Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator

Chain link fence for perimeter

Okay, so a chain link fence isn't the prettiest, it is extremely functional for keeping animals in or out of a yard. It's great for kennels and other purposes in your yard. Check out this chain link fence calculator to get an idea as to what your chain link fence will cost.

Need a chain link fence constructed? Wondering how much it costs?

We have you covered. Use our easy-to-use chain link fence calculator below.

Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator


  • Includes Includes cost of 2″ mesh, 2-3/8″ corner poles, 1-1/2″ line poles, top rail, concrete post poles and approximate labor costs (i.e. installation).
  • Calculator assumes 60″ high chain link fence costs $6.04 USD per linear foot and 72″ high chain link fence costs $6.98 USD per linear foot.
  • Calculator assumes vinyl privacy slats cost $8.00 USD per linear foot.
  • Assumes two panel swinging gate costs $220 USD.

Disclaimer: Our calculator is for guideline purposes only. There is no guarantee that the ultimate cost will be exactly as set out above. There are many variables including cost of materials, labor, terrain and other considerations we cannot take into account.

Moreover, our calculator is not a professional quote for materials and/or services. It’s just an online tool to give you a rough idea about the potential cost for having a chain link fence constructed.

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