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21 Best Cherry Muffin Recipes (All Types)

21 Cherry Muffin Recipes

Who does not love a hot cherry muffin straight from the oven? I know I sure do. There is nothing like a cherry muffin to bring a little happiness to the day.

The bright red fruit seems to burst right out of the baked treat. They are a great addition to breakfast or as an excellent mid-day snack. But, of course, no one can eat just one, so check out all of these fantastic cherry muffins recipes. 

1. Cheerful Cherry Muffins

Cheerful Cherry Muffins In A Plate

=> See this Cheerful Cherry Muffins Recipe

This cherry muffin recipe brings a surprise to the table because they are super moist. These special treats have greek yogurt and streusel topping. The yogurt gives the muffins a nice balance between tart cherry and moist muffins.

These muffins are great hot or room temperature. You can leave out the streusel topping, but it gives it a little something extra. Do not be scared by the streusel; it is simple to make.

All it takes is about 15 minutes to prepare and mix all the ingredients. In no time at all (about 33 minutes), these hot and tasty muffins are coming out of the oven. 

2. Fresh Cherry Muffins

Fresh Cherry Muffins

These little gems are simple to make. This recipe has ten ingredients; most of the items are staples in the house. The only thing I had to get special for this recipe was the cherries.

I recommend using paper liners, or non-paper liners, so the muffins do not stick to the muffin pans. These muffins have a nice crust of sugar right on top to balance out the tartness of the cherries. For those who do not want sugar or enjoy the extra tartness, the sugar does not need to be added to the top of the muffins. 

3. Cherry Almond Muffins

Cherry Almond Muffins

These muffins have almonds in them but could be made without for those that are allergic or just do not like almonds. However, leaving them in gives these muffins a nice nutty flavor. Cherries and almonds are just about the perfect fruit and nut combination.

This recipe starts with a basic muffin batter and makes it even better by adding almonds and cherries. These muffins have sugar as a nice touch of sweetness on top, but it can be left off for those that do not want the sugar. 

4. Easy Cherry Muffins

Easy Cherry Muffins

These cherry muffins are a little smaller. The top is not as explosive as other muffin recipes. This is a simple recipe that starts with a standard muffin base.

Then, any other ingredient can be added to it. One thing to keep in mind is that sour cherry season is short in just about the entire U.S. It only lasts about two weeks, but this is the recipe to use fresh sour cherries when they can be found.

This recipe works well with sweet cherries, too. They can be fresh or frozen. Just make sure frozen strawberries are completely thawed.

5. Cherry Muffins

Cherry Muffins

These muffins are a sweet little treat. They contain Greek yogurt for moistness. You can use vanilla or almond extract, whichever you prefer.

Once you take these delicious muffins out of the oven, let them sit in the muffin pan for five minutes. Then, take them out and let them sit for another ten. These muffins will stay together better once they cool.

They are hard to resist but do your best to wait. You will be happy you did.

6. Cherry Coconut Muffins

Cherry Coconut Muffin In A Plate

These cherry coconut muffins are a healthier version of a sweet treat. These muffins use coconut oil instead of other oils. They also have shredded coconut on top.

These muffins have a coconutty taste. Using coconut oil enhances the taste and texture of these muffins. If you have not tried using coconut oil, give them a try today.

They are so moist that they are easily crushed. You may have to be gentle with these muffins. If there are any leftovers, you cannot stack them on top of each other.

7. Fresh Cherry Muffins

Fresh Cherry Muffins

These yummy cherry muffins are simple and easy to make. They have a touch of almonds, giving them a delicious taste. The almond gives these muffins a little something extra.

This flavor pairs well with the cherry. The texture of these muffins is perfect. It is crumbly but not too dense or cake like.

They are fluffy and light. Of course, one will not be enough. This recipe calls for buttermilk, but sour cream or yogurt can be substituted.

No matter which one is used, the muffins are moist. Adding butter to this recipe enhances the flavor.

8. Vegan Cherry Muffins

Vegan Cherry Muffins

Struggling to find a healthy dessert? Not any more. This is the recipe for cherry muffin loving vegan. These muffins are a healthier dessert.

You can control how much sugar you add. These muffins contain soy milk and coconut sugar, but not too much sugar. These are simple to make and delicious.

You can quickly freeze them, so they are always available. Warm them up in the microwave, and they are good to go.

9. Cherry Muffin

Cherry Muffin

This cherry muffin recipe is for those that like their muffins a little sweeter. This cherry muffin recipe has a crumb topping with two different types of sugars in it, light brown and granulated sugar. This recipe also makes more than most as it yields 18 muffins.

This is double many other recipes. The recipe for the muffins contains whole milk. These muffins take a few minutes more, 30 minutes for baking time, but are worth it.

10. Cherry Breakfast Muffin

Cherry Breakfast Muffin

When thinking about making cherry muffins, consider that cherries are a healthy snack that is rich in antioxidants. In addition, cherries have a lot of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This recipe suggests sprinkling sugar on top of the muffins to create a crunchy topping once baked.

With these muffins, you want to mix well and have the batter as uniform as possible, so the cherries are set perfectly. Best of all, all the ingredients needed are easily found as a staple around the house, except maybe the cherries.

11. Cherry Muffins

These cherry muffins are a bright and colorful sweet treat. They have a delicious cherry glaze on top with a whole cherry in the middle. These are great for a party or the next time you have a hungry gang.

These muffins are a little sweeter than most. You will need to use a good amount of sugar and cherry juice for the glaze and the muffins. If you are looking to reduce calories, these are not the muffins for you.

However, they are delicious and great for satisfying a sweet tooth.

12. Mini Maraschino Cherry Muffins

Maraschino Cherry Muffins

These mini cherry muffins are a great sweet treat. They are half the size making them a great quick snack. These muffins have a cherry drizzle that does not cover the entire muffin top cutting down the sweetness.

These muffins yield 24, which is significantly higher than what many other muffins yield, although these are smaller muffins. This recipe includes chopped almonds to give these muffins a nutty taste and a bit of a crunch. For those that do not want mini muffins or do not have mini muffins pans, this recipe can make whole muffins, also. 

13. Sour Cherry Muffins

Sour Cherry Muffins

These sour cherry muffins are a great breakfast option or for snack time. This recipe uses sour, or tart, cherries. They are more tart than a traditional cherry but still contain antioxidants.

If they are not in season, they can usually be found in the freezer section. Either one creates great tasting muffins that will be loved by all who eat them. Adding sanding sugar to the top of the muffins to give them a sweet and crunchy topping.

14. Cherry Muffins

Cherry Muffins

This is a basic cherry muffin recipe for all cherry muffin lovers. The addition of almond extract gives them a nutty and marzipan taste. It can easily be left out, or vanilla extracted can be substituted instead to provide them with a sweet taste.

While typically frozen or fresh cherries can be used, it is recommended that you use fresh cherries for this recipe. The frozen cherries add water to this recipe which does not make the best muffins. 

15. Blanche’s Miniature Cherry Muffins

Blanche's Miniature Cherry Muffins

These muffins can be made as full size or mini size muffins. This is a great basic recipe for muffins. They have a cake like texture and do not have a lot of moisture.

Some might consider them more of a cupcake than a muffin. They are excellent warm and right out of the oven. Adding nuts to the top of these muffins gives them a great crunch.

In addition to tasting great, they are pretty, and you can put them on display for your next party or brunch.

16. Sweet Cherry Muffins

Sweet Cherry Muffins

These sweet muffins taste delicious and freeze well. You can make a large batch to freeze, so you always have some on hand. Then, you can heat them in the microwave for a tasty treat.

The extra touch in these muffins is cinnamon. It gives them dimensions and layers. The sour cream adds a touch of sour to the sweetness of these muffins.

This recipe suggests adding a whole cherry to the top of the muffin for presentation.

17. Cherry Vanilla Muffins

Cherry Vanilla Muffins

These cherry vanilla muffins are easy and fun to make. You do not even need a mixer to blend the ingredients together. There are so many cherries in these recipes that they may look like they are bleeding.

This recipe calls for buttermilk and butter, making the muffins moist and flavorful. You want to make sure you finely chop your cherries for this recipe. You will need eggs for this recipe.

18. Sourdough Cherry Almond Muffins

Sourdough Cherry Almond Muffins

This cherry muffin recipe uses a sourdough starter. This recipe explains how to create a sourdough starter if you do not have one available. This recipe bakes delicious sourdough cherry almond muffins that include fresh sweet cherries, almonds, and almond milk.

They are great for a fast breakfast on the go. The sourdough starter adds moistness to your muffin that makes them tangy without being sour. This recipe can use sweet and fresh cherries as well as tart cherries. 

19. Double Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins

Double Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins

These double chocolate chip cherry muffins are a great way to start the day. This recipe calls for cocoa powder and chocolate chips, giving it a decadent taste. It has a huge cocoa flavor, and the melting chocolate adds a moist and delicious texture.

Adding dried cherries to these chocolate muffins brightens the flavor. The batter for these muffins can be kept in the refrigerator for as many as two days before baking. This allows you to scoop put batter and make fresh muffins for two mornings or afternoons.

20. Almond Cherry Muffins

Almond Cherry Muffins

These muffins are moist and full of cherries and have an amazing smell of almonds. These muffins have more of a bread texture and are moist. You can use dried or fresh cherries.

If you are going to use dried cherries, you should use one cup. The moisture in this muffin is yogurt. It gives it a tangy and moist taste.

Using oil instead of butter helps the muffin fluffy and full of flavor. However, those who love butter can still use butter and not oil. To make these muffins using the traditional method for muffins.

This is when you put the dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in a different bowl. You want to make sure you do not over mix the batter, or they will be tough.

21. Cherry Muffin Recipe With Almond Streusel 

This cherry muffin recipe with almond streusel is a delicious treat. It contains juicy and plump cherries. These muffins are topped with a cinnamon almond streusel.

Then on top of the streusel is a simple glaze that is drizzled on the muffin. You can mix these muffins by hand easily. Even a beginner baker can make these delicious muffins because the recipe is so simple.

They do not require a large amount of mixing or stirring.