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20 Best Cheese Bread Recipes (All Types)

A collage of different cheese bread.

Cheese bread is one of those foods you never would think could have so many variations. But they start with cheese bread on the bottom, as in the Parmesan Bread Bowls, or cheese bread for a topper with cheese bread dumplings.

Then there is the quick bread that is semi-homemade, followed by the slow-rising cheese bread. I also have discovered the convenience of ready-made loaves that can be turned into cheese bread in about five minutes. Want to know more? Check out these Cheese Bread Recipes I found as someone who bakes professionally. 

No Work Needed for Cast Iron Skillet Cheese Bread

Cheesebread on a wooden board.

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This first section is the most efficient; you have semi-homemade quick bread and no-knead bread like this one. The recipe calls for using a cast-iron skillet, which will help to maintain an even heating surface while baking.

I often toss my no-knead loaves in Dutch oven-style cast iron. You have a larger pot in which to bake the bread, which aids in rising, but it also has a lid. The cast-iron lid holds in the moisture as the No-Knead Cast Iron Skillet Cheese Bread bakes to golden doneness. 

Spinach-Cheese Quick Loaf

Spinach cheese bread with white background.

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Another version of the quick bread for a Cheese Bread Recipe is this Spinach-Cheese Bread. I also see that they use the outstanding choice of Original Bisquick mix. This stuff is golden when baking, and you can easily rip off the recipe for make-your-own Bisquick mix.

I wouldn’t recommend storing it as long as the commercially manufactured version, though, but it will save you money. The recipe for this quick loaf uses caraway seed and frozen spinach for the flavors and colors.

However, they suggest an alternative of caraway seed to being dried minced onion, which is a good idea. The onion pairs well with cheddar cheese, which, by the way, comes in the form of a condensed cheese soup for this recipe. That’s probably going to throw some of you; I know it did me.

Beer Battered Cheese Quick Bread in a Cast Iron

Cheese bread on a black pan.

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This is the start of a more unusual area of Cheese Bread Recipes–the ones involving beer-battered cheese. I am not quite sure what to think of these, because I’ve never eaten this type of bread yet. That’s what we do research for, my friends.

It’s a quick bread recipe that takes less than an hour, which is the attraction to these kinds of bakes. For a cheese bread that is beer battered, it also doesn’t look as crazy as it sounds. It reminds me of cornbread in fact. 

Copycat America’s Test Kitchen Beer Batter Cheese Bread

Cheese bread with geean garnish.

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America’s Test Kitchen has a Cast Iron Beer Batter Cheese Bread that is comparable to these other beer batter cheese bread recipes. They choose to use shredded Gruyere cheese and a mild lager for the cheese and beer components. Chives are the only herb and they are incorporated into the flour before baking.

The recipe is simple. Instead of deep-frying anything, the beer batter part of this is really just adding beer to the batter. Yes, it’s a bit misleading, and I assume that is why it sells as a recipe and got copied by America’s Test Kitchen.

Cheesy Quick Bread Using a Bottle of Beer

A bread loaf with a knife on the side.

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Another beer in the Cheese Bread Recipe, this one is by Kraft Heinz and is called Cheesy Beer Bread. It calls for tepid beer, which, as someone who is not a beer drinker can tell you, sounds like it’s not good. For this, you want the beer to be lukewarm, so plan ahead and leave a bottle or can sitting on the counter overnight.

Or choose to bake this cheese bread when life gives you lemonade by way of a lukewarm can of beer. The recipe recommends eating this bread sliced warm with soup or a salad. That sounds like a great way to make a hearty meal!

Hormel’s Bacon and Beer Cheese Quick Bread 

A cheese bread on white plate.

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Ah, here we are. Bacon and beer in a Cheese Bread Recipe. By Hormel, this is Bacon-Beer Cheese Bread and it is a loaf-style quickbread. You get a baked loaf of cheese bread on the table with Hormel Real Bacon Pieces in it in less than an hour. Looks great! Plus, you aren’t dealing with pre-frying bacon.

You only need five ingredients, as well, including that beer and bacon, plus buttermilk baking mix and shredded cheddar cheese. Sugar is the fifth element here, two heaping tablespoons, which will certainly enhance the bacon flavors.

Italian Style Cheese Quick Bread

Close up photo of Italian cheese bread.

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Another quick bread that is a Cheese Bread recipe comes from the Italians. The Italian Cheese Bread is a yeasted dough that only rises for 20 minutes. This saves you time and energy in getting the bread to the dinner table. Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses are elemental to the cheese bread portion.

Meanwhile, Italian herbs and spices go along with Italian salad dressing as a topping. This dressing will enhance the flavors and also help moisten the quick bread. You only have to bake this Italian Cheese Bread for 15 minutes, too. This makes for one of the fastest quick bread in this recipe roundup. 

Italian Quick Bread With Three Cheeses

Italian quick bread on a loaf pan.

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To compare Italian Cheese Bread recipes, we have this other Italian loaf. I want to show you the difference. This recipe uses margarine, six eggs, and three kinds of cheese–Swiss, Parmesan, and sharp cheddar. You are definitely getting a rich loaf of cheese bread from this recipe.

One cup of margarine is a lot of fat to use in any of these quick bread, I will also say. That being said, this might just be more of the authentic Italian version of a recipe we are trying to bake. Therefore, I will share it with you in this roundup of Cheese Bread Recipes.

Fastest Sourdough Cheese Bread in the West

Sourdough cheese bread on a rack.

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This is the first of two recipes in the roundup that features a ready-made loaf of bread. You will need to buy a sourdough loaf of bread from the local bakery. They call it a Party Cheese Bread and it is big enough to serve 16 people. The coolest part of the recipe is the way you cut the bread loaf.

You start with a round loaf and take off with the serrated knife, cutting 1-by-1-inch cubes. This sounds complicated, but once you see the recipe, you’ll be right on track. If you have ever cut a Hasselback-style potato, you’ve got this under control no problem. The result leaves you with gaps where you stuff the cheeses and pour in a buttery herbed mixture. 

Garlic Cheese Bread Triangles With a French Loaf

Triangular garlic cheese bread on a wooden board background

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Here is another recipe I like using the ready-made bread option. You start with a crusty French loaf of bread and add one and a quarter sticks of soft butter. That’s going to be great for sure. Along with mayonnaise and three types of cheese, this bread also gets a trio of spices and herbs.

The end result is a slightly softer than typical crusty loaf covered in a smorgasbord of good flavors. It’s a party in my mouth! Plus, having the loaf already baked can be a lifesaver. I would not recommend the frozen garlic and butter bread options, though, as they tend to be less flavorful than DIY garlic and cheese bread.

Savory Cheese Bread With Garlic and Dill 

Close up photo of savory cheese bread with garlic and dill.

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Now let’s start with some of the completely homemade Cheese Bread Recipes. This recipe for savory cheese bread uses garlic and dill as flavor-enhancing herbs. The Best Cheese Bread serves 16 slices and takes less than an hour to bake.

Bake this quick bread in a loaf pan, and slice it up for sandwiches for a fun new twist on ham and cheese on cheese bread. I would recommend toasting the sliced bread under the broiler. This with a fried egg on top would be delightful for breakfast.

Fluffy Homemade Bread With Cheddar Cheese Swirls

Cheese bread with cheddar cheese swirl.

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Here is one of the prettier loaves of cheese bread we have here, and it also starts the next section of the recipe roundup. This is a homemade and from a scratch loaf that has to rise for several hours. It is the most hands-on type of Cheese Bread Recipe on this list as well.

If you want to make your bread all the way yourself, I would start with this Homemade Cheese Bread recipe. It is made by Red Star Yeast and it uses bread flour, warmed buttermilk, Platinum Yeast, and two cups of shredded cheddar cheese for the bread dough.

The topping is added right before the bread loaf is baked. It includes butter, parsley, and garlic powder to really send your tastebuds sailing!

Bakery Loaf With Firm Cheeses and Herbs

Loaf with firm cheeses and herbs on a white background.

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Betty Crocker comes in with another homemade risen dough recipe called Artisan Asiago Bread. This recipe is for cheese bread using Gold Medal bread flour specifically. I am not partial to flour brands, but using bread flour when baking bread is only the right thing to do. It is called bread flour after all.

I do use type 00 pizza flour when baking pizza dough, and I use bread flour when baking bread with some additional types of flour. It’s an easy way to up your bread baking game. This recipe also says asiago cheese, but it gives the option of using Swiss cheese or another firm cheese. They also use rosemary or thyme for the herbs, which gives this a nice balanced flavor.

Super Fancy Sounding Swiss Cheese Souffle Bread

Super fancy sounding swiss cheese souffle bread.

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Another Gold Medal flour recipe, this Cheese Bread Recipe uses all-purpose flour, but it recommends bread flour. The recipe is also by Betty Crocker, and I assume that Gold Medal is a brand by or supported by the BC corporation. Back to the recipe, the name alone–Swiss Cheese Souffle Bread–sounds intense.

The name is taken from the use of one cup of shredded Swiss in the bread dough. There is only one egg though, and it is beaten into the batter early on. How does this qualify as a souffle beats me.

The recipe calls for using a casserole dish to bake the dough ball into a golden brown, hollow loaf. It takes two and a half hours to bake this from scratch recipe that rises with regular active or fast-acting dry yeast. 

Italian Easter Cheese and Egg Bread  

Italian easter cheese egg bread on a rack.

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The Italians are back and this time it is for Easter with this interesting recipe called Italian Easter Cheese Bread. It is also an egg bread that looks like a brioche braided bread. You see that same fluffy texture that is common among the from-scratch yeasted doughs that take their time to rise.

The rising time adds a great deal of striation to the end product. It almost looks like the inside of a cave filled with boxwork. Very fun, this one, which is called Crescia al Formaggio in Italian.

I imagine it is a popular loaf for the spring holiday and if you eat it at Easter, you too should feel more akin to Italian culture. 

Cheddar Cheese Dumplings

Cheddar cheese dumplings in a white background.

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Want to use a Cheese Bread Recipe that uses this carb-heavy cheesy morsel for a topping? Check out this fun recipe for Cheddar Cheese Dumplings by Betty Crocker. The traditional way to use dumplings is for adding a topper to chicken and dumplings. However, you can use these for a chicken pot pie topper or French onion soup.

The cheddar cheese will hold up well with a lot of hot foods before the entire dumpling falls apart. These are considered quick bread, and may also be what you think of when you eat a biscuit, but that’s OK. They are also dumplings. They are meant to be soggy bites that somewhat soak up a bit of whatever you are enjoying, including stews, soups, and casseroles.

Parmesan Cheese and Buttermilk Bread Bowls 

Parmesan bread bowl in a white background.

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Now here is another exciting Cheese Bread Recipe–Parmesan Bread Bowls! The recipe uses buttermilk as a moisture and flavor booster, and I am not sure about buttermilk. It’s weird and clumpy, but c’est la vie. The recipe leads to delicious and useful food.

You get hard crusty brown bread bowls that look very much like taco salad shells but shallower and similar to rammickens. I love this idea and would use buttermilk just to make these.

What I suggest you use these for would be to fill them up with chicken a la king or chili as featured in the recipe. You could also add brie cheese and broil it until you see oozy bubbles, and then add some peach marmalade to the top. This works well as an appetizer or a holiday party appetizer.

Parmesan-Black Pepper Twists

Breadstick on a wicker mat.

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These Betty Crocker Parmesan-Black Pepper Breadsticks are amazing to consider for your next pizza night or for an appetizer. They would also work well for a party or catered event where food doesn’t need to be too hot to hold. Breadsticks make great dipping tools, too, so think about making fondue with these.

The recipe uses Original Bisquick mix and shredded Parmesan cheese for the base of the dough. From here, cracked black pepper is most important as a key flavoring for this recipe. As an aside, I have had the most trouble finding a new black pepper grinding mill to use in the kitchen.

If you ever go to buy whole peppercorns and think you can refill the plastic one you bought from a cheap store, you might want to double-check to see if it opens first. 

Brazilian Cheese Bread Balls

A brazilian cheese bread with coffee.

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If you have ever eaten at a Brazilian Carnival restaurant where they serve never-ending skewers of meat, then you have eaten at least a handful of Pao de Queijo or Brazilian Cheese Bread. This is a great finishing feature for this recipe roundup.

While not exactly the bread we all grew up eating in the US, this Brazilian Cheese Bread recipe is a very simple concoction with a huge payout. The recipe makes these light and airy balls of cheesy bread that are based on something you may have never eaten–tapioca flour or starch.

This is to mimic yuca starch that is traditionally used in the Pao de Queijo. When these bake up, they are almost hollow. Thanks to the use of only cheese, milk, eggs, and tapioca, they are also somewhat healthy. 

Bon Appetit’s Version of Pao de Queijo

A brazillian cheese bread on a bowl.

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The Bon Appetit crew has its own version of cheese bread from Brazil. They use similar ingredients with the addition of butter as to the previous recipe for Pao de Queijo. They also use farmer’s cheese instead of the Mexican cheese that the other recipe uses.

That’s something to consider if you do not have farmer’s cheese or you want queso fresco instead; it would work here. In terms of instructions, I have to admit to liking Bon Appetit’s recipe instructions more based on the level of detail they go into.