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20 Chicken and Broccoli Recipes (All Types)

A delicious homemade chicken and broccoli.

Today’s cooks ponder how to cook nutritious meals without using GMO foods or processed foods. Nowadays, cooks are all about organic foods cooked with healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil. You can get organic, free-range chicken at the store to pair with (as far as we know) non-GMO broccoli for an excellent, healthy, and filling meal.

1. Simple Chicken And Broccoli In A Creamy Homemade Sauce

A top view of fresh chicken and broccoli on wooden table.

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Since you can buy chicken in multiple styles, using chicken tenders in this recipe is a snap. You won’t waste time cutting up a chicken breast. Broccoli comes in florets, so you won’t be cutting off stems.

Making the sauce is as simple as putting the flour and water in a jar and shaking it. You can always use a jar of whatever your family’s favorite sauce is if you don’t have the knack for using flour and water. This simple skillet recipe is just that: simple and nutritious.

Even the kids won’t mind eating vegetables when they taste this good!

2. Who Doesn’t Love Chinese Food? Did You Know You Can Easily Cook Chicken And Broccoli Without A Wok?

A delicious chicken with broccoli served on a white plate.

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I’ve used a wok to make chicken and broccoli, and I’ve used a cast-iron skillet. The dish comes out tasting the same, but you can also use tempered steel or a non-stick frying pan. You’ll need more oil with a pan that’s not non-stick.

The key to stir-frying is to prep your ingredients very well. Stir-fry is flash-quick – five to ten minutes tops. Be well prepared. This recipe calls for the addition of onions and mushrooms.

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Since this article is about chicken and broccoli dishes, you can leave off the onion and mushrooms if you wish. Garnishing the dish with sesame seeds is optional, of course, but it does plate prettily.

3. Garlic Butter? Lemon? In A Chicken And Broccoli Dish? Tell Me More!

Delicious garlic butter lemon chicken with broccoli.

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In any recipe, it’s what you add to it that makes it pop. For instance, you can make a simple pork chop into a mouth-watering experience simply by adding a bit of flour to the chop. The meat rub and the cooking method are important, no matter what you add. It’s the same with this chicken and broccoli recipe.

The meat rub can be substituted with your favorite rub. The dish can be served with rice, pasta, or potatoes. If you’re into low-carb foods, then eat them right out of the pan. 

4. Have You Ever Wanted To Look Like A Genius? Wow Everyone With This Chicken And Broccoli Wreath

Chicken saute, chicken steak with broccoli.

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Most cooks have tried their favorite dishes tucked into puff pastry. It usually impresses the family and tastes incredible. Crescent rolls are cheaper than puff pastry, but the dish does the same impressive job.

Make sure to cook the ingredients first; baking the crescent rolls in the oven just cooks the crescent rolls – not what’s in them. It looks pretty and tastes incredible, perfect for family dinners or special events. When you try it, let us know how it turned out.

5. Trisha Yearwood Can Make Some Serious Chicken And Broccoli

Broccoli chicken cheese casserole.

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You can bake it, stir-fry it, or you can make it into a casserole, and the chicken and broccoli taste just wonderful. In this recipe, Trisha Yearwood shares with us her version of the time-honored classic comfort dish. You can substitute pasta for the rice and use your favorite cheese instead of cheddar.

The beauty of chicken and rice is that it always pleases, no matter if it’s baked, fried, or made into a puff pastry dish. 

6. Chicken And Broccoli Isn’t Just For Dinner Anymore? Would You Believe It’s For Breakfast, Too?

Chicken omelet with broccoli.

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If you don’t live your life by a clock or you hear a lot of “but you can’t do that!”, then you can eat a delicious variety of foods for breakfast. In a world in which a waffle can be made from egg and cheese, you should see this chicken and broccoli omelet.

It’s packed with veggie goodness, and avocado, and you can add your favorite cheese if you wish. Easy to make, and easy to eat, this chicken and broccoli recipe is the perfect start to your day.

7. This Chicken And Broccoli Dish Is Just Right For Those Who Love “Skillet” Meals

Grilled chicken breast with rice and sauteed veggies.

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“Skillet” dishes are just the way a Southerner describes a meal cooked in one skillet. Skillet meals are deservedly popular all over the country and not just in the South. They are so versatile and adaptable that they can be made anytime, anywhere, and are real crowd-pleasers.

This recipe can be adapted to a low-carb diet by losing the potatoes and adding another approved veggie. Toss in some bacon, cheese, and scrambled eggs, and you’re good to go.

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8. Chicken And Broccoli Sandwiches You Won’t Want To Miss

Grilled chicken broccoli wrap.

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Tortillas for wraps. Panini. Focaccia. Any kind of bread in a sandwich machine can make you a slammin’ chicken and broccoli sandwich to pack in your lunch bag for school or work. No more boring luncheon meat sandwiches.

No more venerable PB&J. Let’s inject some jazz and sparkle into lunches with this chicken and broccoli sandwich recipe. This particular recipe uses flour tortillas, but try something different, like those prepared pizza crusts.

They’re flat and just firm enough, like a tortilla for making amazing sandwiches.

9. If Anyone Plans To Resist This Chicken And Broccoli Pie, Then Move Over – I’ll Take It

Chicken broccoli pot pie.

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Meat pies are a part of history no American would dream of bypassing. They’re called pasties in England, where a version of the dish originated. Down under, they’re called Aussie pies.

If you journey to the Emerald Isle, you must try a Guinness pie. Americans call them pot pies, but whatever you call them, they’re the food of life. The recipe is simple, especially when you buy a prepared pie crust.

All you have to do is make sure the filling rocks. The tips tell you to use thinly sliced potatoes the next time, but why not go a step further and turn your chicken and broccoli into a tasty version of shepherd’s pie by mashing the potatoes?

10. Combine Your Comfort Foods (Chicken And Broccoli On Pizza) For A Tummy Pleasing Treat

Homemade chicken broccoli pizza.

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Before you read the recipe and cry “but I don’t know how to make bread!”, just keep reading. Pizza crusts come prepared at the grocery store.

Grab one, grab a jar of prepared tomato sauce for pizza or white sauce (you can even use Alfredo sauce in a pinch,) and you have the basics for an amazing chicken and broccoli pizza. Make sure to cook the chicken and broccoli first, because the oven is basically for cooking the pizza crust. You can use a cookie sheet if you don’t have a pizza pan.  

You can experiment with veggies and cheeses, so you’ll know what your family praises the most. 

11. We Need A Chicken And Broccoli Recipe For Low-Carb And Keto Cooks, Too

Chicken broccoli chaffle.

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I got to thinking that we’d shared recipes for pizza, sandwiches, and breakfast skillets, but we hadn’t covered something else a machine makes: waffles. Since chicken and waffles are a thing, why not make chicken and broccoli chaffles a thing? All you have to do is mince the chicken and broccoli, mix in some egg and cheese, and voila!

You have a delish and low-carb medium with which to make sandwiches or just to eat by itself. Low-carb and keto are popular diets. They aren’t just worthless fads.

 Chaffles are a justifiably tasty and low-carb food that can be made into lots of ingenious recipes.  

12.  Serve Your Family These Chicken And Broccoli Fritters As An Appetizer. We Guarantee They’ll Be Back For More

Broccoli chicken parmesan cheese fritters.

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In a fast-paced world of heat ‘em and eat ‘em, cooks who serve their families more than just processed, pre-packaged “foods” are phenomenal. They make their own appetizers, and this one is a must-have. It’s quick, simple, and a tasty addition to any dinner.

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Add some mushrooms, onion, avocado, or even cauliflower to the recipe for a texture and taste treat. They’re even delish just by themselves, for a healthy snack, or for a quick bite of lunch. They take only minutes to cook, and the ingredients won’t break the bank. Mangia!

13. The Perfect Summer Snack In An Easy To Make Muffin

A flat lay photo of a healthy chicken broccoli muffin.

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We all need the perfect summer snack that we don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making. The snack has to be appealing to both Mom and the kids. It has to be a “to-go” snack, yet a snap to clean up (if there’s any left.)

Luckily, we have just the recipe for you. If you don’t have a muffin tin, closely pack some paper muffin cups on a cookie sheet, or use a ramekin (although you’ll have to make them one at a time with a ramekin.) Either way, this chicken and broccoli snack is a people-pleaser.  

14. Here’s Another Chicken And Broccoli Snack Or Lunch Recipe You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Minin pie chicken broccoli on a light brown placemat.

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Mini is a thing now. For example, lots of people love those little tarts made into pecan pies. Why not make up a chicken and broccoli mixture, put them in tart shells, and have them for lunch or a quick, healthy snack?

You can freeze most of the 36 tarts for later enjoyment. Although these tarts or mini pies are so good, you might eat, if not all 36, then a bunch of them. They’re the perfect recipe for road trips, a snack by the pool, or just for relaxing at home.

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15. If You Can Make Chicken And Broccoli On The Stovetop, You Can Make It Into A Stew

Chicken broccoli Japanese soup with toasted bread.

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Japanese cooking is so much more than just stir-frying. The Japanese take Western dishes and adapt them to the Japanese palate. Take stews, for example.

The meats, vegetables, and seasonings are instantly recognizable to any Westerner, but there the similarity ends. The Japanese incorporate a creamy sauce into their stew along with cream cheese for an extra creamy taste and texture. This stew recipe looks amazing and tastes that way, too. Serve with white rice or crunchy, homemade bread.

16. Some Stews Were Not Meant To Be Cooked In A Slow Cooker. This Chicken And Broccoli Stew Is One Of Them

Delicious one-pot chicken stew.

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Most cooks just love meals that can be cooked in one pot or pan. This stew recipe is one of them. We’re going to sub out the potatoes with broccoli.

The carrot and broccoli will give the stew the color and texture it wouldn’t have if the potato had been left in. The recipe calls for extra flour in the slurry to thicken the stew, but adding a spoonful or two of instant mashed potatoes does the same job. It won’t affect the flavor of the stew.

In all other respects, this is a wow chicken and broccoli stew recipe.

17. There’s Nothing Like The Taste Of Smoky, Charred Chicken And Broccoli Cooked On A Grill

Grilled chicken broccoli on a hot metal surface.

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We’ve given you recipes for baking, stewing, sandwich-ing, pizza-ing, and skillet-ing chicken and broccoli, but we didn’t think of grilling it. Some folks won’t eat non-grilled foods, while others only grill the usual steaks, burgers, and chicken leg quarters. Why not shake it up a bit and toss your marinated chicken and seasoned broccoli described in the recipe on the grill?

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The meat comes out juicy and perfect. The broccoli comes out tender and flavorful. We bet this will be your favorite method of cooking in the future!

18. They Say Everything Is Better With Bacon. They Were Right

Cheesy macaroni bacon chicken broccoli.

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Bacon has also become a thing due to its being the majority of the Keto diet. This chicken and broccoli recipe is low-carb and Keto-friendly. It has three ingredients, and making the cheese sauce is a snap.

No kid will turn down bacon, so getting him to eat the broccoli with bacon bits on it won’t hurt a bit. Make sure you cut the chicken thin enough to cook all the way through, perhaps by butterflying the breasts. Serve with riced vegetables, zucchini pasta, or a salad. 

19. Make This Variation On The Classic Chicken Soup The Next Time You’re Feeling Less Than Well

A top-view of creamy chicken broccoli soup.

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Nothing makes me feel better than chicken soup when I’m feeling poorly. I drink that and orange juice, and before I know it, I’m back on my feet and feeling better. This is an interesting take on the age-old classic complete with onion and celery, but with the addition of cream cheese as well as cream.

I love creamy soups, and this one is just amazing. Note that you can puree the whole pot of soup to make it a truly “cream of” soup. If you like chunky soups, then don’t puree anything.

You can also add carrots and peas or any other vegetable you wish, in addition to your broccoli.

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20. A Delicious Outside-The-Box Way To Cook Chicken And Broccoli – Stuff It

Broccoli stuffed chicken breast served on white plate.

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I was poking around on the ‘Net when I found a picture of a butterflied chicken breast about an inch thick and stuffed with cheese and broccoli. The picture showed a prettily seared stuffed breast, but the recipe called for baking it in the oven. Make sure you pound your chicken breast into the thinnest pieces so everything will get thoroughly cooked.

The recipe says that you can sub mayo for the cream cheese. In the comments, the cook also says that she pan-seared the breasts, and then put them into the oven.