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20 of the Best Cheese Scone Recipes (All Types)

Scones are delicious they can be sweet or savory or cheery. We gathered some best recipes for cheese scones that you can try.

Baked ham and cheesy scones in an oven.

When it comes to scones, opinions are fiercely divided on almost everything, from the baking method to the texture to how to pronounce the word. But what we’re all in agreement on is that scones are delicious. They can be sweet or savory — or cheesy, like this collection we’ve gathered here. 

1. Your Favorite Sandwich in a Scone

Ham and Cheddar Cheese scones.

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If you’re a sucker for a ham and cheese sandwich, you will love this ham and cheese scone recipe. But let’s be clear — these are no ordinary scones that just have some ham and cheese thrown in. They are actually complex and delicious, featuring two kinds of cheese as well as heavy cream and chives.

You’ve never had a savory scone that is this decadent! Perfect for brunch, a side dish for soup, or a standalone snack, these scones include both cheddar cheese and parmesan. Be forewarned: they’re so good, that you might find yourself eating them right off the pan.

2. That’s Greece, Not Grease

Cheesy cheddar scones in a plate.

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Is there anything better than the flavors of the Mediterranean? What about those flavors in scone form? This Greek-inspired recipe combines dill and feta to make some of the moistest, flavorful scones that have ever graced a brunch table.

Just the smell of them will get you hungry, thanks to the fragrant herbs. It is the perfect way to elevate a classic scone recipe and make it something totally new. The scones are a delicious accompaniment to a summer meal on the patio or other Greek dishes like lamb, beef stew, moussaka, spanakopita, and chicken souvlaki. 

3. Cheesy With a Kick

Cheesy scones in a parchment paper.

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People who love spice will go wild for these jalapeno cheddar buttermilk scones. They are delicious as a side dish for a Mexican feast or just on their own. You can also adjust the spice level by increasing or decreasing the amount of jalapeno you decide to add.

If you’re like me and love all things spicy, you will want to pack these scones with peppers (and possibly eat them one after another). But spice isn’t the only element, as the scones are also packed with butter, buttermilk, and cheddar cheese. In other words, it’s gooey, spicy heaven in a scone.

4. Everything’s Better With Bacon

Cheddar Cheese scones in a grill.

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Cheese scones are one thing, and cheese scones with bacon might just be the best thing I’ve ever heard. This recipe is not to be outdone, though, and it adds pineapple butter on top of everything else. These scones are the ultimate savory, salty, cheesy, and fruity treat.

They are fancy enough to bring to a potluck or brunch but also simple enough to whip up at home. In addition to all the other tasty elements, the recipe also calls for heavy cream, garlic powder, and onion powder. In other words, these scones are a texture and flavor bomb in the best way.

5. Top of the Sconin’ to Ya

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When it comes to cheese, almost every culture has its own interpretation. That’s what makes it such an amazingly versatile ingredient! These scones combine sharp Irish cheddar with sweet, mellow pears. The result is a baked good that is both sweet and savory at the same time.

The scones are also packed with currants and caraway seeds, so there are many layers of flavor at play. For the most delicious results, eat with a drizzle of floral honey. It is the perfect way to bring all those complex sweet and savory flavors together. Let’s give a round of applause for Ireland.

6. Did You Say Vegan Cheese?

Cheesy scones topped with sesame seeds.

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Yes, you read that right — you can actually make vegan “cheese” scones! In fact, these scones include both vegan cheese and vegan ham, neither of which are made from animal products. The recipe is full of ingredients that a person with a dedicated plant-based diet might have in their pantries, such as vegan butter, nutritional yeast, and starch eggs.

The addition of spices and just a few drops of liquid smoke make this an incredibly flavorful, delicious baked good. People might not believe you when you say that yes, these ham and cheese scones really are vegan.

7. Time to Raid the Herb Garden

Cheese Scone with bits of cheese and thyme.

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When it comes to scones, the world is your oyster. You can make them sweet, savory, or a combination of the two. These cheese scones are heavy on the herbs, so they are incredibly fragrant and flavorful. They include not only cheddar cheese, but diced ham, English mustard, and rosemary.

Packed with quintessentially British flavors, these scrumptious scones are perfect for an English-style tea …or whatever meal you prefer. You will want to cut the cold butter into the dough with your fingers with a small amount of water. This ensures that the scones are buttery and flaky with every bite.

8. Get Your Chive On

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Cheese and onions are a classic combination, but they can be a bit heavy for brunch time. Instead, swap the onions out for fresh chives (out of your own garden if you like!). This recipe relies on plenty of eggs as well as buttermilk for a superb rise, so the scones will be fluffy and flaky.

The cheddar cheese and chives are a delicious savory combination that pairs perfectly with other brunch foods. If you prefer a slightly sharper taste or don’t have any chives on hand, you can use some green onions instead — or experiment to find out what you prefer!

9. Drop it Like it’s Hot

Cheese Scone and bacon with scallions.

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There are many ways to make scones, but drop scones have to be one of the quickest and simplest methods. Just as the name implies, they are made by assembling a thick batter and then simply dropping each scone onto the baking sheet. That means there is no kneading or shaping.

You can rely on getting super fluffy, delicious scones every time you try the recipe. It is also a great way to use up leftover ham or cheese (in the yummiest way possible). Feel free to add other ingredients as the fancy strikes, such as chives or herbs.

10. Just Like the Pros Make

Cheese Scone baked with a parchment paper.

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Chef Emeril Lagasse made a name for himself on the TV thanks to his flamboyant cooking style, but his skill in the kitchen was nothing to sniff at. This recipe comes straight from him, and it is easier than you might think.

The basic scone recipe uses bacon and cheddar cheese (as well as butter and heavy cream) to serve up a snack that is rich and flavorful. It is also packed with green onions and pepper. These scones are anything but bland. The good news is that they’re also simple enough for anyone to make, no matter their cooking experience.

11. Muffins So Good They’ll Score You a Book Deal

Ham and Cheese Scone in a cloth.

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OK, these muffins aren’t any guarantee of a career as a professional chef or homemaker. But they are good enough that people will be asking you for the recipe! With plenty of colorful herbs and vegetables, they are not only a treat to eat, but also to see.

Packed with butter and heavy cream, the scones rely on sharp cheddar cheese, dill, and scallions to pack a flavor punch. Because they’re so pretty to look at, these scones are a great centerpiece for a big brunch or party. You might want to make an extra batch to keep it all to yourself. 

12. Turn Up the Spice

Cheesy scones with thyme and a knife.

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Jalapenos and cheese are a classic pairing, but peppers aren’t the only way to make a delicious spicy cheese scone. This recipe relies on cayenne pepper to turn up the heat and finishes things off with an egg wash. The spice averse don’t need to fear, however — the seasoning is just enough to give it a mild kick, not set your mouth on fire!

These scones are denser than most, bridging the gap between an American-style biscuit and a classic scone. They are delicious on their own, drenched with butter, or as an accompaniment to homemade soup or stew. 

13. Keep it on the Cheap

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make delicious baked goods in your own kitchen. These simple cheddar cheese scones cost barely anything to make, and you will probably have all the ingredients in your pantry. They are super buttery and flavorful, perfect for pairing with bacon and eggs or dipping in homemade soup.

If you have the option, use an extra sharp cheddar variety such as Cabot to add a unique and elevated flavor. The recipe includes a tip to use cold butter to make an extra flaky, buttery dough. Top it liberally with chive butter.

14. Taking it Old School

Cheesy scones with vegetables and tomato dip.

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Sometimes the best treats are the ones that we’ve been making for decades. If you love trying out recipes that your grandmother learned from HER grandmother, you will love these old-fashioned cheese scones. They are absolutely packed to the brim with not one, but two kinds of cheese — seriously, expect cheese to be oozing out of each bite.

While there are no strict rules, you will want one cheese that melts well, like mozzarella, and one that is sharp and flavorful, like fontina. These scones also include sour cream, butter, and milk, so they are definitely rich!

15. Straight From Dairyland

Cheese Scone baked in an oven.

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If there is one thing that Wisconsin is known for, it is its dairy industry. So it stands to reason that the state would produce an absolutely killer cheese scone recipe. This one is “Alpine style”, using Saxon cheese to achieve its distinctive and delicious sharp flavor.

In true Wisconsin style, it is heavy on the dairy ingredients, including butter, milk, and heavy whipping cream. It also includes chopped prosciutto and green onions for the classic flavor combination, though you can leave them out if you prefer. Personally, I trust that the recipe straight from America’s dairyland is perfect as is.

16. Take a Trip Across the Pond

Bacon, ham and Cheese Scones.

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Scones are originally from the United Kingdom, and the British are pretty strict about the elements of a proper tea scone. This recipe is straight from the BBC and is intended for a good old-fashioned English tea or picnic.

But of course, you don’t have to wait for a big occasion to make these tasty classic cheese scones. You will want to use cold butter to achieve that perfect flakiness and perfect the recipe with extra sharp cheddar cheese and a dash of cayenne pepper. Now that is a delicious scone, whether you’re eating it with a cup of tea or not.

17. Don’t Start a Scone War 

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Here is another interpretation of cheese scones from the United Kingdom. While British bakers don’t necessarily agree on the right way to make the perfect scone, they have hundreds of delicious adaptations of the classic recipe.

This version aims to get a crispy outside layer so the cheese crackles when you bite into it. For a truly British experience, serve with grilled figs and pickled celery salad, and more cheddar cheese. Or you can just eat them over your stovetop with a smear of butter. It might not be proper, but it is definitely delicious (and we won’t tell).

18. A Three-Way Tie For Scone Making

Cheddar Cheese Scones with cheese fillings.

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Move over, traditional British scones and scones from American dairy country. A new contender has entered the ring — these deliciously cheesy scones from the Dairy Farmers of Canada. This recipe promises scones with cheese in every bite, combined with butter and milk, of course.

You will want to use cheddar or Swiss cheese if you’re sticking to the recipe, though there is always room for experimentation. Finish off the scones with a dash of cayenne pepper and even more cheddar cheese sprinkled over the top. We can’t say which country’s interpretation is the best — you’ll just have to try them all.

19. And Back to the UK

Scones in a cloth and some thymes.

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If you love British-style scones and super fluffy bread, this recipe is the one you’ll want to make over and over again. They are simple and straightforward but packed with complex flavors that really set them apart. These scones incorporate self-raising flour rather than plain flour, which helps them get light and airy.

They also have a toasted cheese crust on top, which lends them a crispy texture. With an extra kick from cayenne pepper and mustard powder, these British savory tea scones are a delicious combination of flavors and textures. And yes, they do pair well with a nice cup of tea. 

20. Don’t Get Cheesy

3 Cheesy scones with mayo dip.

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We’ve seen cheese scones paired with fruit, meat, and herbs galore, but this recipe does things a little differently by pairing the cheese with pesto. The result is a scone that has a Mediterranean feel thanks to the combination of cheese and sundried tomatoes.

It is also extra cheesy thanks to the incorporation of not one, but two, types of cheese (parmesan and cheddar, in case you were wondering!). The scones are a fun and delicious way to elevate the classic recipe, and it is perfect for brunch, potluck, party, or just eating in your own kitchen.