. It also calls for sour cream, green onion, minced garlic, and pimentos. The traditional version of this recipe uses chicken breasts, but any cut can be substituted based on what is on hand.

Fresh spinach can be used in place of frozen, but it should be steamed first. Additional ingredients can be added to this recipe to give it added flavor and truly make it your own. If there are any leftovers, they can be stored for as long as three days.

11. Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with spinach and bell pepper in a white plate

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The sauce is what makes this Chicken Florentine recipe amazing. It is so good; I want to eat it with a spoon. This recipe calls for tomatoes to give it a pop of color. The tomatoes bring some acidity to balance out the creaminess of the sauce.

The first and most crucial step is to sear the chicken well. When they have a nice brown color, they will bring to most flavor to this recipe while sealing in the juice to keep them moist.

Adding something to soak up the delicious sauce is a great plan, such as bread, pasta, or buttered noodles.

12. Easy, Creamy 30-Minute Chicken Florentine

Creamy chicken florentine iin a pan

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This recipe is a hearty version of Chicken Florentine with loads of vegetables. It also has a healthy helping of cheesy cream sauce. This recipe includes a bag of baby spinach and more than a half pound of mushrooms.

This recipe also contains yellow onion, garlic, half and half, and chicken broth. In about 30 minutes, this perfect, creamy, and comforting meal is ready for the entire family.

13. Chicken Florentine

Creamy chicken florentine

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As with any Chicken Florentine, this dish includes spinach and cream. This recipe adds mushrooms for texture and flavor. Mushrooms and spinach are the perfect pairings, and this dish is no exception. If chicken no longer excites the family, substitute turkey breasts or pork chops for a different taste.

While this recipe calls for parmesan, fontina, asiago, or mozzarella can be substituted. Serve this recipe with potatoes, pasta, or rice. Bread is a great way to soak up the creamy sauce.

14. Chicken Florentine

Slice chicken florentine in a pan

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This is a classic Chicken Florentine recipe with spinach, sautéed chicken, and a creamy sauce. A great way to lower the calorie content is by substituting cornstarch for the cheese. It is a great thickening agent without calories.

This can be a simple weekday dinner but also perfect for a dinner party. While this has a creamy sauce, it is not as saucy as other recipes. This is a lighter version for those that want to reduce calories.

15. Easy Chicken Florentine

Creamy chicken florentine in a pan

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This Chicken Florentine is easy to make, but it is a bit time consuming. This recipe breaks up preparing the chicken breasts and the Florentine sauce. In addition, both the chicken and sauce require mushrooms.

This recipe will take close to a full hour to finish between the prep and cook time. The most significant difference with this recipe is the chicken is cut into bite size pieces instead of whole chicken breasts.

16. Creamy Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with mushroom

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This is a classic traditional Italian version of Chicken Florentine. It does not require the addition of pasta. However, the Florentine sauce does need cheese, milk, and white wine.

A crisp white wine, like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, is best for this recipe. It also adds mushrooms for an earthy taste and texture. Fish is also a great substitution in this recipe.

17. Creamy Chicken Florentine

A pan of chicken florentine

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This creamy Chicken Florentine recipe creates a restaurant quality at home. This is a great family recipe that is easy to prepare, and one requires one pan. Most of the ingredients are easily found in any home kitchen.

This is a taste as you go recipe, meaning throughout the process, taste it to see if it has enough flavor and seasoning or needs more. This recipe calls for wine and flour, but they can be removed based on anyone’s preference.

For those leaving out the white wine, Dijon mustard is a great substitution.

18. Chicken Florentine Skillet

Chicken florentine with wagon wheel pasta

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This recipe is a kid friendly twist on the traditional Italian meal. It uses chicken tenders and wagon wheel pasta. There is no white wine in this recipe and fewer vegetables and seasonings than found in many other Florentine recipes.

It does call for tomatoes and mushrooms, but those can easily be removed. Any type of pasta can be substituted for the wagon wheels.

19. Jeanette’s Creamy Chicken Florentine Recipe

Creamy chicken florentine with veggies

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This creamy Chicken Florentine is easy to prepare in less than 30 minutes. This Florentine is an excellent dish for a quick family dinner or entertaining a dinner party. Right before it is served, adding lemon juice gives it a pop of citrus freshness.

This is a rich dish that can be served with rice, potatoes, or pasta to soak up the sauce. A roasted vegetable pairs nicely with its flavor, or a fresh salad is a great side dish.

The creamy sauce does call for chicken broth, cream cheese, and half and half. The addition of butter and olive oil gives the chicken a nice brown color without burning it.

20. Easy Chicken Florentine

Chicken florentine with chopped union

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This Chicken Florentine recipe calls for chicken thighs and not chicken breasts. It also uses turmeric and paprika for an exciting kick. The chicken in this recipe should marinate in the fridge for at least two hours before cooking.

It should be room temperature before cooking. The marinade is a simple combination of oil, garlic, black pepper, salt, turmeric, and sweet paprika. This Florentine dish is best served when it is hot.

This cream based sauce is best when served right away. This recipe takes a little longer, about an hour, including prep and baking time, but it is worth it.